5 MISTAKES When Buying Wheels & Tires

5 MISTAKES When Buying Wheels & Tires

– Hey guys. Fuller here on Custom Offsets. These are the five mistakes
people most commonly make when buying wheels and tires. The first common mistake that people make when they’re buying wheels and tires is they don’t understand their fitment. So we at Custom Offsets
have developed a way where you can go in and
get your fitment right on the first try, and that’s
our Custom Offsets gallery. Some of the major factors
that impact fitment are gonna be your width and your offset. Diameter doesn’t matter as much unless you’re really
downsizing then you have to make sure you can clear your brakes. To understand your width and your offset, plug it into the gallery, and that’s gonna show you how far your
wheels are gonna stick out. If you have a negative 44, it’s gonna stick out
more than a negative 24. If you have a positive offset, it’s gonna get sucked in. And then your width
obviously also impacts that. A 10 wide is gonna stick
out less than a 12 wide. So to understand all of that, that is what the gallery is for. I’m not gonna dive really deep into that. You can go explore it if
you want to on your own. The second mistake people will make when buying wheels and tires are that they assume that
all directional wheels are truly directional, and
it’s simply not the case. In all cast wheels that we’re aware of, you’re not gonna get a
separate left and right set, Which means on one side of the truck you’ll be digging and on the
other side you’ll be swooping. So they’re gonna run different directions. Now you can get a truly directional wheel, but you’re gonna have to spend the money to get a forged wheel
like an American Force, Specialty Forged, Moto
Metal Forged, Fuel Forged, and the list goes on. You’re really gonna shell out some dough. So when it comes to
picking out your rubbers, you gotta get something that protects you. The number three mistake that people make when purchasing wheels and tires is that they forget about their tires. So when it comes to tires, there’s a lot of options out there. Now you can definitely get something cheap if you’re just planning on
runnin’ it for the looks and don’t really care how it performs. Or you can get something
a little more expensive that’s gonna last you really long and get the mileage out of it. But when it comes down to tires, you get what you pay for. More expensive tires are
gonna come with a warranty. Cheap mud tires aren’t
gonna have a warranty. They’re gonna be louder, and like I said, it’s just you get what you pay for. The fourth mistake people make is they think that they have to get the 33×12-1/2. Well you’re wrong. You can go up and down in
sizing by using metrics like what this tire is here. So like a 305×55 is gonna be
really close to a 33×12-1/2. You’ll see a little bit of height but not quite as wide and easier to fit. So the fifth mistake people make when they’re buying their wheels and tires is they don’t buy it as a package. What I mean by that is if
you go on customoffsets.com, you pick out your wheels,
there would be a little button that says, add tires and save more. You actually get a better deal when you bundle these together. Plus with the gallery
we’ve already made it so you can get your perfect
fitment right on the first try. So go out there, find your fitment, pick up your wheels and
tires, get ’em shipped to you. And that’s the other thing. These are mounted and balanced, and then they ship for free
in the lower 48 states. So that means you won’t get
your separate wheels and tires, take ’em to Bob’s Discount Tire Shop, and when he goes to put your
12-1/2 wide on your 14 wide, he won’t do that for you. We can. So that all wraps up
our five things video. If you’d like to see more
in-depth on these topics, you can browse our channel. There’s a couple different
options for you to learn more about the offset,
more about the tires, and see which is gonna
be the best for you. Again if you liked this video, please like it and make
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  1. 1, lame offset
    2, rediculos width
    3, no sidewall
    4, wheels stick out farther than a dodges tow mirror
    5, most importantly loose the chrome

  2. Yeah, custom offsets is the sh*t. I was a bit nervous making such a huge purchase online. Their communication and speed and accuracy is top notch. You’re never left guessing what’s next.

    Fuel Octane 20×12 -44 with Nitto trail Grappler 33×12.5 😎😎

    I ordered these on a Thursday and had the in my garage the following Wednesday.

  3. you should have mentioned tire tread patterns when it comes to noise, my truck had mudders they were useless in snow and wet roads, also the loud noise sounded like an airplane! so iam still trying to sell them , replaced them with super swamp aggressive thread pattern radials , now very little noise and i can hear my stereo! big difference! my two cents werth thanks😄

  4. You didn't mention anything about gear ratios.  How larger tires will change it.  And I have not seen you address this in other videos either.  That would be very helpful.  Thanks

  5. Nice vid. Been looking for some new rims for my stock 67 Sierra z71

  6. Ok so I have a question. I’m currently getting a quote from you guys for some American Force wheels 22×12 -40 and tires Open country m/t 37x 13.50 for my 2018 GMC 2500HD Danali. I plan on going with ether a 7” to 9” or an 8” to 10” lift with new upper a-arms. My questions are the Americans Force wheels have a -40 offset, where must 22×12 have a -44 offset. Q1,Will this cause my tires to rub more and not stick out as much? Q2, when a lift is stated to be 7” to 9” and it’s set at 9”. Dose that mean it’s cranked up by the torsion bars and will have bad angles with a rougher ride? Q3 what do you recommend for me to do to get a quality lift kit that will ride better than stock and hopefully no tire rubbing. Lol

    I’ve looked at 8” to 10” CST suspension, As well as Icon suspension, or one of the 7” to 9” kits out there. I want quality not quantity.

  7. I need help I just got a ford f150 and I'm trying to level it with a 2.5 kit and I was wondering if some 33's mud tires will fit?

  8. couldn't understand any of his points other than the value of buying tire and wheels together. Slow down.

  9. I just want to say thank you. When I started researching tires and wheels ,I was overwhelmed. I just happened to come across your all’s channel.one day. You guys made it sooooooooooo much easier. After going through the gallery on your website I found the perfect tire and wheel combo to go with the 4” inch Mopar lift on my 2017 Ram 1500. I am also very impressed with the charity work you guys do. You guys are definitely a class act!

    Greetings from El Paso, Texas

  10. What you mean the “2 directional or not? “ bcz right now I have a problem with my 2010 f150 2wD 6” lift with 35/12.5R20 mavericks FUELS. My traction control light flashes and every turn. And I being told that traction only kicks when 1 of ur wheels are not running at the same speed as the others. Do you think I have to buy American force wheels to fix the problem?


  11. My biggest mistake was not understanding how wide the actual tire was. I ended up narrow (or more narrow than I wanted to be), on the set of wheels I got, because I got scared reading the widths thinking I was going too wide

  12. I’d I order tires and wheels they come shipped balanced on the wheel? How are they shipped? Box? Crate? Never done this before.

  13. 2018 Sierra all terrain crew cab 4X4 , can i fit 33.8×11.5×18 with a 2.5 motif an level ? Thanks . If so I’ll order them form your sight with KO2’s! Thanks

  14. I appreciate your honest advice on buying the real McCoy than the el cheapo u r correct u get what u pay 4 and I will do just that purchase the set instead Thanks !! love your video

  15. Be cool if they would deliver to canada unfortunately they told me only USA which trying to find a shop in Canada that knows as good as these guys do is tough

  16. What offset would everyone recommend on a 2010 Toyota Tundra TRD Off-road with a 6” lift and 35×12.50 tires, I have a Moto metals with a -8 I think(not really sure but they’re 18×10 and my tires stick out an inch) and I want new wheels but I’m not sure if I should go with the -44 or -24 offset on the same size rims and tires

  17. Amazon is taking over the world. They got y'all beat on price and delivery speed for a set of Trail Graps. Can we get a price match?

  18. If you have someone who doesn't understand these basics, they don't need to be buying rims or tires, unless they are Chinese or used, and saying these are basics is being generous.

  19. Greetings,
    I really want 255 85 16 size but have only Bighorn MT762 available and maybe bfg KM 2.
    Alternative is 285 75 16 size and two options – Cooper ST Maxx and Wrangler Duratrac. Good winter performances are highly desirable. I live in a small country and travel max 10k kilometres a year. FZJ 80 is a family mover but from time to time it is a mountain warrior.
    Please help to choose right. Thanks

  20. PSA: I think these guys go through Mr. Wheel Deal and mark the price up an extra 25%. Maybe it was just coincidence, but I got quotes from both and the difference was exactly 25%. CustomOffsets gallery and videos are awesome to figure out what you want, but I recommend shopping around.

  21. If you put in the work, you will def save money buying tires and rims separately. Its about a $3-400 in my case, not every case mind you (for all you know it alls) but alot of the time.

  22. Just curious Fuller. Do you guys match mount the tires to the wheel? I swear most shops completely ignore this step! That's the ONE thing the shop that did my lift got right. They screwed up just about everything else.

  23. How can I contact you guys? Im gonna order a package from you guys, just want to make sure it'll fit with my truck set up

  24. Do screwed fender flares and 17×9 inch rims look good on a 2019 GMC Sierra 2500? I was looking on the web but couldn’t find anything I was looking for.

  25. what is the rule of downsizing for performance tires? not more than 3% variance from stock. I have 255x35r20, I'm planning to do 265x40r18,

  26. If I’m 17 can I do monthly payments for a $2000 set up or if I have $1000 can I put that down and then pay monthly for the rest, or am I completely screwed bc I don’t have a credit card

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