5 ICONIC Cars That Were Reintroduced In The Worst Way Possible!

5 ICONIC Cars That Were Reintroduced In The Worst Way Possible!

it’s only natural for us to want to see
a modern version of some of the most memorable cars that we grew up with very
few automakers actually decide to make that happen
some have massive success and then others we kind of wish that they never
even tried today I’ll be showing you guys five iconic cars that were
reintroduced in the modern era but in the worst possible way the first car is
the Acura NSX it really saddens me to have to include this car in the list
when it comes to 90s Japanese sports cars this has always been my favorite
out of the bunch as far as the modern one goes well let’s put it like this it
has to be one of the biggest automotive failures in recent times it was built
and designed to revive our loves for one of the most iconic Japanese cars of all
time but it didn’t work out too well sales weren’t too bad when it was first
released in 2017 selling 581 units in the US which honestly isn’t too bad for
a supercar but then 2018 came along and sales plummeted with only 170 units
being sold including only five sold in a month of April and know that the sales
numbers convinced you how many times have you actually seen a modern Acura
NSX out in a while when you’re commuting somewhere or even at your local Cars and
Coffee event heck I haven’t even seen any of the big automotive youtuber show
any interest in it and they typically do every time there’s a hot new supercar
that’s released the real reason to why the Acura NSX flop can sometimes be seen
as a mysterious thing performance-wise is definitely very competitive compared
to some of the most expensive supercars out there
it came equipped with a three litre twin-turbocharged v6 and three electric
motors all together producing 573 horsepower is 476 pound-feet of torque
for example the NSX runs from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds making it quicker
than the higher spec out er8 for around 39 thousand dollars less the Acura NSX
starts at around one hundred and fifty seven dollars while the Audi r8 v10
performance starts at around one hundred and ninety six thousand which leads me
to the next potential reason the NSX flops so hard it is simply priced a bit
too high well for an Acura at least the interior shares many Acura parts from
other much less expensive models including the turnin and wiper stocks
power window controls and even the infotainment display price wise is right
there with the more popular audio re and it’s much more expensive than the Nissan
GTR one of the best bang for your buck performance cars in existence but
honestly I think one of the biggest reasons the Acura
sex didn’t do too well in the market was because it took forever to actually hit
the market after many years of rumors and teases about a potential new
generation and SX started immediately after the first gen reach its end in
2005 and after the concept was revealed in 2012 it took till 2016 to release the
first 2017 model there is only so long you can keep people excited and
attentive for before they start to lose interest and honestly I think the second
generation and SX fell victim to just that all that said I personally like the
new NSX and all the technology that was put into it as an accurate should be
much more reliable and affordable to maintain compared to other Italian and
European supercars efficiency wise while it probably won’t matter to those that
have the money to buy one it has a great fuel economy at 21 miles per gallon city
and 22 miles per gallon highway which is amazing for a car such as this one as
far as not excited interior I find it to match his routes with easy simple
buttons straight to-the-point functionality with its primary focus on
driving experience truth be told even the first-generation NSX was slow to
pick up in sales back in the 90s and then later to become as popular as we’ve
remember it today maybe they’ll happen to the second
generation NSX well I doubt it you never know the next car in the list is a
Mitsubishi Eclipse cross yes another Japanese car legend has failed to make a
proper return in a modern era and in the worst possible way it was rebirth as a
crossover to be fair the Mitsubishi did attempt to differentiate the crossover
by not just calling it a cliff but rather calling it a Eclipse cross but
why the crossover shares absolutely no characteristics or DNA to what we
remember the 90s Eclipse being and by the 90s Eclipse I’m primarily referring
to the more memorable models like they eclipse gsx and even the GST the bottom
trims weren’t really much of an interest to car enthusiasts and tuners some of
you may have watched my video where I pretty much ripped Eclipse apart with
more than half of the comments section telling me how wrong I was because of
the GST and gsx here’s the thing I never once mentioned or badmouth those two
performance models and I would be a fool to do so since the GS X and GST where
performance bargains at the time with huge tuning potential truth be told as a
kid that eclipse GS X was among one of the cars on my bucket list
anyways that said let’s talk about the only Eclipse that is still produced
today sadly it might sell well overall because let’s be honest crossovers is
what’s hot right now but for car enthusiasts it’s a massive slap in the
face especially Bar Hakan iconic name there is a passage on
Mitsubishi’s website that says they clips perish still lives on and goes on
to compare the gsx and GST models to the eclipse cross well let’s take a look the
eclipse cross comes with an available all-wheel drive system an turbocharged
engine hmm just like the g6 from the 90s right well that’s where the similarities
ended the measly 1.5 litre turbocharged engine the eclipse cross comes equipped
with on all trims produces only 152 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque
well how about the following static lips cross does 0 to 60 in 8.6 seconds it’s
quite clear that Mitsubishi chose to target a completely different
demographic and shove the og fans that really appreciated everything about the
90s Eclipse had to offer to the side there was so much hype behind the
Eclipse especially because it was featured on a fast and furious film the
1995 to 1999 model year was arguably the most popular for modifying very
memorable but then the models from year 2000 and up was the beginning of the end
for the Eclipse there was no turbo or all-wheel drive version offered just a
naturally aspirated v6 power in the front wheels which created zero
excitement for car enthusiasts and then years later Mitsubishi decides to dagger
that iconic nameplate with the Eclipse cross third car is a Pontiac GTO this is
a car many may not even recall that existed from 2004 to 2006 thirty years
after the retirement of their original GM tried to pull a fast one with the
modern GTO literally no time nor effort was put into what once was a legend
every muscle car of the 60s and 70s instead Pontiac decided to rebadging
already exist in an aging car known in Australia as a Holden Monaro here is the
thing rebadging or badge engineering as some call it is not necessarily a bad
thing and can sometimes actually help certain markets receive cars they
normally wouldn’t receive but don’t rebadge a car that has a body style that
has already been around for years rebadged at the beginning of a body
style cycle not towards the end of it the fifth generation Pontiac GTO which
is the one I’m referring to in this video failed to sell well in his first
year in 2004 and I really do believe it’s outdated the exterior design had
something to do with it it was truly its downfall in many people’s eyes nothing
about it resembled a muscle car and it just didn’t look exciting at all after
the first year of disappointing sales Pontiac attempted to make it look more
aggressive by adding two scoops to the hood and split rear exhaust the power
plant had eventually carried was actually very impressive and many that
had a chance to drive the GTO praise its
performance after year one it carried his six liter LS 2 engine that produced
400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque along with a 6-speed manual while
there was a pretty heavy car still managed to run from zero to 60 in just
4.7 seconds which was very impressive at the time the GTO was a perfect example
of judging a book by its cover which seems like many chose to do well I
didn’t look all that good the straight line performance you got was actually
quite competitive some say that the motto GTO would have sold much better if
it had used a different name plate instead of trying to latch on to a very
iconic GTO nameplate and that we will never know the GTO was Pontiacs last
muscle car ever produced just after the 2002 Firebird and it might have just
been part of the reason Pontiac as a brand eventually died fourth car
analysis a gr supra also known as the super mark 5 this has to be the most
controversial car in the modern era so I’m praising and can’t wait for its
official release and others heavily despise it and choose to burn down the
internet forms and social media platforms with nothing but hate comments
the FT one concept brought excitement and anticipation to the car community
once it was unveiled in January of 2014 anticipation was felt much like it’s
felt on Christmas Eve and then finally after years of close curtains to Yoda
three massive bombshell that all of us some sort of as an okay and acceptable
thing because of the circumstances and others went into outrage Toyota decided
to partner with BMW for their new super by using the platform of the new BMW z4
I personally didn’t have an issue with this move for one because I’m a BMW fan
no surprise there and two because if it wasn’t for the partnership the GR super
probably wouldn’t be a thing it was very unlikely that Toyota would invest so
much resources and money on search and development to create a brand new sports
car from scratch especially in today’s era where seems like 2-door sports cars
are being chucked to the side in favour of SUVs and electric vehicles that’s
that it does seem like Toyota took the easy way out and just grabbed the new
BMW z4 put a mask on it and called it their new sports car the G R super
carries a variation of BMWs new b-58 engine features nearly identical
interior features and it’s just considered by many hardcore fans a BMW
z4 with until you’re the badge on it and because of BMWs track record of
reliability issues and costly repairs to your fans can’t seem to understand such
a ballsy move by Toyota it seems like longtime superfans would have been
happier with an upgrade of a twenty-year-old plus engine the 2jz GT
rather than have a technologically advanced engine like the b-58 here’s my
thought on that would Toyota really jeopardize their amazing reputation and
reliability for the sake of releasing a new sports car it has been said that
Toyota was heavily involved to ensure that BMWs b-58 and you met all of
Toyotas Verger’s dependability tests to ensure a poor reliability is not a thing
and just like the to Jay Z’s engine which was capable of handling a massive
amount of bulls making it great for tuning the B 50 it’s close deck design
will be very tuned friendly as well it’s a 3 liter turbocharged straight-6 engine
that produces 335 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque and with new
reports we have learned that those are very conservative numbers given by
Toyota both current driver and Motor Trend had the chance to put the GR super
on a dyno and performance numbers were considerably more than the official ones
the GR super 0 to 60 time is 3.8 seconds which is quite impressive and its handle
it was specifically tuned by Toyota themselves at least that is what it said
I’m sure there will be many comparison reviews online once the GR Supra hits
the market later this month I can go on and on about the new generation Supra
including its price point and the no traditional manual option but honestly
it would make this video way too long I can see and relate from both sides the
ones that can’t wait to drive one and the ones that hate it but all I have to
say is wait till it releases before forming an opinion the fifth and final
car on the list is the Hummer h2 it’s definitely been a bizarre tale with the
Hummer brand it started off with what seems like massive success and then
shortly after led to death and what appeared to be in a blink of an eye
the Hummer was first introduced as a military vehicle by the name of Humvee
both names some were overlap each other Bahama was more known as the version
available to civilians while the Humvee refers to the military ones as a
military truck it made perfect sense since its main purpose was primarily for
person now and like cargo transport behind front lines
it was rugged massive and bill for off-road the h1 was excited at first and
was made popular impossible by the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger but as
the years went by focused on climate change gas prices and hybrid powered
vehicles started to become a serious interest and that leads us to the Hummer
h2 which was released not too long after the tragic 9/11 event those that chose
to drive a Hummer h2 were commonly seen as non patriotic because of its massive
thirst for fuel earlier models came equipped with a massive 6 liter v8
engine wild later models came equipped with a 6.2
liter v8 the h2 was uncomfortably huge very militaristic and didn’t really do
anything particularly well it didn’t have any real purpose the h2 was for
those that really wanted to make a statement and seek attention but most of
the attention h2 drivers were receiving was negative especially when 2008 rolled
around and gas prices doubled sales plummeted and the hate became so real
that a Hummer dealership was torched in Southern California Arnold being
governor at the time was under pressure and ultimately decided to sell his fleet
of Hummers in September of 2006 reported nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars
the Hummer h2 was just released at the wrong time and sent all the wrong
signals which ultimately resulted in the brand’s demise oh and let’s not forget
it was painfully slow zero to 60 in ten point seven seconds interesting huh now
I want to know what you guys think was that right for including these five cars
on the list or was that wrong let me know in the comment section below
I really do hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did make sure and like
it and if you want to see more make sure to subscribe with notifications on that
way you don’t miss out on the next video as always thanks for watching til next

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Ok so everyone is getting mad over the new Supra bc it isn’t a carbon copy of an overhyped car worshipped by 12 year olds, that has an outdated, inferior, and very heavy engine in it? People are mad bc a 25 year old engine isn’t in the new Supra, and Toyota enlisted the help of BMW, who knows how to make an Inline 6, seeing that Toyota hasn’t made an I6 since the 2JZ? Is that what people are mad about? “BuT iT dOeSnT hAvE a MaNuAl TrAnSmIsSiOn!” Ok, the manual transmission, However fun it is, is on its way out, and Toyota will probably introduce one anyways to please the people who STILL think that manual is better.

  2. I feel bad for the Pontiac GTO.
    That car was the epitome of muscle.
    For the price tag of a V6 Mustang you got yourself a car that could eat GTs, Challengers and 350z’s alive.
    And the styling was cool and very down to earth. It didn’t need to look all flashy and stuff.
    Pontiac were going to release a high performance Ram Air 6 trim with a brand new 6.4 LS motor exclusive to this car. Which never happened due to GM corporate shenanigans.

  3. I hate Toyota with every fiber of my being but I do appreciate the new Supra. The credit really goes to BMW there. What I don't get is how Toyota – the world's largest and most profitable auto manufacturer – can't seem to build a good car without outside help now. The Supra is a BMW, the gt86 is a Subaru, the iA and new Yaris are Mazdas, and everything else in Toyotas lineup is outdated and outclassed. Even Lexus is failing to make a case for itself. I get Toyotas are reliable but most cars now in days are too and stats show Toyotas longevity to only be on par with all the other Japanese brands. Toyota needs to showcase what they're capable of on their own

  4. I would die to have a GTO or Holden Monaro (aka Chevy Lumina Coupe), but I cant find any except with V6 engine and a shitty owner who cant even take care of it & make it super neat clean car

  5. The ignorance on the 2000s 'GTO' makes me cringe. Makes me cringe more that America took Holden's cars and rebadged them just to suppress their potential overseas to not outshine their own lineup. Imagine being that insecure. Holden made better cars with GM America's own engines. Also, Holden made the 2010 Camaro.
    (Shortened Zeta platform from the Ve Commodore. Which is also the platform the Alpha is a continuation/built on upon from.)
    Holden deserved better. Fuck GM America.

  6. NSX too expensive, Eclipse became ugly and boring, GTO could have used some effort, Supra just darn Ugly, Hummer – you like hanging out at the gas stations.
    C8 will be the formula to follow.

  7. If the GR Supra had the exact same engine, but it would be called 3JZ, noone would complain. Imo GR Supra is much better than A80 Supra.

  8. In my opinion Acura NSX is a very good car but Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is complete bullshit. On the other hand Toyota Supra could be better if it was based on Subaru WRX as it is a Japanese car and fairly upgradeble.

  9. Yeah what Mitsubishi did was just wrong. In a way a kind of feel like Honda let us down too. The type R looks ok but the other civics look like 2026 Buick LeSabres. It all started with that damn ep Civic si. 99-00 Civic si should have been produced for 5 more years.

  10. If they made the nsx with the n.a. v10 or a n.a. v8 n.a., tt or n.a w/hybrid it would've been insane and might've been cheaper to develop. But i understand what honda did. The nsx today is basically modern f1 like powertrain for the road. Bumping the e-motors hp up and adding more boost to somewhere near 700hp+ total could've justified its price. But going n.a. might've made it a success with a manual trans opt making the price c8 level. Exterior wise its magnificent. Tho it really needs that interior upgrade.

  11. I don't know if I agree with the take on GTO, The performance was amazing The styling was okay, but Pontiac did a good job with what they had to work with. Pontiac had plans for an even hotter GTO,, but the bankruptcy killed it
    I thought the other cars you named were spot on.

  12. Does my head in the way the old supra gets jizzed over despite it being hideous, its like its just seen as trendy to love that and the r30’s

  13. Bro, I was listening with good ear pods. I just ended my shift at 7 am. The car sound that whizzed across and through my brain was amazing. It made me jump and look.

  14. It's not just a BMW engine, the whole darn car is basically a BMW with Toyota touches. On top of that it is even made on the same production line as the BMW in Europe, not in Japan. Shame on Toyota for taking the cheapest way out to bring back the Supra nameplate. GM did just the opposite and reengineered the Corvette into a modern masterpiece. Sorry Toyota. I'm going with the C8.

  15. Here is something that many Americans don't know… The Australian government was pretty cocky before the 2007 GFC and offered a lot of tax incentives to companies, and grants to start or expand export programs.  GM took that money and hence why the GTO was a conversion export.  Unfortunately, it exported it with the base Monaro body kit, and not the tougher looking HSV GTO Monaro model which would have been more appealing to North Americans.  When it didn't do well, and GM wanted to end the Pontiac brand, the Australian government offered more money, so GM started the Chevy SS export program.  Though it was a good car and at the right time, GM only continued the export conversion for the huge subsidies made to Holden by the Australian government.  As many Americans know, the Chevy SS was a low volume import which it didn't promote, as GM wanted to make sure it did not encroach on sales from US made cars. Because of the very low numbers of car exported to the US, Australia decided that the massive cash incentives it was giving to the car industry here was too excessive and unsustainable, and ultimately with the Australian high wages it paid to its employees, and no more subsides it started a domino which killed the car industry in Australia.

  16. If down the track you do an episode of cars America should have imported and rebadges, top of the list I think should be the Holden HSV Maloo R8 (or with the supercharger) which could have been re-badged as a El Camino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57SWHcZh3MEIt looks hot, sounds mean, and has the honour of the worlds fastest commercial vehicle : )

  17. I still want a first gen Acura NSX. Very special. I remember we were selling one when it was already old and it was demanding over $30K. Ten years later….only going up!

  18. The Holden did great in Australia. Great car. Should not have called it a GTO. I would want one ….it's a Corvette in a sleeper body

  19. All you dorks crying about the NSX taking so long to come out should remember the C8 Fiero took 60+ YEARS TO DEBUT! Zora wanted a mid engine Vette 6 decades ago, so stfu! Lol

    The guys who cry that the new NSX is too advanced, don't realize that for the time, the Gen 1 NSX with its electronics and aluminum body was also considered highly advanced! Muscle car guys (cars that were 20+ years older like the 1991 Gen 1 NSX is from the Gen 2) said all the same shit about the Gen 1 NSX: drives itself, is boring, has no soul, has a lame engine, too complicated to work on yourself, hard to soup up, weak ass 276 hp rating, blah blah blah blah.

    The NSX ISN'T A CAR, it is a DESIGN PHILOSOPHY about pushing expectations and advancing the supercar category. The first one did it with advanced materials and reliability which weren't present in supercars of the day. The new one does it with ACTUAL SUPERCAR PERFORMANCE and technology that cannot be found outside of HYPERCARS LIKE THE 918, LAFERRARI, AND P1 and the recently-debuted $600k Ferrari. I'd expect the Gen 3 NSX to have nothing in common with the other 2 as I said, because it is a DESIGN PHILOSOPHY! NSX stands for New Sportscar Experimental for Gen 1 and New Sportscar EXPERIENCE for Gen 2!

  20. You shouldn't have included the hummer h2, you should have included the hummer hx : the total misconseption of a hummer h1.
    It is a two seater electric compact car that "looks" like a hummer h1, but it obviously doesn't.
    And they call it a proper hummer!!!!
    But how can it be a proper hummer if it can't even go on dirt roads!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Type R from Honda.
    At a time when the market is floated with performance cars. 
    Most of the tuners from that era moved on from sport compact already. 
    We sure missed out on a bunch of Great Type R's on this side of the Continent.

  22. The GR Supra haters/MarkIV-Fanboy crybabies are going to eat crow down the road, once these cars have been destroying drift-rings & turning heads for a few years. The only thing wrong with the GR is…well, its the massive wrench GM threw into the sports car-enthusiast world with the C8, its jaw dropping stats & price point since ANYONE looking to purchase a sports car with a budget under $70k MUST consider the C8, even when their eyes had originally been set on another machine. Lucky for me, the GR is at the very top of my budget so my choice will be easy…

  23. Mate that Pontiac gto is a Holden Monaro in Australia 🇦🇺 very popular car in Australia with the HSV family I own one myself I love this car but comparing it to what you are say with the old school yeah I get that and the USA Pontiac front bar is ugly

  24. What I want: 90s Japanese sports car designs just fit with new technology and engine. Even other categorys like sedans, coupes and 4x4s

  25. The reintroduction of the Pontiac LeMans nameplate in the late 80's is even more pathetic than the 5 mentioned in the video.

  26. Driving an eclipse was a lot of people’s way of coming out of the closet without having to actually say it. One of the gayest cars ever made

  27. the japanese had bonkers tuner cars, now pretty much all of them in the modern day’n’ age are dull as fuck, generic soccermom car rebrands that are just made from going A-B.

    TBH, we’re lucky to have Holden Rebrands as Pontiacs in the US/North Atlantic. Lil taste of aussie GM supplied power.

  28. Imagine putting two different cars on a thumbnail showing that there the same to get non-car people to click on the video because they look completely different

  29. Ya if anyone looks in to the development of the new Supra, Toyota was heavily involved the chassis was a co development so it’s as much Toyota as BMW and then Toyota engineers went threw all the parts to make them more reliable so yes it mostly bmw Bart’s but that means Toyota has helped made the most reliable bmw

  30. Honestly,I’m from Eastern Europe and I am truly sorry that I can’t buy a new Hummer.I believe that it’s a beautiful car and It should be revived.

  31. Why I would buy a newer “Acura”/Honda NSX if i had the money.
    Good performance.
    Lower yearly vehicle tax as it is an “eco friendly Hybrid”.
    It is almost invisible, so maybe just maybe you would be left alone?

    Why I would not buy a newer Honda NSX.
    Polestar 1 is almost every thing the NSX is but even faster(probably), more discrete (i think).

  32. Everyone talks about the Gen1 and gen2 GST/GSX and it's understandable why. t was an amazing performer. However, what about the Gen1 4G63- powered Eclipse GS? Has everyone forgotten about the N/A 4G63 GS model? It wasn't spectacular in stock form but it was much better than the Chyrsler crap used in the Gen 2 GS model and can even be modded to do some amazing stuff. It was probably the most reliable of all of the 90's Eclipses too, even if built correctly and boosted

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