5 Cheap Cars With Endless Amount of Tuning Potential Under 5K!!

5 Cheap Cars With Endless Amount of Tuning Potential Under 5K!!

it seemed like you guys really enjoyed
my videos on tuner cars so I decided to make one for those that really want to
get into the tuna scene but are on a tight budget real quick guys before the
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let’s begin the first car is the Nissan 350z if you’re looking for a bang for
your buck price to power ratio this is among one of the best deals you can get
on the use market today and when it comes to tuna potential it offers such a
diverse platform that it can nearly be built for any type of driving style the
best thing about modifying the 350z is the fact that the tuning market for this
car is massive making it simple to find parts you need at a fair price most 350z
owners typically start with the suspension since the ride leans more
towards a cushy airy ride than a stiff planted one upgrading to a good set of
colors can solve that immediately one of my personal favorite things you can do
with the 350z is modifying the exterior appearance all types of kits are
available from classy looking ones to extreme looking ones especially the
wide-body ones I mean just look at this there are plenty of options to suit just
about anybody’s taste performance-wise their earlier 350z
models came equipped with a 3.5 liter v6 engine there
287 horsepower and 274 pound-feet of torque later models producing 306
horsepower combine that power with its strong 6-speed manual gearbox and a
limited slip differential and you have a solid starting point for lots of room
for further modifications I did full exhaust system forced induction swap out
the ECU and you have at 350 C pushing well over 300 horsepower and of course
if you’re looking to push huge power make sure to include a operated clutch
the 350z is truly a superb sports car with all the right ingredients sharp
steering rear-wheel drive and two seats and since the car has pretty much
reached the bottom of its depreciation curve you can get it at a bargain I feel
like back in the day never really received the attention that deserved
primarily because the s2000 was the car people talked about more but now as the
value of the s2000 is going up the 350z is going down you can easily find them
for less than $5,000 the next cheap tuner car on the list is
a 10 a Mazda mx-5 miata I know some of you hated it and some of you loved it
when I clown the Miata and my Japanese tuner cars videos so this time I decided
to give it a proper mention and if you haven’t seen that video yet I’ll make
sure to link it in the description box below the Miata is a super simple super
lightweight convertible car with nimble handling it’s perfect 50:50 weight
distribution gives it great stability and great handling around corners thanks
to his versatility it has been the most popular car raced around the world in
fact the Miata has trained more professional drivers than any other car
it comes equipped with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine that produces 115
horsepower and 100 pound feet of torque it really doesn’t sound like much but
you have to keep in mind that Miata is super lightweight at around 2,100 pounds
the Miata definitely isn’t known for being a straight-line performer but
taking it around twisty roads can be so much fun available mods are plentiful
next to the Honda Civic the Miata has to be the second most popular on the list
of most – in vehicles there are plenty of suspension upgrades available for the
platform also swapping a v8 or a Mazda rotary engine is not unheard of and are
very well documented online I have to agree with some articles that say that
Miata is one of the most important sports cars built in the last 25 years
just a word of caution though if you’re on the taller side like 6 feet or more
then this car may be an issue due to the lack of head and legroom that said the
Miata is perfect for a first time race car for the track the best part is that
there are so many available in the use market and they are more affordable than
ever I’ve seen many available with decent miles for less than $3,000
question for you which one would you rather own the Miata or the 350z the
third car is a volkswagen golf mk4 or even the Jetta this is the only non
Japanese Carnales you know I had to make my European viewers happy apparently
this is a very popular entry tuner car for those that live in Europe over the
years the mk4 golf rapidly became a favorite for many because of the massive
amount of tuning options there is an endless amount of aftermarket parts
available as well as a huge nationwide network of enthusiasts
the most affordable option available is the version with the 2-liter
four-cylinder engine that honestly isn’t too impressive it really isn’t much to
talk about with the 2-liter engine unless you’re willing to spend a large
chunk of change on it a cold air intake a full length exhaust system and headers
can get you a few extra horses to make things a little more interesting but
nothing too crazy you’d have to rebuilt the engine popping
a supercharger or turbocharger to get a good amount of power out of it which can
get pricey real quick the ideal option would be to get the golf or the Jetta
with the 1.8 liter turbo that can really be turned into a performance monster a
simple software upgrade alone can get the 1.8 liter turbo engine an extra 40
to 50 horsepower but you might have to look a bit harder to find one with this
engine equipped for under $5,000 that said I’m sure you’ll still have a good
experience even if you do opt in for the 2-liter engine there’s so much more to
model than just performance numbers the process alone can be fun you never know
you might be able to find a good deal on a 1.8 liter turbo swap in the future the
fourth cheap tuner cars that Acura RSX type s pretty much the acura integra
replacement once you get past the fact that it’s not a Type R you’ll realize
that the RSX Type S is such an awesome platform for modifications and also it’s
an accurate you can end up getting some sweet leather seats included drive this
car fast enough and you might end up getting hooked on VTEC because of VTEC
there are six type s can be described as having two different personalities
around town and performs like a capable compact car delivering just the right
amount of power while providing good fuel efficiency flow rate and it comes
to life with its 80-100 rpm redline creating a more raw engaging driving
experience it’s fully independent suspension allows the RX s-type best to
handle like other sports cars are on the same price which they could many of the
ones you’ll find on the market are probably already modified which could be
a good thing since it’ll serve as a decent starting point or it can be a bad
reliability nightmare if the mods weren’t installed properly this car
definitely has lots of potential for any level budget
add the usual intake header exhaust and look for a reputable ECU upgrade and
you’ll get a nice kick out of the RSX type s if you’re willing to spend more
than of course forced induction is an easy way to amplify the power some more
aside from the tuning potential there are six is quite practical things to
attach back with a large trunk and the back seats are surprisingly usable for
seating adults if you’re looking for a great car with a tuner look and feel and
serves as a great commuter then this is one of the best options for less than
$5,000 the fifth and final cheap tuner car in the list is the Lexus GS 300 you
guys might find it as a surprise for a tuner car it’s frequently overlooked as
a performance car probably because of the badge and because it’s mainly known
as a luxury four-door man did you see this vehicle is just good for exterior
modifications and stance nation but the truth is the GS 200 is a really good
candidate for a car tuning project many people say that it’s heavy weight holds
it back it is pretty heavy so the first mod should be some type of weight
reduction that way it really can become a tuner to be reckoned with moderate
correctly and the car can easily become something special the handling on the GS
300 isn’t the best and just a tin springs can mess with the stability
adjustable coilovers work best here allowing you to tailor the cars handling
to see your driving style performance wise the GS 300 comes equipped with a
three liter inline six 2jz engine don’t get too excited now it doesn’t come with
a turbo unlike the two Jay Z GTE this one is a
2jz GE it produces 225 horsepower and 220 pound feet of torque and as you guys
know the block of the two Jay Z’s over-engineered I’m sure you guys have
all seen super engines being able to push seven hundred to a thousand
horsepower on a standard block the one thing you guys are probably be
disappointed about is the GS 300 lacks a manual transmission but just like you
can swap in more capable engine you can swap in a manual transmission if you’re
up for it I really do like the GS 300 as a tuner choice because you’re much less
likely to find them beat up and driven harder and since a luxury sedan like
this one doesn’t really get much attention this car can be modded to be a
sleeper well guys that was the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make
sure I hit that like button if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe
with notifications on that way you don’t miss out on my next video well other
cheap tuner car did I miss comment below let me know as always thanks for
watching it till next time

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Just browsing cars am 16 atm and just lookin around for a goal, saving money bcs Ik I'll have to buy a car myself. 2008 350z 5k… "Okay sure that's doable" proceeds to browse Swedish secondhand sites "350z 2004 at least 10 " me: I'm getting a bike

  2. Grand prix gtp or any 3.8 supercharged,you must have seen junior 315's sleepers video.
    Most seen sleeper/tuner video

  3. Good luck finding a 350z for 5k or less…for how much these dipshits want for them, you might as well get a 370z.. I see people posting them up all the time with rebuilt/salvage titles, no engine, wrecked to shit, and they still want 5k or more for it.

  4. Hell, nowadays you can find a FR-S or BRZ for around 5k if you don't mind rebuilt titles or high milage.

  5. So what Japanese car would you suggest for a tall guy (6'10 all torso) that needs a car that gets at least 20mpg, is fun to drive, isn't annoying sounding, and looks cool with under 150k miles and under $5k? (I'm coming from owning all old Fords.. 69 Ranchero GT, 76 F100, 70 Mustang Coupe, 95 Bronco) I still prefer Mustangs, Chargers/Challengers, and even A3 & A4 Audis, but you just can't get them at that price in Northern California anymore.

  6. Hey I used to work with rairdons! Good vid man. What about the is300 Lexus? Heard that has the 1jz motor in it.

  7. Should I get a Miata, or Rsx? Like for Miata, dislike for Rsx. I fw the rsx more so change my mind. 🤣I need help

  8. Loving this one thanks for sharing very important information giving thanks blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work 🙏🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💪💪💪

  9. You forgot the best tuner friendly car available in my eyes that can reach 500hp on stock block and intervals and 10sec pass with stock framed turbo. The Mitsubishi eclipse gsx eagle talon tsi and Plymouth laser. The 4g63t platform is so versatile and loves boost and is cheaper then some of your cars even with hi modification.

  10. It seems odd to me to find a cheap tuner car. I mean you will spend upwards of 20k on parts before you are done building that tuner car, and maybe then still not happy with it and go the extra mile and spend another 20K or more to finish it. All told 45k+ for that tuner car. Think now about what else you can buy for 45k? You can buy some really nice used super cars for 45k. I am saying there is nothing cheap about a tuner car. So why bother going cheap. Unless it is a half assed tuner car you plan on building. The kind where you run out of money before it is even half way done and sits and rots in your garage.

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