5 Most Common: Compact Tractor Attachments

[music] Neil from Messick’s here. I could do a quick explanation
for you today of the top five implements that are typically sold
with the compact tractor. Tractors themselves are
after all tool carriers and most or every tractor is sold with
at least two or more implements. We’re going to show you some
of the most common ones that are typically sold
with new machines. Far and away the most
popular attachment that’s sold with the compact
tractor is a loader. For us, around 90% of
the machines that we’ve sell go out with one of these
things hanging off the front. More and more we’re
also selling our loaders with skid steer couplers
on the front making it even more
versatile attachment where you can remove your bucket and put on pound forks
or snow plows and those kinds of things
onto the end of the loader. Anybody that owns
one of these things will tell you that once you
have it on your property you will find all kinds
of things to do with it that you’ve never
thought of before. Loaders are typically used
for in a moving dirt material, snow and those kinds of things but it’s also just having
a better wheelbarrow around your property. You’ll find all kinds of things that you can lift and move
and manipulate with a loader. Like I said, most of the time
for us it’s around 90 % of our machines
are going to go out with that loader
attached to them. By far that’s the most
popular attachment that we sell. The second most popular
implement that we sell is by far a finished mower. Most of the time,
our most tractors we’re selling with
mount mowers. These are all 60-inch models that
are going to go on the bottom of a convertible B
or BX model and typically we sell
the mid mount because it’s a little bit
easier to use. When you’re sitting in
the seat of your tractor you can easily look down and see
the sides of your deck making it easier to
trim up against things than a finish mower
n the back of the tractor. Either way, there’s a way to get
your finished mowing done. Larger machines typically finish
mowers on the back and are little bit more economical but finish mowing is a really
popular application for your tractor. It gives you a way to maintain
the lawns around your home and buildings and
those kinds of things. Rotary cutters are going to be
our third most popular implement. Rotary cutters are going to be mowers
much like the finished mower was but really geared towards
much more rugged applications. If you have a field or
a pasture to mow or trails to maintain
or woods to clear, a rotary cutter is going to
give you much heavier blades and heavier construction
that’s made to crash through those heavier
more demanding conditions. It will not give you a smooth
of a finished cut, it’s what a finished mower does, really made just
to knock things down and kick them out the back but a really, really useful attachment
for maintaining your property. If you compare the blade
on a rotary cutter versus the blade on
a finished mower you can clearly see
the difference of them. They’re both called mowers but the application
couldn’t be more different. On the underside of the machine here
this dish is called a stump jumper. If you come up and you hit
a rock or stump or something, this curved piece right here
is made to ride up and over top of
that obstruction where a finish mower is going
to have a much more exposed spindle on the bottom
side down here. You can also notice
the back of these blades, rotary cutter blades are
much, much heavier. Typically able to chew up things
from two inches to three inches around depending
on the model and these heavy cast blades
have a lot more mass and a lot more inertia
as they’re spinning now, not spinning nearly as fast
which is part of the reason you’re not going to
get the kind of cut that you get from
a finished mower but a blade like this is able
to cut and chew up things that would really break and damage
a finished mower over time. We see a lot of
customers taking mowers and trying to do things with
them that they shouldn’t. Just keep in mind the
applications for these things that are made for and the significant difference
is in their construction. Running these things and in situations that
are not made for is either going to give you
poor quality cuts or really shorten
the life of the implement. As we get further
down the list here we’re going see more regional differences
in some of these implements. For us here we have a lot
of people who are gardening or having food plots for animals
and those kinds of things and so, therefore, we sell
a lot of rototillers. Within the tillers, there’s
two different types of forward tine and a reverse tine. Typically the reverse tine
is better for somebody looking for a really
nice finish at the end and doesn’t have
very rocky soil. The reverse tine tiller
will pull itself down and finish your seedbed
a lot more nicely but if you’re going into
really rocky conditions or a virgin soil that
hasn’t been turned before, a forward tine tiller
is going to perform a little bit better for you. If you’re a food plot guy
for instance and you’re going to turn some soil out
and the woods somewhere to plant some stuff
down for your deer, a forward tine tiller is probably
the right choice for you. If you’re a dedicated gardener reverse tine is probably
going to do a better job. For us here in the Northeast we sell
a lot of snowblowers with our tractors now to go out and clear some
of the significant snows that we get off of our driveways
and stuff in the wintertime. You typically want
to know that snowblowers when they start to
get to this size, don’t work really well
on light snows. If you get the two
or three inches snowfall you really have to get enough snow
buildup in front of the snowblower and pulled back
into the impeller before it’s going to properly start
to clear it off of your driveway. Oftentimes we like to see when
somebody is buying a snow blower it’s also paired
with a front lake or a front loader
or another attachment to take care of some of those
light snow falls as well where these things are really
great and very efficient for the times that we really
get hit in the snowed under. Buying a compact tractor
is exciting for a lot of different reasons. For that initial purchase
to get your mowing and loader work done
and those kinds of things but you’re quickly going
to find as you come into additional tasks around
your home or properties that there’s going to be
an attachment to do just about every job
that you can come up with. If you’re in the need for any
attachments for your equipment, we have a lot of them listed
online on our website and we’re glad to help you
over the phone too. You can check us out at
www.messicks.com or call us at
800-222-33-73. [music]

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