5 Cars They Should Import to America

5 Cars They Should Import to America

rev up your engines, today by popular
demand I’m gonna talk about five cars that they should import the United
States that they don’t yet, now I have fans all over the world to try some of
these cars and some even in the United States that imported them into the
country so here’s the first one on my list it’s the mg zs it’s a compact SUV now of
course if you know anything about history M G stands for Moore’s garages
back when he’s old Volkswagens remade they make cute little sports cars mgb
but everybody that I knew that knew about cars back then said hey if
only they could make an English sports car that had a Japanese engine and
transmission it didn’t break all the time well back in 2007 a Chinese company
Nanjing they bought MG sports car now it wasn’t Japanese it was Chinese and they
really ended up not being all that popular they don’t make the sports cars
anymore but then another Chinese company took over the ng brand it’s called
SAIC and it’s probably the largest car manufacturer that most people have never
heard of site Motor Company in China presently makes 23 percent of the
world’s cars so they make a lot of cars they got deals going with all kinds of
different companies and this mg little SUV compact SUV is an excellent vehicle
especially at the price an SUV that starts at eighteen thousand nine hundred
dollars well I say starts you can’t buy them in the United States yet they are
bringing them into Europe starting at the end of 2019 and I assume that
they’ll probably bring the United States and that’s just some kind of tariffs
going on the next vehicle that I wish they’d import in the United States it’s
the Toyota Hilux, the Hilux their known worldwide, even seen the Taliban are
riding around in those things they are solid built
trucks they’ve always been built with
body-on-frame body on a solid steel frame make some really solid and since they
are a smaller sized vehicle they’re not all that bad on gas mileage in this
respect they are similar to the old Toyota Tacomas when they were little
bitty pickups like the one I got for my son were smaller pickups but they’re
indestructible if you take care of them just a little bit I like just come in
various configuration you can get four wheel drive ones they are so popular all
over the world and of course worldwide to have diesel engines in them so you
can get lots of different setups and them the modern-day kind of pooh-poohing
on diesels I doubt if Toyota’s gonna do something like that because everybody
seems to be going away from diesels not towards them especially in smaller
vehicles I can’t see them going away from diesels and big gigantic 18-wheeler
trucks because just the advantage of having a diesel engine that can pull all
that stuff and get decent gas mileage pulling all that weight I doubt they’re
gonna be switching to gasoline engines and those things anytime soon now the
next vehicle I wish that important the united states is the holden HSV Maloo
they’re kind of like an El Camino on steroids now yes Holden doesn’t exist
anymore the company went bankrupt they couldn’t take the competition on them but
check this thing out they were pretty cool-looking vehicles they’re six-speed
standard transmissions were smooth and if you didn’t have weight in the back
they actually rode quite well until pumps pretty good as an option you could
get six piston brake calipers so they stopped really well hey they were fun
little muscle cars to drive around and yeah there were streamers but if you’ve
ever driven one they were really fun vehicles I’d love to get my hands on one
so if there’s anyone in Australia that wants to send me one hey feel free now
the next vehicle we’re saying important that they don’t is the Toyota coaster
yes like rollercoaster the Toyota coaster is a single level mini bus
you need a small bus boy that would be the one to
get, there now in their fourth generation and interestingly enough Toyota put the
coaster out as a hybrid vehicle option even before they started selling their
Toyota Priuses there’s even an LPG liquefied petroleum gas for
that they made exclusively for Hong Kong to help with the air pollution problems
there they sell these coaster buses all over the world very dependable so if you
really wanted a nice bus maybe by one and imported from one of
the countries where they sell them now the last of these five cars I wish
they sold in America is the Nissan dayz if you want a micro car it’s a very good
one from what my Asian friends tell me the ones that live in Asia I own them
they beat the heck out of those little smart cars they’re tons better
than those horrible Fiat 500 now sure it’s a micro car but it’s got a lot of
things on it that make it a pretty good micro car because realize in Asia the
cost of things are more there’s not much room so they’re making their micro cars
a lot more luxurious and the stuff that they start selling the United States
they have all kinds of intelligent design and for lane departure emergency
stopping they got a lot of technology in these things and for a car that size
they’re pretty spacious inside both the cabin and the storage area yeah you know
they’re not gonna carry what an old continental would in a boot but for
their size they took really good advantage of the design to make them
roomy they’ve changed the shock absorbing system so it rides better they
have a lot of noise insulation on them so they’re quieter inside cuz hey nobody
wants to be riding around a little rattletrap like an old breaking down
washing machine and they’re available in 17 colors so you can’t whine it you
can’t get it in the color that you want and yeah it’s a Nissan but when you get
into these micro cars you have a lot less problems than the macro cars the
bigger ones because they weigh so much less so there’s so much less strain on
them they got smaller engines so they can actually last a lot longer than the
bigger ones that are straining parts like the notoriously horrid jatco
transmissions the smaller a vehicle is the less likely strains are gonna
wear it out, so now you know five vehicles that might be a good idea to important
in the United States although Scotty hey I’m not gonna be
buying any car soon my old celica still runs perfectly fine, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. those are not sold in the US because there is no v8 or v10 option available. that is the only thing people want in that country.

  3. The old Isuzu pups, pickups, and new Dmax are all harder working +cheaper, and easily as reliable than their Toyota counterparts. Even the S10 rebadged Hombre, not Isuzu quality, but still good.

  4. I wonder what Scottys neighbors think when he is outside,body gyrating,hands flying around,yelling at his garage,must be entertaining.

  5. I still see 20 years old hiluxs runs like a machines here in algeria and people drive them like psychopaths but never dies, it's simply indestructible

  6. I went on a trip to Costa Rica and saw a lot of new hiluxes there. I would love to see them in the U.S. They’re like beefier and stronger Tacomas

  7. All manufacturers are getting away from diesel engines. Meanwhile, the choice for anyone towing anything now is a HD truck with a HD diesel engine, all half ton trucks NOW have a diesel option, and Nissan has gotten into the diesel truck game in the states….but yes….VW is not selling many diesel cars in the states.

  8. Hi Scotty, Love your channel. What you call pick ups in the States we in Australia call utes which is short for utility vehicle. I am about to part with one that I’ve had for 11 years made by Ford which is exactly the same as the passenger car from the front bumper to the back of the front seats. It’s called the Falcon and it’s been around for a long time and is very similar to the Holden that you mentioned except that the tray at the back is seperate from the cabin and can be unbolted from the Chassis and replace with an Aluminium flat tray which is generally preferred when used as a work vehicle. We have a saying that FORD stands for Fix or Repair Daily. Unfortunately we’ve stopped making all cars here which is a shame because the Falcon sedan and Ute evolved to be become reasonably reliable vehicles with good handling and performance in the base vehicles with very good characteristics in the sports models. All of the falcons have the same Barra 6 cylinder inline engine that is bullet proof and can handle enormous amounts of power. Some were turbo charged and mine is the LPG version as standard option. You might be interested to read about the Barra engine if you don’t already know about it. I believe the Falcons may have been popular in America as well. The only reason that I’m trading in my ute is because I need a vehicle with better ground clearance and I cannot easily get LPG in some of the places I intend to travel to. I’ll be sorry to see it go.
    The Toyota Hilux has been very popular here for years as well but unfortunately the current model is now only a 2.8 litre diesel engine and they are having problems and people are not happy with Toyotas solution. Therefore I have gone for a 2WD Isuzu Dmax which is very similar to the Toyota Hilux and in Australia still has the 3 Litre turbo Diesel engine. I believe this would be very popular in America also.

  9. Look into Skoda… budget VW same goodies and higher build quality (Third most reliable brand in Britain)

  10. Toyota prado
    Nissan petrol
    Mitsubishi montero
    Toyota hiace
    Toyota royal crown
    Mitsubishi pajero
    Toyota hilux cab

  11. I have several questions:1) How does the Nissan micro car compare to the Toyota/Scion iQ?2) How does the Tacoma compare to the Hilux?3) Why doesn't Toyota import the Crown?BTW, I would love to have a Toyota Century GRMN edition. C'mon Toyota!

  12. Little cars are not good if you live in the mountains. If you not upgrade the brakes they will eventually sieze to the rotary going down the mountain.

  13. Down here in New Zealand 🇳🇿 we can pretty much import any car and the Hilux is the second best selling vehicle and we have the biggest selection of JDM cars in the world and you should check out some of our wrecking yards still loaded with JDM’s from 70’s and 80’s there’s some vids on YouTube. Cars are cheap you can pick up an RB30 (not available in US I think) for about $300 US. You should move here Scotty the South Island is absolutely stunning I can see the sea from my kitchen window and the snow caped mountains from my bedroom and no matter where you are your only an hours drive at the most from sea or snow.

  14. Toyota Hilux's are the most popular new vehicle sold in Australia. They have not been made in Japan for some time (the ones sold in Australia have been made in Thailand since ~2004) and the very latest models are not quite as reliable as the older models. The Land cruiser series 70 is still sold in Australia; beloved by farmers and the Mining companies, and, the ones sold in Australia are still made in Japan.

    I suspect the reason Toyota sells neither of these in the USA is that they would not pass the US standards roll-over tests. The Engineering modifications required to pass these tests cannot be justified when the buyers in the other markets are not too concerned that they (especially the series 70) are a bit "tippy".

  15. The Suzuki Swift 1.3 lit, gas, manual trannie, sold all over Asia, 5+R, 35 MPG. 5 slim adults.
    I have one, 2016 Dec vintage. wouldnt leave home without it!

  16. I feel like import tax is really corrupt. Just because a customer wants a vehicle from a different country they need to pay a tax? It’s not like a fruit that could destroy the ecosystem

  17. Hey I own one toyota hilux 2.4 dsl G variant any opinions on the milage 11 Km per 1L on the highway and drops to 9 or 10 on city drives

  18. I hear in US people want estate versions of the E63, M5 and RS6 but the car makers are like nah…
    Then there's people that are like yeah I plan to buy an estate car but instead they go for an SUV lmao.

  19. If they brought the land cruiser pickups I remember seeing in Africa, it would completely ruin the chevy and dodge market. Maybe even ford

  20. im from Africa and today Scotty u convinced me you know alot about best japanese cars, those you listed r the best

  21. MG? Seriously? Scotty you want a Manchurian candidate?… But yes to Toyota Hilux (Top Gear – Killing a Hilux) and Toyota Coaster, both diesel. Expect those two to last at least 20 years with regular maintenance.

  22. Hey Scotty. Holden aren't bankrupt. They're a division of General Motors that were manufactured in Australia but now they're Korean built.

  23. Hilux is great. As a guy who drives one as a daily driver Im treated to bulletproof reliability and engineering perfection and automotive greatness.
    BTW MG has a aisin gear box

  24. Hello Scotty now I am from Australia and my team is looking in to the inPort of some Commodores and Falcons if you are interested just give me your business email and we can talk business

  25. Holden didn't go bankrupt.. Its parent company GM that bought them out many moons ago, which also accepted billions of dollars of Australian taxpayer dollars decided to pull the pin.. Not enough profit?.. Greed always seems to win.. As Ford did the same thing…

  26. MG ZS has been flying off the shelves in UK, Middle East, and in Asia. Im actually planning on getting top of the line which cost only about $20k.

  27. i disagre scotty the hilux doesn't look like the tacoma's, first they were made the hilux and after toyota came and invent the tacoma

  28. The Isuzu KB is almost the honest and most reliable bakkie ( talking from South Africa not other countries because I don't know)

  29. Holden in Australia didn’t go bankrupt. The Australian Federal Government decided not to subsidise foreign owned car makers. Holden being owned by GM closed their manufacturing plant and now rebadge more imports. Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford all closed their Australian operations because of the change in government policy, Holden are still open for business.

  30. Dayz is Awesome, its so comfy and it has so many features, like climate control etc., i've rode in them. Love coasters. Hiluxes have harsh ride.

  31. The number one vehicle I agree with you on in this episode is Toyota Hilux. I'm usually a full size, heavy duty truck guy, but the Hilux is a well built little truck that's great off road and it's built like a tank. I'd love to have one of the older models just to bash through the woods in. Reliable is a none issue for those things. I seen what Top Gear did to one of them on BBC, and they couldn't kill the damn thing lol.

  32. Nissan Patrol GU Y61; Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series; Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (gasoline versions); Toyota Hilux (Gasoline versions); Ford Everest (Possibly renamed as Bronco?)….

  33. Those coasters comes in 24 and 30 seaters, the hilux dont die and there is the tayota hiace nice 15 seater and town ace👍🏿

  34. If the US ever allowed the Toyota Hilux into their country, they would lose their market share of the only market they still control – the truck market. Hilux is legendary the world over.

  35. Toyota crown royal saloon,toyota noah/voxy,toyota hiace,liteace,liteace noah,regiusace,toyota probox,toyota isis,toyota corolla xli,toyota premio and toyota camry 2.4L VVTI and toyota coaster. AAAAAND the nissan bluebird and sunny ex saloon AANNNNND nissan NV200 ANNNNNNNDNNDNDNDD the toyota kingfish

  36. Its amazing the Hilux isnt in the US. In europe (and the terrorist countries where the old ones go) the hilux is a very dependable vehicle that is very sought for. Strangely similar trucks like mitsubishi, nissan, mazda are always almost half cheaper than a hilux. I dont see any reason why but thats how the market is on old pickups here in europe. My hilux is 38 years old soon. Hobby car but i drive it to work especially when the modern cars get stuck in the snow. I just put hub locks on and 4wd and just drive.

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