5 Popular Cars You Should Be Embarrassed To Drive

5 Popular Cars You Should Be Embarrassed To Drive

So first things first, this video will probably
piss off a lot of people. I thought twice about creating this video
because I’m sure it’ll receive a lot of backlash especially those that own the cars that are
featured on this list. Last time I made a video bashing some cars,
I ended receiving the most dislikes I’ve ever received on any video of mine. Real quick before the video begins I wanted
to update you guys that have been asking about when I will be modding my BMW 335i. I’m planning to start modding it this upcoming
January. Expect a video soon where I’ll have a breakdown
of what mods I’ll be adding to the 335i. Make sure to subscribe that way you don’t
miss the transformation. The first car is the Toyota Prius, I’m almost
positive most of you were expecting this car to be included so I decided not keep you guys
waiting and get this car out the way. This has to be the most hated vehicle among
car enthusiasts, with the most obvious reason being that it’s well.. Ugly. Sure, you can make the argument that there
are other uglier cars out there. But see auto manufactures probably tried to
make those other cars look pretty or unique and ultimately failed. The Prius on the other hand, it’s like Toyota
intentionally tried to make it look ugly. I will say this though, the new ones do look
slightly better, keyword slightly. The Prius also carries an image or stereotype
that is considered negative by most people. People driving them typically have their nose
up high and look down at every V8 car and truck driver as if they are superior because
they are saving the planet. Saving the planet you say? Hmmmm. Hybrids such as the Prius have one big issue,
and that is their batteries. Creating a Prius actually creates much more
emissions than lets say a traditional gasoline vehicle, and it’ll take the vehicle’s
lifetime to make up for it. And then there is the rising question of how
we are going to handle battery waste problems in the future with the amount of of hybrids
and electric vehicles increasing. In short the Toyota Prius is environmentally
costly. A well maintained used car is technically
the greenest option, that’s if you really care about the environment. Idk about you, but I’d be embarrassed to
drive a Prius. It lacks in style, and excitement, it’s
not the greenest option available, Jeremy Clarkson bashed it on Top Gear and oh yeah…it’s
slow. Next car is the Smart fortwo. Before anyone decides to question how popular
this car is. It sold nearly 2 million units since they
launched! Which is absolutely mind blowing. I’m not sure why anyone would want a car
of that size. I can somewhat see it being beneficial in
European countries that have congested cities and super tight roads but owning one in the
US seems pointless and straight up embarrassing. Sure a smart car can be a huge plus in the
fuel efficiency departement or when it comes to maneuverability especially when parallel
parking in small spaces. But it’s hard to ignore the negatives of
owning one. Accidents in such a small vehicle can be scary. Naturally larger vehicles from around the
same era are safer and much harder to get tossed around. The size of a smart car can easily be overlooked
on the road ending up in other driver’s blind spots. It’s small form factor makes it challenging
to drive on major freeways as they can easily be unbalanced at high speeds especially on
very windy days. I remember seeing a smart car nearly getting
blown off a bridge when I was heading over to the beach. And if I haven’t said enough negative things
about the smart fortwo, here’s more. It only seats two skinny passengers, has extremely
limited cargo room, it handles terribly around corners, the automatic transmission offered
in older gas models can be jerky at times, it has slow acceleration, lacks durability
and versatility and new electric models are overpriced in my opinion. But hey if you’re looking for small cute
vehicle that can perform a u-turn in one lane, and can squeeze into almost any obstacle then
go head and purchase one. I’ll tell you this, you won’t catch me
dead in one, no pun intended 🙂 Third car you should be embarrassed to drive
is the Nissan cube. While it wasn’t widely popular here in the
US, it was a major hit in Japan throughout the years. In fact it was top selling car in Japan at
one point. You might get away with driving the Cube outside
of the United states since other countries are typically much more welcoming to different
designs. But if you drive it here in America you’re
almost subject to getting weird looks from others. Not sure what Nissan was thinking when designing
the Cube. It honestly looks like a car that stays as
a concept and never makes it to the market, but this managed to sneak it’s way out somehow. The biggest design feature that probably bugs
people the most is the Cube’s Asymmetrical rear glass. It’s almost impossible not to comment on
it’s rear design when seeing it out on the road. That and it’s boxy shape. Sometimes I wonder if aerodynamics was even
a consideration when they came up with the design. And how can I leave out the terrible transmission
it carries, Nissan’s famously bad CVT transmission. All negatives aside I can’t knock Nissan
so much for trying something different and unique. A car like this that offers lots of cabin
room, private back seats good for extracurricular activities and quirky design really shines
in a country like Japan. But in a country like the US where most Americans
react negatively when a automaker tries to design something outside of the box, owning
a cube will making you a laughing stock especially among automotive enthusiast. 4th car is the PT Cruiser. Or as some people call it, the PT loser. I’ve yet to meet anyone that speaks positively
about this car. Crazy because this car was a sensation when
it first came out, selling nearly 145K units back in 2001. The design was considered unique by many mainly
because of it’s 1930’s inspired retro looks. People thought they were cool and and believe
it or not were extremely hard to find in dealership parking lots since they were selling so quickly. Fast forward to today and they are one of
the most hated cars that exist! It’s featured on nearly all top 10 list
of worst cars. There is even a article by the NY times titled
From Hero to Zero! The PT cruiser definitely lost it’s lust
over the years, mainly because it remained untouched even 9 years later. The only major change to it was around 2005
when they added a convertible model which made the car look worse in my opinion. As better cars were starting to come out,
the outdated look of PT Cruiser was becoming more obvious. Even though it looks like quite the practical
vehicle, it really isn’t especially with today’s standard. There is not enough room inside, which is
no surprise since it uses the same platform as the Dodge Neon. I guess you can call it a hatchback Neon. And I’m sure no one wants to own a hatchback
Neon. Then there is the below average fuel efficiency
that quite frankly is unacceptable for car such as this one. 18mpg city and 24mpg highway it just isn’t
that good.. And the biggest reason most people tend to
avoid purchasing a pt cruiser is because of all the reports mentioning it’s poor reliability. Some common reported issues are the engine
shutting off while driving, countless electrical issues and the dashboard cracking. Funny how this car received so much positive
attention because of its exterior design and now it receives negative attention especially
when people decide to make them look like this. 5th and final embarrassing car on the list
is the Mitsubishi Mirage. Technically this isn’t a popular car, but
hear me out. It’s one of mitsubishi’s top selling cars
because of it’s low new car price point. It starts at just under 14K for a 2019 model. For that price you’re definitely going to
sacrifice some quality and performance. It carries a 1.2L 3 cylinder engine that produces
only 78HP and 74lb-ft. Definitely not numbers you want to talk about when around other people
Unless of course you want to be embarrassed. Other than maybe good gas mileage driving
the Mirage on the road just isn’t a good experience. The 3 cylinder engine idles hard, making most
rides noisy and distracting. The slow acceleration makes it tough to merge
into major freeways, and fun factor in general doesn’t exist. It’s obvious that the Mirage only really
has one purpose and that is to get you from point a to b. A bare bones commuter car. Pretty much the perfect car to get all your
car enthusiast friends to hate you. Doug Demuro even made a video on the Mirage
explaining why it’s one of the worst new cars you can buy. I get it though, this car isn’t supposed
to be sporty, it’s not supposed to have the best luxury features or and it’s not
supposed be fun to drive. The Mirage is for those that don’t care
about a car having a soul, for those on a tight budget that ultimately want a new car
with a good warranty. That said, you should still be embarrassed
to drive one of these 🙂 Alright guys now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comment section below what
are your thoughts about the cars featured in this video. Feel free to blow me up if you disagreed with
my picks. Make to like the video if you enjoyed and
don’t forget to subscribe with notifications on that way you don’t miss my next video. Like always thanks for watching, till next

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy my last video for 2018. I appreciate all the support I've received this year, and I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store 🙂

  2. Just More proof that, proves if millions of people agree, doesn't make it a good decision, popular has Never equaled awesome.. the Herd fallows.. leaders Don't.. peace

  3. Some of Us Love Cars.. and other people just sit in them, it explains the trend in online car buying, seriously, click and then a car shows up. Oh so it's a car, and oh rides ok. Or like other cars, seating position, ah yeah it's got a seat. Driving quality, it's goes that way and this way. Car folks enjoy driving..

  4. As much as I hate to say it I had a stupid PT Loser and it wasn't that bad, it finally died when a friend had it and it was crushed by an 80s f250, but at that tine it had over 230k miles on it. Granted it wasn't the typical PT because it had the 5speed which made it instantly better because of the improved acceleration and fuel economy while majority had the stupid automatic and thats what most journalists tested and where the reviews came from. That being said if it had cost me more than the $200 I paid for it I would have never bought it and I will never own one again!

  5. I'm late in the comment, but….Yep!!! I agree. In the words of Bart Simpson "I didn't know how something could both suck and blow at the same time. LOL

  6. SOO true. A friend of mine entered a contest in which of the many prizes, one was a PT Cruizer. He actually won the PT cruiser and absolutely refused to claim his prize lol. You can't GIVE one away!

  7. 😢🤣🤣🤣😎2001 i was one of the 1st to buy a P.T. loser LOL SMHAMS i thought i was the Shiznit! LMAO i was sooo cool!!😂😂😂

  8. I agree with all of your comments except one. The one about the looks of the Prius. I think it looks amazing. Almost as gorgeous as the Pontiac Aztek, the most imcredible vehicle ever made.

  9. What about motorcycles? 0 room but the driver. Waste of $ so its the most embarrassing. And can only drive in the summer or if your in Florida

  10. Saw a negative critique of the Chrysler PT Cruiser, marked channel as ‘not interested’ 😂

    Why? Because I don’t like people using controversy and negativity to gain my interest in their product/ channel.

  11. Mitsubishi practically gave the Mirage away for around 11k new in my neighborhood because no one was buying them lol.

  12. I'd rather get a Scion xB than a Nissan cube. I was actually looking for one not long ago, I liked the space it offered and mpg rating. I ended up finding a Toyota matrix with a manual trany for less than $3000. It's going strong and I have no regrets. Despite my coworkers calling it a girl car lol

  13. Good video, well presented. Listen Mate if I had a set of shoulders like you have I wouldn't worry about pissing a few nobody's off with my opinion.

  14. Couldn't Agree with you more. I actually seen PT Cruisers at car shows. Ugh! I would also add the Plymouth Prowler to your next list.

  15. Not going to get offended… but Smart Fortwo and Nissan Cube two of my favourite cars 🤣 and as for the Prius, I would get one and shove a V8 order the bonnet (hood). PT Cruise would make a curious limousine conversion 😝 Do agree with the new Mirage, but the old ones looked cool.

  16. For the price of these new cars, I'd buy a used Civic. Great mileage, very reliable and not an embarrassment. You can even get them with a 5 or 6 speed and VTEC yo.

  17. I'm sorry people who may like the Toyota Echo but what was Toyota thinking when they made that monstrosity the car is terrible and so dumb looking

  18. you must be so despret for a new car, and then you remember. Then you remember, theres a Mitsubishi Mirage on sale, yes it has nothing to make you feel comfortable but it has a engine, a speed dial and bench seats at the back, just like in the old days, Only Worse.

  19. I own an original 01 PT. I’ve had the transmission replaced once and the front rack and pinion unit. Other than that it’s ran perfect for 19 years and still looks as good as the day I bought it. Take the rear seats out and I have the equivalent of a mini van that I have hauled tons of equipment and furniture in! It’s the most versatile vehicle I’ve ever owned and recent trip calculations put my highway mileage at 29 mph.
    Not sure where you get your figures from, but also the most fuel efficient car I’ve ever owned. Not the prettiest, but had served me well over the years.

  20. My mother a while ago when I was in high school got a cube as a rental while her car was being fixed…. MY OCD GOT THE FUCKING BEST OF ME!!!!! FUCK THAT CAR!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  21. I think your title should be '5 Popular Cars You Should Be Embarrassed To Drive If You Are An american'! After all BIGGER is better! In my opinion its a matter of culture & the laws where you live. I doubt an american would call the Suzuki Cappuchino a suitable car. This may have something to do with a lot of americans cant fit in them! 660cc OMG!

  22. I drove a pt cruiser as a rental& it’s a pos! 98 mph top speed& w/ only 238 miles( yes, just 238 miles) the transmission broke going to work 1 morning! My usual car: a 1996 Chevy Corsica could do 115 mph top speed w/ 125,478 miles& it’s paid for! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. People talk shit about car guys by saying we think the Prius is garbage cause it’s electric.

    To those people,we think that the model S is cool, the Prius isn’t

  24. Driving any cars is an embarrassment and more dangerous. Use your legs which was giving to you buy your parents. 😁

  25. I had a friend give me a ride home in he's pt cruiser and i was friking nervous! Because before this video i heard so much about them being bad!😂😂😂

  26. Hit the nail on the head w this vid!! Hate prius drivers, they drive like assholes and dont ever consider how toxic batteries are while looking down on the rest of the world.

  27. Everyone in my area rices out their Nissan cubes and I have to pull over and cry everytime I see one

  28. I humbly disagree about the Toyota Prius. The reason I would own one is because I'M CHEAP AS HELL ! Could careless about saving the planet, that's 100% B S by the way. Like the look and love the Hell out of the gas mileage.

  29. Well no one in my family got either of those cars🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

  30. Lmao one day in my 2018 CTSV a smart car with a straight pipe pulled up next to me and reved so I redlined my car and when he heard it his smile slowly went away and he looked away from me and my bro laughing at him 😂😂

  31. Lol! I'm too poor to consider any of these 'embarrassed to drive.' I've no car, my parents got no car and my siblings got no car. Give us that PRIUS anytime!

  32. I have a 2001 pt Cruiser it’s been sitting for 8 years not driven or started just sat out on the drive. Yesterday I started it for the first time in that 8years and it’s as perfect as it was when it was parked up my Nan drove it from new and then gave it to me. I was 13 when I had my name put in the v5 so hence why it sat but it’s still got immaculate bodywork, a perky, strong and reliable engine oh and it’s only got 50,000 miles from new. But despite what people think it’s a cracking car and it deserves none of the hate it gets.

  33. In my mind you´ve got three things wrong about the Smart:
    1. You said just two skinny people fit in. It was designed with a European person in mind. If Americans are too fat that´s their problem. Any person of normal (that is international) shape fits in well.
    2. This car was never designed to look good. It was designed for finding a parking lot quickly and having a lower environmental impact. So if you see someone driving a Smart this person is sending a message towars others which is this person cares more about those attributes and the environment than his ego.
    3. This might be hard to understand for US-Americans but different countries have different mentalities. That is, different nations might find a smart or also the cube shaped Japanese car nice. In America of course you should drive a gas guzzling Pick up to show your next generartions that you don´t care about their future.

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