5 Reasons Not To Buy Fiat Urban Cross | MotorBeam

5 Reasons Not To Buy Fiat Urban Cross | MotorBeam

Hi guys and welcome to MotorBeam. The car I am driving right now is the Fiat
Urban Cross which is nothing but the Avventura without the rear tailgate. Now removing the tailgate might not sound
like a big deal but it is because that tailgate used to add to the weight of the car by 30
kgs, it used to make it difficult to manoeuvre and it wasn’t that easy to open either. Well, let’s find out what are the 5 things
to like about this car and 5 things to dislike about this car. Number one, the design of the Fiat Urban Cross
is certainly the best in the segment. There are lot of pseudo crossovers in the
Indian market right now but nothing looks as good as the Fiat Urban Cross. Number two, the ride quality. It’s just fantastic, the suspension has been
tuned for Indian roads and it just absorbs everything in its stride without any hitch
at all. Even the big potholes don’t hinder this car. Number three, the build. It is made like a tank and you feel so secure
inside a Fiat car and the Urban Cross is no different. Number four, petrol engine performance and
diesel engine performance in the mid-range and top-end. The petrol engine is indeed one of the best
in the segment. Boasting a 0-100 km/hr time of under 10 seconds. The Urban Cross powered by Abarth is indeed
blisteringly fast, the diesel engine too has very good mid-range punch and it also has
a good top-end. Number five, the Fiat Urban Cross has been
priced attractively, it is much much cheaper than the Avventura, so if you are looking
for a car which is value for money, yet having the solid feel, then this car certainly makes
a lot of sense. Now coming to the dislikes, there are quite
a few things to dislike about this car. The first thing which I hate the most about
every Fiat car, is the gearbox. It is very rubbery, gears don’t slot in properly,
now see when I shift into second, you don’t get the reassuring feel that the car has actually
slotted into second gear. There is notchiness involved and even reverse
gear isn’t that smooth to operate, first and second is the worst. Number two, the ergonomics, the seat positioning
and the steering positioning is kind off weird in the Urban Cross. So when you are sitting, the steering is a
bit too ahead and it takes a lot of time to get your perfect position. It also has quite a lot of blind spots, due
to this thick A-pillar. Number three, diesel engine lag. There is a lot of lag from this diesel motor,
it isn’t as refined as newer engines in the market and you really have to get into the
mid-range, cross 2000 RPM to really make any sort of progress. Number four, body roll. Fiat cars are known for their fantastic handling
but Fiat has raised the height of the Urban Cross so that it can go over bad roads and
this has resulted in a lot of body roll. The steering although hydraulic isn’t that
communicative either. Now there is some dead position in the centre
and overall dynamics aren’t as great as older Fiats. Number five, equipment. While it is decently specced up, it still
doesn’t have the kind of features that its rivals offer such as a keyless go, push button
start. Forget all that, even the touch-screen system
which is a 5.0-inch unit doesn’t feel responsive at all to use and you really have to keep
pressing the buttons, you know to really get going somewhere. So that is really a drawback with the infotainment
system. So overall the Fiat Urban Cross is a much
better alternative to the Avventura but if you look in the market, yes this car has dated
a lot and if you are really a Fiat fan or you are looking for a tough car with great
ride quality, then only this vehicle makes sense, otherwise there are much more modern
rivals in the market today which offer you more. Thank you so much for watching, please do subscribe to the MotorBeam channel and also like this video.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Sir can u test new ford figo AT hatchback's safety features like ABS, EBD, ESP, TCS, HLA. How does ford provide these hi-tech safety features in a budget hatch. Are these features really working in figo or are just gimmicks. Please test theses safety features in Figo AT. Is the new Figo AT the safest hatch under 10L in India? It has got 5 star in euro ncap. I want to buy a safe automatic hatch, should i go for Figo AT?

  2. Excellent review, this is what one needs to know about this car since it is nothing but a slightly tinkered punto evo and avventura. Thanks for covering the vital points. A new buyer should find this review of 5 minutes very useful.

  3. For all 1.3 multi-jet 90 hp engines, please start mentioning that FIAT recommends changing the timing belt every 60k kms. The service bill varies between 25-35 k for 60k kms for these 90hp engines.

  4. I have a question for you. Actually help. Which car should I buy within 10 lacs, which has ABS, EBD, Airbags, high GC, Solid build(not less than 1050KGS), Skid plate, engine under body protection(because I travel a lot) and Diesel atleast with 200 Nm of torque and not less than 80 horses?

  5. @Motobeam: Considering all the pros and cons what is best car under 9 Lakhs which I want to keep it with me for next 10 years and with less maintenance/running cost.

  6. The biggest question here is "what makes a good car? good ride, handling, breaking, strong build…?" or " touch screen infotainment, rear camera, etc?"

  7. A very good review by a genuine person. The video has been made very well with excellent work of photography and editing. This guy is knowledgeable and well versed about technical. Its a good work of awareness for people, before they end up buying the vehicle. thanks..cheerrrss !!!

  8. People like you are always making the same slogan that fiat cars has rubbery gearbox and awkward seating…I didn't feel anything wrong in shifting with the gearbox. One of the good gearbox for highway as well as hairpins. One thing sure that you did't use a fiat car at its best level. Then about the driving position it is mere personal……All over wise people will never give their ears to this type reviews they know what to do……..i used swift and polo and i10 from my Experience all the three are far behind the following area…
    High speed stability, cornering, barking and over all handling….(corner stability of polo is not as good as punto).it gives better confidence and class leading handling at higher speeds.I also TD the Urban cross, i didn't felt a bad feel as you mentioned here.The lagging problem you mentioned is your own make because you didn't use the old avventura if you did it well then you can find that Urban cross Powertech 90HP shows negligible lag . Being a higher GC car we can normally expect a body roll but it is lower as compared to other in the same class.Thanks for the rigid suspension set First you ride the old avventura and the Urban cross then make an unbiased review and make comment on it……..We have only 8K to pay but we need a ferrari or something like power and stability, 50kmpl millage, tones of space etc etc Is it possible? Without any doubt I can say that fiat cars giving good ride and handling compared to any brand…..Buying it or hating it is the personal choice…..

  9. your review is really enough to buy a fiat urban cross.. all we need is safety,comfort and a good engine in this price range.. thats what a fiat car has.. please dont degrade such a good car.

  10. the touch screen is resistive… not capacitative … so instead of pressing by skin.. press by your nails.. it will work perfectly.. resistive touchscreens needs to actually "press" instead of just touching by finger.

  11. Mr Faizal… your reviews are good and I'll keep watching this program… BTW the 1.3 MJD engine has 16 valves since you were mentioning 8 valves here.. Sorry

  12. All Turbos esp. diesel will have a lag before you get the surge of power. Regarding the body roll(?) compare it with other 'successful" cars of the segment before you nit-pick. And what about the safety features? Doesn't the lack of it along with the poor structural strength of the popular cars of the segment "reeaally" bother you? Actually, the worst enemy of the Fiat cars is the company itself who sold a beautiful engine to all their adversaries(…..including the 1.6L engine which they have not yet introduced into their(fiat) cars in the Indian market). Add a poor and less than friendly dealer/service network. No wonder the company is doing "so well"

  13. second hand fiat.
    more than 1.3 lac kms done.
    and still going on and on and on.
    heavy as hell. safest place to be in while driving on indian roads even without abs or airbags.
    awesome average. 16to18 local. and more then 23 on highway.
    a bit old school.
    but feels like a muscle car in hatchback segment.
    truly made for driving.
    and yes i am in love with this car from the vary moment i stepped into this car. its my first car ever. i learned driving on this beautiful beast.

    ps. if u really knw how and when to shift and to keep the rpm in control u can out run any car of this segment.

  14. haha you are complaining about the touch screen I mean do people buy cars on the basis of the 4000rs music system installed in it? What kind of joke is this !!!

  15. The reviewer is only showing what people in India want to see, we Indians (most of us) want tick marks in features like bluetooth nfc touchscreen just to show off in our cars, we don't want the joy of riding a car which has excellent handling, strength and reliability and a feeling of safety.

  16. Hi I bought Urban cross Emotion Diesel variant last week. It is perfect car for our Indian roads – Frugal engine , good ground clearance, superb suspension ,Good interior and sheet metal quality, nice steering feel and handling, service per 15k km and what more is the price – real value for money.

    I did watch this video before buying the car and all his positives influenced me to buy which is what I was looking in a car.

    From the review it said awkward driving position – I never felt so and you can hit a right position by adjusting seat
    Gearbox – it is not that great compared to others but it is not a deal breaker. It shifts nicely without any fuss. With the price tag it really justifies.
    Body roll- nope it is well contained
    Music system- can live with it and can be replaced if required but this point should not be the one to stop you from buying.

    I still respect the views of the reviewer.

    Please consider vital points while buying and test ride the car before making buying decisions.

  17. motorbeam will buy scrap i20 active which is actually copy paste job from Fiat Ottimo from china, Polo Cross..lolz or cheap Toyota scrap Etios Cross.

  18. Gears are much better in Highways and city, I have been using for 1.5 years punto diesel , no issues. I sold 1 year new swift diesel and bought Punto 90hp. No worries covered 45000 km in first year.Happy punto owner

  19. Dear Motorbeam, you are a CAR reviewing website, not car infotainment reviewer. If safety,stability and sheer driving pleasure doesn't make a car and lazy gadgets like keyless entry do, you are not fit to review a car. I bet you own an i20.
    Cars are boys' toys. They are not meant to be shown off for their touch screens, show off some burnt rubber instead. Saw your video, you have some good driving skills, who better than a FIAT to thrill you,buddy?
    And, though the gear box is a let down for most, it's not a deal breaker. It's just time spent on understanding the machine that makes the difference with a FIAT. You take time, you will enjoy it every time you go out.

  20. I have fiat urban cross petrol . its a fantastic car . it drives vary well compared with other cars like swift ,I 20. built quality of this car is vary strong suspension quality feel of the car is good.

  21. MotorBeam: Kindly be careful of not falling in love with your review or having such ateong beliefs that you feel the compulsove need to justify. Read through your reaponses to people liking the car; invariably you will point to a negative. This is a terrible quality in a reviewer.

  22. Worst review by motor beam. You guys have no proper knowledge about the car and degrade it. Punto engine has 16 valves and not 8 valves. You guys have to value human safety rather than keyless entry. Pity you guys.

  23. with respect to seating position, I do agree at until stages you feel little uncomfortable, but you get habituated not a big issue , when you get solid car with exciting driving others are blurred

  24. Very Bad review. All these auto reviews in India are against Fiat. Fiat lot better in many features like

    140 bhp in Abarth version. 0-100 same as Audi Q3

    1. Followme headlights
    2. Auto Fuel shut off in event of crash
    3. Solid roof rails it can carry 60 -100 kgs
    4. Reverse camera option with 2k rupees extra
    5. Solid build and very safe car
    6. Very good suspension and handle great even with 205 mm Clearance
    7. Remote boot open
    8. Foldable split rear seats for luggage
    9. Onboard Speed limit alarm, Range KMs, Instant Milege
    10. Mileage 17.1 kmpl and many more.

  25. I can understand when you say turbo lag on the diesel. But, refinement ? So which engine is refined according to you ? The Ford TDCI ? I see so many new Figo/Aspires spewing black smoke. or the clattery Honda IDtec or the Super clattery VW TDi ? I have a 75 MJD and it's as Smooth as my Liva petrol. I am yet to see MJD in any car throw out black smoke! About the GB, yep it is a bit rubbery but I have never had a problem shifting, unlike in my Liva where 50% of the time 1st and R doesn't slot.

  26. I have a 2015 1.4 Petrol Punto Evo, and I'm planning to exchange it with a diesel variant of Urban Cross>
    Any advice?

  27. fiat is a very good company.i still love driving old Paleo , cos the Dynamics was so good so settled and cool compared to useless Blockbuster tin swift 2008. but the biggest problem with fiat is they made quite a wrong foot in india, starting from their marketing till service. they have been struggling hard since early 2000. come on man is italy playing with India . why don't Italians come up with a robust plan with fiat sales and new launches, services like Germans did. thank God we have vw to satisfy some driving enthus or else Indians would not have tasted good cars. they would be buying Honda hyndais and Suzuki imagining Ferraris and porches of themselves. fiat should take India seriously and make us happy…

  28. hi I am driving Fiat Punto since two months and I can say it's best in the 8-10 lakh segment, lovely car, fantastic road presence, appealing design, evergreen smart look. it's Multijet engine is gem. it gives confidence on road, it has good sound insulation. it has best Ac. everything is good. thanks Punto. the turbo in rev can may be kept 1200 if possible.

  29. urban cross is very good stylish car, good build and ride quality,none of the cars beat fiat in the same segment

  30. I drove this car in Australia on my vacation. No problems at all despite some bad roads in the outback. Great fuel economy too. Trunk was a little small for all the gear we brought with us.

  31. Can you change the title to"Why you should buy the Urban….." rather than don't. The good Ride, solid and power surely outweighs the negatives.This is a car not a tablet or phone.

  32. bhai sab kuch theek hai
    but jab ise sale karne jao
    lendi kutte wali aukaad hai
    main jhel chuka hu
    galti se bhi mat Lena

  33. FIAT cars are built like a Tank, i will would need feeling of Safety while driving which can be given only by European cars. FIAT has now opened it's own dealerships and service centres all over India, it's sales is slowly growing, JEEP Compass is surely going to be hit in the Indian market.

  34. What sought of review is this? Really you say those things as downside funny I own the exact Fiat Urban Cross multijet emotion. Rear parking camera just 2k done by Fiat Authorized service provider itself.
    Do you even know what is to be a Fiat owner well you resalers won't Fiat is for the retainers. Done 12000km which includes a non stop journey of 1800km in 24hrs covering 5 states with me and my friend driving. You Know what after that reckless driving didn't even feel that we did a 24 hrs driving well that's Fiat for you I used to push the car around the corners more than 100kph.. Didn't feel any body roll.. it's only when do the tight corners above 120kph that's considerable with the amount of ground clearance. Speaking of the steering and stability the car feels planted even in speeds like 150 to 180kph.. which the Japanese and Korean makes fail to impress in this price segment.
    So before a review spend more time with the car. Just don't post a review by taking the car for hours/Days/weekly spin.
    N number of features are which puts a smile in your face like the delayed wiper functioning cabin lighting, Auto fuel cut off during crash remote boot, functional roof rails unlike the Hyundai i20 active and other cross overs which put those roof rails as a show pony rather than the functional one, last
    but not least the amount of attraction it gathers most people used to stare my car for minutes it stands apart from the crowd, the only thing which I spent on the car is the devil's eye hid powered projector headlamps also done Fiat A.S.P.. it's not the fact that am complaining come on look out your title which will really demotivates the buyer thank God I didn't see your review before buying even if I saw I wouldn't have changed my mind. So if your in love the Japanese and Korean makes which provides a low weight, good space, good power , good mileage car and compromise on the safety. Don't hate these non compromising cars on built quality and remember air bags is not the only safety feature which saves the rider's body weight has a major role to play..

  35. the only big problems i see in this car —
    1) long clutch travel
    2) this is the biggest problem i am facing right now. after driving for more than 2 hours i start having pain in my back and hands.
    i think the driving position of this car is somewhat awkward.
    3) and yes, the gear shift is not smooth at all, but u can get used to it and manage it easily.

    otherwise this car always fly like an armoured tank in battlefield, unstoppable and fearless.

  36. Fiat Abarth cars are mini sports car to your door in very less money
    Safety no one near in safety
    Last time one polo slams from behind b
    Very hardly my Punto Evo got only scratches but polo bumper got breaks of locks and only a single scratch on polo headlight but not came out
    And because of them i slam into front Polo cross and again my Evo's only one lock broke and polo cross rear bumper get cracked lock broke tail light also scratched
    Because i m Fiat fan any one think that i m cheerinfg Fiat quality but seriously what i see i tell

  37. That is Europe version and this is Indian version remember Europe Fiat never says that thier Fiat is tank they said thier cars are safe Indian version are different because in India we got 1200 kgs Fiat Punto and in Europe you got 1050 kgs so many different in safety in India Fiat is really safe n secure

  38. 🙄 Aventura has different interior loaded with amount of body roll angle all such in Urban cross we don't all such

  39. The car is one of the most beautiful small cars on the road with robust build quality. Drawbacks are 1) very poor mileage 2) not so confidence inspiring handling particularly at very high speeds due to its increased ride
    height 3) clutch play is too long and difficult to drive in traffics and on hills
    4) lack of storage space for nick knacks on the inside

  40. Honest review both pros and cons mentioned. True to its core. Still I will not buy a car which has a smooth gear box, light weight and less body roll because I want my car to be Strong, safe, reliable, economical and responsive. No vehicle has it all. Depends what we like and what we don’t.

  41. which f*** car offers you more? I am still using palio GTX for reason that it is still the best. there is zero alternative to fiat car esp when it comes to performance or for touring. if you are kind of guy who likes to park car for months then go for any other car. if you love to drive then fiat is the best.

    also, brakes are the best in abart, performance are the best. tire sizes are the best. safety is the best, hydraulic steering is only on BMW m5 or you can get fiat.! sound is the best. paint job is better than BMWs.! what else you want? of the pice is not through the roof? gotcha.!

    huh.! all jokers reviewers busy killing all the passions. as such indians don't have any passion and whatever little is offered is killed by joke reviews.

  42. सर शोरूम से 2017 का अर्बन क्रॉस dinamic मॉडेल (एअरबग नाही है) कितने में खरिदना चाहिए? वो 700000 लाख ऑफर दे रहे हैं.नाशिक on road price 848000 hai.आज ऑगस्ट 2018 हैं.in डिझेल.

  43. I have fiat punto 76ps/197 nm 1.3MJD and i never find any problem with gear shifting. There are no mis-shifts , gear shifting feels rubbery for second gear but it always engages perfectly. About 0-100 of 75bhp diesel version i think it is 14-16 seconds. Dear Motorbeam please find acceleration time of fiat punto 1.3 mjd 75 bhp version

  44. I have a Fiat Linea 2011 model and I can vouch it is the safest car in this budget. Highway driving is pleasure, As far as City driving goes, City driving in India is always nightmare. The quality of construction, handling is much much better than any Korean or Japanese car. I had once an accident at 90-100 Km/h , where I jumped a road divider head on that was atleast 3 feet tall. I escaped with a minor scratch on my lips. The side passenger was left without any scratch. So I know what I am talking about here.

  45. Most of these auto journalists are not engineers..they dont know the actual technology needed in a car like drivability, high speed stability and control. So they run after fancy features and fool the general public.

  46. Guys my punto 2009 emotion diesel 1.3 is about to complete 10 years is the rule still there that diesel cars decade old will be impounded. ????????

  47. Dear motorbeam, why not u tell fiat have 6 for ur help n 17 plus features towards safty n that no brands in India have except Mercedes BMW.

  48. Similar fools critics compare Jeep with Creta n XUV n harior. Jeep get compare with Audi Q3 n Mercedes SUV by 50 plus safty n 22 pioneer n 20 plus premium features where one of those don't in India available SUVs. Jeep set price 20L instead 37L for Indian n Indians start to compare with other plastic SUVs

  49. Fiat cars has more safer and powerful than the other cars the touch screen and other interior decoration may not change safety and the body weight 1210 kg is bad and 800 kg cars are good plz give review to good cars

  50. Ur No negative point is genuine, Fiat steering handling comes at top in all available cars, gear: simple say u want electronic gear, gear get switch like this only, Fiat provide 15 unique safty features that u can get till 25 L price car. Now touch screen: it's good n no complaint in any forum. Now diesel engine: u don't know diesel engine get small lack at 15 km/he, Fiat engine get use in Maruti GM Tata KEM MG Jeep nd other brands too, it's cycle is different than petrol. Why u misguiding people, was compulsory to give negative fake points

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