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  1. ? Here are the 5 facts about mobile homes ➡️ https://youtu.be/0qJhpwjmeVo ➡️How Do You Feel About Manufactured (Mobile) Homes?

  2. I have a 100k manufactured home and yes clayton used sub par materials the carpet was of low quality and the vinyl floor was so bad that the factory had to send a crew to replace and then refund a percentage of the home . The shingles were of a sub par shingle per state farm insurance so state farm replaced the roof after a leak. This house was 100k and just turned 3 years old.

  3. Years ago, bought new Fuqua 1300sq. ft. home with upgraded appliances. Block foundation, attached garage w/ sky lights. Put on a lit in town. It was a bit less quality the n a stick-framed home. But I got into it cheaper as well. I am a excavating contractor so I bought a rocky UGLY lot cheap because I had experience and

  4. This guy is exactly right it is like buying a car. I can remember back in the 90’s people always said Brigadere was the cheapest maker of mobile homes they were just built cheap

  5. Hopefully soon I'm going to be paying 8k cash for a 3 bed 2 bath double wide mobile home that looks in good condition. Then I'll be making some upgrades and fix anything bad. That'll probably cost around 10k at most. And then I plan on buying land to eventually put it there since the home is on a park. That'll be around 20k. And boom, a home for under 50k without having to get a loan or financing.
    On the side I plan to buy really cheap mobile homes, fix them up and sell them for around 20k. Cheaper option than buying a new one and with no need to fix anything.

  6. my friend has been livin in a mobile home for,…………50 years!  he took care of it.  still good condition.    my next place will be a mobile home!

  7. Hi, Ms. Smallhorn! Thank you for this video. This is very informative. Who do I ask if our area is allowing manufactured homes to be placed on owner's land? Thank you very much!

  8. I do mold fire and water restoration. Been doing it in South Carolina for 4 years. South Carolina has the highest amount of mobile homes and manufactured homes in the USA. The biggest problem I see is the roofs are usually done very cheap in a way that allows the water to run down the side of the house damaging windows and doors. Virtually every mobile home/manufactured home I have been in the back door of the house is rotting or rotted out. Also plumbing valves light switches and electrical outlets are usually much lower quality. But like the man said there are different levels four different budgets. Gothic nowadays as long as you do not go overboard with a ultra fancy mobile home I think you are alright, especially since they're using better building materials and they used to.. but mobile homes do not appreciate the same as a stick-built house so that's why you don't want to pay too much

  9. Once u purchase a mobile home then buy land with set up etc probably be about 100,000 plus so these people are not poor deplorable people

  10. The mobile home and tornado "myth" is more like a stereotype or cliche'. A running joke, if you will. Most people know realistically there's no truth to that. He talks about how well the home is "strapped down". I don't think stereotype is about a home being sucked up by a tornado, but more about how these homes APPEAR to be TARGETS of tornados. So the multiple tie-down comment seems out of place. MY question or comment about these homes would be for the DIYers. He already said if you don't have the correct insulation "you're screwed" (paraphrasing). If there's an issue with a standard home, I can run to the local building supplier, buy the stuff and, well, fix it myself. With these homes, it seems … it SEEMS like you can't just run down to a local building material store, buy parts, and fix it. Can this "myth" be addressed?

  11. I'm interested in moving to the area south of BR, but have difficulty in finding land to place a manufactured home there. Kristina could you address land restrictions for manufactured homes in that area. I would be paying cash for both the land and the manufactured home. Also I'm interested in a flood free area.

  12. I've owned both over the years and I am getting ready to build my retirement house on my 20 acres that I own. I'm 40 years old and the new loan is 20 years. Block home, 3/2/2, pool, and detached 40×60 block shop. My mobile right now is a 98 and falling apart around me. Roof leaking and over all bad shape. Bottom line for me is yes, first 10 years or so, both types of homes are just fine. Then at 22 years old now, my mobile is worthless and I am having a hard time even giving it away. Worth 5k as a trade in for new mobile that is 145k. My mobile now is a 5/3 with a nursery in master and a wood burning fire place in living room. So in 20 years and its paid off and I'm retiring from my career, I don't want another bill replacing another mobile, I want a paid off still worth same or more than paid today block home. My insurance will be cheaper. My loan interest rate is better than another mobile. Block home appreciates as for my mobile depreciates. The builders are not pushy, the mobile guy remind me of a car sales man and big turn off. Just my point of view and what I've been thru and learned the hard way of course but eh.

  13. hi
    my parents own a manufacture home in richmond ca. they purchase it for $125,000 in 1997 they refinance it on 2006 so that my sister can borrow money to can get $30,000 to put down payment for her own house and for our parents to remodel kitchen get new furniture and a new truck. still paying it they owe $76,999 and its a 4 bdrm 2 baths , living room, dining room. small backyard but its not in a nice neighborhood its changing slowly. i live in a regular house just 5 min away from my parents pretty good decent neighborhood. my parents are btwn age 64 n 70. and they cant wait to pay it off. property taxes are very low too.

  14. The best thing I ever did, was buy a manufactured home. I live in a 3b 2b 1600sq, built in 95 all undated!!! I paid 27,000 for it, here in Washington Sate. It’s now worth almost 100,000.. ? and I don’t even own the land. Getting ready to sell it, and buy a new one on my own land..

  15. I realize they are built better than ever. I can tell by the enormous costs in these homes. I was shocked by how much they cost now.

  16. Well the LOUD pinging to get someone's attention to watch the video, GOT my attention. I won't sub, and I won't watch further videos because of the LOUD pinging noise. It's unnecessary and if you did this to get attention….YOU achieve that….
    PLZ if you do other videos….consider that there's others who watch video to learn things and some of ppl have medical issues that noises like this can cause issues (like headaches,etc.)
    PLZ reconsider how to CHOSE to get someone's attention. I watch a lot of videos and Rarely make comments like this.

  17. It's interesting to me that you never mention the issue of the cost of land/ buying or renting. These cute homes won't levitate in the air, will they? That is a very important part of the discussion that you tend to omit in your facts videos.

  18. I live in ohio i have a 2000 Oakwood double wide and could sell it I though $10,000 is that too low or should I sell higher

  19. I don't know this guy, or this lady…I saw no factual support, or links to substantiate much of what was said. Not saying it isn't true, just no way to verify any of what was said except to go out and do the research yourself. Add links to verify what has been said would add a ton of believably.

  20. I had a double wide and talked to someone about insurance, and the representative referred to it as "used", as if it were a car. I didn't like that.

  21. i live in germany, make a lot of money but cant effort a house because its about 220.000 up to 490.000€ for a bit over 150 qm. would be nice if something like this would be in germany., but mhm no

  22. We all know it's about the land underneath that's costs the money… location location location. A good buy is the cheapest home in the best neighbourhood 😉

  23. My mom is a retired employee of 30 years who was previously owned homes but now that she is retired and chose to live in a sr. Mobile home park and she loves it. And we are in california. If I had the ability to purchase land in california I would purchase one in a heartbeat! I love them and I'm glad i saw this video but heard these things and believed them too. Some in California are as expensive as homes or condos in very beautiful locations. The biggest issue in California is that you pay upwards of $1200-1300 space rent forever! Definite Downside.

  24. Our utility bills are wonderful in our manufactured home. We want to do an addition to our home, this is what I would like to find out about, can we do it!

  25. As long as the floor isn't made of partical board, and has solid doors. Partical board falls apart if it gets wet. And doors filled with foam are easy to break. Solid doors and plywood are your best friends in a mobile home. Also, pipes made of PVC become brital after awhile.
    I once lived in a Mobil home, I speak from experience. If you can, put the Mobil home on land you own, lot rent can be expensive, or if you have enough money, buy the whole trailer park.

  26. I had a manufactured home . i lived in it 2 years found problems every day .it was a pos it was new a Horton .thank god hurricane Aaron took it out .then i really found out what it was made out of ..22 trusses suppose to bee 26 . wall stud's some were 30 in apart . double wide 60 ft never own anything that comes behind a truck to live in . they aren't safe in storms hell no .

  27. My first mobile home was a 1997 New Generation single wide by Schult. I paid $30K for and lived in it for 11 years in a mobile home park. I sold it for $28K. Best mobile home ever!! Now I live in a 2012 Clayton single wide mobile home that I paid $50K for and it is absolute garbage. My advice to anyone looking to buy a mobile home is do your research before jumping in.

  28. Buying a mobile home is the worst mistake I've ever made. There are a few things about my home that I would warn anyone against if they are considering buying one themselves. 1. The sheeting used in the floors and roof are substandard. And any amount of moisture will ruin it. We got an ice storm and our gutters froze over and moisture made it's way about 16" up from the eve. 2, there are no overflows on the sinks and bathtub. My wife dozed off while filling a bath and the tub overflowed. Not only did this completely ruin the insulation underneath, but getting wet just once rotted the flooring as well.
    3, every interior door knob fell apart within a few years. There are no screws holding them on. 4, every receptacle that we use regularly has pulled through the drywall. The are not attached to a stud like in conventional home. 5, unless you put your home on a block foundation, you won't qualify for standard home financing. I'm sure there are upgrades to consider to insure against these troubles, but the cost us on par with a conventionally frames home.

  29. living within your means, means having more spendable cash, there are things you have to pay for, a Home,Car, Utilities, Taxes and Insurance, the more expensive the home and car are, the more expensive taxes, utilities and insurance are, the less spendable cash you have

  30. Buying my fist home after renting for 25 yrs!! My mortgage including my taxes and insurance is the same as my rent!! I’m on almost an acre of land. Love my manufactured home!!

  31. They passed the law in a lot of States about 8 years ago if you have an older mobile home that is not anchored the state will do it for you for FREE no out-of-pocket expense maybe the new ones are anchored because it's the law now but if you have an older one and you live in a mobile home park and you are not anchored look into that because it will get done for you for FREE…??????????

  32. Another solution to the housing crisis in the United States. I wish our gov't had programs to finance the purchase of alternative housing like this. Live in RVs, Tiny Houses and MH.

  33. Here in Kentucky all we have are "Volkswagen" mobile homes. Now, rich folks are buying the trailer parks, jacking the rent, and, kicking folks off their lots!

  34. Hello beautiful thank you very much for your time and your help to educate the people in this particular area, God bless,

  35. I just sold my double wide and what they dont tell you from the time you buy it it depreciates from the price you buy it .they do not appreciate dont waste your time and money thinking you can live in it for 3 years and selling it with any profit

  36. My question is, why is it when you look at a mobile home on the sales lot, why is there always a sign mentioning levels of formaldehyde in the home? Will that be the same when you buy and have it built? That’s scary to me.

  37. A little over a decade ago, We baught a mobile home for $5,000, and put about $20,000 into it. It was from the late 70's, and had a very solid floor/foundation. It got all new windows, doors, roof, siding, skirting. New kitchen/bath. patio door in the hallway. All interior walls were insulated. Everything but the sticks were replaced. It goes threw most of Minnesota winters without running the heat. you can not hear the outside world at all, it is very very nice. We did almost all the work ourselves.

  38. Back in early 80s my dad, an industrial insulator, designed and tested a foam application pump truck by adding 5 inches to the exterior roof of our mobile home. He then coated it with an aluminum based paint. Very nice roof for the day. That mobile also had stucco on the front third and drywall in the master bed and bath from the factory. As I recall they bought it in 1975. Guess it was a Mercedes LOL
    That house was on a small lot, and later moved to a much larger acreage saving my parents a lot of money and time with only minor repairs needed after the reassembly of the two halves.

  39. I now own my first manufactured home. It's a 1996 and my parents have a 1985. Mine is by far better built than theirs, as far as I can tell all my stuff is a Standard size for example bathtubs. Manufacturered homes are built indoors vs site built is in the weather, and have high theft rates on the job sites. I am in western WA and it rains a lot. I have seen site built home just get soaked while being built. Well I can tell you my home has gone up almost $100k in 5 years. We have had many people come to my home and they have no idea it's a manufactured home.

  40. All I can say is these days Chevrolet’s cost a lot of money and the aren’t worth it!!! Sorry I’m not buying it from him and before anyone says anything, I have lived in a mobile home!

  41. The biggest Issue I have faced personally on these type of homes is the roof. Here in Central Texas they use staples instead of nails at Palm Harbor homes and the though the heat cycles they back out and shingles blow off a lot.

  42. I grew up in a mobile home. All they do is depreciate. Had all kinds of upgrades to it. 2×6” outside walls. 1/2” Sheetrock throw out the home. All real wood. Granite counter tops. Was in GodleyTexas on 2.5 acres of land. Had it leveled every few years to keep up the maintenance witch was easy. Still lost about $60% in value. The property value tripled sense it was purchased and still could not make up the difference in depreciation value of the manufactured home.

  43. Kristina Smallhorn, you promised to talk about the land ownership versus lease for your ever so elegantly advertised manufactured homes. Have I missed your video on that little detail, or do you need more time…?

  44. My brother in-law has one that is probably a 2008 when they moved a safe in the one of the dolly wheels punched right through the particle board floor

  45. Thank you for your video
    It’s true, not all people make millions of dollars a year. And people like myself choose to make improvements to what we have. We do sometimes have problems getting things for them, but it can be done. An example is the front door. The one I wanted was $700.00, as opposed to a larger standard home size that’s mass produced for $369.00. Shouldn’t smaller in size equal less material and equal less cost?
    I too hate the stigma about the homes going down in value. As a insurance agent was soo suave in letting me know that within time, I’d be paying more for insuring my home than it was actually worth. Yet, when you look at the web sites like Zillow, you’ll see my home has doubled in value since I’ve bought it. Without the improvements being know.

  46. Omgosh!!! 1st time watching you, I ABSOLUTELY adore you. I 100% subscribed, and liked the video. Thank you for doing your homework and sharing. I live in a mobile home and absolutely love it. I am disabled and needed 1 level, we bought a used one, gutted it and redid it, I am so glad we did.

  47. If you were to buy a manufactured home new then sell it. You would lose money. Fact. Stay away from manufactured. Which is really a trailer. Just because you change the name dont make it something different.

  48. Some mobile homes are better made than others. That makes a difference. Updating the interior is a must. Many people don't do proper maintenance. If they incorporate borax in key areas during manufacture, bugs are less of an issue.
    Hate the drawer that only is half deep…

  49. I own a 2017 TruMH Dempsey singlewide in Louisville, Kentucky. I bought the home off the lot, and knew going in I would be getting cheap carpet and linoleum flooring, and cheap paper covered balsa wood trim, and cheap chipboard cabinets. Had some problems with the trim around the front door, and when the contractor from the dealership came to fix it, I discovered there was no insulation all way across the top of the front and back door. I ended up spraying foam insulation in myself. After removing all the trim around both front and back doors, I found gaps
    at the bottom of the doorframe where I could actually see to the outside. All that was preventing weather and insects from getting inside was the paper covered balsa wood trim. I filled it in with foam insulation, which expanded to the outside. A year after moving in, a large bubble appeared in the linoleum in the kitchen. I used glue and staples to hold it down.

    I've found the overall quality of workmanship to be poor, which includes out of square walls and doorframes, and overuse of staples. So far the roof hasn't started leaking.

  50. "You can buy my home $100 cheaper per square foot less than site built." Lie. . .straight up lie. Stick frame a "home" in a box shape with a single pitch longitudinal ridge. . . Less than a mobile.

  51. My wife and I lived in a mobile home for our first home. We loved it, but when we started having children two bedrooms were not enough. It had a large garden tub with a double sink bathroom just past the master bedroom. The other bedroom was on the other side having a full bathroom as well. In my experience, most people with the smallest houses have the biggest hearts. And vice versa if you know what I mean.

  52. My wife and I bought a used mobile home we lived in it for 10 years saved enough money to buy house oh, it was great for us I think about it all of the time

  53. One fact that is undeniable…….they do not increase in value . They decrease in value …..you have no equity. Yes , even if you take care it…..sorry. Of course when you add land it's worth more because the land adds the value. Do not mislead people…..

  54. I have some friends who bought a home used, now are told when they're thinking of selling, it has no value left, as its past its life expectancy. The entire time they've lived there : high heating bills, leaks, mold, just nonstop expensive problems.

  55. I bought a cavalier home will all the upgrades it was foreclosed and empty for 4 years. The family owed 98k i got it for 26k with a acre of land. Been the best thing I ever done no payment or rent at 30 years old! Any home you have up keep!!!!

  56. ha Ha, if you live in an affordable, energy-efficient rural home you’re “deplorable”.

    But, if you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood with a mortgage that is 60% of your gross income you’re “woke”.

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