5.4L 3V Camshaft Replacement, Rockers, Lifters, Phaser “Fastest WAY”

5.4L 3V Camshaft Replacement, Rockers, Lifters, Phaser “Fastest WAY”

All right flat rate mechanic here in this video we’re gonna be replacing a camshaft on a 5.4 liter Ford Engine the 3 valve motor and we’re gonna be doing it without taking the timing chain off using this wedge tool we’ll be right replacing the Camshaft the rocker arms, I’ll show you how to replace the cam phasor as well and the lifters in this motor Got this little digital caliper, we’re just gonna be measuring the cams to make sure we got the right part I’ll leave a link in the video description below we can get this caliper. It’s handy little tool I think this thing’s on like 10 bucks super cheap on Amazon works. Great Also this wedge tool is what we’re going to be using to hold the chain in place So we can remove this cam and cam phasors without taking the chain off I’ll also be replacing the lifters Like I said and the rocker arms here as you can see and I’ll show you how to install and remove this wedge tool All right so we’re gonna jump right into this you on this vehicle what’s actually happened here is one of the roller rockers has frozen up and It’s basically just been sliding on the cam lobe so it’s taking out the cam Along with this rocker arm is gonna have to be replaced We’re not actually installing a new fazer on this one, but I’ll show you how to install it the new cam fazer You could do at the same time So yeah on this one We’re gonna be doing the cam the rockers the lifters and all that stuff and we’re gonna be doing it without removing Without removing the timing chain or taking the timing chain cover off, which is a big time-saver The little wedge tool is actually gonna stick right down in here in between two chains to hold the tensioners out Yeah, so we’re gonna go ahead and slide this sucker right down in here and depending on which bank you’re doing is gonna depend on How this tool goes we’re doing the right thing These come in two different styles One will just steel rod like the one I have here and some would just has a steel cable and I prefer One with the rod So we’re gonna take this sucker down in there and you’re gonna hit here It actually kind of click in a few times like I got a quick one puts a little higher. I’ll click again and There feels like it’s in there pretty good It’s nice and snug we just make sure once you have this sucker in place It’s not gonna fall out That’s gonna mean a lot more work but I’m gonna see if I can the camera yeah you can see right there It’s wedged between the two Chains and this holding the tension was open and I got another shot with a timing cover actually up to show you exactly What this wedge tool is doing to hold this chain in place Yeah, and as you can see right here that’s a cable style one and it’s just was right in there to hold It’s holding the tensioner chain and everything in place Okay, now that we got that in there before we start taking anything apart, I’m just gonna put a mark on The chain and on the phaser on the cam phaser to make sure I Would put this back in the right orientation All right, so we got our Hand marked we got the wedge tool in and I’ve got the cam I should I loosened up and I have taken the bolts out of the front and as you can see the phaser slides right off the cam and if you’re ever replacing the phaser All you really need to do is left side chain up and make sure when you reinstall a new phaser It’s gonna be lined up on that Chain in the same place that the old phaser was when you took it out But you can just lift a chain pull out figure out at this point if need be we’re not replacing this in this video But we are gonna be replacing the cam as you can see here. I jump right ahead. We’ve got the cam out And you can get a much better look At what has failed on this motor? We’re just getting a light ticking noise Remove the valve cover and it was pretty obvious that one of our cameras scored up You can see these are spinning and the one that has failed here isn’t spinning as froze right up We’ve got all new rocker arms We get all new lifters, which I’ve already installed and it’s always a good idea to let me soak in oil overnight Which we did I’ve installed some assembly Lube prior before we put this stuff back together And I’ll leave a link below to everything. I used in this video too in the video description All right, so we got it our cam installed and here’s something very important that will make your job much easier is You’re just gonna want to slide the front of the cam into the phaser before bolting the cam in place only because If there’s a little off a little bit and you get the thing bolted down, you’re gonna have a hard time Getting it to line up with the campus There’s a key way there so you don’t want to be turning the motor over with the wedge tool holding the chain cuz I could pop out so I went ahead and installed the front of the cam in the phasor prior to actually bolting this camshaft down And now I’ve got this all port and The torque on these cam bolts was 86 inch pounds so you also need a torque wrench to do this job So now that we got this all bolt down in our front bolt torque. I’m gonna go ahead and pull this out wedge tool out And that’s pretty much gonna complete it this job I’m also gonna put a cam actuator in this as well like That’s gonna do it for this video Appreciate you guys for watching If those was uploading anyways, be sure to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel Thanks flat rate mechanic

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  1. When you removed the cam, I'm assuming it was under some spring tension. Once the cam is removed the lifters and roller followers just come right off? Then when you install the new lifters and followers how did you bolt up the cam again? In guessing that the valve springs are going to be pushing against it?

  2. Hi friend, I think I just had an epiphany. Watching the fordtechmakuloco videos and this video I think I just figured something out. If you are doing a timing job on the 5.4l 3v engine if you put the crank at 12 o clock remove 3 roller followers from each side (exhaust follower on cyl.1 and 2 intakes on cyl. 4) and (2 intakes on cyl. 5 and exhaust on cyl. 8) then turn the crank shaft key way to 6 o'clock position putting the engine in a neutral state and all the valves being closed. I can then remove the cams replace the hydraulic lifters and all the roller followers except the 6 that were removed (those have to be installed with the special valve spring tool) that way there is no real spring tension on the cams allowing you to get an accurate torque on all the cam bolts. What do you think?

  3. This goes completely against what the manual or Ford or any other mechanic says to do. So if I have all my new timing chains on, cans in place and torqued down with new cam phasers on all I need to do is unbolt the cam then install all the rockers (cam followers) then set the cam back in place and then carefully and evenly tighten and torque the cam back down and it will be fine? Just doesn't sound right at all compared to what the manual or Ford says.

  4. I have a 07 Lincoln Navigator and was able to change the lifters and rock arm without removing the phaser from camshaft…

  5. LOL…worst video I've seen yet on "how to"!!! Thought I was having a stroke it was blurry all the time. Thought maybe I passed out from that, because I never actually saw any how to. Go watch FordTechMakuloco. Best series on these 5.4 cam phasers and associated components.

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