5 Cheap Reliable Cars Under $5000

5 Cheap Reliable Cars Under $5000

So my videos Cheap cars that make you look
rich were pretty much a hit. But the comment section not so much. Let’s take a look. They are this cheap cause they care a nightmare
to maintain, so no one wants to own them. You forgot to mention the huge maintenance
cost with these vehicles. You need to be rich to get them repaired and
maintained. These cars are cheap until you need a repair. In response, I’ll be showing you 5 cheap RELIABLE
CARS you can get for under $5000 If you’re new here I’m Cristian, this Vehicle
Virals, if you enjoy the video make sure to subscribe for more future automotive content. Now let’s begin. First car is the second generation Honda CR-V.
Ever since it launched back in 1997 the CR-V has been considered one of the best bargain
crossovers ever offered. It pretty much has everything you need in
a mini SUV. It has a roomy interior, a towing capacity
of 1500 pounds, good gas mileage and even a removable picnic table for those days when
you feel like taking your family or friends to the park, or whatever else you might want
to use it for. You get reasonable gas mileage, 23 mpg in
the city and 29 mph in the highway. That’s on par with many compact vehicles but
with more practicality and again, a picnic table. Also the rear seats have a good amount of
versatility as well, they fold down and slide backwards a forward giving even the tallest
passengers adequate leg room. The Honda CRV gets good gas mileage thanks
to its 4cyl 2.4L VTech engine which pushes sufficient performance, 156HP and 160lb-ft
torque. Just keep in mind you won’t be doing any serious
off roading with the CR-V. But if you want a vehicle that has the right
balance of size, expense, and fuel economy this might be the right pick for you. On top of being very reliable with minimal
maintenance cost you’ll also get a vehicle with an overall crash safety rating of 5 stars. I was able to find this generation of the
CR-V for as low as $4,000 with less than 150K miles. And considering these vehicles can go well
past 300K miles, that quite the steal. Next car is the first generation Scion TC. If you were a long time fan of the Toyota
Celica then you might like the Scion TC. I mean if you didn’t know the TC actually
stands for Toyota Celica. Well not really, but that’d be pretty cool
wouldn’t it? Scion was designed to be the discount Toyota
aimed at the youth market who just want something cool and sporty. The Scion TC’s exterior isn’t revolutionary
but it does comes with some cool features. Headlamps with BMW-like eyebrows, a standard
panoramic moonroof and a hatchback with plenty of space to carry fairly large items. Considering Scion is under the Toyota umbrella,
you can count on superb reliability and low maintenance costs. In fact the Scion uses the same reliable engine
2.4 L 4 cyl found in the Toyota Camry. That alone should speak for itself. The engine produces 161 HP and 162lb-ft of
torque and can get around 21 mpg in the city and 29 mpg in the highway. There is one issue some first generation Scion
TC’s can potentially have. According to some reports engine oil is may
be burned much faster than normal causing TC owners to have to frequently monitor the
oil levels and add oil in between regular routine oil services. Thankfully Toyota took action and added an
extended warranty of 10 years and 150K miles for those that experienced this issue. Meaning if you’re looking to purchase this
car, previous owners have probably already fixed the issue. You can buy yourself a Scion TC for as low
as $3000. 3rd car on the list is the second generation
Ford Crown Victoria. Also known as the Crown Vic. No other American car has ever proven as reliable
and durable as this car here. I mean there is a reason why taxi drivers
and cops continue to use Crown vics and routinely put over 200k miles on them. Unlike most cars the body is built separate
from it’s frame, resulting in it being able to survive more collisions making it a pretty
safe car. Thanks to it’s rugged body build and and 4.6
L V8 engine it can be used to tow things as well. The Crown Vic is not afraid of bumps, potholes,
speedbumps, curbs and even pedestrians. And let’s not forget, at a glance many people
mistake this vehicle as a cop when seen on the road especially if you manage to buy yourself
the police interceptor model. Not only do other drivers start to drive more
careful when driving the crown Vic around, but the left lane practically becomes all
yours most of the time. You get others drivers asking themselves,
is that person a cop, is that person undercover, is that person a few days into retirement. I vouch for this because I do this too! I know I’m not the only one. Do you ask yourself those questions when you
see a crown Vic on the road? Not only is this car reliable but it’s pretty
cheap to maintain and fix. There are dozens and dozens of crown vics
available at most junkyards. This can be a very good first vehicle for
your young son or daughter thanks to it being built like a tank, cheap to maintain, and
other drivers driving much more careful. I was able to find all versions of the Crown
Vic for as low as $2500 through private sellers and as low as $3500 through dealers with less
than 100K miles! 4th car is the first generation Pontiac Vibe. When this car first launched it was obvious
that it was targeted to capture the the attention of the young and young at heart. TV ads for the vibe featured an urban-beat
soundtrack with what appeared to look like hip teenagers. At the time this sports wagon was quite the
hit. Despite the lack of media attention Pontiac
managed to beat sales projections by 45%. You get a comfortable ride and roomy back
seats. In fact the entire cabin is pretty roomy especially
when it comes to practicality. You can fold the rear seats and get this,
you can fold the front passenger seat flat as well! With all seats down you can get up to 54 cubic
feet of space and 8 ft of length space. Then add the fact that the Vibe carries built
in tie downs to secure anything you wouldn’t want moving around. But wait I’m not finished! The front console comes standard with a 115
volt power outlet with a wall type plug . Meaning you’re able to plug in many electronics
without having to use an adapter. As quirky as that might sound, you gotta admit
the Pontiac Vibe is quite the versatile and practical vehicle. And of course we can’t forget about reliability. Even though the Vibe has a obvious GM style
to it, it’s engineering comes from Toyota. It was built to Toyotas assembly standards
with Toyota components at a joint GM Toyota assembly plant. Toyota even has its own version of this car
called the Toyota Matrix. In other words the vibe is very reliable with
cheap parts available. Lastly the power isn’t all too impressive. It carries a 1.8 L 4 cylinder engine that
produces 130 HP and 125lb-ft of torque. Positive side to this is well…gas mileage. 26mpg in the city and 33mpg in the highway. And for less than $4,000 you can own one yourself. Anyways enough with the Pontiac Vibe, moving
on Last cheap reliable car is the second generation
Mazda 3. Combine good safety ratings, an expressive
exterior design and good fuel efficient and you got yourself a fun and dependable car. It’s so much easier for me to talk about the
Mazda 3 because my wife has owns one herself. She was the first owner of this vehicle back
when she purchased back in 2010. The car has nearly 100K miles on it and listen
to this, we have never had to replace any major parts on the car on it. Other than the routine services for fluids,
brakes, tires, a replacement battery and filters the Mazda 3 has been a champ. Back when the generation 2 Mazda 3 released
many criticized the front end. I mean the happy front does seem a bit much,
but it tends to grow on you as time passes. Cabin space is adequate, plenty of space to
sit 4. Cargo space is decent. You get around 12 cubic feet of space. Making it perfect for grocery runs or in our
case perfect for 2 full sized tires. Some might complain that the ride is a bit
firm, but honestly if you want a car with a sporty feel, the Mazda 3 does just that. You also get excellent gas mileage. 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg in the highway. But honestly after driving this car for years
it seems like you get more than those numbers. You can get yourself one of these for around
$4500-$500 with a little over 100K miles. And I’ll tell you this from personal experience. It’s worth every penny! Hope you enjoyed the video, make sure to follow
me on Instagram and Twitter for updates and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe
for more future automotive content. And hit that notification bell too. Thanks for watching guys, till next time!

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  1. This video is for all of those that wanted a list with more reliable cars. Hope you like it! Make sure to follow me on social media that way I can keep you all updated 🙂 Twitter: https://twitter.com/VehicleVirals Instagram: www.instagram.com/vehiclevirals/?hl=en

  2. Yeah new the LTD would b on the list!!! Should have been in top spot only problem w it though is you have to buy them used. They only sell them as fleet vehicles now😩😧

  3. Fast, Cheap, Realiable. Pick two, at most. Unless you're swapping bug modern engines into lightweight 80s or 90s cars… Then you can get all 3…

  4. Hey Christian great video. Until I can get the car I really want, one of these looks like it might do great for a while. 😁 I am looking mainly at the CR-V or the Mazda 3. My question though is, since you mentioned a certain range of years for each one, I'm wondering if a year or 2 after the range means it's not as reliable or just more expensive so it didn't make the list?

  5. In regards to the cheap luxury cars – my friend learned a hard lesson in repairs when he had his first issue with a bmw he purchased used. He got rid of it after the first repair and purchased a used Homsa accord coupe ( real nice).
    Crown Vic’s Terrorize the roads.

  6. Hyundai tiburon? You get some electrical problems , powersteering problems, and other minor problems but lasts over 400k miles ( 439k to be more precise) and still runs fine( the 2.0 one)
    Unfortunately it was discontinued becouse of the crapy interior, and back seats/ low performance/ gas hog/ sensitivity to rust/ very often service intervals..

  7. Do I ask the question about Crown Vics being cop cars? Not usually. I do take a second glance at the car and the driver. The interceptor and police variants have subtle clues that give it away.

  8. Christian you keep doing what you do! I love your reviews! I'm getting a Mercedes and a Vibe because of your reviews!

  9. I had 2008 (i think maybe 05) a mazda 3 wagon, ZOOM ZOOM! I had a 2003 celica gts LOVEd that car but had problems, and a 1990 toyota celica gts with a full sized spare best car ever!

  10. I have enjoyed worry, hassle free driving since I discovered Toyota. Yup way back in 1990, I bought my first Toyota. Nothing compares, totally reliable , cheap to keep even at 200k miles. I love / loved every Toyota I have owned. Bought one Chevy product in that time sold the Chevy within two years. The Chevy lived at the dealer, not one but for days at a time. Chevy crap interchangeable words crap Chevy, Chevy crap.

  11. I think the TC is my favorite out of all of these, I think it's a little strange not to see a civic entry on this list tho but to each their own. Also my ex had a old school volvo that she kept up to 400k miles and still ran like butter, I think from that experience I'd say volvo should be considered a good reliable car to put on someone's shopping list

  12. I had a 2009 p70 crown vic. That thing was a fucking nightmare (not as bad as my Lincoln LS) the car was a headache to say the least.

  13. 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee
    I have a 1999 Jeep cherokee XJ with a 4.0L i6, 263k miles and runs like new. these i6 are bulletproof. i have heard of many going past 500,000 miles with no engine rebuild, some even going past 700,000. There are millions that still run great with over 200k miles.

  14. I rode in a crown Vic on my way out of prison lol the officer was nice enough to drive me home. Hope you're doing well officer smith

  15. 2002 Chevy Silverado model, i have that truck since 2009 and it never guves a problem plus only payed around $4,500 for it

  16. I gotta say one thing about those old CRVs. After a few 13+ hour road trips in the back seat of one (as an adult, albeit a small one), I am convinced the back seats are the most uncomfortable place ever designed next to medieval torture devices. Enough room to fit my shoe on the ground. No ability to move my feet or bend my knees to anything other than a 90° angle. Impossible to lean anywhere – pillow or not – to nod off. I’ve since taken similar trips in the back of a Veloster and it felt like a limo in comparison, leaving me refreshed.

  17. People don't even understand the amount of abuse and fun a crown vic or the equivalent can be. Only downside is gas mileage and looks.

  18. One thing I love about YouTube channels is that they respond back to you so I'm gonna sun and turn on bell

  19. Crown vic, grand marquis and town cars from 98 to 11 are reliable with out a doubt and cheap. You can get a low mileage well maintained for under 4.5k . main issues with them are ac head light flicker and rear air bags for those who have em. All wich is fairly cheap to fix. When taken care of They will run well past 250k

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