5 Cars Only Idiots Buy

5 Cars Only Idiots Buy

rev up your engines there’s a gigantic
history of companies merging with other companies companies taking over other
conferences I can tell you about the five that ended up with the worst
situation possible when they did get together and either merge or one company buying out the other now the first I’m gonna talk about is Volkswagen taking
over Porsche and Audi they started on their own after world war two actually they
offered them to the Americans said you want this company and they said we don’t
want that you can have your own company so Volkswagen started with the lowly
beetle and made a lot of money making reliable inexpensive easy to repair long
lasting little cars well decades later it wasn’t a marriage
made in heaven it actually went the wrong way at least for the consumers
taking over Porsche and Audi known for over complex highly engineered extremely
hard and expensive to repair cars it often broke down before their time and
if you ask me and I’ve been working on cars for 52 years so I got a little
experience in this, what happened is this Volkswagen then took a lot of this high
technology from Porsche and Audi put it in their Volkswagens which now became
more expensive much less reliable and super higher expensive vehicles to fix
while Porsche and Audi took on cheaper part of Volkswagen it became cheaper made and had more problems got into like porsche premium sports cars to drive around
well let’s start making some cheaper ones little bitty Porsches with the
motor in the middle and that was a Porsche Boxster it combined the worst
supporting Volkswagen together now it was the lowest price Porsche still it
wasn’t giving away yeah they were like the Beatles they were really low price
but quality wasn’t there the power and handling wasn’t there either
they were using the name Porsche to make a cheaper sports car as I said
with Volkswagen put all this high-tech Porsche technology into the Volkswagens they now become terrible cars to repair super
expensive and if you find anyone who buys a Volkswagen the last 10 years it
says oh they were so happy with the car hey have them contact me I’d love to meet somebody who’s living in a fantasy world because every single customer that I’ve
had in the last 15 years who bought a vw and said they never buy another one
Fiat Chrysler there’s a real shocker for you the merger of an Italian company known for low quality
having breakdown cars that just didn’t last long with Chrysler a company that
had pretty much the same reputation and yes things did get works for both sides
here it’s so bad that today Fiats even talking about pulling their Fiat brand
out of the United States entirely because nobody will buy the stupid
things in Chrysler quality hey of course Fiat they plan on selling their Fiats at
the Chrysler dealers but that failed but they still insidiously a lot of the
Chrysler’s now have fiat engines transmissions and the known for not
having any quality and I have to say the same thing as I did with Volkswagen in
the last 20 years none of my customers that bought a Chrysler product ever
bought a second one they said yeah that was one of the worst cars I’ve ever had
I’ll never buy another one of those chrysler products and of course there’s
all kinds of sneaky things like that Jeep renegade they call this rebadged
Fiat 500 four-wheel drive vehicle a Jeep renegade using the name of Jeep when it
has absolutely nothing to do with jeeps and their history ah just the Fiat
rebadge is a Jeep that was bad not the Chrysler I said recall problems with the
things breaking well so does fiats you just piled mistake on top of mistake
with that one, now another merger when GM took over saab well we all know how
they ended up saab now doesn’t even exist as a company so they’re completely
out of the picture well that probably hastened the end of saab as far as i’m
concerned GM bot side in 2000 they paid they had all kinds of deals going but the deal was done with 125 million bucks so
that’s not all that much money telling you that Saab really wasn’t worth all
that much now saab always pulled the game that Saab we’re the company that makes
Swedish fighter planes well it’s a related company but I mean the guys
building the cars weren’t the same people to rebuild the planes and at any
rate the sobs were known as extremely over engineered cars were a lot of them
had the engines in backwards the front of the engine was by the firewall the
back was by the radiator and then you had to pull the engine out to do all
kinds of jobs there were horrendous cars for working on and in 2000 GM certainly
not known for quality either they themselves went bankrupt what were they thinking I guess GM was thinking Saab is Luxur European brand let’s add it to our
stable of cars in that respect I guess they were trying to be like ford
did stuff with Jaguar how did that work out you know half owned by the Indians and half owned by the Chinese and Jaguar so bad a few months ago even the Chinese
were protesting the low quality of the Jaguars they bought at the headquarters
in China where 50% is owned even the Chinese were revolting against these
cars a terrible it falling apart other GM acquisition to saab hey far as I’m
concerned that led to the demise of Saab even faster in the end Saab we’re making
unreliable high-tech garbage now way back in the day Saab and Volvo always
competed hey which is the better Swedish car manufacturers that were kind of an
oddball car here in the United States at least thought think it lasts a long time
they were solid built back when GM got them the handwriting was on the
wall that didn’t lead to anything good really other than getting rid of a car
manufacturer that made expensive high tech cars that broke down all the time
now the next merger renault and nissan was one of the worst as far as I’m
concerned for mass production of cars because together they do make a lot of
cars now I can’t speak of the French cars right now because they don’t sell
them here in the United States they pulled out decades ago but as for Nissan
took over in 2000 called a and Nissan started going downhill I had customers
back in the 90s and 80s had Nissan’s it run forever they are great cars they
started getting cheaper and cheaper used to be that hey a Nissan Altima you can
get three four hundred thousand miles out of it but since renault took over especially from mid to late 2000s
quality of Nissan’s has taken a sharp dive down the toilet which is a shame
cuz Nissan originally Datsun used to make some really good cars they could
make little puddle jumpers that got phenomenal gas mileage too really nice
sports cars that were fast handled well and still had a tendency of lasting
quite some time if you didn’t beat them too much as I tell people today value
your money don’t buy a modern-day Nissan quality’s not there like it used to be
I see mufflers fall off when they’re three years old my 94 celica still has the
original muffler on it and it doesn’t make any noise one of the perhaps
strangest bad yes but strange was the merger of Chrysler and Lamborghini a lot
of people don’t even know this back in 1987 Chrysler bought Lamborghini yeah
the crazy high-tech exotic Italian sports car company a lot of people said
I was just a PR move but they did actually buy the company and just like
Chrysler at one point in time made Chrysler Maserati car it was called the
Chrysler TC by Maserati the worst car ever made they weren’t rolling piles of junk
they’re ugly as could be they were Chrysler k-car base but they had many
parts on them and the funniest thing so I Jack the car up and I look under it
and I see there’s a muffler gone to the engine and then there is a fake one that
doesn’t go anywhere just to show it at dual exhaust just as an ornament of
course the winner you could tell custom smoke would come out on one side but the other wouldn’t do anything cuz wasn’t connected a to be fair Chrysler
I’ve always had problems and exotic Italian sports cars like Lamborghini
barely know a handful of car extremely wealthy people buying a
company like that at least when Ford had Jaguar they had a company been around a really long time they make quite a few cars and they thought they could buy a luxury
brand instead of designing it themselves of course that fell through to block the
Chrysler Lamborghini Marisa that’s right a little over six years then Lamborghini was sold to an investment group and then they were sold
to Volkswagen a year later I mean Lamborghini is like a hot potato you
know who wants to get caught with a hot potato and hanneke passed to somebody
else who knows what the future will bring especially with the talks that
Fiat Chrysler is gonna merge with the French company pues yo you get Fiat
Chrysler I have French company all getting together that would truly be the
Three Stooges making cars I would pity anybody who buy one of
those cars but it would certainly give me some talking points and things to
warn people about cuz I my’s trying to help people out to make a logical
decision when they buy a car and that would be the most theological thing to
get involved with those three companies if it happens, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty giving us another Saab story. I wonder if when Scotty has a nightmare it involves the ghost of Lee Iacocca trying to steal his 92 Celica?

  3. Scotty hates cars so much. I’ve never had any problems with my 12 year old Chrysler. I just change the oil every year and drive sanely. It goes a long way. But still gotta like Scotty, maybe the 1993 Celica is the best car in the world

  4. You should retitle this video "5 idiots that didn't buy a 1994 Toyota Celica" or better yet, " Here's why Toyota did nothing wrong merging with BMW to build the already recalled Supra" It's easy to bag on the other companies but your favorite also has a POS in their line up Scotty. Don't forget it when you talk about Toyota reliability.

  5. I got a 05 pacifica with 325k on the body. Swop engine tears ago and a uned traney 4 years ago. Daily driver and I like it. But I do keep up with maintenance

  6. At this point in life I understand whyToyota last for a long time because every time I see them on the freeway they’re always going 45 miles an hour when the speed limit is 65 LOL

  7. Mercedes-Benz aka Daimler-Benz used to make the most reliable cars, back in the 1970s. Around 30 years later I checked the same ratings, and one of their models was the least reliable in terms of how much it would cost you in repairs on average. I don't know whether or not it had anything to do with their Chrysler merger.

  8. Scotty raises a good point-that auto mergers are usually the weaker firms trying to get volume-but having incompatible product lines, they rarely achieve volume. Face it-there is massive overcapacity in the industry today-and it will NOT go away. The Chinese are investing in auto mfg. in a big way-and that will make it worse. A lot of these older marques are going to die in the next decade.

  9. Scotty. When I was a high school kid of 14 or 15 Porsche was pronounced two ways. Your way and the correct way. One day I walked into the Porsche dealer across the street from school and asked the salesman what is the correct way to say the name. You too can learn the proper pronunciation of Porsche. The E is pronounced like a U or a long A.
    Pronouncing it Porsh is wrong.

  10. Actually, Porsche attempted to take over VW but the effort failed and VW ended up acquiring Porsche. The mid-engine Porsches pre-date the acquisition. When GM acquired SAAB, SAABs became rebadged Opels. Why pay more for a SAAB when you can get an Opel for less especially as Opel was already struggling in Europe. Lambo is owned by Audi, not VW. Happy Holidays, Scotty!

  11. Datsuns used to be sold as Nissan in the early years. They changed the name to Datsun, then changed back to Nissan later.

  12. The Mopar 3.6l V6 and the hemi V8s are good engines as are the transmissions. I don't know what the hell they put in the Darts. Fiat leaves Dodge alone. It would be nice if you acknowledged this fact and be a bit more specific if you're going to slag Chyrsler in general.

  13. Are you including serial Jeep buyers, Scotty? Because I have friends who are up to their 3rd (used) Jeep vehicles in a row and ALWAYS have massive problems and yet they just keep going back to drink out of the same well over and over again 🙄

  14. Dear Scotty, my entire life (I am now 62 ) I drove VW and Audi. The Golf 2 Diesel (production year 1985) reached 501,000 km ( over 300,000 miles) died through an accident in the winter of 1996 engine still running with the first timing belt ..at that time I didn't succeed to change it. The Audi A4 tdi (1997) died on the way to Berlin (I crashed with a truck) the speedometer showed 546,000 km (way over 320,000 miles) and my A3 tdi (1997) died through an overturn on the motorway, God saved me, at 704,655 kilometers at about 440,000 miles on the speedometer, first clutch, first engine first gearbox, first exhaust of course I repair my cars alone. So don't tell me how bad this cars are, because I respect and like them. I wish you a God blessed, Merry and healthy Christmas. God bless you All.

  15. its funny to watch you from europe. here VW is a good choice(not as good as toyota), and porsches are considered as well made and lately porsche was 1st brand in reliability stats

  16. 128 Saab, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Fiat, Nissan & Chrysler drivers disliked this video because they have rolling piles of junk at the shop as we speak but still making payments on them and they know it. lol

  17. Even with your experience I say you're way too biased against Chrysler to say that they don't have some good cars. Plenty of Rams with 300,000+ miles on them and SRT makes some beautiful engines too.

  18. Scotty, you must know by today that the Three Stooges are back together. Saw a photograph of the merger in a NYC newspaper. Hahahaha!

  19. Had Saab 9-5. For six years. It had 320k km/ 200k miles. Almost trouble free. And especially strong thing was lack of corrosion. We had Mazda which was beyond repair after 8 years, or 8 winters I should say. Saab had only small bubbles of rust. And most important thing that Saab had 0 electrical issues through the years. That was a huge surprise for me. Nothing broke. Everything worked as it should. Only thing that was annoying – oil leaks. Had to seal valve cover maybe 4-5 times. Also other places. But it always were like just couple of drops. Nothing really serious.

  20. I miss my Beetle blowing through snow Banks and going up steep inclines spraying the windshield with ether the good old days

  21. During the week, I saw a Datsun 240Z out on the road. It was a very popular Japanese sports car during the 1970's. It was still a good looker! Datsun made good cars during the late 60's and 70's. The Datsun 1000, Datsun 1200, (the car I learnt to drive), Datsun 1600 (owned one) Datsun 180B, with the independent rear suspension (owned two) and the Datsun 200B. Then Datsun became Nissan. I never bought another car from that company.

  22. I must be lucky. My German made vw gti mkv been 100% reliable for over 10 years and quite a bit of track use, open road race. As always regular maintenance key.

  23. Instead of calling at five cars only idiots by why don’t you just call it five cars you should stay away from. It kind of makes people who bought those cars feel stupid and makes it feel like you’re attacking them for their choice

  24. I had always heard positive feedback from SAAB owners, but they were 80s and 90s. Tough for repairs, but lasted many miles, especially the 900.

  25. I bought a 1998 Nissan Altima from my uncle for $800 to drive to work. He said it would last about 3 years and it did. I just put a new battery in it and after 3 years I junked it for $400.

  26. Hey Scotty !!? What's your thoughts about the oldsmobile alero … n why did my half a tank if gas start displaying a full gauge last night ???

  27. I owned a 2006 VW Jetta GLI with the slant 5 and it was pretty nice. Kind of a vague comment about VW being bad. The VW service is high priced, but the car was nice.

  28. BMW is going the same way as VW, very expensive plastics and has the worst resale value of all vehicles. Nice cars, but are endless money pits!

  29. My buddy has a nissan cube and the muffle fell off around 80k miles, he doesnt even live in a salt environment piece of junk

  30. The issue with modern nissans is they have to be maintained meticulously. If you are the slightest bit overdue for any maintenance (especially their crap CVT’s) that is when they break.

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