5 affordable sports cars worth buying in 2018

5 affordable sports cars worth buying in 2018

So you want to buy a new sports car But you don’t want to break the bank and at the same time you don’t want to sacrifice the fun factor And you want to feel like a kid again. Well today is your lucky day because in this video I’ll be showing you five affordable sports car worth buying in 2018 hey guys I’m Cristian and this is vehicle Virals let’s get started we’re gonna start this list off with the 2018 Ford Mustang I mean how can I not include the Ford Mustang on this list it’s been the number one selling sports car in America for the last 50 years and now after pushing an International expansion has become the number one sport selling car Globally, that’s right Globally this veteran of a car is now sold in 140 different countries unbelievable un-freakin’-believable interesting enough this year Ford discontinued the v6 naturally aspirated engines for the Mustang and now we’re left with a four-cylinder 2.3 EcoBoost engine and for those that not familiar with the term EcoBoost is just another word for turbocharged in a nutshell according to ford EcoBoost is a form of direct fuel injection and Turbocharger which is supposed to increase fuel efficiency without? sacrificing power you’ll get 21 miles per gallon in the city and 31 miles per gallon in the highway and still producing 310 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque wait, what well that’s just a Ford said increase fuel efficiency without sacrificing power the exterior really hasn’t changed from the 2017 variant but I mean why even changed something that’s not broken some key standard features include independent rear suspension Track apps that allows you to track lap times and other performance features and get this it also includes launch control even for the standard manual transmission I mean doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun I mean it sounds like a lot of fun the Interior looks great no question about that the front seats are superb But good luck trying to get somebody to volunteer to sit the backseats I mean those are claustrophobic like so if you want a powerful sports car that does not need an introduction whatsoever the 2018 Ford Mustang might just be the car for you moving on the next car in the list is the 2018 chevrolet Camaro God, I don’t know how to say that let’s just stick with Chevy Camaro It sounds a lot better, and I can pronounce it a lot better. That’s right. That’s the Mustangs closest competitor I’ll tell you something I have a soft spot for Camaros when I first saw it in the first Transformers movies being played by the character bumblebee I was like oh My god. What car is that? it’s no lie that the Transformers will be greatly help the camaro become the Number-two best-selling sports car here in the u.s.. Behind the mustang of course the small yet powerful four-cylinder 2.0 liter pushes 275 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque the Camaro gets 20 miles per gallon when you’re driving in the city And it gets 30 miles per gallon when you’re driving in the highway if you haven’t noticed by now car Manufacturers are trying to capitalize on sales by creating smaller turbocharged engines. There are more fuel-efficient That said you get more power while also having better fuel consumption well at least that’s the goal some standard features include a 7-inch display Android auto apple carp a Wi-Fi hotspot Wi-Fi hotspot, well yeah It brings Wi-Fi hotspot and a rear-view camera personally I’m so glad their rearview cameras are becoming a lot more standard nowadays with the car industry especially for the Camaro because the outdoor visibility is not the best inside of the Camaro compared to its competitors the Camaros interior looks both stylish and Modern about the back seats though. They’re pretty much unusable well for adults. They’re pretty much unusable for kids I guess they’re good, but I mean when you buy a sports car are you doing it? So you can carry a lot of people probably not the exterior has an aggressive and wide look looks a bit wider than the must And personal preference. I actually like the look of the Camaro more than the Mustang don’t hate me It’s just personal preference if you like the Mustang you like the Mustang I like the exterior the Camaro, and I always have and now we move on to Italy so the next car is the 2018 Fiat 124 spider So you want a sports car that can drop its top and have everybody trying to figure out what you’re driving and on top of That it’s arguably one of the most fun cars to drive out there Well the Fiat might just be the one for you then just a warning this specs might not sound like much But keep in mind that this car weighs a thousand pounds less than the Ford Mustang at just 2,400 pounds per blade that said the Fiat is equipped with a four-cylinder 1.4. Liter turbocharged engine that produces 160 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque as far as gas mileage you get class-leading 26 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon in the highway This is also the only non manual car on this list it comes with a six speed automatic Transmission, I’m sure you guys have probably figured out that this car resembles another car out there this car is pretty much a Mazda mx-5 miata truth be told They’re actually both made in the same Factory in Japan did you know that I must admit the hardest thing that I had to do was choose it between the Miata and The Fiat one two four to include into this list it was a really tough decision I literally just stared into the script that I was creating and couldn’t decide between one of the two so I ended up going back With the Fiat because it just felt more of a premium experience It’s an Italian brand the badge looks very unique and a lot of people just don’t know what type of car it is so I feel like it has more of a Exclusivity factor, I’m sorry if you’re a Mazda fan I will tell you this if you’re all about the sound you want a sports car that has a really good sound and Probably sounds better than the Fiat 124, then you’re gonna want to go with the Mazda Miata It doesn’t have a turbo engine it has a four-cylinder 2.0. Naturally aspirated engine. It sounds fantastic If that’s the thing that you want from your car, then go for that one, but in my opinion I think that the Fiat edge Is it just a bit some key features for the Fiat include? Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob the black soft top and independent rear and front suspension the interior offers two seats Perfect for you and a girl or you and a guy, or you and a pet Oh you and a pet, that’s a great idea especially with the top down. Can you imagine how much fun okay? Let me stop I’m going off-track the Italian interior would keep you comfortable throughout long rides and also around very curvy roads Which is exactly what this car is meant for very curvy roads fourth on this list is the 2018 Subaru BRZ you would think that I would include the subdued WRX on this list but since this is an affordable guide for sports car we’re gonna keep it at the BRZ No worries the BRZ still packs a punch, and it’s actually Subaru only rear wheel drive car in the US lineup if you didn’t know well It’s very wheel drive what does that mean for us? Well, it means that it’s very slide happy if you know what I mean the BRZ is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine that produces 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque It’s definitely not the most fuel-efficient car on this list at 21 miles per gallon for the city and 29 miles per gallon for the highway But if you’re having fun, who cares the BRZ is very generous with standard features comes with a 7.2 multimedia touchscreen display LED headlights a rear view camera and 17-inch aluminum wheels the interior design has solid build quality and it’s straightforward and simply there’s one thing about the exterior that you might find familiar looks very similar to the discontinued Scion fr-s and the new Toyota 86 But the BRZ has a little bit more of an edgy look so that’s why I put that car on this list So you combine fast fun and practicality and you get the 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI the Golf GTI is the perfect balance between comfort and performance no doubt about it golf arguably invented the segment of the hot hatch back when it debuted back in the 1970s but note that the golf wasn’t available in the US and to the 1980s so there’s one thing that Separates this car from the rest of the cars on this list take a guess ding-ding-ding-ding-ding Time is up It’s a front-wheel drive car so that means no drifting in this car that doesn’t mean you can’t power slide Whoa let me add this disclosure in no way am I advising that you go power sliding with the golf GTI you heard the GTI comes equipped with a four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine that pushes 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque as far as fuel efficiency goes it’s not too bad 21 miles per gallon to the city and 29 miles per gallon to the highway top standard features included in a Golf GTI are 6.5 inch touchscreen display 18-inch aluminum wheels Android auto Apple car pay and a sporty chassis Do you know what a sporty chassis mean? It’s fun to drive this car feels a lot more expensive than what it really is the interior is also Uncluttered and has enough room so you can call this a small family vehicle My favorite feature you ask well the shift knob. It’s shaped like a golf ball, and it’s dimpled like a golf ball clever Isn’t it? I think so what a surprise the back seats are actually usable in this car plenty of space lots of space in the cargo area I mean it is a hatchback after all it has about 23, cubic feet of space in the cargo That’s a lot, and once you actually fold on the back seats you get a whopping 53 cubic feet of cargo space Isn’t that great like I said earlier fun and practical the exterior has also been updated So if you decide to purchase this car you don’t have to worry about going out of style for a few years at least well Guys I hope you guys found this guide Informative and entertaining in some kind of way if you enjoyed it guys hit the like button below And if you want to see content more like this make sure you hit the subscribe button and hit the bell right next to it So you know exactly when I’m uploading the next video question for you Which of the five cars that I listed on the video was your favorite make sure in comment below I hope you guys all have a great date. Thanks for watching until next time

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  1. Decided to try a different approach when creating this guide. Wanted to showcase some of my personality. Hope you guys like it. And let me know what you think! UPDATE I didn't expect this video to start getting suggested months after it's upload. It's one of my first videos, please don't be mean. I promise my newer videos are better 🙂 Make sure to follow me on social media for updates, links below
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  2. Glad the Spider is finally getting some attention, although I don't know what you mean by calling it non-manual, as only the Red Top Lusso is sold without a manual.

  3. Exactly how couldn’t you mention the mustang? That would be considered a sin if you hadn’t mentioned the mustang lol

  4. let me tell u something buddy, before saying something you should search a bit more…your videos are great, but saying that "rear view cameras are becoming a lot more common" is bs…since 2016 all new cars sold in the US must be equipped STANDARD with a backup camera…well, that's it

  5. The mustang isn't even a sports car, it's a muscle car. Also, speaking of claustrophobic rear seats, make a video of cool, fast, sporty 2 door cars with really good rear seat legroom.

  6. Id say my #1 pick would be the BRZ/86 for my only car. I don’t trust Mustangs all that much as far as reliability for some reason after looking at reviews.

  7. Ahahahaha the new ford mustang 2.3 ecoboost costs 60k+€ where i live( Portugal) so thats not what you call “affordable”

  8. Man, we had a ton of issue's with the camaro when it finally hit.
    While i was still a tech for GM, we had SS models that had the lower crank case seal pouring oil Before 5k miles.
    My opinion, It's also unsafe due to all the blind spots.

  9. I bought a 2018 brz last spring. No regrets. Definitely as fun a car that can be made that can be used on the street. Sure you could buy a zl1 or 911 turbo but you won’t be able to drive the “fast” on the street without getting arrested or killing somebody.

  10. Subaru BRZ = Toyota GT86. Exactly same car, in the core. In Europe Fiat is car for poverty, Mazda have got a little sporty aspirations due to Mazda 3 & 6 MPS.

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