5 of The Best First Cars to Modify

5 of The Best First Cars to Modify

– Banana bread at work, dude? Hell yeah. I’m glad that I’m not out there, ’cause currently, it’s dropping down to negative 60 degrees here in Wisconsin. Banana bread, hell yeah, winter, hell no. Negative 60 degree wind chills?! Dude?! Hell no! Morale is at an all-time
low for car enthusiasts, so what better to do than talk about cars? Because that’s what we like to do, here. We like to talk about
all things automotive, whether that be wheels,
tires, and suspension, fitmentindustries.com, or
anything else in that realm. That’s the end of that story. What is going on, guys? Gels from Fitment Industries, and today, we are going
to take a break from the negative 60 degree wind chills outside, and talk about something that makes us a little bit more happier, and
we’re gonna talk about cars. Now, like Steve said, humble
beginnings start everywhere, and even in the car community
are humble beginnings. Now, today we’re gonna be talking about some of the best cars to
modify as an entry level car enthusiast, or if it’s gonna be your first car to modify, or maybe even your second car to really start digging into. So, first up on the
list, we have, of course, the Honda Civic, and that is solely because
not only has the Honda Civic been around forever, but because of that, it has allowed for many different variations of the Civic, so you have something to fit, pretty much, everybody’s needs, so you have a Coupe, you have the Sedans,
you have the hatchbacks, you have a bunch of different
styles of these cars that you can get. Now, you can pick up these cars for a relatively decent price, just one thing to make sure of, especially if you’re
northern enthusiasts like us, up in the old Wisconsin there eh? That watch out out for
the rust on these cars, because there’s nothing
worse than dealing with old cars and rust, it’s just, if you can, avoid it at all costs, just… So you pick up these cars
for relatively cheap, now, like I said, make
sure you want to get one with no rust, and try to find one as stock as possible, and I know that might be
a little difficult to say, but they are out there, if you
do a little bit of searching. Now, what makes these cars so
good for an entry level car, or a beginner car to start modifying is that the aftermarket support for these cars is just unreal. Even for the older generations, there’s still companies
out there making parts for these cars. And not only that, there’s a
huge community and following for these cars still, that can help you out if
you have any questions. You can hop onto forums, I mean, there’s just an endless amount
of information out there, for anything that you
want to do to Civics. So, moving onto car Number
Two would be the Mazda Miata, or the MX-5. Now, not only are these cars
just a ton of fun to drive, because they’re literally
a go-kart, but again, they also have a lot
of aftermarket support, and you’ll find that a lot of these cars that we’re gonna mention do have a lot of aftermarket support, and that’s what makes it so nice, is that, not only are there parts out there for it, but there’s a lot of companies that make different parts for it, so you can really build
something to fit your own style, your own personality, as per se, you can really express yourself in the form of a car and how you build it. So, what makes the Miata such
a good car to build off of, is not only that is a rear wheel drive car with a perfect weight
distribution, is that, it’s also super good for
entry level motor sports. So, say if you want to get into autocross, or even some drift events, they’re a really good platform
to start doing that with. If you do start modifying a
car, say performance-wise, or engine wise, that,
not only do they take the modifications very well, but you don’t have to do
a lot of modifications to get a lot out of the car. With the car being so small,
any performance upgrade, you’re gonna notice, because,
the car weighs, like, nothing. It’s small. It’s tiny, it’s a little car, so, you add thirty
horsepower to the thing, you’re gonna feel it. You add some nice suspension, it’s gonna whip around the track, even faster, so, that’s what makes the Mazda Miata such a decent platform to build one of your first cars off of. So, that leads us into car Number Three, which would be the 86 platform. Now, what makes this car such a decent platform to build off of, and such a nice car to really learn on, is the fact that they’re becoming more widely available, and the prices are becoming more accessible, I guess you could say. The prices are coming down quite a bit, you can find a 2013 FR-S
with not too many miles on it for right around $15,000, which isn’t a terrible price for the car that you’re getting. Now personally, owning an FR-S, I’m speaking a little
bit from experience here, as it’s really the second
car that I dove into as far as modifying, that, again, the aftermarket support is absolutely huge, and along with that, again,
comes that community with it, so, the 86 and FR-S BRZ
community is huge out there, and all the people that are in it generally seem to be pretty cool people. You find a lot of them not only just hanging out in parking lots
and everything like that, but they actually do drive their cars, and they do whip the cars around
tracks as much as possible. So, I’m not saying just it’s necessary you want to work on the car, but you really kind of
want to get involved with the community, and FR-S BRZ or 86 would be definitely the way to go. So, again, the 86 platform
is a huge candidate in the entry level motor sports division, both in autocross, and
even in drift events. And again, kind of along the same lines, is the Miata, where, you don’t have to do
a lot of modifications to get a lot out of the car. Now, the FR-S and BRZs aren’t generally known for being the fastest cars on the block, but they are a lot of fun to drive, personally, why I own one. And overall, it is just a
fun car to own, because, if you’re like me, and like to do a lot of
work by yourself on the car, it is fairly simple to work on, as long as you don’t have to replace spark plugs or anything engine-related, because, the engine goes like this, which isn’t always the funnest thing, but, as far as, like, suspension components
and exhaust components, and everything bolt-on, it is fairly easy to work on, you can do things in a matter
of probably about a half hour to an hour, depending on
what you’re working on. and then, of course, the last thing I’ll say about the 86 is because the depreciation is so (buzzing deeply) ing terrible, you’ll never get rid of it, so it becomes an awesome candidate for two
Jay-Zs swapped down the road when you finally save up the money. When you thought you were gonna put a down payment on that other car, and then you go to sell the
FR-S, and you’re like… (child groaning) Then, moving onto car Number
Four, would be the Subaru WRX. Now, I chose this car because, again, it has been around for a while, somewhat like the Civic, and there are plenty of
generations to choose from. But also, the fact that these cars come stocked with a turbo-charge engine, and what that means, is that they are a good candidate for making a pretty decent amount of power without having to do a
whole lot to the car, with the simple bolt-on modifications, whether it be with your
headers, down-pipes, exhaust, and an intake and a simple tune, you can get a noticeable
difference in performance out of the car. And, overall they are just a fun car to kind of tinker with in that aspect. You can load up a bunch of different tunes to have fun with it. You can learn a lot about that side of the car enthusiast community, and that culture with
the turbo-charged cars. And, another fact for
why it’s on the list, is because I know I brought
it up 30 times, is because, for the northern guys,
they’re all-wheel drive, and they make a really
good car all season, so they can get through
the snow fairly well. They’re a good car to
drive during the summer. They’re just a fun,
all-around kind of car. You can go do driftskies in the back during the winter. I mean, we’ve done that probably about five
times in the last week. But I mean, it’s just a good daily driver, if that’s the only car
that you’re looking to own, but also still have a lot of fun with. So, the fifth and final, but certainly not least of the list today, is gonna be the DSM. So, the DSMs hold a special
place in my heart, technically, because I technically own, if you want to say, a DSM,
it’s a 420A Mitsubishi, but I mean, we’re moving on from that. I’ve been around the culture long enough. I’ve done a lot of research on the 4G63s to know that they are capable of a lot. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this car for any beginner, but they make a very good
intermediate or second car, for anyone who’s really
looking to make some power out of their cars, and
really do a lot of, say, hands-on work, and then are indeed themselves. Now, what I mean by that is, even though the DSMs are older platform, whether you’re going from the
first gen to the second gen, there are still companies out there that offer quite a few
aftermarket parts for them, but the aftermarket support isn’t as huge anymore as it used to be, so, what that has allowed
people to do in the community, is to really help each other out by making their own performance parts. There’s plenty of people out there, on forums and classifieds pages that do a lot of custom work, specifically for the DSM enthusiasts, so with that comes some pretty unique one-off sort of parts that
you can get for these cars to make them really, really cool but also really unique at the same time. The DSM platform in general, allows you to build a pretty wicked car, even though you may run
into some issues like, the 4G63 is known for
the crank lock issue, they’re known for, you know, not being so reliable, but that’s kind of what makes
them so fun, is because, you’re getting to work
on the car all the time, now, if that’s something that
you’re not looking to do, then maybe the DSM platform isn’t for you, but if you’re someone who
likes to go out in the garage, makes some badass power out
of a four-cylinder engine, and run it down the drag strip, the DSM is an awesome platform for that. So, like I said, unless you’re looking for a
constant migraine all the time, I wouldn’t recommend this car
for the absolute beginner, but, like I said, maybe for someone who’s looking to step up from their first car, or really delve into the aspect of tuning, and building some serious power. So, those are our picks on the five best cars for anyone looking to get into the car scene, or for someone to look
at starting to do work, to their car, and start
building cars for themselves. So go ahead, and let us
know down in the comments, what your top five picks are for cars that are good for entry-level enthusiasts or people who want to work on their cars. And don’t forget to head
over to fitmentindustries.com for all your wheels, tires
and suspension needs. But I’m Gels from from Fitment Industries, and don’t forget to subscribe. And we’ll see you later. Peace. (steady hip-hop music)

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  1. i'm a 23 year old mechanic with no driver's license, but i intend to buy and begin working on my first car as i get my license. i live in Canada so i'm considering an older STI or an older Evo. i've looked at a few Audi's and BMW's but overall my main concern is the brutal winters and inevitable children it will be lugging around for a decade, so i'm looking for something kind of rugged. i wanted to avoid an STI or Evo just because of how common they are (stupid reason), but i can't find any other AWD cars that you can really have some fun with. i was even considering doing an AWD conversion to something but that'll take longer than my license.

    this is a very roundabout way of asking: should i get an STI or an Evo, and what year? are there other options (like AWD sedans, HBs, or even coupes)?

  2. In the UK the only thing that matters with a first car is actually getting insurance. You only start getting things you like after getting 3 years no claims.

  3. 3rd gen firebirds and camaros have a lot of potential for a pretty low price depending on where you're at, not a bad aftermarket either, though the appearance can be pretty hit or miss

  4. If you don't care about what type of transmission you have a 1997 – 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP is a great car. Highly tunable and decent handling. A real sleeper.

  5. *as long as you don't have to replace…"
    Me: Sparkplugs.
    Cuz the engine goes like this <<<—>>>
    Might have snorted a little.

    I love my 86. But working on the engine bay is a pain in the dick.
    I have a squeaky ass belt whenever it rains and I'm really dreading getting my hands in there to fix that soonish.
    I just hate starting the car on a wet afternoon in my work lot and driving past all the people that tend to stare at the car cuz bright lights on point+loud+low and then there's this nice vroom vroom and then at the tail end of the exhaust crackle is the lil' chirp chirp chirp hi my belt is old pls fix type sound.

    First world probs.

    Least it's not like my dad's power steering pump in his Forester that's been going SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the first 5 minutes the engine's on for about a year now. Every time I offer to get in there he's like "meh… still not broke yet".

  6. Cobalt ss/tc. Super easy to get 400+hp, even easier to get over 350hp with a charge pipe/tune and cai. All for around 6000$

  7. I’m starting my first project soon I have a good mechanic helping me I’m getting a 240 sx s13 for my first project and he’s going to help me ls swap it any advice I might find useful?

  8. Though I can't get a whole lot of power, my Honda Fit seems pretty easy to work on and has affordable aftermarket parts. Feels like a good car to learn on.

  9. honorable mentions imo are the 350z and the focus st. 350z is getting to the price to performance ratio where you can get one for not a bad price and have a good amount of fun whether its a daily, drift car or "race car"

    Focus ST's are more expensive, but are around the same price point as a FRZ86. the ecoboost engine is pretty easy to work on and you can make some good power for a good price

  10. So I live in Wisconsin (Hayward), and I was wondering if you would recommend getting a winter and summer car or two different ones.

  11. According to “Car Youtubers” these are all riced out. If you don’t own a GTR, Supra, or Skyline you are automatically a ricer…. You know who I’m talking about

  12. Hello, im speaking to anyone willing to share some advice, im 15 years old, i dont know jack squat about how a car engine works, how i would change suspension or anything at all that is related to tuning a car. I want to get a car for my 17th birthday and i want to understand the ins and outs about tuning a car, but i dont even know where i would start. The only potential resource i have is my dad and hes a truck mechanic. But the problem is he lives in New York and i live in North Carolina and i see him maybe once or twice a year if at all. So if anyone would be willing to share advice on what i can do, it would be greatly appreciated

  13. I started off with a Hyundai tiburon, Honda civic, dodge neon, eagle talon, and ended up with my dream car, the dodge stealth RT 😉

  14. You Americans mist be fkn rich to afford the insurance on a Subaru STI for you 1st or 2nd car 😂

  15. I am from South Africa. Top 5 Cars To Modify in South Africa on a budget or First Car
    1. Mk1 Citi golf/ Vw rabbit
    2. Toyota tazz/conquest
    3. Mazda 323
    4. All VW GTI's
    5. BMW 320/325i match box

  16. Honestly the mustang. I know it’s a very basic car but that’s the beauty of it. There’s so much room for potential because everyone with a mustang just put black or grey 5 spokes on it, lower it, maybe a stripe and some light aero but that’s usually it. Where’s the crazy off the wall builds.

  17. Lol why no golf or jetta? You don't have to do a whole lot to get them to look and sound good. I was thinking of saving up to a Mk3 vr6 for my first car.

  18. yes but the problem with the crankwalk it's only in the 2g 4g63t but that's why people are swapping the 1g 6 bolt 4g63t to the 2g that 1g engine has stronger engine can hold all stock internals up to 550 whp the only problem is that stock manual transmission can only hold 400 torque safe area.

  19. I have a 05 civic and don’t know how to work on cars enough to modify it. And it’s also my first car as a 16 year old that I bought my self. But I really do want a turbo kit. And a b18 engine in it but don’t know how to do it myself since Manuel labor cost a lot for these types of jobs

  20. lol WRX? those are terrible first cars to mod wtf are you smoking?! you just LOOK at the intake wrong and you gotta tune it

  21. My first was a 90 laser rs with the 4g63t. Second was a 87 supra with a 7mgte. Currently have a 88 rx7 13b non turbo. I would sell a kidney to have my laser back.

  22. Buy an old volvo, rwd and after 1991 the 7 and 9 series cars have auto locking diffs. Not to mention ipd has every part you could imagine.

  23. I am from Wisconsin and I’m a younger teen and I was wondering how would I start to get into things like this and modding and tuning cars I know my dad had a drag mustang but idk what I would do

  24. Sad thing is the new 86 doesnt have much aftermarket support, suprisingly saying as its an 86

    Im planning to get a ‘13 86 as my first car just because of the aftermarket support, plus i love the design. The only visual issues are water leaking into rear lights and rust on the pillars but id be ok with that id just have to buy a decent one

  25. I'm 16 and don't know what to pick, what is a good budget and what should I get. (Nothing to crazy expensive please)

  26. Sadly my first car might be the 98 windstar that I've been talking about lately. This car is a hand me down and is said to have a bad transmission, needs new shocks, needs new tires, has barely working speakers, and needs a new starter.

  27. Appreciate it being not the cars every other video gives, being more original, shedding some light on the underrated

  28. Let's take a break from the negative 60˚ wind chill and focus on something that makes us more happier… -60˚ CAMBER

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