5 Amazing Cars That Will Gain HUGE Power From a CHEAP Tune!

5 Amazing Cars That Will Gain HUGE Power From a CHEAP Tune!

Gotta love the modern era, where you can take
an already capable car and get tons of power out of it’s engine with minimum effort and
at a relatively low cost. Today I’ll be showing you 5 amazing cars you can cheaply tune to
gain a huge amount of power. I also decided to diversify the list and include cars from
a few different price points, some very affordable to most people and some not so much. So real quick before the video begins, So
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link in the description. First car on the list is the Infiniti Q50,
and if you’re more of a coupe type of person than you can opt in for the Q60 instead. Either
way you can’t go wrong with either of them, they both come equipped with a highly capable
3L turbocharged engine that is begging to be tuned. It’s a relatively new engine from
Nissan that has managed to captivate lots of attention among enthusiasts and has been
carving it’s way within the tuning market with new aftermarket parts coming out regularly
for the platform. While I do agree with others that the asking price for both the Q50 and
especially the Q60 are a bit high, I believe that after a few years they’ll become used
car bargains for those that want a modern car for tuning. Ideally you’d want to get
the base versions of the Q50 or Q60 instead of the more expensive red sport 1. Because
you’ll save 10-15K which can go towards aesthetics and performance mods and 2. Because
with an upgraded heat exchanger combined with simple tune that adjusts camshaft timing,
boost output and air air/fuel ratios you can make the base version of those two cars much
faster than the red sport variants. So check this out a Q50 or Q60 Redsport engine produces
400HP and 350lb-ft stock, and the base version produces 300HP and 295lb-ft. For $2400 you
can get a red alpha stage 1 performance package offered by AMS Performance that includes the
tune and a heat exchanger and the increase in power you get from the base 3L engine is
freaking insane. 415WHP horsepower and a whopping 475lb-ft, guys that’s not crank numbers,
that’s to the wheels. That’s like over 450HP crank and over 530lb-ft crank! With
those numbers you’ll easily walk a redsport. Honestly I’d probably only recommend the
redsport if you don’t want to tune the car and void the manufacturer’s warranty but at
the same time you want more power than the base version, other that I don’t think the
extra amount of money is worth it if you’re looking to tune it. Overall these two cars
are pretty amazing in my opinion and I feel like as depreciation starts to kick they will
become more and more favorable to own. They have massive tuning potential, look great
especially the Q60 with it’s modern exterior styling and tech focused interior. And for
all of those that despise german cars for whatever reason that may be, well here are
two alternates that have just as much potential when it comes to performance. Second car on the list is the Volkswagen Golf
R. I’m primarily referring to the MK7. While the previous generations can be just as tunable
as the modern ones, you’d have to dump much more money into them if you’re looking to
get crazy performance out of them, let’s say if you wanted 500HP which seems to be
the sweet spot for these type of cars. You’d have to go for a much bigger turbo setup and
forged internals. But things are different and simple now with the MK7 Golf R. The 3rd
gen 2.0TSI engine responds beautifully to tuning, without having to play operation in
the actual engine. The Gulf R’s 2.0 liter turbo engine in stock form produces 288HP
and 280lb-ft of torque which doesn’t sound like much in today’s standard but you gotta
keep in mind this hot hatch isn’t very heavy only weighing around 3200lbs. Let’s say
you want to reach 500HP to the crank with the Golf R, well it’s pretty straight forward
and most importantly won’t break the bank. The most expensive mod would cost you around
$2600, and that is a REVO IS38ETR turbocharger which is essentially a modified version of
the stock turbo charger, with the internals replaced and restrictive parts are redesigned
to allow higher boost. You’ll then pair it with an aftermarket FMIC, FMIC pipe upgrade,
air intake, and a high flow exhaust system and bam you’ll be well into or close to
500HP. With those numbers on hot hatch body such as the Golf R and you’ll be embarrassing
most people you encounter out on the open road. Of course if the Golf R isn’t quite
in your budget you can always opt in for the GTI as well which is just as tuner friendly
and to be honest probably has a bigger selection of aftermarket parts when it comes to both
aesthetics and performance since it’s more obtainable by most people. Either way you
can’t go wrong with either of them. Third car on the list is the Mercedes e63
S AMG. Yes this car is definitely more on the pricier side compared to the previous
cars I mentioned but remember this isn’t a list on cheap cars but more so cars you
can tune cheaply for lots of power. Typically when most people think of a modern E class,
fast is not really the first thing that comes to mind but add the abbreviation AMG to it
and things change. This luxury sleeper can accelerate and catch speeds that will scare
the hell out of you, a drift mode that sends all the power to the rear wheels that will
allow you to happily slide around and then once you’re done having fun for the day,
you can cruise back in comfort and silence. Not many cars can mix the best of both worlds
like the e63 S AMG can. Alright so let’s get into the meat and potatoes, The twin turbo
4L V8 it comes equipped with produces 603HP and 627lb-ft of torque stock. That already
some big performance numbers to start with. So how much more power can you get out of
this hand made power plant by tuning it? Let’s just say the potential is insane. An ECU flash
from Renntech can transform this already capable sleeper into something even more outrageous.
The $3500 Renntech tune and nothing else will increase the horsepower to 773HP and 778lb-ft
of torque to the crank. Guys just a tune that takes a few minutes to install and nothing
else gets you that much of a performance gain, that’s insane! According to some performance
tests Renntech ran in house, without the tune the e63 s amg managed to achieve a 0-60 time
of 3.1 second and with the tune, that number was shaved down to 2.8 seconds! A straight
up supercar slayer on the open road. And best part is that most people wouldn’t even know
when seeing this car out on the streets. The only features that give it away are slightly
flared fenders, the more aggressive wheel and tire combo and the badges of course. Fourth car on the list is the BMW 335i. Whether
it’s the e9X or the F series platform, the tuning potential for these cars are through
the roof. But in this video we are going to focus on the e9X model, primarily the ones
equipped with the twin turbo N54 engine. They are a performance bargain, It’s so easy
and cheap to get tons of power out of them without having to dig into the engine. Trust
me I know this, because I myself own a e93 BMW 335i. From factory the 3L straight six
produces 300HP and 300lb-ft which is plenty for most people that want a fun daily driver
but let’s just say that’s not enough and you want to join the 400HP club. Well it’s
very easy and cheap to achieve that with this car, in fact the 335i may be one of the easiest
cars out there to tune.You don’t need an expensive device, nor do you need to inconvenience
yourself by taking the 335i to a tuning shop. All you need is an android device, a dcan
obd2 cable and the MHD tuning application and you can gain up to 100HP and over 100lb-ft
torque! The tuning app itself cost $100 for the tuning module and $50 for the stage 1
flash that’s meant for a stock motor. That’s pretty much $1.50 per HP gain. And believe
it or not MHD’s tunes are pretty conserative as they want to keep the car just as reliable
as if it were stock. The reason tuning companies can get so much out N54 is because they come
undertuned with lots of headroom to play with. All tuning companies like MHD and even JB4
do is untap the true potential of the 335i. If you’re willing to spend more than $150
and take the route that I took, you can buy an aftermarket FMIC and catless downpipes
and combine it with a MHD stage 2+ tune and you’ll end up with well over 450HP and over
500lb-ft crank! And yes that’s utilizing the stock turbos, you upgrade those and you’ll
be well over supercar territory. Best part is you can get a 335i nowadays for a very
affordable price, I was able to find many on Autotempest for less than 10K dollars.
Also If you’re interested in seeing me mod my BMW 335i, I’ll link the playlist of everythingI’ve
done to my car down in the description below. Last but not least is the NIssan GT-R. This
is a car that really doesn’t need any tuning as it can achieve a 0-60 time in less than
3 seconds right off the gate. Funny thing is that Nissan did not have tuning in mind
when they released the Nissan GTR a decade ago. They were so sure no one would be able
to break the ECU, but man did they underestimate tuners. Apparently imported models even had
a section in the manual that emphasized disallowing illegal and unconventional modification of
the vehicle. Well let’s see how that worked out, there are several examples of GT-R’s
producing well over 1200HP, heck you can even find some at the drag strip pushing over 2000HP.
Just like the GTR of the past, tuners saw the limitless potential of the R35l and went
ham! And now that the platform has been around for some time now, tuning has been refined
and documented to be optimal and the GT-R itself is becoming more obtainable pricewise.
Just like the other cars I mentioned on this list the GT-R’s 3.6L twin turbo engine comes
under tuned from factory. Expect to gain around 40WHP with just a tune which cobb offers for
less than 1K. Modify the exhaust by adding a y pipe with the tune to go with it and gains
are around 80-100 horsepower to the wheel. And what’s really cool about the GT-R unlike
many of the other cars I mentioned that when you achieve higher performance numbers, the
Gt-R remains very controllable. I mean that’s no surprise since one of it’s biggest pros
is the insane amount of grip and traction the GT-R can achieve, thanks to it’s superb
awd system and hefty weight. Many auto journalists actually say that the Nissan GT-r is one of
the safest cars to drive fast for that reason. I was amazed to find them going for less 50K
with relatively low miles on autotempest. Kind of makes sense why I’m starting to
see them around more often. This is car that can easily humble supercars and motorcycles
on the drag strip and even on the racetrack.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. How easy is it to tune the N55 BMW 135i? I don’t really want the older ones with the N54 because I can’t drive stick and I want the DCT. So is it easy to tune a BMW 135i with the N55?

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  7. Because of you I got a 2007 335i e90 and it’s been an absolute blast. I already put 1000 miles on it and it’s been awesome. Can’t wait till I start modding it 🔥

  8. Fiesta ST. Buddy of mine only has a drop in filter and Cobb Stage 1 tune runnin E30 and makes 250 wtq and 192 whp. Plus it’s more reliable than the Focus ST and way more fun! I’d also include the 2nd Gen Hyundai Veloster N. Tuners are putting a bigger turbo setup on the car and getting over 400 whp.

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  13. Great video brother… I love cars, racing and speed but when I put it in a SUV or my Xterra to be exact, it was incredible… I think it was 265hp stock but after my mods, it should be at 300hp and 310ft/lbs, on 275/70/16…

  14. A cheap tune might be an expensive tune for some people. The reason for that is because not everyone has money like that in terms of having a good car tune. Yeah it might be worth a good tune but it's kind of not fair for the people who want a great tune but they don't want to fall victim of cheaping out.

  15. Much like the 335i, the N55 cousin M235i has plenty of room for tuning. A simple ECU flash can get you from 320hp to 360-380hp, while a catless downpipe and fmic upgrade can take you to over 400hp. For the true enthusiasts, a pureturbo stage 2 upgrade claims to get the car to 550hp with the right tune and upgraded fuel injectors.

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