38,8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years!

38,8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years!

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Do you see this engine? 38,8 liter V12 diesel It comes from a Type 69 tank Looks a lot like a Russian T54 This tank belonged to Saddam Hussan It was captured during the first Gulf war in 1991 Since then it has been sitting in UK It wasn’t very good for it This is some serious work.. and that engine is too good either We bought it to restore it See what we’ve been doing This engine is economically total loss it’s much easier to buy another engine and mount that in our tank For the video it’s more interesting to fix this engine This is great, these parts are all rotten on ours You can take this parts for free Look at this! The puzzle is getting complete! We can assemble it soon Thank you very much You’re welcome, good luck with it Herman is in postion with brake cleaner as starting agent He also has two rubber plugs to block the intake in case of a runaway Bart controls the pressure at the CO2 bottle He makes sure it will crank I’m going to pressurize the oil circuit I’ll switch on that electric pump and check on the gauge we have pressure and then I will control the throttle Exciting! 5 bar We think the fuel pump is not right on time it looks like it’s too late we’re going to adjust it a few teeth Do you have it loose so far? It needs to slide further back Pump is adjusted, let’s try again We’re should we go? Look at this It started! Look overthere Do we have a fire? The tank is running, see that smoke You couldn’t see the lights anymore There; Hey neighbour! It works! I heard something! Excellent! that’s a good job Thanks You’re welcome But it’s still too late? Yeah Maybe we should place it outside.. We’re going to adjust the pump a little bit more Bart adjusts it a bit We we’re impressed already But he said; this is nothing yet It’s much better if it reacts on the throttle I’m curious, let’s adjust it and start it again Some fuel lines are leaking It backfires if it accelerates Mine does that too What a madness But it doesn’t react very well on the throttle It’s a bit bouncy, I think they’re not all working right those fuel lines may not leak anything It didn’t have pressure so fast this time that’s because the oil is warm now What a madness! More and more is getting out It’s working better now It’s starting to wake up That nervous behaviour is also because there’s no alternator it works a bit like a flywheel It seemed like this one wasn’t working No, the 3th one Doesn’t do anything, only blows out cold air We should check the injector on this one Did you paint that black? The engine did that We’re watching a little concert Milo with his 12.. Pressure is lower It’s warming up We’re a chapter further with the tank The engine runs a few things we need to check It looks like one cylinder doesn’t participate Maybe a valve which doesn’t seal properly so it doesn’t have compression We should check that But.. Not bad for so far Not bad at all Regarding no markings and adjusting a pump on feeling I think we’re pretty close It has enough agression in it This is such a madness I think you can’t hear it on the video But if you’re next to it.. with hearing protection You still hear it very loud What a crude madness Great! Well folks, I would like to say; Thank you for helping of course! Our pleasure! Came all the way here again Very hasty.. we thought to start it after the holiday But we were looking so much forward to it And I hope you too! You had to wait longer for this video because we didn’t have time to edit the video I would say; thank you for watching this video and seeya next time!

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  1. Wat was jouw favoriete moment tot nu toe van het tankproject? What was your favourite moment during our tankproject so far?

  2. Nice educational film – cyl 3 had no fire – no compression or valve no closing/open – very nice video – well done 👍

  3. That is the first time I have ever seen anyone use brake cleaner to start a diesel engine. They usually use Ether.
    Nice to see that beast start back up after all of these years.

  4. For us old timers in the USA this engine has a cubic inch displacement of 2,367. I think with a shoehorn I might be able to get it into my Ford Edge!

  5. Hallo ihr Panzerfreunde!
    Ich habe von 1970 bis 1973 einen T 55 A und einen T 55 T (Bergepanzer) gefahren!
    Ich verstehe nicht alles an eurer Sprache, aber anhand der Bilder weiß ich genau was ihr macht!🤗
    Euer Panzer ist ein T 55 , der T 54 hatte an der Kanone noch keinen Ejektor für den Abzug der Rauchgase!👍
    Viel Spaß weiter hin!
    Gruß J. Wernstedt, Berlin

  6. A drumm of fuel sitting in line with open exhaust manifolds – flames shooting out and over the drum… Stupid move!

  7. Just realised that a gas used as a welding flux will have no oxygen in it.
    No wonder it is reluctant to start. It needs compressed AIR

  8. Might be a dumb question, but why didnt the tank come with the turret when they bought it? Did they chose to leave it off, or is there legal issues with keeping the turret on?

  9. And today’s air pollution index for the City has increased substantially. The EPA is investigating for a possible source.

  10. You don't have a word for carbon monoxide in your language then?
    You all probably breathed enough in to kill a herd of cows..

  11. Echt iets voor ons brabos 🤩🇳🇱🤩

    Wat een bruut blok is dit!
    Zal wel wat lawaai gemaakt hebben zonder uitlaten erop,

  12. This type of soviet build tank engine is what the nazis used to gas people to death in the concentration camps.
    Just a little historicall trivia…

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