5 Mechanic Secrets I Have to Tell You Before I Retire

5 Mechanic Secrets I Have to Tell You Before I Retire

rev up your engine I see mistakes that
people have made over the last 52 years I’ve been fixing cars so well I’ll tell
you the big ones so you don’t have to make them yourself learn where the
engine oil is and how to check it so that’s near the full line when it’s cold
every once in a while check the coolant to make sure it’s full coolant
if it’s an older car learn where the power steering reservoir is hiding back
here but if you have a more modern car you have to worry about that they got
electronic power steering but learn what you have a little bit of information
about your car I know I saw where the battery is these old ones simple they’re
right here learn what just positive and which is
negative so if you do have to jumpstart it you’ll do it correctly so I’m cars
realized batteries in the trunk under the seat or someplace look for that and
if they are hidden a lot of times under the hood they’ll have little markers
that say jumpstart your car here and they’ll say positive cable goes here and
negative cable goes there so learn where that is if you got one of those cars
with the hidden battery so instead of taking a car apart to jumpstart it you
can do it onto the hood just learn where those parts are for your car and of
course we where the brake fluid is in this case it’s right here you can see
through it so it’s off at the top you know it’s perfectly fine doesn’t need
any most kind of these days have this gimmick a light comes on it says service
car soon well of those lights just come on every 15,000 miles they mean
absolutely nothing so you can research it on yours and you can also find out
using your phone how to set them up if you’ve been changing your oil regularly
most times those lights don’t mean anything so you can learn which buttons
you push to turn the stupid warning off when it comes out don’t freak out
if your car is running perfectly fine and some light comes on it says
maintenance do service required cuz those are just gambits they put it in
the car when they build them to make money off of unsuspecting people
but in that respect learn what all the lights in your car mean for instance
your battery light comes on it doesn’t mean your battery’s bad that means that
the alternator isn’t charging the battery you need to get that fixed
relatively soon or you will run out electricity watch the temperature gauge
on the dash most cars run about in the middle stays in the middle fine but
you’re driving on it keeps going up and out towards the edge pull over at the
nearest place you can’t if it gets near that H you don’t want to blow your
engine because it’s got a problem anything from low on coolant leaking a
water pump lots of things can do it but if it starts going closer to the H get
off the road and find out what’s wrong don’t keep driving it because once it
gets to the H the coolant starts boiling and when boiling coolant is inside your
system it’s no longer dissipating an extra heat from the engine and you’ll
blow a head gasket the gas gauge just don’t let it get all the way to empty
cuz if it does actually get empty car won’t start you try starting it while
you’re trying to start it gives you a pump which in most cars is in the gas
tank starts to suck air can burn out a fuel pump one of those assemblies could
cost over $800 to replace on some cars if it’s real low on gas put some more
gas in don’t keep driving until it dies because if it does die and you try to
start it over and over again you can burn out that expensive fuel pump look
we don’t live in a magic world cars run on gasoline and if you run out the cars
you’re gonna run anymore so always keep a quarter of a tank or more in it so you
only have to worry about running out and causing catastrophic damage to the pump when all you have to do is put five bucks of gas in the tank another that’s
big mistake new drivers make it’s not checking the tire pressure every once in
a while you just unscrew a little cap and stick it on that’s it
in this case I’m a bad boy it’s only got 20 pounds it should have thirty-two and
when you do wear there it’s 45 degrees outside as it gets colder playing
physics the pressure will go down it gets hotter pressure goes up so we know
whether changes you want to check your tires if you don’t have pressure the
tires are softer you can easily get nails in and that tires are wear on the
outside because there’s not enough pressure and on the outsides of wear
more conversely if you put way too much pressure then the middle bulges out the
middle of the tire wears out faster you’re riding on air then better robber
most of its air so you want to make sure the air pressure is right I’ll handle
batter they’re safer just check them every once in a while don’t get caught stranded somewhere because you don’t have a simple thing
that’s inside the trunk waiting for you to use now you don’t want a cat in your
trunk they’d make a lot of noise but you also don’t need all the crap I have
because I’ve been doing car repairs for decades a lot of that stuff I just
inherit and throw it in but the first thing is either have a set of jumper
cables you want good thick jumper cables with heavy-duty clamps so they work and
you want a long enough so you can reach from car to car if it’s in a weird space
realize today a lot of people you’re not gonna let you use their car to jumpstart
your car because they know modern electricity and cars with all the
computers sometimes that can damage something even better than having good
jumper cables is a jumper battery itself all you have to do is plug them into the
device and there’s one big advantage of these jumpers until you turn it on
there’s no power so you could hook it up directly to your battery positive to
positive get it tight negative to negative there’s no spark because the
powers are turned on yeah so if you have jumper cables you cannot positive
positive negative negative the last connection he’ll often get a spark
theoretically that can cause an explosion it’s very rare hardly ever
happens but with this that’s an impossibility
once you have connected you push the button to turn it on and then there’s no
spark cuz the switches inside here you don’t need another person with another
car you just saw that in your trunk and where you go and these things are also
smart you have to be smart but positive or positive negative to negative
but if you hook this thing up backwards before you do anything this will tell
you it’s hooked up backwards man you got switching the other way you’re not going
to destroy a very expensive computer system jump-starting it backwards it
will warn you if you can’t beat it for a new driver so you don’t get stranded
somewhere or you don’t destroy your system jump-starting it wrong now
another thing should be caught without is an air pump pump up your tires just
to get low there’s a million of them out there but I like this via air for two
reasons all steel here they last forever and this particular one has clamps
there’s something to plug into the cigarette
sometimes the cigarette lighters blow the fuse sometimes they don’t work right
this is foolproof just took our pods in the positive negative the negative
that’s it plus there’s an accurate built-in gauge
soft you need 32 pounds you do it till it goes to 32 pounds one thing is all
you need if you’re low on air a lot of times you can fill them up they can go
weeks before they lose five or six pounds again they got a little nail or
something em you can fill it up drive away safely I’ve had that one for a
decade it’s made out steel like I said it could last virtually as long as
you’re gonna last you get the cigarette lighter one that’s cheap plastic one it
came from Harbor Freight tool it was like eight dollars or something say it’s
not gonna hold up like the other one engage isn’t as accurate I mean for a
few bucks more get a good one mistake that many new car buyers make is buying
the wrong car you want to make sure you buy the right car in the first place
especially if you’re buying a used car all if you’re buying the wrong new car
could be just as much ass and you’re throwing a bunch of money way but most
first-time drivers don’t buy a new car they use guys if you’re buying a used
car is your first car find a mechanic like me to check it out because over the
years it may sound ridiculous but I have had scores of customers they buy a used
car then later they bring it to me and say Scotty I just bought this car could
you check it out for me and I just respond you know you’re
putting the cart in front of the horse you have it checked up before you buy
not after don’t do like one of my customers did years ago they set it up
so solid on the car was coming over here for me to check it out so they were over
here and here comes this nice Toyota it was a white Toyota so I opened hood my
customer is up to me and says don’t bother I’ll pay it for your time but
don’t bother I hate white cars now the last biggest mistake new drivers make
it’s gigantic one so I saved it for last yes and do with guys like me find an
honest mechanic before your car has a problem today everybody’s out to make
money if you’ve never met someone your car breaks down on the road and you get
it towed somewhere they don’t know you are you know they are that spells
trouble put it in your phone as a contact even I have a special number in
here and that’s my tow truck drivers number my wife’s car broke down I had a
towed over here years and year ago somebody showed me a bad part that broke about a month later but in any kind of emergency a wreck something bad happens you want to have a place that you trust that you can take your car to
cuz in the real world people are always trying to pull fast ones I remember when
I was a kid we are driving to Albany to look at the State University of New York
at Albany we stopped on a New York Thruway to get gas those days they pump
the gas the kid comes to my father and says hey you need an air filter and you
need an oil filter and oil change to God didn’t know my father ran a gas station
himself my father just said hey Jack we just changed the filter in the oil in
the air filter before we started on this trip to Albany forget it you want to
find an honest mechanic before he need one not when you need one,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty knows about tire pressure changing in low temps. The NFL should have consulted him about footballs a few years ago. Could have saved $millions…

  3. I have tried the thing about when I buy a used car, 65 years old, never owned a new car, can I take this to my mechanic to check it out? In 40 years they always say no or don't have time or just a flat no, they look at me like I'm not trusting you

  4. You’re taking rubbish! Service vehicle soon light (svs) is a engine management light on a Vauxhall,Holden and Opel. Usually a glow plug if it’s a diesel.

  5. "Find an honest mechanic", yeah, good luck unless you're already friends with one. They're a real rare commodity these days. You'll spend far less time learning to do it yourself than finding a reliable honest mechanic nowadays!

  6. we work on and have to jump start police cars often and with all the electronics with the battery in the trunk a regular jump box doesn't have enough juice to start them, so we use a homemade jump box. its basically two charged truck batteries on a dolly.

  7. several years back i hooked up the jumper cables wrong and i seen the blue flash just as i closed my eyes and the entire top of the battery came off in my face burned my face but not my eyes

  8. Hey Scotty, for tires, they make afternarket tire pressure monitors for $30-$50. They screw special caps on the wheels and show you what the pressure is all the time when the wheels spin.
    They also make them that use valve stems, but those need someone to put it in at a tire place. Probably saved me an accident or at least some major headaches once when the pressure started going down while I was driving (the burr off of barbed wire, if you can believe it, put a hole in the tire).

  9. My 23 year old 4 Runner is like 'Christine' to me. We have this unbreakable bond and I just cant get rid of her. That beast, she drives herself down the road, and I just sit in the drivers seat and tell her how amazing she is….

  10. Scotty I have a 2005 Mazda 6s it’s making a noise as if the tires are flat, but they are all full with air. I read it can be the fan belt , would a mechanic have a hard time trying to repair this.

  11. I'm 59 yrs old and I been living here in California for nearly 30 yrs but never ever found any single one honest mechanic they all wants a quick bucks .

  12. Scotty please don't stop the videos. You remind me of my dad back when he was…more him. A version of him that didn't lose whatever he lost. He used to take pride in fixing anything and everything, and loved to explain how. We almost restored an El Camino when I was a kid, but during the project he got frustrated I couldn't help, I was too young and he already didn't like explaining things anymore. Your videos will make sure my future kids won't miss out on learning how to fix their vehicles themselves, because you rekindled the interest that was put out in me. Have a wonderful day Scotty.

  13. Boy that old car look really messy! OneHung donkey kart look better than that! At least give donkey wash and clean every now and then!

  14. … having the Tow Truck Drivers Number in your Phone shows you might be a bad Mechanic and you don´t take care of your Car… 30 yrs. of Driving, not a single Breakdown besides a flat Tire I could swap on the Roadside. I maintain and repair and restore my Cars on my own.

    When others go partying I work on my Car and do Maintenance… wen others go on vacation and waste Money I invest in reliability of my Car.

  15. That would imply you’re a mechanic worth listening to. Just retire shut down your page and stop giving people horrible advice

  16. Hey Scotty I love watching channel about cars keep on make them. I have question I'm looking at 2017 alfa Romeo giulia to Awd and they one best sedan out there. Do you thank great family sport car or should buy something else?

  17. And don't overfill your gas tank, for the sake of the carbon filter/cat converter. It's not about spilling gas, it's about expensive repairs.

  18. I ALWAYS tell people to read your owners manual ! Granted there's a lot of blah – blah stuff you can skip over – BUT – there's fundamental things very specific to your vehicle…jack points, towing instructions, weird icon warning meanings, Fuze access locations, vehicle recovery hard points. A little thing that saves you major headache.

  19. Also Scotty a lesson for LPG cars. Bought a one owner Lancer wagon pre owned by a pie factory so I figured it had been serviced and driven by a well fed driver ten years ago, When I bought it I had LPG fitted. Just figured I've saved $15000 in fuel costs less $3500 owing to the conversion cost and my lazy use of petrol causing petrol pump and injector problems. (I was supposed to start it with petrol and run it on petrol one day a week. Well it was mostly driven by the wife and she couldn't give a damn). Yet if I would have run it on petrol once a week it would still have cost me the same or more. Still going well. they are saying no LPG in around 3 years in a country with loads of LPG. Can't figure. So it will probably see me through til then when I will trade it for the fuel economical modern day cars. Always like your videos and have saved a few. All the best friends mechanic.

  20. I came in here just to thumbs up and give my support. i dont have a car and i dont even have a license. this guy is so energetic and passionate.

  21. Scotty, a big fan of yours and a dedicated follower. Really need your help.I remember you spoke abt GDi engines issues and the expensive walmart dusting to get them cleaned and some manufacturers did make changes. Ive done alot of research after having driven 2014 ford escape that has the infamous PTU issues now a reality for me. i am looking to trade it in for either a 2019 Honda CRV, 2019 CX-5 or a 2020 Tucson or Santa fe. However, i dont like the CRV cz it has the 1.5L TURBO on it, the CX5 cz of ur past videos and the GDi uncertainty on the Hyundais – not sure if the new 2.4L theta engines have dual fuel injectors or the single injector directly into the cylinder head. As the Hyundai service manager says it has a single injector, not sure if he knows much. PLEASE HELP ME

  22. some cars use fuel to cool the in-tank fuel pump, too low and overheats, early failure; keep at least 1/4 tank full.

  23. Scotty!
    I love your videos, humorous and informative.
    Is a 1998 5 speed 2.3L Accord a good runner? 100thousand miles and no rust. It has passed PA state inspections this year?
    Thanks Scotty!

  24. Hi Scotty, I own a 2017 Hyundai Tucson AWD with the 2.0 L engine, it has 43000KM on it and has not given me any problems thus far. What is your opinion on it.

  25. Actually, puncture resistance is inversely correlated to tyre pressure since lower tyre pressure means lower ground pressure.

    That said, excessively low tyre pressure does increase the chance of bead speration. It also increases tyre heat due to excessive tyre flex and increases the chance of tyre blowout blowout from structural failure, as well as creating excessive and uneven tyre wear (outside wears faster than the middle).

    Excessively high tyre pressure leads to excessive ground pressure and increased chances of puncture, as well as uneven tyre wear (inside wears faster than outside).

    Both too high and too low pressure reduce tyre grip and safety.

  26. 1) Always check the fluids and tires when cold.
    2) Buy the best tires and brakes you can afford.
    3) Fill up at the quarter tank level.
    4) Change oil regularly.
    5) Never carry more weed than you can swallow.

  27. Positive to positive
    Negative to negative

    Positive to positive
    Negative to negative
    Positive to positive
    Negative to negative

  28. how you feel about the Tesla Hacker aka Rich Rebuilds??? Since you've been outspoken on Tesla….Side Note: something i wont be buying….

  29. Nobody reads the owner's manual in the glove compartment. Everyone I tell to read the owner's manual. They look at me like I'm crazy. Step one, remove the manual from th compartment. Step two open and read it from front cover to the back cover.

  30. Hey guys what do you think about a 95 Buick roadmaster? Asking for a first car reference, I'm thinking ford f150; or a Chevrolet Malibu

  31. What a sham! Where's the secrets? Bunch of sales pitches for tools and nonsense about where the basics are under the hood. These aren't secrets, their basics. Thumbs down. Definitely not a channel to subscribe to. Unless you want laugh at the guy.

  32. Hi Scotty
    I've been working on cars for about 60 years. Before I retired I was an ase certified master tech. I've been a member of AAA for over half of a century because they have reliable towing services all over the USA. Plus, they can recomend good repair shops wherever you happen to break down.

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