5 DIGIT ART SALE $??,000.00 FOUND GOLD I bought an abandoned storage unit

5 DIGIT ART SALE $??,000.00 FOUND GOLD I bought an abandoned storage unit

see this is why with Mikey said hey you
wanna this locker I said hell yeah without even looking because you know
why cuz Mikey is a luckiest man on earth if anything he oh damn it and during the
course of yesterday I decided to accept an offer on the paintings let him go
we’re done ladies and gentlemen boys and girls practice of all ages I hope I said
that I’m trying to stay pirates in Spanish my Spanish is horrible but I
just love the way the sounds of Spanish sound like such a more distinguished
word than it does in the English language but anyway here we are it is to
day morning I think it’s Wednesday gotta meet Uncle Michael soon he’s gonna be
late gotta go pick up we’re gonna pick up
today the ten by fifteen I spent for a thousand bucks
twelve years sitting in storage they spent over twenty thousand dollars in
rent easily I don’t know the exact number imma try to get the exact number
well over 20 grand in rent we’re gonna see what they were storing in there but
before we do that we’re waiting for a customer if you remember last month I
bought this unit Alex bought it and he got a little scared and didn’t wanted he
said I was gonna outbid him anyway if he wasn’t him bidding I would have went
higher I would have went like three four hundred easily on the unit he wanted for
250 and then here’s a less than his scared money make doesn’t make money
scared money don’t make money he didn’t like Dina so he gave to me for what he
bought I’m about to sell this one piece for five hundred bucks it’s worth more
but it’s not in the best shape and sometimes your first offers your best
offer we’re gonna discuss that more soon when we get to the art announcements but
we’re about to sell this for five hundred dollars one single item in that
unit will double my money on the storage by itself it’s not even the item I
bought the unit for or wanted to bid on it but that is the beauty of stores
business when any time one item pays for a unit or makes you money back in the
rest this profit it is boom that’s what you want a shoe for that is storage
auction dreams right there is like that’s the money can you play this yeah this this thing kind of slips up
and you could if you pull up you could see the insides event oh-ho this year you guys play music yeah in a bandage
them or just for fun hope you don’t mind I’m filming you guys’s hands and stuff I
do a YouTube channel so this will be on one of my videos so it needs a string is what it is right
so that we can just sew within just these three
I mean that that’s a pretty easy fix whoo-hoo all right ladies and gentlemen
we sold that for $500 boom done double our money I love it so here we
are now it’s like 8:30 in the morning all the kids are off to school sold the
piano and now we are obviously as always waiting on Uncle Mike always talking
about I’m the one late but look who we’re always waiting on getting ready to
go the dumps we’re loading up trash right now if you guys remember my last
restores a love video they didn’t want most of their stuff they just wanted
their personal belongings and possessions that mattered to them I
hauled up all the stuff we’re gonna take that to the dumps this morning on a way
to pick up a 10 by 15 what’s this for Uncle Mike the wood I don’t know if I
told you guys or not but Uncle Michael actually showed up today
ladies and gentlemen hour and 56 minutes late today but his hair is good you
didn’t wash your hair well worth the dumps he didn’t blow dry his Vidal
Sassoon I know he’s pressing in here we are now we’re at Chevron we’re down at
the dumps we’re heading on to pick up these units Uncle Michael needed a
second cup of coffee only work for one hour already needs a second cup showed
up two hours of labor on our third break I’m trying to get
new sensation to youtube and old-time celebrity baby Jebus to come out with
little mama stocker and help film cuz I have to ten by fifteen s but I’m so
swamped with stuff and I have auctions tomorrow in the next day that I said
screw it and I told Scott or Alex that neither one of them want what I paid for
it they can have it as long as if they hit it big they got to give me something
just give me a little some sum for using my intuition Scott’s gonna come get it
Scott has been too exhausted mentally with what he’s got going on to make
video so I said baby Jebus and Leah’s come out and film cuz I can’t do both
and I want them to be filmed so hopefully they’re gonna come out and
make some videos with us and right now we’re gonna head on and pick up this 10
by 15 that I bought this one I liked more for a thousand bucks been sitting
for 12 years that’s what I found out before they said it been 12 years in
doing auction or after where they told me lady I’ll even come back or the guy
since they bothers been paying finally have to let go right now manifest gold
silver gems Picasso paintings Rolex washes Leica cameras everything great
you can ever think of let’s think that right now in our brains boom you only
get to work now uncle might yeah alright check your hair ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls piece of all ages we are here
this is another unit about for 550 I got too much to go so Scott was knows I’ve
been on a streak he’s willing to gamble he says screw it I’ll take the unit and
I’ll hook the up if I do well and we’re about to take a look in it real quick
this is the reason why I bought this you know right here if you look right here
you see the costume jewelry on the side but you couldn’t see anything else a
silver plated or gold plated silver potentially going costing costing heads up costing that
bone silver side Scott what I’m doing now is I’m doing taking a page out of
Aziz and those guys good air yeah man that tells you they bought something for
200 bucks gold and diamonds they’re not big diamonds but still there’s gold my
hunch was right on this one it’s not right on the one on man I’m sure it’s
not bad they bought some good furniture but I’m not finding nothing good in the
boxes good I like jewelry nice she wants the other costume jewelry
I saw when I bought this it was in that drawer up there those are the two things
that I liked when I bought this other than the fact that I liked that nice
looking dryer on his side there and I like stuff like this when they put their
blankets and bags and things like that it turns me on Grahams a dam rather so
grams of gold and grams of drugs I don’t know just came off the top of my head
some people’s want to sell drugs some people who look at that got a price tag
on it 14 karat gold it’s at a heart I see on the clasp I see your mom’s
Christmas present you could tell her you bought it come on she ain’t gonna watch
the video and see I’m calling him all a big woman no it’s just – OH what is that
is it silver no gold well it’s pretty this is actually a good piece I like the
way their clothes was in this Jordan I don’t like plastic drawers are all clean
and folded you ever when you’re happy you need Trevor to sniff to laundry no I
try to sniff I give you like this if they’re from dirty clothes you know they
don’t take care of stuff their stuff smells like downy or something you’re
like okay all right oh I told you that’s what made me buy the unit that nice
looks clean it’s honest I bonus the dryer mom’s got dibs mom’s got dibs
another drawer holy smokes Michael this is the good one silver
just those are cute they’re gold I like these tips it’s like a dollar and go see
this is why with Mikey said hey you want this locker I said hell yeah without
even looking cuz you know why cuz mikey is the luckiest man on earth if anything
he oh damn it that’s not that’s a little bit of gold
to eight grams you know it’s funny cuz Alec’s gonna watch this video I offered
this unit to him I told him it’s gonna be good he’s like I’ll see what I buy Oh
Mike how about you move this sell it oh my oh damn I’m excited already we did
good I love being correct come on eight carat diamond ring no see that that
leads me I wonder where the diamond rings are the Rings because there’s yes
probably wearing some one piece of gold little gold backs there’s in the same
place the last ones where the top drawers the plastic containers knives
they’re not much but it adds up hmm that’s silver we still got more over
here though this was exciting this one looks silver no it so hard no
come home baby Jesus looks like a white-gold that’s nice there two of
those nice they look like gold and silver Thanks okay this these people
very methodical all their Joy’s in the top drawers of each of the plastic
containers all right those are gold tissue like gold earrings I’m dipping
these their Christmas gift to a young lady they’re stitching there you go
there’s a ring – no ha ha that is almost wearable 20 inches so she
said still nice pretty good little diamond in it look at my stores man so
I’m supposed to move out of here I guess apparently I have decided to keep my
warehouse it’s nuts I have all this unboxing to do ridiculous dang is sorry
that was in one camera view I’m supposed to do it in this point five always
forget hustle Brian wine is never done we are heading to the market tomorrow
before the oxygens we want to make as much money as possible I know we’ll get
our thousand bucks back on this but we have this hole so we’re gonna finish up
and we’re gonna tidy this up make it full and dry to a little bit a little a
little bit of room tongue twister in this unit upon loading up what we’re
gonna do over going through everything looking at all the stuff we found over
them probably some of it over the years making sure either one of you Bader’s
take it to the market like this is like 40 bucks they’re made and I leak bottles
actually it’s to be more unsure but they’re making my
leek bottles this right here sold for 28 on eBay at
the flea market I’m getting three to five so I’ll set that aside and leave
that for eBay and we sold the washer and dryer little one little annoyed this is
one of the hundred dollar bills that you know it doesn’t mold on there a burn
marker what the hell they did to this thing with dang it trying to get these
shelves down it’s been annoying I’m sorting things gonna I got so many
little trinkets I don’t know they’re not all clay worth a bang so I don’t like
doing too many individual items and then they’re also not worth just taking the
flea market I don’t know maybe we’ll do some mystery boxes of just like random
stuff with all this brand-new entering who know they just sits on the shelves
waiting for eBay you can see it’s late now it’s like 6 o’clock gotta go pick up
the kids get home getting lots of stuff sort of for eBay all this stuff has been
sitting around from all the stores it’s a Griswold and vintage some type of
electric stimulation airbrush makeup system just stuff just everywhere piles
up we’re getting it set for different type of sales Gucci glasses Salvatori is
all just stuff everywhere so that’s what I’m doing in my downtime in the rain is
sorting everything for either flea market eBay moved to my house doing the
junk pile so on the junk throw the trash pile so we’re separate like I said we’re
gonna do some type of mystery box and maybe I don’t know but we got it’s its
you – you never know look this up right here this little piece of metal and the
flea market is like 2 bucks on eBay that’s 35 to 40 bucks well of course I’m
gonna do that same thing on this one Gibson GB or eg and I believe those are
Gibson I’ve had these stuff sitting around I just leave stuff piled up much
rather put that on eBay than take it to the flea market cellphones and
calculators piling up Oh boys and girls patrons of all ages it is Thursday
morning and we are off to the flea market and then we are off to the
auction I’ll tell you guys something right now will tell you guys something
to know there’s a very special unit today I’m going for I gotta get there
and get back this one of the first auctions of the day but upon my research
I noticed one name Michael Jackson and first thing I’m thinking is this the
Michael Jackson’s unit is there a you that has been sitting hidden for years
and a potentially belongs to Michael Jackson is it gonna be a uniform white
gloves betta pants little zipper jackets and stuff I used to have one of those
when I was a kid doing my favorite jackets at like 37 markets on just the
jacket but my brain says it could be Michael Jackson’s unit I gotta go buy it
so here we are heading to stop in the rain 4:45 in the morning lots to do
hustle grind was a beautiful morning already
we got a loot lake minnetonka back here next to Tony setting everything up we’ve
got a tarp over here for the good stuff all right ladies and gents your yeah
Tony right here Lena green with him and George I wonder I put all the good
high-dollar furniture back in my trailer everything you see here
I sold a little bit got some money back basically gonna break even on that
almost I had Alex going to the auction this morning I thought to myself well I
know my good buddy storage doctor and he tends to get a little nervous when the
good units come up and stops and doesn’t bid and I did give him all my money to
go the auction today but I thought about was like I don’t want to hear tomorrow
there’s somebody got a twenty thousand dollar unit for three grand and Alice
was twenty nine hundred so I’m gonna rush for the auctions to be there with
him so we can play scared money don’t make money
also the fact is this unit was not the best unit I paid a thousand bucks
because of the dust and sometimes you got it like no one to fold them I’d
rather walk away and take a break even or make hardly anything to make sure I
get to the next one because I wasn’t that impressed with it Tony would you
like that before I leaves I might not see you for the rest of this holiday
season depending on where we like tell the whole world Happy Holidays
oh yeah merry Christmas to everyone after new year over enjoy and everybody
comment below happy holidays in Kwanzaa and new years of Tony as well thank you
whoo-hoo-hoo and not to mention I like I said earlier I’m trying to buy a Michael
Jackson storage unit today not sure if it is the Michael Jackson
but who knows I’m him I’m all-in with this one because you never know you but
what’s my buddy way and always says you never know when that should come get it
I came to get it and that’s what I’m doing another thing is I took a
basically a loss that broke even I walked away with twenty bucks after
taking all expenses in but the fact is I didn’t see if I were to stay there the
whole day I would have barely I wouldn’t have got my money back on the furniture
and I would have only made about probably the same thing I would have
probably brought in an extra $200 it stay there the whole day and miss the
chances of finding that next big score hitting that home run and I’ll take the
stuff back put it on Craigslist Facebook market
place to consider except I’m actually asking jack advice on what he would sell
it for and where because he’d seem to do pretty good online photos I’m gonna take
a note out of the locker nuts page and see what he would do what would Jack do
and we will make our money back this way like I said got it sometimes you got to
make a pimp positions real quick and one more time and I want to get to the
auction because I’m chasing more bigger better units like I told you guys I had
a feeling him might be Michael Jackson’s you know you never know he could have a
long-lost unit maybe had a little side room here he was chilling taking
vacations some even paying the bill it could be his unit that is the mentality
I have because I have a fairy tale mentality somebody caught me a gift what
is inside this is a cute one of the storage buyers brought me a gift he said
hey Mike I got some for Christmas for you I’m opening it okay Justin I should
have known Justin created he’s gonna gave me the
unicorn bag he knows how I feel about unicorns now I got another unicorn bag
from him look at that those are nice rocketship so this young man is scared of hopping in a
lift or a cab I said I needed a ride and then no one offered a lift until today
well I’m just sayin again and now you’re scared of a lift you haven’t been in yet
wits are awkward the other cars of random stranger you know it’s awkward
for what being awkward it is awkward because the family it’s
very awkward being awkward you’re a YouTube sensation you gotta let there
though YouTube sensation still awkward hey Ian big Judas over there awkward as
human being in the world that’s why you babe cheetahs that was almost see how he
took care of it – it’s on the plastic and stuff like that getting ready for
the next lane sale here is the little posting section code blah blah blah the
washer and so Justin gave me a present and I call
him Axl Rose I found this in my storage unit so it’s only fitting did I give him
a Christmas gift sir I got a Christmas gift for you now yeah I think you
brought me the unit I got was this in that unit yeah when you just got yeah
dude it’s you there goes all my YouTube friends that’s
the wrap on today’s option I bought one actually two units I bought
one cuz it was Michael Jackson store June I was all-in because you never know
if there was really Michael Jackson unit so we’re gonna find out if it was
Michael Jackson’s unit with that being said we also bought another unit for
$2,200 as soon as I bought that unit for $2,200
the woman was standing in front with her boyfriend or whatever it’s like oh
that’s my dad’s unit and I was like Oh for my life I don’t want it
I didn’t even I’m not gonna die I profiled one I was like damn I don’t
like this unit cuz I don’t like the way you look you looked a little bit like
too much like you was at the rave last night you just woke up and you might not
have nothing good in your Union tried to spent $2,200 in but fact is she started
talking about I wanted to get in one box there’s some records and stuff so I went
in took a peek okay I took a little piece and there is a very nice record
collection in this unit I think this person is a band remember an actual
music band member this ago me ago when you either the way to see this alright
could this be my new locket above please be my news box is it the log why
they put upside down yet can we open up one let’s see what they
look like look at the Hat ladies and gentlemen lying locks you know I got
these cuz I’m a lying ha ha whoo ladies and gentlemen we have breaking news
today is now Friday yesterday was the auctions I just bought those news I
discussed and during the course of yesterday I decided to accept an offer
on the paintings let him go we’re done we’ve reached a sale appraised sale a
price they were picked up from my art I had my art seller picked them up from my
security private bank shout out to you mr. nuts for keepin my art safe it’s
nice in this world to have people you could trust I trust Jack very far he’s
been keeping my arts safe for me locked away and now they are about to be taken
to a man a doctor and they’re about to be sold and we will be disclosing the
final sale price on my four pieces of eight
as well I’m wondering when should I release these videos should I release
them tomorrow should we start right away tomorrow
where should we build more suspense and wait let me know in the comments right
now are you finally ready to see these masterpieces that I found at auction for
a $3,800 storage unit if you are kampala pirate stop teasing us it’s

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