5 Cars That WILL Get You LAID!

5 Cars That WILL Get You LAID!

that most girls are way more attracted
to guys with nice things like hair nice teeth and even nice personalities which
can all be overshadowed if you show up in a crap car – as they say you are what
you drive let’s set the stage – you’ve most likely
fired up your tinder account and have been frivolously swiping right so fast
you run out of likes for the day in less than five minutes
all that swiping yields a couple crappy first dates and chronic pain in your
right thumb scratching your head you wonder what you’re doing wrong. Well let
me break it to you chap – when she ghosts you or says it’s not you it’s me —
let me translate – I’m ghosting you because you have a crap car. Or it’s not
you it’s your car. See as a car guy you likely have at least one photo with you
in your car and cold hard data shows women highly favored expensive cars over
low-cost cars. That first impression picking them up in your crap car exiting
out of the short bus or even hopping out a maneuver is not helping you get laid
luckily we’ve developed a list of five extremely cool cars and trucks for under
$20,000 that will not only boost your personal morale but which be odds in
your favor for picking up a copilot on your next day who will want to take you
for a ride even if it’s because of the car you drive so here’s our list of five
cars that you should consider swiping right for if you’re interested in
stepping up your sex life so let’s start off the list with a BMW specifically an
m3 now the answering question will be the e90 chassis designated from 2008 to
2013 d 90 m3s have rarely dipped below $20,000 but because you know how to
wheel and deal and you know how to find a bargain negotiating one down to twenty
thousand will not only impress your ladies but you’ll also be getting an
industry performance luxury bargain there’s nothing better than picking up
your hot date in a slightly unassuming car that in an instant will pin your
body into the sport seat as it screams all the way up to it 8250 redline
in that moment you’ll prove you are a guy that has some tricks up his sleeve
while making sure she knows that you like to play in the high rev plus the
sound of the heart pounding 4-liter v8 makes it so intoxicating that you may
want to suggest ditching dinner plans and tearing up some backroads to your
favorite lookout which may turn into you playing with some of the best curves
you’ve ever seen so pack a picnic basket and a blanket Justin
she wants to hang out with you and enjoy the view so you may be asking yourself
what’s the ideal m3 and ideal cars we love sleepers which are cars that have
high performance and an unassuming exterior most sports cars are two doors
of the e90 m3 and the trick up its sleeve
they created a forward version that is just as much performance as the coupe it
can be cheaper on insurance and looks a bit more sophisticated the six-speed is
a delight to shift but you can’t go wrong with the DCT either plus we think
that four doors are better proportioned which is always a good thing
well let’s switch gears and talk about a rig that defined the four-wheel drive
SUV market that dates back to the 1940s a jeep wrangler c sports cars say pretty
boys whereas jeeps give off that more rugged vibe an irresistible trait to the
opposite sex also if you were to look up fun in the dictionary there’s a good
chance you’d see a picture of a jeep wrangler the cj5 came out way back in
the 70s and it’s been helping folks enjoy the great outdoors
topless ever since plus you can play off your mysterious side by applying a huge
sticker that says it’s a jeep thing you wouldn’t understand
somewhere to your rig oh and when that girl asked about that sticker trabb’s
tell her you can’t tell her you have to show her this one line practically
guaranteed you at least a second date to your favorite hiking trail head Reese
mash the gnarliest trail to get there or pick her up for
coffee and donuts on the beach just so she understands exactly what this Jeep
thing is all about pick up a jeep and there’s a good chance she’ll want to do
some topless motoring sooner rather than later I mean everyone’s doing it so
we’ve established that a Jeep Wrangler is likely to up your game but what is
the ideal keep wrangler well trav heaps have gotten better and better as driver
cars over the years so the ideal Jeep Wrangler would be a four door JK we
suggest a sahara model because it gives you all the creature comforts while
being capable off-road though it’s slightly less capable than the more
expensive Rubicon 2007 was the first year of this variants but we’d suggest a
2010 model with sub 100,000 miles to grab this all-american machine for under
$20,000 side note if you find in early 2007 or 2008 for super cheap buyer
beware make sure you check its rear end and front end there are a few G’s out
there from 2007 to 2008 that were only two wheel drive and jeeps are way more
fun with both assets installed and going from one American icon to another the
next on our list is at Ford Mustangs to be
specific a Ford Mustang GT this little pony car was first produced in 1964 and
a half by the Ford Motor Company executive stylist John de haar who was a
fan of the world war ii p-51 mustang fighter plane is credited by four to
have suggested the name i mean it doesn’t get much cooler than that over
the years the Mustang has evolved into an incredible bargain that packs a punch
of class women around the globe haven’t been able to resist the pony car ever
since it came out these sports cars have always been more fun to drive in manual
but you can show off what your skills are with a stick there is nothing more
iconic than blasting down your main drag and rowing through the gears in a car
that is as flashy as it is recognizable Oh watch out if you take it to a car
show there have been reports of buffing drivers being too confident and allowing
their ponies to wildly suck and kick out the rear end it should go without saying
but please keep your Pony or lady on the street so you have a beautiful car after
the show to snag a freak in the sheets good one trap so our ideal Mustang would
be a fifth-generation Ford Mustang GT preferably 2011 or newer because they
receive the trick sequential taillights reduce drag coefficient and it’s the
first year the famous 5 liter coyote motor before it was just a 4 6 which
pushes out 412 horsepower 390 foot-pounds of torque and if you can
find this car with a Premium Package which gives you the dressier leather
seats and updated infotainment in grabber blue the best color ever made
with the six-speed you got yourself the ultimate chick magnet for under $20,000
checkmate while we’re on the topic of American muscle cars that seem to fire
up the ladies it’s time to move on to our next car the Dodge Challenger
history tends to repeat itself and what’s old is new again dodge took
that literally and reintroduced the dogs challenger in 2008 but we’re
specifically talking about the srt8 model if your dad was considered cool
back in the day and sported a mullet there’s a high probability he was either
reppin an El Camino or a classic challenger if he was in the El Camino
he was probably going home alone at the end of the night if he had the
Challenger however he probably had no problem bringing back the ladies the new
challenger is as cool as its older brother this is the type of car that
when you’re on your way home from your data and stoplight tell her to hold on
but before she can ask what the hold on to weld your right foot down to the
floorboard and don’t let up with the Hemi v8 bouncing off the rev limiter you
get to show her that this dog has both bark and
if you do it right that too tired fire will send some lovely smoke signals into
the air and you may find yourself in the backseat like father like son
so how can you follow in your father’s footsteps well you need to get the ideal
challenger which is a 2008 or 2009 srt8 let’s dipped into the high teens as of
late so check out a classic color like black or red for best resale value they
offered both an automatic or stick which for a car that is more straight line
performance than anything else you’re good with either that being said
the main reason to get a 2009 is to get the optional limited slip differential
and that wasn’t offered in 2008 and nobody likes a single skid mark and to
wrap things up our list would not be complete without a truck specifically a
Ford f-150 you see a full-size truck shows that you can fix stuff when stuff
breaks take care of something that normally gets beat up plus an added
bonus is you can fit a bunch of chicks in the back now sure you could go with a
different full-size truck the Chevy Silverado Dodge Ram Nissan Titan or
Toyota Tundra to name a few but none quite give you that classic country boy
flavor so many women crave also country music always sounds better in a truck
side note if you can’t tolerate country music than just bacon or choose a
different car because it’s part of owning a full-size truck recent studies
have shown that over half of all women prefer guys that drive trucks over
sports cars and there’s truly nothing like getting laid down in the back of
your truck bed and enjoying the scenery Plus you may find yourself having a
party a potty for two in the back of your jacked up tailgate since you’re not
lugging around a bed wherever you go so the ideal f150 trap the ideal Ford f-150
is a 2009 211 with the platinum package you get one of these for under $20,000
and you’ll have enough money left over to fit some aggressive wheels tires and
a lift and didn’t make that one song I like big trucks and I can not lie baby
got back alright guys thanks for watching oh and don’t forget to smash
that like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more quality car
content also if we’ve missed anything please comment we’d love to hear from

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  1. A Beater With A Heater,A Radio and A Happy Meal Works Every Time! $ Gold Diggers Look For Flashy Stuff $ !

  2. I had a girl that wanted me to get rid of my Suzuki 650 and get a Harley. Shit on her. I ain't riding no damn Harley.

  3. If you want a BMW, I recommend you buy some blinker fluid because BMW owners seem to not know how to use them

  4. Geez no wonder i have not got any in years i drive a classic pinto my grandpaw gave me when i droped out in the 7 th grade , im sure you can tell by my writing , im so sad , can any girl help me i will take you out to golden corral in my yellow pinto , god blessyou ps i like skinny or heavy girls the heavier the better my pinto is jacked up in the back oh oh i also like black women

  5. The amount of p***y that I’ve gotten in my 96 CK1500 that’s 3 different colors will blow your mind. Its about your game bro.

  6. My first chick magnet was my 1962 Chevy Impala convertible back in 1964. Black with white top and red interior. 409, 4 speed, dual 4 barrel carbs. It could pass everything except a gas station and that was when hi-test was 46 cents a gallon no less. Good thing my dad worked for a tire shop because I couldn't keep it in rubber either. Here I am 55 years later at 73 with another fast car. My 2006 Chrysler 300 C SRT 8. 6.1 L 425 hp slightly tweaked. All black, everything, deep tinted windows, an exhaust sound that breaks windows, scares dogs and small children and so much power that when I hammer it just a little bit it scares the crap out of me. It passes everything except a gas station and Canadian hi-test gas now costs me $6.50 a gallon but all I can attract are hot old ladies.

  7. No person in their right mid would buy a 4 door wrangler. 2 doors have the upper hand in all ORV areas. Then again most people with Jeep’s are mall crawlers.

  8. This is such bullshit I got a 99 Nissan Altima that I've got laid in plenty of times I have had better luck when I took in that car out over my Corvette or my Lexus

  9. When it comes to American Muscle 65-68 great thing about the 67-68 you can rock a big block like a 427 or I know how to build a 427 cammer easily pushing out over 800 hp without boost

  10. The first one is so inaccurate, obviously that short clip of the 2 girls in the car in the clip is a GT-R, if anyone thought it was a BMW, you’re sadly mistaken lmfaoo. GT-R’s eat M3’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and dessert😆

  11. In Britain,a Land Rover defender gets you chicks ,I have experienced it when I went their on business and my rent car was a defender ! Also even an Aston Martin and plus a lotus!

  12. If you want to get laid take her out (not a date) make her laugh don’t hint at the fact that you want to smash. Make her feel comfortable by just being the opposite…. She knows she’s cute she knows she has a nice looking ass. You don’t need to be guy #1,247 to tell her this.

  13. Back in the day I had a '81 Jeep Scrambler Levi edition, lifted w/35 in. Armstrong TT. That got me more than a few dates. But to tell the truth, I got tired of the shallow b*tches who just wanted to be seen riding with me. Gold diggers are an instant turn off.

  14. Ok… you guys ABSOLUTELY rock!!! Please subscribe… and stay tuned for more videos 🙂 Our best ones aren't even out yet!

  15. Having a certain type of vehicle to get a woman hmm what does this say about you and what does it say about her ?

  16. The first three will get you a lot of expensive repair bills and so will the very last, the challenger definitely over the mustang!!

  17. Those cars wont attract women, most women don't care for fast/big cars, more accurate list would include cars like the mini, beetle, fiat 500 etc. or any luxury looking car. As long as the car is nice and clean it doesn't matter. What matters more is your appearance and character.
    If you want to score get a puppy or a small child. i got way more girls talking to me and complimenting me when i took my 3yo nephew to the park than by driving my jeep.

    My jeep and my bike just attract attention of other guys.

  18. Looks to me you're trying to attract other dudes. Reason a woman looks at a man's car is to find out if hes a bum or have a nice job. Noone wants to start life with a bum. In light of this the best car you can show up on a date with is any car less than 5 years old thus showing her you can help her in life rather than drag her down. You research must of all been trans.

  19. I agree with some of your list for the most part, but not with the years and models. Jeeps are definitely panty droppers, but the TJ was the last TRUE
    Jeep. 4 door JK’s are 99% of the time driven by posers that mall crawl and aren’t true “Jeepers”.

    F-150- Yes, but real cowboys/country boys don’t rock the Platinum editions with all the creature comforts like leather seats, because they actually use them for working, fishing and hunting. Again, those models are usually driven by mall crawling posers. One exception being the F150 Lightning.

  20. Trucks I get but you guys literally said all domestics and one euro where's the Japanese in your list? Mitsubishi evo, Subaru wrx, or not even how about the the newer nissan sentra Sr turbo….. damn domestics super flashy and even pricier to fix I know I work at a parts store. Lmao😂😂

  21. Back in the 90's I got more pussy with a 93 Toyota Tacoma lowrider than anything I have had since. Real women don't care about cars it's all in how you treat them.

  22. If your a car guy you should know that the cruel reality of owning a charger it that it doesn’t make you cool

  23. The title of this video brought to mind those cheesy books in the 70's and 80's.
    The content confirmed it.

  24. F150? Really? Ok maybe the raptor. I have had zero issues pulling it in with a 1500 ram or my 2500 turbo diesel. Just saying. Come to think of it I have pulled tail on a moped in Hawaii with my board short, diving flippers and a rainbow pinwheel hat. However, it took being a gentlemen to make her stay.

  25. Funny that you read my mind exactly with including a mustang GT 5.0, however I prefer a foxbody especially from the year 1992!

  26. I can get laid in the back of a fucking 90 accord if I wanted to. Being good looking wins over having nice things. Now for the woman to stick around yes! And if you have both than you are part of the 20% of guys that fuck 90% of the women.

  27. That’s for shallow women that are true gold diggers that want money. I would get what I want and don’t care what she likes.

  28. if ya looking for braindead bimbo's ya spot on xD
    pointin case 8)

  29. Must be some variant of INCEL logic here. If your trolling for whores who think it’s “ pretty”…. wel you must not have a personality or penis worth having in her life

  30. Let me say there is a reason trucks are selling like hot cakes, they cover for a "man's" tiny manhood exceptionally well.

  31. I've picked up more ladies being a good skateboarder than I could with any car. If you have no skills or passion it doesn't really matter what you drive. You're still gonna be a weenie loser.

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