5 affordable sports cars worth buying in 2018

5 affordable sports cars worth buying in 2018

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  1. Decided to try a different approach when creating this guide. Wanted to showcase some of my personality. Hope you guys like it. And let me know what you think! UPDATE I didn't expect this video to start getting suggested months after it's upload. It's one of my first videos, please don't be mean. I promise my newer videos are better 🙂 Make sure to follow me on social media for updates, links below
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  2. Glad the Spider is finally getting some attention, although I don't know what you mean by calling it non-manual, as only the Red Top Lusso is sold without a manual.

  3. Exactly how couldn’t you mention the mustang? That would be considered a sin if you hadn’t mentioned the mustang lol

  4. let me tell u something buddy, before saying something you should search a bit more…your videos are great, but saying that "rear view cameras are becoming a lot more common" is bs…since 2016 all new cars sold in the US must be equipped STANDARD with a backup camera…well, that's it

  5. The mustang isn't even a sports car, it's a muscle car. Also, speaking of claustrophobic rear seats, make a video of cool, fast, sporty 2 door cars with really good rear seat legroom.

  6. Id say my #1 pick would be the BRZ/86 for my only car. I don’t trust Mustangs all that much as far as reliability for some reason after looking at reviews.

  7. Ahahahaha the new ford mustang 2.3 ecoboost costs 60k+€ where i live( Portugal) so thats not what you call “affordable”

  8. Man, we had a ton of issue's with the camaro when it finally hit.
    While i was still a tech for GM, we had SS models that had the lower crank case seal pouring oil Before 5k miles.
    My opinion, It's also unsafe due to all the blind spots.

  9. I bought a 2018 brz last spring. No regrets. Definitely as fun a car that can be made that can be used on the street. Sure you could buy a zl1 or 911 turbo but you won’t be able to drive the “fast” on the street without getting arrested or killing somebody.

  10. Subaru BRZ = Toyota GT86. Exactly same car, in the core. In Europe Fiat is car for poverty, Mazda have got a little sporty aspirations due to Mazda 3 & 6 MPS.

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