5 of The Fastest MODERN Cars For The Money

Hey guys Cristian here, Today I’ll be showing
you 5 of best bang for the buck modern fast cars you can buy. And by bang for the buck
I’m referring to the best dollar to performance ratio. If this video manages to get 2K likes
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description. Now let’s begin First fast car is the Chevy Corvette Stingray.
I’m sure most of you aren’t surprised that I included this car on the list. The
Stingray is the the entry level model Corvette under both the grand sport and the z06. Don’t
let the words entry model fool you though, the stingray is one hell of a performance
car. In fact any Corvette is an outright performance bargain. For around $55K the Stingray is far
more affordable than many of the cars it competes with for performance, like the Porsche 911,
Audi R8, and Nissan GTR. Just shows you that you don’t have to be filthy rich to own
a very capable track car with arguably supercar like performance. The Stingray carries a 6.2L
V8 engine that produces 455HP and 460lb-ft of torque. It can run from 0-60mph in around
3.8 sec when equipped with the 7 speed manual transmission and 3.7 sec when equipped with
the 8 speed automatic transmission. Unlike many high end sports cars the stingray is
not only terrific on the track but also comfortable enough for daily driving according to user
reviews primarily thanks to its magnetic ride control system. This is a sports car that
won’t beat you up during long rides or imperfect pavement. The interior is not as flashy as
the exterior, but honestly if you think about it Chevy had to cut some corners somewhere
to keep the price of the Stingray down. This is an American sports car with a big V8 under
the hood that doesn’t disappoint. 65 years of production, this might be best corvette
platform yet. Next car is the Ford Mustang GT. When comes
to bang for buck performance it’s hard to find a car that can match the value you get
with the Mustang GT. I mean It’s quicker than sports cars that costs twice as much.
Other than it’s updated look which in my opinion doesn’t look as good as it used
to look, It has everything a car guy could possibly want. It offers a naturally aspirated
V8 engine, RWD, two doors, and a 6 speed manual transmission All at an affordable starting
price of around $36K. You get a 5L V8 engine that produces 460HP and 420lb-ft of torque.
It runs from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and completes a ¼ mile run in around 12 seconds. Quick
right? Just know that in order to achieve those numbers you’ll need to opt in for
the all new 10 speed transmission and the stage 1 performance package. The performance
package includes brembo front brakes, a limited slip differential, unique suspension tuning
and michelin pilot sport 4S tires. Even with the performance package you’re looking at
around 40K new, and just to put it into perspective it carries similar performance as A BMW M4
which starts at just under $70K. You even have the option to get the more affordable
4 cylinder ecoboost mustang which also comes with the 10 speed transmission and produces
over 300HP. But let’s be honest, if you’re a car enthusiast, you’ll probably opt in
for the coyote V8 with the 6 speed manual transmission. 3rd fast car on the list is the Chevy Camaro
SS 1LE. Unlike what we all perceived a camaro to be back in the day as a straight line performer,
things have changed. The Camaro SS with the 1LE package is quite the track car. This car
is all about handling. According to sources like Motor Trend the Camaro SS 1LE runs pretty
close to elite performance cars like the Porsche 918 spyder and the Lamborghini Huracan Performante
when placed on a track. The 1LE package includes things like a magnetic ride control suspension,
an electronic limited slip differential, brembo brakes, 20 inch forged wheels, goodyear eagle
F1 supercar 3 tires, well bolstered Recaro sport seats, a matte black hood, front splitter
and rear spoiler. You also get active rev matching which produces perfect downshifts
all the time, making the heel toe technique irrelevant. But no worries, if you rather
rev match yourself auto rev matching can easily be turned off with a pull of a steering wheel
paddle. And of course the Camaro SS 1LE shines with it comes to power. It comes equipped
with a 6.2L V8 engine that produces 455HP and 455lb-ft of torque. For around 46K the
Camaro ss 1le punches so far above it’s weight you can’t help but wonder, what’s
the catch? Well some things that aren’t so hot with camaros in general are the massive
blind spots and tight back seats. Interesting how Chevy still hasn’t addressed the poor
visibility issue which gets talked about almost in every automotive review. Now for the age
old question. I want to know what you guys think. Mustang or Camaro? 4th fast car is the Audi RS3. Most of us have
have been waiting eagerly for this car to make its wayto the United states for some
time now and in late 2017 our prayers were heard. Well kind of. We ended getting the
sedan version not the sport back one. Looking at the massive front air intakes, the 19 inch
5 arm blade wheels and massive tail pipes you know this car is ready to rock. Everything
the turbo 4 cylinder S3 isn’t, the RS3 is. Audi managed to cram lots of power into a
small form factor sedan. How much power you ask? Well I’m glad you asked. The Audi RS3
carries a 2.5L inline 5 turbocharged engine that produces 400HP and 354lb-ft of torque.
Combine that power with Audi’s Quattro drive system and it can run from 0-60mph in just
3.5 seconds. Compare that to it’s main competitor the BMW M2 which does a 0-60 run in around
4 seconds. Not only is the RS3 faster in a straight line but it also cost around 4k cheaper
at 54K. And I know quicker in a straight line shouldn’t always be the determining factor
when buying a car. The BMW 2 is probably much more fun to drive because unlike the RS3 it’s
RWD and offers a manual gearbox. The RS3 only offers 7 speed dual clutch transmission. Oh
and how can i forget about the audi rs3’s interior. It features quality and style very
few automakers can compete with. Audi in general carries some of the best cabin tech in the
industry. This is a car that has the perfect blend of daily drivable, best in class tech
and race ready performance. Let me know in the comment section below, which car would
you rather own, the BMW M2 or the Audi RS3. 5th and final car is the Dodge Challenger
Demon. I’m sure many of you are familiar this car right here. For those of you that
are not familiar let me tell you, this is the ultimate ¼ mile specialist. It has one
purpose and one purpose only and that is straight line performance. It’s essentially an evolution
to the challenger HellCat, with 25 major component changes. This is the first street legal production
car that can lift it’s front wheels off the ground under hard acceleration. Just by
looking at it’s exterior you’ll know the Demon means business. It’s widebody design,
it’s large functional hood scoop, and a set of super skinny front runner wheels give
it a very serious look. The Dodge Challenger Demon comes equipped with a supercharged 6.2L
V8 that produces 808HP and 770lb-ft of torque. And if 808HP isn’t enough you can opt in for
the crate package and it’ll bump the HP to 840HP. According to Dodge it can run from
0-60MPH in 2.3 seconds with some testers being able to accomplish it in 2.1 seconds. It can
complete a ¼ mile run in just 9.65 seconds, making the Dodge Challenger Demon the fastest
production car . But I’ll tell you this, it’s been very hard for many auto journalists
to replicate those numbers. Apparently you would have to have near perfect conditions
in order to achieve those numbers. Putting the power to the payment due to wheel spin
has been one of the biggest issues. At a starting price of 86K, this is by far the best dollar
for dollar performing car you can get, that is if you can get your hands on one. Apprently
the US only gets 3k units. And let’s be honest,you’ll probably never see this car on the road even
though it is street legal. Most people that buy this car will either trailer it to the
drag strip or keep it hidden away as a collectable. Remember guys if this video gets 2K likes
i’ll create a part 2. So make sure and like this video, and don’t forget to subscribe
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from the list, comment below and let me know. As always thanks for watching, till next time.

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