5 Cheap Cars With Massive Sleeper Potential Under 5K!!

5 Cheap Cars With Massive Sleeper Potential Under 5K!!

so many of you guys may not know this
but a lot of my subscribers have not most of my subscribers actually came
from my videos on sleeper cars a few months ago I made three videos on that
topic and he managed all together to get over 2 million views so I thought it was
only right that I make another one this time I’ll be showing you guys 5 cheap
cars that have massive sleeper potential they look boring
they look slow but they have the potential to be secretly quick real
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video the first Carnales is a Mercury Marauder probably the least known car
that was part of the Panther platform family I mean let’s be real most people
are familiar with the Crown Victoria the town car and even the Grand Marquis but
only true car enthusiasts would know what the Mercury Marauder is and what
potential it carries at a glance it’s hard to differentiate a Marauder from a
Grand Marquis and just like the Grand Marquis it looks like a car your grandma
would drive look under the hood and get ready for a plot twist it comes equipped
with a 4.6 liter dual overhead cam engine that produces 302 horsepower and
318 pound-feet of torque and if you think this engine sounds familiar
it’s because it’s the same one that was used in the 2003 to 2004 Ford Mustang
Mach 1 the Marauder is essentially a muscle sedan similar to what Chevy tried
to do in the mid-1990s with the Impala SS not only do you get an upgraded
engine but you also get upgraded suspension and brakes and to top it all
off that we’re primarily offered in black giving them much more of a slick
look in my opinion out of all the Panther cars this might actually be the
coolest one you get the upgraded performance while still keeping the
useful features offered in all the Panther cars a body-on-frame design
rear-wheel drive a huge trunk and massive amount of room in the interior
and since the Marauder was only sold for two model years from 2003 to 2004 not
many people own them only 11,000 were sold in total meaning it’s rare to find
them out on the road making it that much more of a sleeper you can build the
engine to be closer to what the supercharged VT competition concept
version was with the help of online support that variant pushed out 420
wheel horsepower according to Motor Trend the Marauder is probably one of
the most iconic sleepers of all time and while it’s zero to 60 time of 6.8
seconds isn’t much in today’s day I’ve seen them being built to as fast as
10-second cars in a quarter mile and they sell for as low as forty five
hundred dollars second cheap car with sleeper potential is a Subaru Legacy GT
it may look almost exactly like every other fourth-generation legacy model but
it’s definitely not this model may come as a surprise but not the brand itself
as Subaru has a long history of riley bred sports car also that’s somewhat
reasonable prices their performance cars always tend to have exterior bits that
resemble performance but the Legacy GT has more of a subtle look especially the
wagon version and let’s be real wagons make some of the best sleepers the
Legacy GT comes equipped essentially with a stripped-down STI engine in fact
many people call the Legacy GT the adult version of the STI it comes equipped
with a 2.5 turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 250 horsepower and
250 pound feet of torque combine those number with its all-wheel drive system
and tight build chassis and you have a car that is not only capable in a
straight line but can also keep up with much sportier cars around
he turns even though it’s peak horsepower doesn’t come until 6000 rpm
its peak torque is available at just 3600 rpm stock you can do 0 to 60 inches
5.3 seconds according to Car and Driver and since the powertrain is essentially
the same as the STI most performance upgrades normally available for the STI
can work on the legacy GT as well if you really want the very best of this model
keep your eyes peeled for the legacy GT spec be they are much harder to come
across and it’ll run you some extra cash but the upgrades you get make it well
worth it to own either way you’ll be able to find a non spec B model for as
those $3,000 the third car on the list is the Buick Park Avenue ultra I mean
just look at this car this really isn’t a car anyone would associate with speed
it says Boren looking as any car can get which is why it makes it a perfect
candidate as a sleeper truth be told the Park Avenue has built up a bit of a
hilarious reputation for catching people off-guard its chassis is super solid and
handles turns like a champ with less body roll than you expect from a car
like this one regular car reviews actually made a video where they push
the Buick Avenue hard around corners at high speeds and blown away on how well
it handled while the regular model only produces 205 horsepower the ultra
version packs more of a punch it comes equipped with a supercharged v6 engine
that produces 240 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque
it’s actually the same supercharged setup used on a Monte Carlo SS
performance numbers may not sound too impressive but you can easily get it to
push over a 300 horsepower with minimal mods a smaller pulley under supercharger
and colder spark plugs and you’ll be tearing most cars out on the road in a
sneaky fashion my only real gripe with the Park Avenue is that it’s a
front-wheel drive car torque steering is definitely a factor especially because
of its low-end torque some people may hate it but some people may find that as
a fun factor I’ve personally seen Park Avenues at the track that absolutely
embarrass other drivers leaving spectators in disbelief if you’re
looking to get one for yourself you can easily find them for less than $5,000
the fourth cheap car with sleeper potential is a Volvo 240 most won’t
think performance when looking at this car old Volvo’s are not really known for
being especially thrilling but more so for having a great reputation for being
incredible reliable and super durable this is one
of Volvo’s most popular vessel and car models of all time and no matter its age
it seems like they are very hard to kill off there are many that exists and they
are still running as if they were brand new that’s because they are over built
and they have basic structure that can handle just about any abuse you throw at
it the Volvo 240 comes available in a two-door model a four-door sedan and a
wagon oh yes a wagon like I said earlier wagons typically make the best sleepers
especially the Volvo 240 it’s four-cylinder engine it’s not even worth
talking about because the main thing you’ll want to do with a car like this
one is an engine swap just dropping out less v8 into the engine bay and call it
a day even 2jz swaps for the 240 is an uncommon no one will look at it twice
while that the meets or at the drag step that is until you lay down a massive
burnout and confuse everyone around don’t get me wrong the turbo version did
have some pic to it and even one at the British Touring Car Championship in 1985
this beloved brick of a car really has everything you’d want from a sleeper a
super boring family grocery-getter design reliability and durable structure
they’ll last you for years to come and online support to make this platform a
deadly dragstrip weapon the best part is that you can find them for as low as
$1,500 fifth and final car on the list is the Lexus GS 430 probably not a car
you expected to be included on this list it’s an odd pick for sure but it does
have its positives specialty mainly lies in the freeway yes it carries a v8
engine but unlike the american-made ones which excel upon takeoff its sweet spot
is in the upper registers of his rpm range making it good for top speed wuns
it’s naturally aspirated 4.3 liter v8 engine produces 300 horsepower and 325
pound-feet of torque on its stock configuration it can run from 0 to 60 in
5 point 8 seconds which in today’s standard isn’t all that impressive but
for the long speed stretches the GS 430 is a solid choice it carries a quick
shift in 5-speed automatic has a nice balance between performance and luxury
and the ride is smooth and quiet back in the day I actually drove one myself and
honestly the ride up 100 miles per hour was whisper-quiet
basically it has everything to make it blend in as a sleeper to most people
eyes it just looks like a luxury cruiser that has no business going fast but when
you step on it it becomes a high-speed sweeper and unlike most cars on this
list it actually looks quite good in my opinion it has a rather interesting
exterior design unique football shaped headlights and an overall body design
that didn’t age terribly price-wise you can find the GS 434 as low as $3,000
with rather high mileage or closer to $5,000 with decent amount of miles you
can also opt in for the GS 300 model which carries a six-cylinder 2jz motor
and probably can be found much easier than the 430 either way you’ll end up
finding a car that definitely catches people off guard if you enjoyed this
video and having to watch my previous sleeper videos I’ll make sure to link
the playlist down in the description below that way you guys can check that
out make sure to drop a like on this video and if you haven’t already make
sure to subscribe for weekly automotive content as always thanks for watching
until next time

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I don't know how easy they are to find under 5k, but the 1998-2002 Audi s4 comes stock with 250 HP, but can easily be tuned up to 500, and some professionals have gotten 1100 HP from the original engine.

  2. volvos aren't that much of a sleeper anymore because literally everyone uses it on a drag

    (you might remember me as ITSDAVIDGAMESFTW but i changed my name because it sounds too childish ha)

  3. Marauder has the same 4V Cobra SVT engine….and the Lincoln Aviator (Marauder for sale near me NJ for 5K but it's an auto ;-( )

  4. My first car was a 1985 Volvo 760 turbo. Sadly I had the automatic but the manual version of that car had less than 16 lbs per HP which isn't bad for an 80s car.

  5. Can you do best project cars under 5 or 10k ? And idk if you remember this but #Beenheresince150subs 😂 keep up the amazing work brother!

  6. This was a pretty good video. Keep up the good work. I think a “Slowest Supercars” video would be a good idea, since nobody else seems to be able to do that, but I think you can.

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  8. That’s a decent list. Good choices, though I have mixed feeling about the Subaru being on the list. But you’ve already got most other ‘Sleepers’ covered on your other lists. Thanks for another excellent video.

  9. Hey, I've had a little accident so I find myself in my Saab 9-5 TiD most days. I'm 800km from home atm, mostly on motorways in Australia, the overtaking torque is epic ("straight & level = but the seats equal the Jag, umm are better in fact. A vid on 'best allrounders' ? Btw I don't see many Crown Vics wwhen I visit the the land of the free but shit I'd love one for some reason!

  10. This is a great video. When it comes to sleeper cars, there’s always more than meets the eye. Other potential sleeper cars include the Acura TL Type S, Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and Super Coupe, BMW 540i, Chevrolet Caprice, Lexus LS400, Buick Riviera Supercharged, Lincoln Mark VII and VIII, and Chevrolet El Camino.

  11. So close to 100K!! Let's make it happen people!!

    Great video as always Christian! Look forward to more vids, vlogs and lists!

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  13. Cristian could a Lexus Sc300/400 or a Lexus SC430 could have a potential to become a everyday somewhat quick speed? For driving to and from school?

  14. Nice vid, The Mercury Marauder aka the Bigfoot of the panther platform nice looking car too. I'm still thinking which should i get a 1999 Toyota Camry late 2000 Honda Accord or a Crown Vic as my first car

  15. Nice!
    In Australia we have a thing called a 370GT Saloon. It's basically a 2008 Altima with a tuned version of the 3.7 V6 and shares many components with the G37. In the used market you can get one in good shape for about 10,000AUD.
    Thanks for the quality content as usual

  16. I love this channel because now, this is the only car channel that doesn't talk about Teslas for 5 hours.

    Congrats on the 100k subs btw. You deserve it! #Heresince2k

  17. I own a Buick Lucerne and it handles wonderfully, and the Volvo 240 is an icon. The car that's missing is the Infiniti Q45. The lack of desirability and the VH45 V8 are an awesome combo. Do a manual trans swap or beef up the auto with a shift kit and a stall converter and watch them wake up. The engine is also boost friendly, being over engineered relative to power output

  18. "Just swap an LS V8 engine into it and call it a day."
    That's cheating and isn't going to be done for a total cost under $5K.

    You do get bonus points for the Mercury. Change out the rear end and you'll surprise even Panther fans. You also got my interest with the Lexus.

  19. Gotta love the Volvo 240. It is a classic Swedish automotive tank and potentially a supercar slayer when upgraded.

  20. I've got a BMW 123d I bought for £7000 and has 204 bhp/ 300 lbft as standard. With a Stage 1 performance remap it's got 263 bhp/ 350 lbft pumping away at my disposal. In other words it's a twin turbo beast….

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  23. You picked a lot of great cars, for this video! It's funny, all the cars you put on this list are cars, that at one time or another, I've recommend to people I've known, when they were in the market for used cars. All these cars are affordable, practical, available and sporty, for the money!

  24. HOW ABOUT THIS; TAKE the engine and computer, out of the 1998 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi, direct swap into a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. Cold Air ram, low res. cables, iridium plugs, 3" aluminum exhaust, Hi Flow cats, Straight Shot/ flow through muffler. Eibach Coilovers, and stabilizer bars, Moog connecting rods/ bushings. Then have it professionally sunk tuned. Project is about 10 days, and under $7500. What do y'all think???

  25. I’ve wanted a Mercury Marauder ever since they came out.. big beautiful fast car. Glad you included in this list. You should have included the early 90’s Ford Taurus Sho.. a car of that size pushing 220 hp at it’s time was insane. Just consider what the mustang was at.

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