4 WAYS to Use Your GARMIN EDGE With Your Smart Bike Trainer

4 WAYS to Use Your GARMIN EDGE With Your Smart Bike Trainer

– The Garmin Edge is a pretty good device to use outdoors, but it is also good to use indoor with a smart trainer. You can use it to stimulate a course. You can use it to manually control resistance, use erg mode to set up target power or follow a custom workout. In this video I’ll walk
you through pairing your smart trainer to your edge device, and go through all the
different options and ways you can use it with your smart trainer. And later in this video
I will share with you how I have my indoor profile page setup, and all the different metrics
that I have displayed. Also, comment below and let me know how you have yours setup. I would love to see and
learn about all the different profile configurations
you guys like to use. (upbeat music) Hey what’s up guys, this is Tariq Ali from smartbiketrainers.com where I review smart trainers and talk about indoor training and other fitness gadgets. If you are new here, and
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button, and the bell icon to get notified of new videos. In this video I will be using
the new Garmin Edge 530, but most of this applies to
other Garmin Edge devices. The menu navigation might not be exact, but should be very close. Garmin made some changes
to the menu’s in the new Edge 530 and 830, and pairing your smart trainer isn’t
where it used to be. There is no indoor trainer
option in the sensor menu. You can only pair it there as a power meter, but not as a indoor trainer. Two different things, so
instead you have to go to menu, training, indoor trainer,
and pair ant+bike trainer. Make you are within a few
feet of your smart trainer and select it, then select add sensor. Now your trainer is paired as a trainer, and your Garmin Edge recognizes it as a smart trainer and treats it as such. Meaning it will record
power, speed, and cadence if your trying to broadcast cadence. And we know all major
trainers broadcast cadence except for the one big company. And depending on your
smart trainer you can run the calibration
directly from your Edge as you see here for the Wahoo
Kickr, as an example. Okay, let’s get into the fun stuff. First, the Edge has the
ability to stimulate a course or re-ride a course indoor. You can follow a saved
course, whether it’s a course you already did or some course that you downloaded and want to pre-ride. So it is an option and it is out there. I personally do not like riding a course that way and don’t think it
works very well on Garmin. There is no overhead map, for example to see your current location. Only elevation profile
and virtual partner. You will feel the
resistant change based from the elevation profile, but I don’t think that works very well either. So yeah, if you are
looking for something that is really boring give this a try. It’s one of those feature
that Garmin needs to either remove or just make
it a little bit better. There are much better ways
to do this, and I might make a video on how to do
this if you are interested. So let me know down below if this is something you’ll be interested in seeing. Target power, you manually
set a target power in your Garmin and the
trainer will adjust the resistance to maintain a constant power output based on your speed. And to set a target power
go to menu, training, indoor trainer, and you’ll find that set target power right there. You can quickly go back to
change it in the middle of a workout by pressing the menu key, and you’ll find the set
target power right there. Resistance mode is one that I use a lot. If I am just using my Edge to workout and not using a third party software like Zwift for example, and want to do a workout in resistance or slope mode. To set the resistance go
to menu, training, indoor trainer, set resistance,
and each level here is ten percent and you have
ten levels of resistance. Again, you can quickly go
back to the resistance page to change it in the middle of a workout by pressing the menu key and you’ll find the set resistance option right there. Workout mode, you can
create workouts in advance, either by using Garmin
Connect or sync it from a third party app, such as
TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan. Your Edge will prompt
you to do the workout, or you can view a list of workouts in your schedule from the training plan menu. You can view your workouts
here and review each step. Once you start the workout
your Edge will walk you through each step, and the trainer will be set to erg mode. So you don’t have to worry about adjusting resistance to reach target watts. Just keep a smooth
cadence, and your trainer and Garmin will take care of everything. (upbeat music) The Edge comes with an
indoor training profile that you can set up and customize. For the indoor profile the
GPS will be turned off. For my indoor profile
page I have two screens. The first is a primary
screen and I have it set up in a way that is simple,
not too many fields and gives me just what I need, and a quick summary of the workout. I have six fields displayed
there and those fields are power three second average,
workout time, average power for the full workout and the
NP value for the full ride. Also, I have my cadence and heart rate in there as a reference. Next screen is the lap summary screen. I spend most of the time on this screen. This screen has a total of three fields and lap summary. And I will show you how to create this screen in a minute. I basically use the screen
to nail down my intervals and it has a power three second average, cadence, and heart rate. And below that I have the average power display for each lap. And to create the lap
summary screen you should see a lap summary page
under your activity profile. If you don’t see it, or if you deleted it you can add it back by going
to add new, lap summary, and you can only have one
lap summary page per profile. To customize the field
you see for each lap, select it, go to lap summary
field data and select which field you want to see for each lap. For me I selected the power average, and it will display the power
average and time for each lap. Then you can customize the layout and the other fields you wanna see. You can have up to four
fields plus the lap summary. And that’s it, let me know
how you have your screen customized and if you use your Edge to control your smart trainer. Hope you enjoyed this video, hit the like button and share it. Thanks for watching, and
see you in the next video.

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