5 CHEAP Cars That Billionaires Actually Drive

5 CHEAP Cars That Billionaires Actually Drive

you’ll be surprised not all rich and famous people drive very expensive cars today i’m gonna be showing you guys five cheap cars billionaires actually drive what is going on guys i’m cristian this is vehicle Virals if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure and do so i do upload automotive content Weekly i do got some really cool videos in the work and right now and trust me you do not want to miss those so Make sure and subscribe that said let’s go ahead and start the first car on the list is the cadillac sts is driven by a billionaire that’s considered one of the most successful investors in the world any guesses yep that’s right Warren buffett the same man that doesn’t pay more than four dollars for his fast food breakfast the same man that lives in the same house he purchased back in 1958 for $31,000 yep and he drives a cadillac xts that is worth around $20,000 today so get this he probably would have never owned the xts yet his daughter made him upgrade from his previous cadillac dts why you ask well according to her she thought it was an embarrassment so warren buffett went ahead and upgraded while most of you guys probably won’t find this car to be necessarily cheap let’s keep in mind that warren buffett is worth at ninety billion dollars 90 billion moving on so you either hate or you love this next one the 2010 and ford fusion and to be exact the 2010 ford fusion hybrid well billionaire steve ballmer Seems to love this car you guys might know who he is from the nba he is actually the owner of the los angeles clippers he was also the former ceo of microsoft back before, he stepped down in 2014 he is currently worth 40 billion dollars let me tell you something guys if you think that’s a little odd that a guy that’s worth 40 billion dollars is driving a car that used to retail for $28,000 listen to the following he actually didn’t buy the ford fusion it was personally delivered by the ford ceo at the time as a gift let’s also keep this in mind guys Steve ballmer has always enjoyed to drive board cars it kind of makes sense because his father used to be a manager at The ford motor company at one point so he doesn’t just drive a cheap car He never even bought it so what’s cheaper than cheap itself free ladies and gentlemen we have another ford on the list prepare yourself this one is a 2006 ford f-150 king ranch this car is driven by the richest woman in the world alice walton i mean if you’re the daughter of sam walton and helen walton the founders of walmart you’re bound to be wealthy in fact and the richest woman in the world is worth forty three billion dollars that’s right back when she purchased the 2006 ford f150 king ranch it was worth around forty thousand dollars and basically what the king ranch is it’s this super crew 4×4 version of the f-150 with special king ranch branding on the seats who says women can’t drive pickup trucks Well the richest woman in the world drives one so that’s that and prepared to be mind blown because the next car on the list is the 1993 volvo 240 ingvar kamprad I say it was driven in past tense because he recently passed away back in january of 2018 At age 91 he was a perfect example of someone that drove a cheap car in this example a very cheap car he didn’t spend money and stuff he didn’t need he was worth around fifty nine billion dollars after driving the volvo for two decades just months before he ended up passing away he was persuaded to get rid of the car for another car for safety reasons we can all learn from this remarkable man rest in peace The last car on the list is the acura tsx funny because when i was younger that was actually one of my favorite cars and this car is driven by the youngest billionaire in the world who might that be mark zuckerberg Co-founder, and ceo of facebook that’s who i’m sure you guys are all familiar with love facebook is no introduction needed mark is very young and wealthy One would think that he would not only just have one exotic car but? multiple exotic supercars he actually owns two other cheap cars apart from the tsx a volkswagen and golf gti and a honda fit it’s crazy, how the ones i don’t have money they go ahead and they buy very expensive stuff that they probably cannot afford just so they can justify a specific type of Image they want to showcase the others yeah you have somebody like mark that has so much money that even if he tried to spend It all i don’t think he would be able to and he drives cars that are all worth under $30,000 and guys i don’t mean anything by that it’s just a thought well guys That was a video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did hit the like button and make sure to subscribe i’m thinking of creating a similar video just like this one but instead of billionaires millionaires comment below let me know if you guys would like to see a video like that anyways guys thanks again for watching i’ll see you guys next time

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  2. Explanation is simple: they're not car people… for most of them the car is just another appliance (like a dishwasher) that they need to get around… that and the fact that for most of them having more and more money is a passion; they enjoy having more and more money for money's sake and not for what they could get with them. I would hate to be one of them but I would love to be in one of their wills 🙂

  3. Edwin and Carolyn Kennedy-Schlossberg drive a 2004 Impala and a 2010 Suburban.
    The Kennedy family themselves during their prime always drove Ford products.

  4. Driving a vehicle that's priced at $50k or more is just a waste of money. A vehicle should cost no more than that. Anyway good video.

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