5 Modern Sleeper Cars You Should Be Afraid To Race Against

5 Modern Sleeper Cars You Should Be Afraid To Race Against

With more and more power being added to modern
cars now a days sleepers are becoming quite common. What’s a sleeper car you ask? For
those of you that don’t know it’s basically a fast car that doesn’t look fast car, a car
most people don’t expect to be quick. That said I’ll be showing 5 sleeper cars you should
be afraid to race. Also if this video gets 500 likes I’ll release a part 2 to this video
featuring older cheaper sleeper cars most people can afford. If you guys are new welcome
to the channel my name is Cristian and this is Vehicle virals if you enjoy the video make
sure to subscribe for more automtive content. Let’s get started. First sleeper car is the Chevy SS. If you’re
from Australia you might be familiar with this car. It’s basically a rebadged Holden
Commodore. From the outside this car looks like any ordinary rental car but what lies
under the hood is anything but that. This is a high performance sedan in disguise. It
carries a old school like naturally aspirated LS3 6.2 V8 engine found in the c6 corvette
that produces massive performance. 415 HP and 415 pounds of torque to the rear wheels.
Does a 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and can run a ¼ mile in around 13 seconds. And get this it’s
available with a 6 speed manual. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Chevy SS might be the
only V8 manual high performance sedan in America as of recently. The BMW M5 and the Cadillac
CTS-V no longer offer a manual V8 since 2014. Making the Chevy SS that much more special.
It also get a limited slip differential, a dual mode exhaust and a magnetic ride control
adaptive suspension. But let’s not forget this is a sedan that not only excels in the
performance category but in everything else as well. It’s comes packed with an enormous
amount of impressive standard features that’ll make you feel comfortable when just to go
for a crusie. I’ll name just a few so you get the idea. You get proximity entry, remote
start, heated and ventilated seats, a heads up display, forward collision warning, a rearview
camera, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, and spot monitoring. Only two features
that are optional is a spare tire and a sunroof. Just know you’ll only be able to buy the Chevy
SS used, sadly it was discontinued in 2017 but plenty are available in the used market
for as low as 30K. What’s not to like? Would you buy one? You’ll easily blend into traffic
looking like a ordinary Impala or Malibu, but also have the ability to breaks necks
when you step on the gas. Oh and do you have family pressure about buying a family car?
Well this sleeper car is the perfect solution. Next sleeper car is the Ford Taurus SHO. Looks
like an ordinary family sedan doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. SHO stands for Super High output
and that’s exactly what it does in a sneaky manner. Perfect for those that like to cruise
but at times like to floor the gas pedal. And as most of you might know this car forms
the basis of police cruisers in some areas of the United States. Which results in many
people perceiving it as an unmarked police car. You know what that means, the left lane
can easily become all yours as other drivers are encouraged to move over to the right lane
when seeing a Ford Taurus in the rearview mirror. But let’s get to the meat and potatoes.
The reason the Taurus SHO is a sleeper is thanks to it’s 3.5L twin turbocharged ecoboost
V6 engine that produces 365 HP and 350lb-ft of torque. Good enough to power the Taurus
SHO through a 0-60MPH run in just over 5 seconds thanks to both it’s revised final drive ratio
for better off the line acceleration and AWD system. And let’s be honest most cars on the
road are slower than that. You also get a sports tuned suspension for better handling
when using all that power. If you really want to crank up a notch you can perform a simple
remap of the ECU to match the performance of the Ford F150 and Expedition which carry
the same engine but with more horsepower and more torque numbers. Not only will you have
a sleeper car that won’t turn heads when you drive by but you’ll also get nice features
like a mesh aluminum dash trim, adjustable aluminum pedals, front seats with a wide range
of bolster adjustability and 20.1 cubic feet of cargo space making this car perfect for
daily driving. As many might know Ford is shrinking their lineup of cars and sadly the
Taurus is being killed off for the second time. But you can get still get yourself a
new 2018 one for as low as 36K and a used one for as low as 30K. 3rd sleeper you should be really scared to
race is the Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk. Most car guys don’t really need an introduction
to this vehicle, but those that aren’t familiar with the TrackHawk, you’re in for a surprise.
It carries a 6.2L supercharged V8 engine pulled directly from the Charger and Challenger Hellcat.
It produces a ridiculous 707HP and 645lb-ft of torque but unlike the hellcat it can easily
put the power to the floor thanks to it’s AWD system and weight of just under 5400 pounds.
The TrackHawk can perform a 0-60 run in you’re ready for this? 3.5 seconds! And can complete
a ¼ mile run in 11.7 seconds and had a minding blowing top speed of 180MPH. Performance of
a supercar packed in a SUV that can be daily driven. Perfect for those parents that want
to take their kids to school at 180MPH. Think of it as supercar that can carpool. The interior
has plenty of room that can seat 5, a cargo area with just over 68 cubic feet of cargo
space, and features like Android auto and apple carplay. Add the fact that you can tow
up to 7200 pounds while using a feature Jeep calls trailer sway control. How many high
performance vehicles can say that? Sure the TrackHawk becomes Clark Kent when driving
passively during normal commute but there 4 things that’ll help you distinguish it from
regular grand Cherokees. The yellow colored Brembo brakes on all four wheels, ride height
which is lowered by 1.5 inches, aggressive air vents on the hood and the 200mph speedometer.
You might not like the pricing starting at just under 90K making nearly double the price
of a standard Jeep Grand Cherokee and around 15-20K more than the hellcat vehicles. If
you’re able to spend that kind of money you’ll get a super performance vehicle that can serve
as a daily driver that can tow a trailer. Oh yeah and and you’ll own a pretty sweet
sleeper. 4th car on the list is the Nissan Juke R.
Combine the traditional Juke crossover that car guys love to make fun of and combine it
with the performance of a Nissan GTR and this is what you get. Nissan called it the the
first crossover supercar. First introduced in 2012 it definitely caught many by surprise.
And in 2015 they introduced the second version of the Juke R with updated performance at
the Goodwood festival of speed. How much performance you ask? 600HP and 481 lb-ft of torque thanks
to it’s 3.8L twin turbo V6 used in the ultimate performance car the Nissan GTR. It also uses
the same high tech all wheel drive system system, as well as the dual clutch, 6 speed
transmission. Perfect recipe for a sleeper. It can Sprint from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds.
A Nissan juke camouflage but underneath lies a beast. Only thing that might give it away
that it’s a performance car, is the full blown roll cage located where the rear seats normally
are, aggressive bulging fender flares, and the front bumper with large cooling apertures.
And of course when you mention super car you have to include carbon fiber into the equation.
The body contains plenty of carbon fiber panels including the front bumper, the integrated
diffuser, and flares. Want to own one? That’ll be a challenge of its own. Apparently only
23 of them are being handbuilt according to various online sources saying that it represents
what Nissan means in Japan when split in half. Ni means 2 and San means 3 which kind of makes
sense as nismo commonly used the number 23 on their race cars. And on top of only 23
supposedly being built they retail for around 600K…um yeah moving on The last and final sleeper car on the list
is the Buick Regal GS. While you’re probably tempted to stop watching this video because
I included a Buick which most people will turn away from unless you’re 80 years old,
trust me this is a good one so keep watching. While the newer 2018 model carries a bit more
of a sportier look, it still can pass off as a sleeper thanks to how quick it is on
the road. Could this car be the return of the grand national? Well not quite in my opinion
but close. The Regal GS comes equipped with a V6 naturally aspirated engine that produces
310 horsepower and 282lb-ft of torque along with GM’s 9 speed automatic transmission
which was co developed with Ford. Combine those two and you’ll be able to run a 0-60
in the high 5 and low 6 seconds. Only thing that can potentially turn you off about the
Regal GS is the absence of both a manual transmission and paddle shifts. Only way to manually shift
the gears would be by using the gear selector on the middle console. Boring. Just like other
cars on this list the Regal GS can easily blend into day to day traffic making it perfect
for reactions when you decide to drop the hammer. The interior is definitely one of
it’s best features. You get 14 way adjustable sports front bucket seats with adjustable
bolsters, which are both heated and ventilating options along with a massage function. Definitely
nice looking seats. When it comes to practicality is execels as well with a cargo that has 31.5
cubic ft of space and 60 subic ft of space when the rear seats are folded down. The ride
has been described as quiet and very comfortable thanks to it’s active damper system that can
adjust every two milliseconds to properly soak up bumps. As far pricing goes you can
get one for as low as 35K. Not a bad deal, considering it cost less than its German rivals. Remember guys if I get 500 likes on this video
I’ll create a second part two this video with cheap sleeper cars you can afford. So make
sure to like it! And if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe that way you don’t
miss out on any of my future videos. What was your favorite car on this list, comment
below I’m curious to find out what you guys think. Anyways thanks for watching see you
next time

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  1. 500 Likes and I'll make a part 2 but with cheap sleeper cars. Which was your favorite car from this list?

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  2. From the list, and sticking to the list, I would probably take the Chevy SS. Looks like an old man car, which I can deal with, and I need four doors sometimes so that is good, and power! Sign me up if I can find one on the cheap from a senior.

  3. I kinda want to get a 98' camaro ( because i love that car ) and put a high performance engine in it and then completely restore it.
    I guess that would be considered a sleeper

  4. Those discontinued cars end up costing a lot more to fix after buying than, say, a Honda Accord. The parts, whether new or used, are harder to find.

  5. BMW drivers be losing races in a trackhawk trying to blame it on the extra bodies ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. I would take the Taurus and my favourite chevy ss anyday, I don't see a point of the other 3 cars to be called a sleeper, though the jeep fits almost as a sleeper.

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