4 teens accused of causing $800K in damage at car dealership

4 teens accused of causing $800K in damage at car dealership

new at six o’clock $800,000 in damage for teenagers arrested accused of crashing at least 20 vehicles at a car dealership now these pictures clearly show the destruction are see on roads joining us live at that Carmack’s dealership as we see on this map and the 16,000 block of the North freeway see on bill let me tell you we have learned that some of those cars were actually in the process of being sold now they’re in the repair shop as this dealership tries to salvage what they can it’s very brazen it was a night of mischief to the max at this car max dealership on the north freeway I’ve never in my 33 year career seen this much damage done with blatant disregard to vehicles and property Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constables responded to the scene around 10:00 last night when security called saying someone was trying to steal a vehicle from the lot it was actually a group of teenagers – 14 year olds and – 16 year olds they was able to retrieve keys to vehicles and got in the vehicles and we feel that they were trying to figure a way out of there and in the midst of that they just began wrecking cars in the cars these pictures show the estimated eight hundred thousand dollars in damage and destruction that number may have went up because some of the cars were high-end cars Porsches and Corvettes and things like that they’ve wrecked probably close between 20 and 40 vehicles just crashing into cars the facility had pretty good gating system they couldn’t get out and actually when the deputies drove up they were at the gate trying to you know get the vehicle out deputies and a k-9 caught two of the boys at the scene they tracked two others to their homes near the dealership and apparently law enforcement familiar with at least two of the teens involved in this alleged crime the case has been referred over to prosecutors the boys have since been released to their parents car max wouldn’t go on camera with us but they said they are cooperating with investigators reporting live Seon Rhodes KPRC Channel 2 News

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  1. Put them in adult prison and make them get their nuts cut so they can't breed. Put that bloodline to an immediate halt. Then do the same to the parents.

  2. If they were smarter criminals they would have had one take one of the big trucks first and smashed the gate and then the rest make off with the sports cars… I’m just saying

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