3x LEGO City review! Racing Cars, Monster Truck, Stunt Team! 60256 + 60251 + 60255

3x LEGO City review! Racing Cars, Monster Truck, Stunt Team! 60256 + 60251 + 60255

hey everyone in this video I’m gonna be
showing you three separate LEGO City sets that are vehicle focused and came
out for early 2020 the first one we’re gonna look at is simply called monster
truck it comes with a monster truck and a driver and that’s it small box small
number of pieces monster trucks never seem to really go out of style so I
think it’s a good idea for a Lego to continue to make these just basic small
monster trucks in the city line and this one is quite unique with its color
scheme and it’s printed good piece now that is basically also typically used as
a roof piece but look at that that is a nice print kind of looks like a dragon
to me but use your imagination you probably see it as a number of different
types of mythical creatures so it’s supposed to be literally a monster truck
now those tooth pieces are bright spring green and it does not glow in the dark
I’m afraid and that’s it’s just always the way that is for that color I always
get asked about that though and that color is also used for the kind of tooth
like elements back around the bed this does not have working suspension or
anything like that the tires are rather large though and
somewhat squishy so you know you can well also there’s some ground clearance
under there properly not a ton of it but enough to actually drive this over some
rough terrain and not be getting caught on things all the time you know the
simple things matter got a bed back there where you can sit at least one
additional minifigure if you want to have them hanging on for dear life maybe
with their arms up in the air or just you know enjoying the ride also as a
passenger and to get to the interior here all this just lifts off as normal
space for a driver inside and there’s a steering wheel and that’s really just it
but this one did I show you the underside nothing much to see there no
specialized chassis piece no so this is you know a proper build here’s a driver
figure up-close I’m a little bit surprised that they didn’t put any
particular branding on the torso there like it doesn’t have any sponsorship
doesn’t have any he doesn’t have a number doesn’t really
tie in to the monster theme in particular either but that’s a good
thing also because it makes it a little bit more useful for other things if you
don’t want them to just be driving that specific vehicle I think it works with
it I don’t know if that’s supposed to represent like flame or fur or both
something like mystical flame or something but it works for me and yeah I
think it’s pretty effective I also appreciate the contrast you know it
doesn’t just use the colors from the truck yet it does kind of synergize with
those colors with the must your theme set gives you a whole three spare parts
so those exist considering price and value and my overall thoughts on this
set well it’s a fifty five piece set for ten
dollars so the price depart ratio does not look good but the price to volume of
stuff ratio I think is fine and I think that Lego needs to make as many ten
dollar sets as they reasonably can that are playable usable displayable whatever
you know it’s a full set it’s complete set it is successful in what it sets out
to be and do yes I hope they will continue to do more of these monster
trucks as long as they sell decently well I think they’re a good idea
generally this is a good basic design with the large tires that are fairly
bouncy fairly simple build but it’s nice to get that one extra fancy big print
there so this one gets a thumbs up from me
overall I’m gonna roll mmm right into the next set this is the stunt team set
comes with the motorcycle quad ATV and a ramp but not just any ramp no a flaming
ramp at least flaming off the back so this is another really simple set so we
can get through this fairly quickly don’t want to waste too much of your
valuable time here this one has the modern version of a super bike cowl the
body part of it and that’s nothing new in terms of its mold but the color is
new in dark green and that is printed that is a specialized print they made
just for this set printed on either side with the
Lightning graphics that look pretty cool and it’s got the lime green colored
wheels so that works out pretty well we’ll take a closer look at the writer
of course the quad ATV has dark as your colored wheels it has a print on the
front or that 1 by 2 XI slope peace with the vitae rush brand that Lego came up
with you know it’s just a citrus based energy drink I’m assuming maybe vitamin
drink and this is a really simple build you can see most of the chassis is a 2
by 6 brick and dark grey but it’s not that bad in my opinion like I’ve seen
worse ATVs to be sure with more parts like more complex than this this this
works out ok it’s got street wheels on it you know so it’s not trying to look
like it’s fully off-road capable and ready but like any kid is gonna care
about that I don’t think so roll is just fine because there is
enough diameter on these wheels they’re not tiny ones so makes it funny enough
to actually drive around and maybe go up a ramp or something like this this wrap
unfortunately does not have anything to give it some traction on the underside
and sometimes they do ramps they put rubber pieces on there with tires or
something so if you’re on a hard surface then this will try to get away from yet
just something to keep in mind very simple build here but it’s nice
that they included all those black parts that are very useful and you can kind of
fan out the flame pieces like that to make it look a little little more
dynamic or you can make them random or just line them up you know whatever you
want to do there these figures don’t really look like they belong together on
a stunt team I mean the motorcycle rider on the left there is just like a regular
dude you know he’s not high got me I guess the the stunt team
involves folks that just do stuff on the street as well they’re not supposed to
understand yeah he’s just a regular dude but I do wish that given the fact that
dude on the left is just a regular dude he had been given a hairpiece as an
alternate part you know so you can take off that helmet
and just use them around town the figure on the right I think looks great the
colors are just so bright and vibrant I also very much appreciate that motocross
style helmet and you can leave off the goggle portion of that if you want to
and underneath there that’s what the face looks like got a similar to mine in
a way i sigfig version but slight break between the sideburns and the beard such
as they are and no alternate faces for either of these but again really good
printing for the one on the right so bright and lively and positive huh a
whole five spare parts with this set yeah still nothing to write home about
huh oh look it’s another $10 set this one has 62 pieces so once again the
press depart ratio does not look great but once again I think that the price to
volume of stuff and there’s a total value that you get here is pretty
respectable yeah can’t really complain about that I mean 10 bucks to have two
things that can race against each other or be posed around a lego city or
something like that I think it’s good and again to use no stickers that’s
always a bonus the prints that are included here are both nice you get some
nice colored parts I particularly like the torso for this figure this one just
doesn’t feel like it fits into the theme it’s a perfectly fine figure but it just
seems like somebody who would just be normal around a city not like a member
of a stunt team you know so that’s a little bit awkward to me for whatever
reason say you know take that with a grain of salt this actually has less
play value than I would like it to because it does move out of the way so
easily when it’s on a hard surface I’m not the only person in the world who has
a hard table surface or a hard surface where Lego stuff will be placed and
potentially rolled around so it’s not just me on that and I do think that Lego
needs to consider things like that even for something this simple if considered
in the past maybe some of the parts budget that was used for the flames here
could have been used to create rubber anchors for this using
just small tires on wheels you know or the those Technic pieces that accept two
axles going through them something like that just to make this a little bit more
fun to use rather than rather than having to pick up the vehicle and
actually you know pretend like it’s going over there you don’t want to be
able to drive right up to it and just do like that it’s so much more fun the
biggest set in this video is simply called racing cars not particularly
clever is it comes with two cars two drivers and two pylons the pylons are
two pieces each so that’s what one of them looks like the other one is the
same we can move on this car looks so much like just a modern-day touring car
from a series like British Touring Car Championship or World Touring Car
Championship it’s like a hatchback you know very modern very proper design
proper proportions pretty much I’d say for something that’s for just a single
minifigure with the exception of that big thing on the hood big old engine
part that’s sticking out that’s representing a an intake and possibly a
blower underneath and something like that good thing is it’s Lego of course
so if you despise the existence of that part you always just leave it off that’s
not a terrible look though would be better I think if you put a tile piece
on there and no I didn’t push that down all the way and it just gives you an
idea I want to be able to pop that right back off right now so we can focus on
how this set is actually built does have just a few stickers on there was four
stickers in total and I recommend lining up the ones on the left or on the sides
I should say left and right if you can you know just white with the black piece
back behind there but overall I like the the color scheme for this thing comes
with the golden wheels which to me just feel kind of special you know little
little extra in a good way and around the back this has very large exhaust
outlets that are probably a little overdone but I’ll
the inclusion of the nice detail of the diffuser space underneath that’s pretty
cool I mean whether it being white it’s not the most believable thing but I
appreciate the texture that’s there I also appreciate how the wing is attached
you can bring that in nice and close and then it kind of goes well with what
appears to be like a lid spoiler or roofline spoiler right there all that
kind of just goes together and just imagine the aerodynamics working
together I also like what they did on the front just to get that shape in
there with the slightly squared off fender piece and yet the building
techniques for this are very simple very straightforward easy for kids to put
together I would say and then inside you know you take the roof off and just have
space for a single driver and there is a centered steering wheel that’s pretty
much it for this one and this is built on a specialized chassis piece which is
a pretty cool piece like I like the proportions of that they do give you
some options but just for the most part I like the sizes of cars that come out
of using that as the base piece the other car definitely does not look like
it’s intended to race against the first one unless it’s a multi class racing
series you know they wouldn’t be going up against each other directly but they
may be on track at the same time this looks pretty nice and for how simple it
is as a bill to think it turned out pretty well this once again uses that
same chassis piece and again I’m happy with the proportions as they turned out
I think that the Aero work on this was done pretty well it has some things that
appear to be gaps that actually can be explained away in real life like the gap
behind the front fenders can be just seen as an error extractor you know kind
of kind of makes sense it would actually work got a shark fin on the back of it
and these end plates are pretty nice where they put additional stickers back
there we’re all a pretty good-looking thing got the indicator light on the
back as well the branding is octan e which I’m assuming is supposed to be
representing the promotion of Allah vehicles so either this is intended to
be an electric vehicle or it’s at least a strong hybrid that is attempting to
promote so-called clean energy initiatives see this looks pretty good
from down low as well and I like what they did on the front end with this one
again it’s pretty simple they used that specialized spoiler or wing piece to
good effect you know it’s buried in there a little
bit but gives a nice little front end to this what I liked least about this is
just that little bit little sliver of the blue there the dark has your that
shows up on either side this breaks things up in an odd way again I’m okay
with like the gaps on the sides here I couldn’t imagine those being intended
in real life and I’m okay with the shaping in here as well I just wish that
the interior could have been just all just all yellow all throughout there and
then for this one you can take off the windscreen and the roof together once
again seating for one plenty of space and you’ve Headroom and got that
centered steering wheel and there’s what it looks like on the underside pretty
sturdy even though some parts of it are a little bit thin in their builds and
using that same chassis piece again leave the worst part of this durability
wise for folks that are going to be really hands-on with it is just right
here these pieces if you push on them a little bit too much you can see the
front starting to pop up a little bit it just kind of gets out of line but it’s
difficult to pop that up unless you accidentally get underneath and really
pull it apart and that’s just going a little bit too far it is Lego so it can
come apart but ultimately I think the build here is fairly solid
I like the torsos for both of these figures the graphic design work is
fairly simple but it works for me like the color combinations and the relative
amounts of them I also very much appreciate the return of the S on the
front of the one on the left which is just a nice nod back to what was when
did that even start it was like I want to say mid to early 90s if not even
before some sporty uniforms for some figures had the S on them and here it’s
showing that it just represents sport these do not have alternate faces
but I do want you to see their main faces there and they’re pretty
straightforward as well and finally here are the spare parts for this set and the
spent sticker sheet which covers both cars this set is pretty cool I like both
of the vehicles I like both of the driver figures you know they’re distinct
I do wish that this set came with that one single two by two red tile to allow
the change here you know just would have been it would have been nice for folks
who want a little bit more realism or a little bit more of a modern look my
problem with this set is that well how many pieces do we get here one
hundred and ninety pieces okay but the set cost $30 u.s. okay
price part ratio we’ve already established is not always the end-all
be-all to value but when I look at the volume of stuff here that doesn’t look
like $30 worth of stuff I feel like this could have been they’ve shown recently
enough that that could have been a $10 set they’ve shown recently enough that
without issue that could have been a $10 set and then this could have been a $10
set and as a matter of fact when you look at the non-us prices it’s showing
that this could have been a 10 plus 10 equals $20 u.s. set so why do they price
it at 30 well there’s the whole thing about them increasing the suggested
retail prices and also the official Lego store prices for a number of sets on an
increasingly frequent basis to help appease and help the businesses really
of retail partners so you know non Lego retailers by allowing them to set prices
where they want allowing them to discount things and a lot of sets have
worked out just fine with that with Amazon Target Walmart whatever putting
discounts on sets as soon as they’re released not this time though nope
this set is being sold at $30 everywhere at least that I’ve seen all the major
retailers that I’ve seen so that didn’t work and I don’t think
this is worth $30 sucks but I can’t recommend it at that price it’s just not
worth that I mean 25 would be a stretch I really think like $10 $10 and sticker
sheet the sticker sheets okay it’s not great you know that even if that I mean
that’s that’s really a stretch should be should be 20 I could see it being 25 and
then immediately put up for sale at least 5% off you know 10% off yeah 10%
off would be great but 30 sorry just doesn’t work for me
so that’s it for my look at the last one of these and I have built all the sets
that you’ve seen in this video in a single pure build video which is in real
time they’ve also done the same thing again I didn’t rebuild them or anything
I just rear-ended the video at a different speed for the speed build for
the more traditional time-lapse style so check out one of those if you would like
to thank you for watching and hope that you enjoyed this hope this was
informative useful entertaining to you in some way and I’ll talk to you in very

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I once again kept the sets separate & distinct with timestamps in the video description per viewer requests. Let me know if this is working for ya of if you'd prefer a tweak!
    (Do keep in mind though that I'm not going to stop covering multiple small sets in combined videos.)

  2. Sorry if I’m asking a question you get asked a lot, but do you part out the majority of most sets back into your parts collection, or keep them complete ?

  3. I have all three of these! Personally, I thought about the pikes peak when I looked at the red racing car. But we see differently. Thats ok.

  4. I think lego has started to look cheaper and cheaper with all those new pieces, i especially dislike the tyre and rim pieces they use, looks like some cheap toy from China.

  5. Hoi Jang! I just wanted to say that ur videos followed me for all my teenage ! 1st the Hero factory stuff when i was in my big ccbs era( i remember the hero factory blog!) And then you began to make system videos, and it made me curious about system Lego. In 2013-14 I began to buy sets ( with also the influence of the Lego movie haha) and now Lego is my life lol. Just thanks, thanks for this channel that I grew with. Nicolas, aka Chopper

  6. How is the "Racing Cars" set the same US price as the Speed Champions Jaguars? The latter one has much bigger and much more detailed cars. I just don't understand Lego sometimes

  7. Yeah, the Racing Cars 60256 set is again grossly overpriced much like the Highway Arrest 60242 set at $30. They both have the same problem in that the Speed Champions Jaguar 76898 set exists. I've said it before that yes its appeal is up for debate and styling is an acquired taste and it's a different Lego theme, but it's hard to ignore the massive part count and volume difference of the Jaguar set.

    The Jaguar set has three times the number of pieces as BOTH the City sets each; heck three copies of either City sets can only just match the amount of pieces the Jaguar set has, although one of them will STILL fall short of it.

    This set is cool though, in that it's basically a Speed Champions-Lite set as they're the same scale as past Speed Champions sets that are 6 studs wide but more simplified and without the branding and licences. But it should be $20 at the most for what it is.

  8. That is the curse of nicer builds. The extra detail does not translate to bigger size or more "stuff".
    I think it is unfair to equate each of the cars to the monster truck. The truck is quite a bit more simplistic, and the stunt bikes are very simplistic. It makes sense for each of the cars to cost 50% more than the monster truck.

    That said I do think $30 is too much. Which means $10 is also too much for the other two. They are nice, but they are very simplistic, I'd like to see them at $7-8, thus making the cars set $20.

  9. Hey JANG. The s logo was introduced in the mid 80s. I have a shell stock car with the s on the torso. 😀 Just trying to help

  10. Can you do two videos a day because I love watching!! I love the honest opinion with zero fabrication! If it’s not good then say it’s not good and you do which is the best part!

  11. That yellow/blue racecar looks sooo classic.
    Classic Lego, classic sport prototype like LMP2.
    At this scale and parts count they really captured the whole point of it here.
    By the way, I like this type of multiple sets in one video, they really have a great flow.
    You have to pay one and a half as much overseas as I would have to in europe? What..?

  12. Lego does themselves no favours in pricing kits like these. The price of these things nearly, nearly, doubles when they land here in Australia and for the most time people like myself just wait for KMart or Big W to discount them before buying. The sad thing is Id buy this, if not for the OctanE vehicle, or just solely for spare parts, seeing as these cars usually have more unusual curved bricks. Not however at these prices Lego. Thanks for sharing Jang.

  13. I honestly hope doing multiple sets at a time like this will give you more time to do custom stuff for your city as well. Really missing that type of content at the moment

  14. Lego pricing is all over the place at the moment… the US price is crazy on this set but I've seen sets recently where the US price was way cheaper than elsewhere… There seems to be very little logic to it.

  15. the price for the racing cars in the US is exactly the same thing that happened with the Unikitty Party Time set in the UK

  16. Ugh lego needs to make a bigger Vita Rush set I like that idea of the company but they need to make bigger sets with that brand

  17. Would like to see Lego actually build monster trucks that are actual teams that compete like Grave Digger and so on. Maybe some custom suspension would be absolutely amazing. Echo

  18. So according to Lego a larger and licensed Jaguar/Formula E two-car set is worth the same as a smaller two-car set without branding. Makes total sense, not. Lego needs to get their prices in order.

  19. In my opinion the exact same issue with two race car set as the police car and crook set a couple videos back. Making small cars and passenger cars 6 wide is a bad choice. The exact same play value could be achieved with two 4 wide race cars while keeping it around $20 maybe a bit less. @JANGBRICKS keeps mentioning the “price to volume of stuff” ratio, $30 for two race cars is ridiculously expensive, 4 wide cars could keep that price down

  20. Jang: "Small box, small number of pieces."
    Me: And Lego will still want $30 for it. 😒 (I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the point.)

  21. always take in account, price for packaging, shipping, putting it on shelves, there is always a set price for this depending on country, thats why we pay so much, if this does not please you do like i do, buy your parts on lego site and it will cost half as much

  22. $30! No way. You can get that amazing jaguar 2 car set for the same price. LEGO needs to calm down with these prices.

  23. Woah, that last set is the same price as one of the Speed champions one, that has more than twice the pieces and are way way more detailed

  24. 18:04 Obviously one can not expect Lego to make sticker sheets for free, but realistically for the hassle and the lack of fun in applying stickers, I wouldn't even rate the sticker sheet at 5 dollars, not on this planet anyway…

  25. I really like the Racing Cars set, but the $40 Canadian they’re asking is crazy. That’s the price of two Speed Champions cars from the previous generation, so that’s the comparison I’m inclined to make. For the price of this you can still get the Speed Champions 911 and F40 sets, both of ‘em, and wind up with twice as many pieces.

    I like the looks of that Stunt Team set more than I thought I would. I will have to pick that up now for the printed pieces and the neat bike, and also I like those wheels from the ATV and will probably use them elsewhere. I don’t like the ramp, but I do like the pieces that make it up, they’ll come in handy somewhere I’m sure.

  26. I bought the "racing cars" set, and honestly when I was done I just felt kinda meh about it, once I held my $30 in my hands.
    I will say tho, I recessed the scoop down 2 plates by using some of my own pieces, and it looks so much better. I think I like it more than if I had just plated over it.

  27. I appreciate your work JANG, I would like to see a Tie Fighter comparison video, sometimes I cannot take the younger you tubers seriously.

  28. That 'monster' truck looks like it could fit right into the Hidden Side theme with those light spring green pieces and that printed hood piece.

  29. I wish the lady in the racing cars set didn’t have a gender specific torso. It is kinda annoying when you are making other minifigures and then you can’t use half the parts because they are specific to the opposite gender. Anyway, I don’t have any other problems with any of the sets (except the racing car price) good review though👍

  30. It's wild how some sets are 18¢ per piece and others are 5¢ per piece. By the way, expect this to be a trend for the next five years or so, and let me tell you why:

    While Lego does make announcements to when certain pieces are fully converted from old plastic to new plastic (plant pieces, train wheels, etc;) those aren't the only ones. Any newly made piece, or any new recolor, will be made in this new plastic as well. It's a bit sneaky, but it does speed up the process of converting and makes it a bit easier on them.

    That being said, any sets with more newer pieces or recolors will have a much different price per piece, compared to those that don't. That's in regards to pieces since the plastic changeover, so understandably it'd be hard to tell without some extra research.

    Once I'm no longer feeling sick, I'll put in research to note what pieces are affected.

  31. That LEGO city racing set is the same price as the jaguar. Which have way more pieces and it’s much better for the price.
    Like it’s sitting right next to something that is more superior.

  32. It’s really a shame the two car set is so expensive. I was excited when I saw it because it reminded me of the item that got me back into LEGO. But when I saw the price, $30, I was stunned. Way, wayyyy too expensive. Those cars individually are maybe 90 pieces each. I’ll be looking for this at a deep discount.

  33. Thank god you popped that blower off of the red ‘racing car’. The red flag looked awesome. I’d like that car actually, I would mod it up a little. Cheers JANG! Lee UK 🇬🇧

  34. I still haven’t seen any of the 2020 Lego sets at a discount at either Target or Walmart. They’re all the same price as the Lego brand store.

  35. I definetly approve timestamps in description for different builds, not every time I can or even want to watch everything. As someone else also mentioned, The monster truck kinda reminds of Hidden side builds.

  36. Some stud with the stunt team or something to jump into/over could have added some additional play value which seems to be lacking

  37. I was shocked you knew what British touring car racing is, my favourite motor racing genre, didn't know it was known of beyond these shores, cool

  38. Imagine if lego gave us a batmobile the size of that red sports car with a villain and their vehicle and a little city diorama piece for like 50-60 dollars. That would be nice, they always try and oversize the batmobile to where it's like the a tank, and while those are nice, this would be a nice little mix up, giving us this medium batmobile that looks like it can go fast yet still manage to pack a punch chasing a villain down the streets of gotham.

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