5 Real Prison/Jail Escapes Caught On Camera #2

5 Real Prison/Jail Escapes Caught On Camera #2

In this video, we take a look at 5 more prison
escapes caught on camera. Some of these are pretty intense, and others
downright bizarre. This list has it all – it features bulldozers,
fistfights, helicopters and excrement-coated pipes. Now that i’ve got your attention, let’s start. Bulldozer hits Danish Prison On August 27th 1995, 12 inmates escaped when a large bulldozer was driven into the walls
of a maximum security prison near Copenhagen, Denmark. The prison held some of Denmark’s most dangerous
and notorious prisoners, and the escapees were a seriously hazardous crowd made up of
four robbers, three drug dealers and five murderers. While these prisoners fled and made a break
for freedom, others stayed and decided not to jeopardise their chances of legally leaving
the jail at a later point. Prior to the escape, a former inmate of the
prison had been secretly communicating with those still incarcerated using cell phones
which had been thrown over the walls. This sneaky perpetrator then stole the bulldozer,
smashed through the walls and released the prisoners, as had been arranged. The footage, captured on a video camera, shows
prisoners sprinting from the boundaries of the prison while guards flee after them, thoroughly
confused and unsure as what to do. As the prisoners run, the look pretty jubilant
and happy, one of them even excitedly shouting ‘yeah!’ as he runs beyond the camera. The recording stops when one guard abruptly
places his hand over the lens in order to prevent any further filming. Though they could not anticipate the attack,
the guards were clearly concerned that the footage would make them look incompetent and
inadequate. The whole clip is pretty chaotic It took more than 6 months to rebuild the broken wall. The prison team also installed extra security
cameras to prevent future breakout attempts. all 12 of the escapees were captured within
a month and returned to their cells. Romanian Prison Escape In Iasi, north-eastern Romania, in 2015, a guard was tasked with the job of escorting
two prisoners to a van. In theory, a pretty simple job and all very
routine stuff. However, CCTV footage from the day shows what
ends up as a pretty botched effort. As the three are walking out of the prison
and towards the van, which is in the parking lot, one of the prisoners sees an opportune
chance to escape and quickly bounds over a fence. Seeing this, the unfortunate and flustered
prison guard opens a gate and goes running after his escapee. Having done so, he leaves the other criminal
alone in the parking lot with an open gate in front of him. Finding himself in a wonderfully fortunate
position, the second prisoner does what anyone else would do and takes the chance to join
his fellow escapee. He sprints through the open gate and also
makes a run for it. While he runs in one direction, the other
prisoner runs in another, and the guard can of course only chase one of them. The prisoners were not brought back to the
complex on the day of their escape as they could not be located. One of them was found at a later date, while
the fate of the other is unknown. So much for high security. Trent Archie Prison Escape In June 2011, when convicted murderer Trent Archie decided to break out of his Texas jail
cell, he didn’t do so with any contrived tricks or complex plans – he simply tried to smash
and fight his way through the front door. Just before 3am, he and fellow inmate, Davis
McLeskey brutally attacked and assaulted three officers in order to make their way to the
exit. CCTV videos from the early hours of the morning
show the pair on the prison telephones, purporting to speak to people from outside the compound. Archie claimed that he wanted to call his
mother at such an early hour in order to catch her before she set off for her pre-dawn morning
paper delivery drop. Officers believe that Archie was in fact just
pretending to be on the phone, waiting for his opportunity to escape. They remained on the phones – or perhaps not
– for 20 minutes, seizing their chance when one of the officers opened the door. The footage then shows them grapple and wrestle
with officers, punching and kicking them in their attempt to escape. One of the officers was later treated for
a head injury. While Archie managed to escape, McLeskey wasn’t
so lucky, and was instead taken back to his cell, shirtless and hopeless. Archie, who is serving forty years for murder,
was finally tracked down three days later and taken back to prison. His mother, Jacqueline, was charged with attempting
to help him hide. His two – yep, two – girlfriends were also
charged. After being discovered, Archie, who was undergoing
a new hearing, claimed that he had attempted to escape because he ‘wasn’t getting a fair
trial’. He was subsequently charged for his attempt
to escape. The prison captain later vowed to tighten
security at the prison, which has seen at least seven successful escapes within a 22-year
period. Prisoner Attempts to Escape Through Toilet In perhaps the smelliest escape attempt in
all human history, In 2015, an inmate at a Brazilian prison attempted to flee via the
unusual option of the communal toilet. The footage, which you can almost smell through
the screen, shows him being pulled from the excrement-covered sewage pipes which lead
from the lavatory. At the maximum security prison, his other
escape options must have been pretty limited, and he was left with this one and only stinky
alternative. Unfortunately for him, the pipes are tighter
and narrower than he had anticipated, so the video shows him wedged in, stuck in the putrid
environment of the tubes. He persistently wiggles and wobbles to get
himself free, but he finally gives up the ghost and decides to let two men aid his recapture. A later shot of the man shows him standing upright and covered in waste, his malodourous position
no doubt compounding his disappointment at not being able to escape. The exact location of the prison and the identity
of the fragrant vagrant are not known, but it is believed that anyone in the region of
South American can smell him if the wind blows right. Still, you must admire him for his unsavoury
attempt. God loves a trier, though he might need a
wash before he steps through the pearly gates. Canadian Helicopter Prison Escape In something resembling a heist movie, two
Canadian prisoners attempted a daring escape from prison via helicopter. The bold attempt occurred in 2013, and footage
shows the pair clambering up a rope to reach the chopper, which is placed on the prison
roof in Quebec. The two planned and plotted the escape via
secret text messages which they had sent from smuggled phones. Their accomplices rented a helicopter under
seemingly innocent means, then hi jacked it at gunpoint to aid them in their escape. The pilot, no doubt taken by surprise, was
then forced to fly to the prison while being threatened by the hi jackers. Officers could see the escape taking place,
but were reluctant to interfere as the helicopter hi jackers were armed and dangerous. Throughout their ascent up the rope, both
inmates seem thoroughly incapable of making it to the roof. The whole attempt seems pretty dim and dithery,
and looks to be carried out with little urgency. When the inmates seemingly cannot complete
the climb to the roof, the helicopter takes off with them hanging from the rope. Before they manage to successfully float away,
the rope then gets stuck, somewhat ironically, on a CCTV camera. The footage then shows them rise and drift
out of shot. They then landed nearby in a getaway car and
made their breakaway attempt in the relative safety of the vehicle, probably pleased just
to have their feet firmly on the ground. The escapees and their accomplices were then
found just hours after they floated away to freedom. Not quite the Hollywood ending they’d planned. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to see more videos like this Also, to hear my dashing voice.

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