5 Cars You’ll Regret Owning Immediately After Purchase

5 Cars You’ll Regret Owning Immediately After Purchase

I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this
video. Which it’s okay by me. I’ll be showing you 5 used cars you really
shouldn’t buy. This should be good. Btw if you’re new here my welcome to the channel
My name is Cristian, if you enjoy the video make sure to subscribe for weekly automotive
content. Now let’s begin First car is the Mazda RX-8. If you ever looked into buying this car you
might of noticed that they sell for very cheap, even the ones with relatively low miles. Hmmmmmm. Don’t get baited. The RX-8 is a perfect example of cheap to
buy but expensive to drive. Starting with it’s main issue, the 1.4L
rotary engine which struggles to last a long time. In fact there are reports of certain Mazda
RX-8s having their engine replaced as early 30K miles. The engine of the RX-8 failed so often that
Mazda extended the powertrain warranty to 8 years 100K miles and on top of that a facility
was built in here in the US specifically to handle the large amount of engine rebuilds. Another issue you might experience if you
buy an RX-8 is how easy you can flood the engine with fuel. For example if you were to cold start a RX-8
and immediately turn it off without letting the engine warm up, you’ll most likely flood
the engine which will result in having to tow it to the nearest mechanic shop that can
de-flood it. And that is not a cheap service. Some other notable concerns with owning a
RX-8 is excessive oil consumption, a weak starter, below average fuel efficiency and
a faulty catalytic converter. A cheap Mazda RX-8 doesn’t really sound
that cheap anymore does it? While yes, running costs can be expensive
I will say the following. Those that do own a RX-8 enjoy the hell out
of them. A friend of mine is on his 3rd engine and
by the looks of it he’d be perfectly ok with a 4th engine. I’ve driven one myself and pushing it to
it’s 9500 RPM redline definitely gave me a rush. If you want to get one well make sure you
have rotary specialist inspect it and make sure to get a compression test. If you can try to avoid the 2004 model as
those have the most issues. My question is would you own one? Second car is the Range Rover. My guess is that nine out of ten of you knew
this car would make it on the list. Honestly it’s impossible to not include
it, especially when it comes to the third generation model. There are tons and tons of horror stories
online from Range Rover owners, especially those that are no longer under warranty. One of the biggest issues is the Range Rover’s
air suspension. Which is a bit of a sweet sour feature. If you’ve ever been a Range Rover equipped
with the air suspension you’d know what I mean when I say it’s one of the smoothest
and most comfortable riding experiences ever. That’s the sweet part now on the the sour
part. The air suspension is known for having a high
rate of failure leaving the Range Rover awkwardly sagging to one side. It’s so bad that many owners choose to replace
the air suspension with with traditional coil springs. Transmission issues have also been widely
reported along with common engine leaks. Land Rover in generally always towards the
bottom of the list when it comes to reliability, with 2014 Range Rover having an average of
179 problems per 100 vehicles according to consumer reports. And since Range Rover is a rather high end
luxury suv with complex electronics repairs aren’t necessarily cheap. There is a reason Range Rovers are typically
purchased or leased new under warranty and then owners get rid of them once out of warranty. And honestly that’s the best way to own
a Range Rover, when it’s under warranty. Just ask Doug Demuro, He has a well documented
journey of his ownership experience with a Range Rover that was purchased from Carmax
with a bumper to bumper warranty. I’ll link his video down below where he
gets into detail about his Rover’s repair history. Regardless, people will still continue to
purchase Range Rovers because they look good, drive well, and there is an element of prestige
to them Third car is the Fiat 500, this car was chosen
by my instagram followers, and if you’re not following me yet, well then go give me
a follow me, My goal is to get to 1,000 followers by the end of the month. Back to the Fiat 500. I’m almost positive I’ll receive some
heat from viewers from both the United Kingdom and Europe as this car is much more common
in their countries, and they seem to cherish them to. Here in the US new or used they just don’t
sell well. It doesn’t even matter what model year you
choose to purchase, the Fiat-chrysler cars has been consistently unreliable most notably
the 500L model. Most common reliability issues being a faulty
suspension and the electronics used in the 500 especially when it comes to the infotainment
display. Many reports saying the screen experiences
glitching sometimes becomes unresponsive. But what I think has a bigger impact on sales
is not really it’s reliability but the driving experience. I’ve seen countless complains about it’s
ride, noisy cabin, non-telescoping steering wheel, tiny rear seats, and it’s poorly
engineered convertible top. It acts like a giant sunroof, and when the
top is pulled back rear visibility becomes an issue. Performance on the Fiat 500 can also be a
concern, The automatic transmission never seems to get the gear shifting properly according
some user reviews. Several Auto journalist have pointed it out
that the Fiat 500 would work well for urban environments where a 0-60mph of 9.8 seconds
doesn’t really matter and where having a small car can help you squeeze into small
places such as parking. If you’re looking to travel quickly or to
far places with full sized adults in that back then this car wouldn’t be the best
choice. You’re able to find Fiat 500s pretty cheap
in the used market as they tend to depreciate by as much as 40% in the first 2 years. Most people will fall for the 500s pretty
face, unique retro look, and pretty colors but just know many that have bought one have
said they regretted it. 4th car is the Ferrari 355. It was introduced as an entry level Ferrari
in 1994 for the 1995 model year, it’s arguably one of the most beautiful Ferrari car built
in the modern era. As beautiful as it might look and sound thanks
to its 375HP V8 engine, just know the 355 is known for being a nightmare to own, operate
and maintain. For one the exhaust manifold tend to fail
routinely, they start to warp or crack. Some expert mechanics say they have a 100%
failure rate. Meaning you will have to replace them eventually
which could run you around 4-5K. Another concern are the bronze valve guides
which tend to fail no matter at what RPM range you tend to drive in. And since weak valve guides can cause bigger
and more expensive issues down the road owners typically tend to change them before they
go bad which can cost around 9K to replace. OUCH! Also keep in mind that the F355 requires a
routine engine out service every 3 years. Yes you heard that correctly ENGINE OUT. I’m sure you’re wondering why the engine
needs to come out. Well because of the timing belts which cannot
be accessed without the engine being pulled out. The engine out service will run it’s owner
around 10K assuming nothing else wrong with the car at the time of the service. I came across a video by JR that shows the
engine out service totaling nearly 38K in their first 1K miles of ownership. In their video they breakdown all the costs
so if you guys want to check it out I’ll link it below in the description. And of course most recently I’m sure you’ve
all heard of Hoovie’s F355 that suddenly went into flames when Parker from Vehicle
Virgins was driving it. And it’s not the first F355 to burst into
flames, just recently in the UK a parked F355 shot up in flames for no apparent reason. 5th and last car you’ll regret buying is
the Chrysler 200. What a surprise another Fiat-Chrysler car
on the list. The Chrysler 200 was suppose to be Fiat-Chrysler’s
first big success with the brand. It actually sold pretty well at first but
as time went by it was apparent that the model was plagued with issues in particular the
2015 model receiving the most complains. Most complains revolving around both the electronics
and the transmission. Apparently the Chrysler 200 comes equipped
with a horrible nine speed transmission. Most issues documented talked about the transmission
slipping frequently while driving. While driving the transmission would slip
from drive or reverse into neutral causing frustration when commuting. This issue typically ended up in either having
to get the transmission rebuilt or replaced at it’s early stages. I’ll tell you this I did drive one before
and while I didn’t experience the transmission slipping I did in fact notice that the transmission
rarely knew which gear to be in. Soemtimes I’d be stuck in high revs while
just cruising and other times it’d take forever for the transmission to downshift
when I floored it. Me and other reports also line up when it
comes to the 200 having an uncomfortable ride, excessive road noise and a small rear seat
entryway due to the slope of the car’s roof. But don’t take my word,The Chrysler 200
made Consumer report’s list of worst cars in 2015. Before you leave if you enjoyed the video
make sure to drop a like and you haven’t already make sure to subscribe that way you don’t
miss my next upload. And if you think I got this list wrong or
if I should of included another on this list make sure and comment below. Looking forward to reading each and everyone
of your comments. As always Thanks for watching guys, till next

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  1. Can anyone find the white cat in the video? =D

    My apologies, 1.3L not 1.4L on the RX-8

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  2. The only thing I don’t like about the guy doing this video is when he knelt durning the National Anthem and dude forget about getting back into football nobody wants you lol

  3. What mostly impacts the Fiat's sells is their partnership with Chrysler and people look at the Fiat 500 at a Chrysler dealer and all they think is it's a new PT Cruiser and that's not what you want to be attached to

  4. There's nothing wrong with the Fiat 500! My daughter has owned 3 and has only replaced them to upgrade models. She now has the Abarth and it's a fab car. Gr8 to drive, good suspension and VERY economical. Trouble is, you Americans are used to big gas guzzling cars with soft, springy suspensions. Big is not always better, though! 😖🙄🤨🇬🇧

  5. I wouldn't trade my Nissan 370Z sport coupe 6M for the F-355. The cars weigh about the same and have roughly the same displacement engines, with the F-355 having slightly more hp because of its higher rev limit. My car's engine has a stronger and broader torque curve and will pull more strongly at most revs. Maintenance, reliability and cost of ownership all go to my Z.

  6. Range Rover is the worst. I used to ADVISE people not to buy one as I sold some used ones at our dealership (the ones that people traded in at our BMW dealership)

    Really? …. about the Fiat? They just came back to the US! That's gonna hurt if they have to pull out again

  7. Mazda Rotary engines have always been a problem dating well back. They never had enough volume or r&d money to perfect the the technology

  8. Add Jaguar XF to the list. I have a 2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged V8 Portfolio Edition. I've spent thousands of dollars on repairs for this car. At less than 84K miles it has a new water pump, fuel pump, electrical problems, computer, motor mounts and transmission mounts, trunk latch, batteries, yes more than one and now has a blown head gasket. With the aluminum block I'm told repair could include replacing the engine at a cost of 8-10 thousand dollars. The car has a total value of $13,000. I added Bars Head Gasket Sealer/Repair and I'm trading it in ASAP!

  9. Wota about jeep there called basket case cars you see them dumped in the outback of Australia. Emus nest in them yank cars littering the outback of Australia all U.S. built cars are rubbish only car to buy IS Landcruiser king of the outback of Australia

  10. Come on, mate. You didn't mention the world's worst piece of shit vehicle. The 156 Selespeed. Now that is surely the world's worst car. Just ask Bazza.

  11. After speaking with mechanics that I've worked with in the past as well as looking at Consumer Reports the ones I know fed typically require major repairs within the first three years would be Jaguar Ferrari Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Surprisingly the one European car I did not see on the list would be the Porsche which is stated to have a pretty reliable track record

  12. 6:49 from the service bill of a F355 I wouldn't be surprised if the mysterious fires were just the owners torching them to get the insurance payout and be done with it.

  13. those mid-engine designs are problematic it's always the Lambos, the Ferraris' the Audi R8's 10s that seem prone to catching fire…hence why the new C8 Corvette has me skeptical that it's new redesign won't suffer the same fate at some point…

    guess we'll find out when 1000s of them will be on the road for a while, not that'd I'd buy one…I'm an Hellcat Redeye man myself, it can walk away from a 'vette without breakin' a sweat but still…if I did want a 'vette the C7 still looks better to me for some reason….

  14. Ugh I have the 500C. The electrical issue been a pain on instrument cluster n I literally have to smack the crap out of the dash to make it come on. I had a headlight go out n been out for a couple of weeks then I go over a bump n hey it’s bk on now. Go figure. Oh n the auto transmission is shy about shifting sometimes. So I’m car shopping for a while.😒

  15. I am surprised Tesla did not make the list. Work experimented with one as a company car. Both of them are already sitting on the lot with nobody wanting to drive them. Although they ran, they are plagued with many problems. Seats, windows, door locks, water leaks, and other annoying problems that plague these cars will surely have the owner angry at the price they paid for it. I foresee both of them being sold soon and they have only been in the fleet for just under a year.

  16. I’m old enough to have driven an Mazda RX3 (a friend’s, not my own) in 1972. I remember being very impressed by the amount of power generated by this small engine. It’s the only less than 2 Liter displacement engine I’ve ever seen that could top 100 mph. Had the same problems your describing. But were real fun to drive!

  17. Well I'm glad my 2006 Vanilla Cream Chrysler 300C is not on his list. Actually I would have been very surprised if it was. I do have some issues like very stiff suspension, upper and lower control arms clunking and the gas-guzzling 5speed transmission(a 7 or 8 speed would have been nice) and continuous oil use(a quart every 1500 miles or so)plus constant valve clatter(Rislone quiets them down).

    Other than those issues, the 5.7L Hemi has been totally excellent, without fault, even with 115k plus miles on it. With a 50hp chip(390hp/440lbft) it almost jumps away from the red light. I thought the brakes were weak so I had ceramic brake pads installed. Now it stops on a dime and gives me nine cents change lol. Very quick steering that has saved me more than once from an accident.

    The car is paid for now and I plan on keeping it until I total it. Or die first in which case I will be buried in it.

  18. Fiats give it away whenever you see one on a hilly open freeway. They zoom pass you at 75 miles a hour with only 1 person behind the wheel, and at the first incline they're in the right lane straining to get up the hill at 50 MPH with only one person on board. Top of the hill, back to 75 MPH. Repeats on EVERY hill….

  19. Report on the 2007 Speed 6: Uses more oil than gas my wife's car is on it's second engine and it still chugs the oil. Turbo when it kicks in leaves a black thick cloud of oil behind we are on our third turbo. Body to shave weight they acid dipped the body but they didn't neutralize the body paint bubbling on the hood repainted once bubbling again rear wheel wells lip is gone. We are taking it in once again to the body shop for the last time for body repairs.
    Mazda dealerships in Canada don't have qualified mechanics they only hire slop jockeys.

  20. After the Discovery IIs, rovers are JUNK.
    I really liked my 02 D2 Rover, best factory 4×4 I've ever driven, turned it over on it's side in a trench once and I cut the wheels hard over and stomped the go pedal until it pulled itself back up, no oil pressure the whole way even and it got over it. Electronics were crap, window regulators very weak and it started leaking oil at 30k miles, but I was seriously hard on it and by the time it was at 100k miles the head gasket went, I just use liquid glass on it and kept on till I blew the engine.

  21. In 2003, I was looking for a car. I had it down to three:

    Mazda RX 8
    Nissan 350Z
    Mitsubishi Evo 8

    Which one did I buy?

    Comment: I'm a truck driver. I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles since Fiat launched the 500 in the US. I saw my first one on the side of the road yesterday… And it looked like it had two flats on the rear. I also test drove the Abarth and found it an absolute blast to drive. It is cheap with hard plastic on the inside but that exquisite exhaust note more than makes up for it.

  22. RX-8 um no. Rotary engines burn oil by design. Engineering Explained has videos on this. Also why would I buy a "sports car" with 4 doors?

  23. Yep! I had an RX8 from new… and it’s wasn’t cheap! Beautiful car, lovely to drive but a nightmare of issues!!!

    Everything you said about it is spot on, although you did omit one problem that got me three times… the coils! Three of mine went. No sooner had the first one failed and I’d had it replaced, when the next one went… and the next one.

    Finally managed to cut my losses and get rid of it (at a considerable financial loss!!!) just as the fourth one also failed.

  24. BMW 325i , 2005 ,piece of shit!! Cost me a boatload of money to fix .I bought it with 22000 miles on it . You could not give me a BMW , I would give it back to u!!!!!

  25. You are a freaking idiot and ignorant at that…how the hell are you going to review something you have zero personal experience with?! That's the epitome of ignorance!

  26. It was the same way back in the seventies my aunt had a Fiat spider and I remember it had her in tears tonight before wedding and my grandpa my dad to uncles and her husband to be under the hood until midnight in a cold-ass garage in the middle of winter and Grand forks North Dakota trying to get that car to start and run that's why I always stayed away from fiat's and alphys

  27. Love my RX-8 . 92k miles and I snapped my eccentric shaft off right by the pressure plate, engine itself still survived 🙂

  28. yes rx-8 rotor any rotor  was always a crap job , people pull the motor and dump in a inline or v-8 ..cost ya but everything works … land rover yes was always crap its britt its shit ..fiat oh hell ya fix it again tony .. again fiat was shit from 1960's  till they pulled out usa in 70's as no one buys them and they fell apart ..Chrysler 200 must of gone away to fast to even notice

  29. I'm surprised the Pontiac Aztek was not in here, never saw one that was very goo. And according to one body man/painter i knew, you'd have to sneak up on it to paint it, because it was so ugly the paint refused to stick, if it knew where it was going

  30. Been driving my Fiat 500 sport for the past 5 years and I love it. Mind you, mine is manual. It's a blast to drive and no issues. The only problem I have is the dealership trying to upgrade me and gouge me for service.

  31. Honestly I'd probably get a late-model RX-8, the very last version of the rotary engine Mazda put in it had an additional oil squirter in each rotor housing (back to how it was in the RX-7's 13b that all but eliminated the excessive wear that forces the constant and early engine rebuilds/swaps.

  32. I have no idea why anyone would buy anything that was made in Britain or Italy that has four wheels and an engine. They cannot make cars, only badly made facsimiles of them.

  33. I got a new loaded 6-speed 2004 RX-8 in early 2005. The RX-8 received praises from auto magazines at the time.  I had it 10 years and drove it everyday. Summer and winter tires as needed. I flooded it once. I paid $3K for the 10-year full car warranty, which did pay for itself and then some. The rear anti-lock system had an issue once and the fuel tank replaced. 

    The RX-8 is an amazing driving experience, custom exhaust sound and wheels. I loved it for years. I took great care of it and got complements on the car up until the day I traded it in. Agreed…the car is not for everyone. You have to maintain it, and you’ll pay at the pump. It can be a gas hog if you have fun at 9K. I wanted something different from the crowd, and that it is.

    Around 70K I had to replace the coils to smooth out the idle. I had to replace them at 90K and 105K. The dealer still paid for the coils mostly. It was determined the motor needed a rebuild. Mazda offered to pay for half the replacement engine cost, but I had my fun with the car. I wanted some new techno. Oh well! If I knew then about rotary engines what I know now. I could have taken even better care of the engine. Lube those engine seals.

    The 10 year old RX-8 still felt a tick better zipping down the interstate than my new Camaro. Zoom-zoom just feels right.

  34. I don't see how you would not regret any and every car that you might purchase. They're all a heap of junk, terribly expensive… but those super-hyper cars, don't really even exist. Just fancy toys!

  35. love the way this guy doesn't monkey around, and gets to the point too many car videos have some one yapping for at least 15 minutes about nothing!

  36. RX 8 DON'T let the battery go flat, in fact DO NOT remove the battery or it causes all sorts of restart problems and will cost you.

  37. In the UK the Range rover series free had a bad spate of oil pump failures as well, as if that wasn't bad enough the replacement required a total Engine removal to replace a few bolt's.

  38. Why, after such failures , would they keep making the same crap over and over and over again.? I will never understand the reasoning.

  39. English people dont know what aesthics means. Supposedly rx7 il pan is flat instead of cupped around the sump which makes it hard or impossible to suck up oil in motion nearly.momentum makes oil flow away from suction making engine burn up. Aftermarket oil pans are made to prevent this.

  40. I think you hit the nail on the head here. Yep, all 5 deserved to be on your list. Unfortunately there are many more out there that are as deserving or nearly deserving of being on your list.

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