5 Reasons Not To Buy Yamaha R3 | MotorBeam

5 Reasons Not To Buy Yamaha R3 | MotorBeam

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never miss another update from MotorBeam. Hello and welcome to MotorBeam. Yamaha was widely anticipated to enter the
200-300cc segment and when they did that with the R25, we were a bit disappointed because
they called it the baby M1. In India, we get the R3 which has a fantastic
engine, looks absolutely stunning but still there are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be buying
one. The R3 is more like a Fazer 300 even though
it is called the baby M1. It doesn’t get USD front forks, perimeter
frame, aluminum swingarm and a link-type monoshock, some of these things are available on cheaper
bikes like the R15 and R125. The R3’s mileage is on the lower side, in
fact it is less frugal than its immediate rival, returning 24 kms per litre. The Yamaha R3 costs Rs. 4 lakhs in Mumbai
which makes it too costly for a locally assembled bike. With the R3, Yamaha hasn’t reinvented or innovated
and the bike’s hardware is an imitation of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 but it still lacks
a slipper clutch. There is no ABS either. The R3’s pillion seat isn’t that great and
it doesn’t have any grab rails either. The R3 is also about arriving alone. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, please
do hit the LIKE button, can we target 5000 likes?

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  1. Lots of Yamaha owners are feeling hurt after seeing this video. Let's go over all the points once again.

    The R3 is more like a Fazer 300 even though it is called the baby M1. It doesn't get USD front forks, perimeter frame, aluminum swingarm and a link-type monoshock, some of these things are available on cheaper bikes like the R15 and R125. – This is purely a fact, we have mentioned what's missing on the R3 (something cheaper Yamaha bikes get).

    The R3's mileage is on the lower side, in fact it is less frugal than its immediate rival, returning 24 kms per litre.  – The Ninja 300 returns 2-3 km/l more than the R3, both bikes' mileage was tested back to back.

    The Yamaha R3 costs Rs. 4 lakhs in Mumbai which makes it too costly for a locally assembled bike. – FACT

    With the R3, Yamaha hasn't reinvented or innovated and the bike's hardware is an imitation of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 but it still lacks a slipper clutch. There is no ABS either.  – The Ninja 300 came in 2011 with the same hardware. Lack of slipper clutch and ABS is another fact.

    The R3's pillion seat isn't that great and it doesn't have any grab rails either. – It does lack grab rails and we did not find the pillion seat to be comfortable.

    So why this hatred guys? Nowhere have we said that the Yamaha R3 isn't a good bike or it lacks in performance or its handling is bad. We have spoken about lack of equipment but never said that the handling is poor or the bike is less capable. Just imagine what the R3 would have been with top drawer hardware.

    We deserve better, why does Yamaha offer ABS abroad and not in India? Why do other markets get the R15 V3.0 way before us? Why won't Yamaha launch a middle-weight in India when its two main Japanese rivals already have. Let's not get offended because we own a Yamaha. You don't like this video concept tell us, we will do something about it, but let's not spread hate, biking is about brotherhood, not calling each other names.

    The market is alot different and cheaper in North America or at least in the United States where I live.

  3. I don’t even think about any of this shit. I just jump on mine and go. It’s a cheap bike, it does for me what I paid it to do

  4. As far as I know , motor beam is more concerned about Kawasaki #ninja .
    Even if u compare a ducati with ninja 300 you guys will say ninja is best.

  5. u buy an R3 bike bro is not an Rx, dat u can't efford even a fuel for it n who said dat there is no ABS by the way u come to Shillong u will get an R3 bike with ABS around 3,69,000

  6. Fucking indian
    Hey you stop reviewing motorcycle
    Why bother the pilion seat, fuel consumption ????
    The thinh R3 is a sportsbike not like a bike wich is made in india bajaj very cheap low performance even if it is a 200 cc bike

    Hey you take a bath and try to smell your odor

  7. First off all cant really understand what you are saying. Second may wanna include more context or comparison. Third it's a really cheap bike and you get what you pay for. In my opinion it's great to make videos and reviews, but when someone takes on a do not buy stand it helps to know what to buy instead and why.

  8. That's over 50mpg, what do you want? Lol. My r1 gets about 25mpg… and secondly it's a beginner bike, so you shouldn't have a passenger anyway, it weights like 350lbs lol.

  9. Looking for a budget-minded sport bike to buy as my first bike. Was looking at this one but it seems to have poor reviews, anyone have any suggestions to look at that have this style and look as cool?

  10. I was put off buying this bike after watching this video. I went into a yamaha store and saw one for myself and bought it today. Best decision of my life. Love this thing. Your review, as an new owner, is pure bullshit. Thank God I ignored this

  11. LOL..noob how much mileage do u expect in a 40+ bhp bike? If ure concerned about mileage u shdnt hav gone for it…Tu ek tvs XL lele pappu

  12. This review is lacking research and bias….. Hahah….. It's like on cars….. THEY'RE LIKE "RICERS" hahahahah LMAO

  13. The downvotes speak for itself… and to anybody else who's listening, the R3 is a great bike, especially for beginners with a great price point.

  14. Motorbeam guys show ‘5 reasons not to buy’ of ktm and bajaj bikes as Worth buying reasons 😄😅 These guys are here only for KTM and Bajaj..let me tell you Apache, ninja, R15,R3, CBR and many bikes are better than ktm and bajaj bikes in most aspects

  15. You can say anything about the bike to defend it's short coming but you can't deny or justify the price at 4Lkh for a locally assembled motorcycle considering you'll be spending more for registration and insurance. And by the way the price will likely be increasing with the new version with all it's update on a day and age where the Ninja 300 is starting to be affordable with it's decrease in price even after getting a major update which is ABS

    Thank you.

  16. No matter what other people say. Even it has it flaws etc. I will still go for an r3. And besides everybike is great. But my heart belongs to r3.

  17. Number 1 reason they do not have any parts made in India!!!! and Indians love cheap… and indian food is so delicious but I do not eat curry… honestly why it is all Indians promoting KTM Duke and why it is mostly Indians again who talk bad about Yamaha???

  18. Please please please, team MotorBeam please be mature,… This particular video about the legend R3 wows you a 100000 dislike from me,… Very poor.
    Let's see how many dislike ,,,,,,

  19. All bikes have pros and cons. The R3 is the best 300cc bike on the market right now, sales numbers don't lie. Also, the R3 has ABS.

  20. kaun ho tumpog kahase aate ho?aukaad hain yamaha ka majak kar rahe ho? seriously man do some. Better thing in your life!

  21. unsubscribe bcz you guyz are not an engineer and you guyz dont have the educational knowledge also jst faking it!

  22. I just got this bike and I love it I dont care if any body wants to ride on the back with me or not lol. Great review tho I guess

  23. idnt get it why do anyone go for sport bike ..thinking for a good mileage with low cost are you drunk??? you gave 3 rubbish cons for this bike…

  24. Then what we should buy instead ? You not told this !! Kawasaki service costs are much expensive !!! What we buy in this segment please tell ???

  25. I just see you putting out why not to buy videos.
    Looks like you guys don't want anyone to buy a motorcycle. Lolz

  26. This is the part tht makes MotorBeam genuine and factualistic. The reason i followed. The only guys who have balls to down look.

  27. R3 is a sports tourer and not a sports motorcycle. Yamaha made real sports motorcycle in 80's and 90's with Yamaha FZR 250R and FZR 400RR. Both had inline 4 cylinder engine with Deltabox chassis. FZR 250R was 45+bhp revving up to 19,000rpm and FZR 400RR was 65+bhp revving up to 14,000rpm. R3 has shitty underpowered 2 cylinder engine making only 42bhp at crank and 34 bhp at rear wheel. R3 has huge speedometer error of 10kmph to 12 kmph. Both FZR 250R and 400RR were lighter than R3. Yamaha has actually gone in the reverse direction for 400cc and below. Pity new riders think R3 is sports motorcycle.

  28. Why not take the 2020 YAMAHA R3 for a spin??? You're talking about the old 2015 model and bitching about it to create a clickbait content which has a controversial topic. And your comparison to the R15 BE, you do realize that the R15 V3 was launched recently in 2019,right? Why didn't you take that into perspective? It's a very old sports bike you're using and you're trying to compare it with the new age motorbikes. You really need to get a hold of the perspective of age. And I said before, take the 2020 YAMAHA R3 for a spin, then talk.

  29. Liked the video.. from a new bike buyer perspective it makes me think and compare on the points you made.. i have looked at your points from a unbiased viewpoint and will try to make them a point in comparing with other bikes… Engine of Yamaha is Best no doubt.. but how to overall packaging is given by Yamaha , that’s what is most important.

  30. Most of you guys are thinking of the 2018 Yamaha R3 but in reality the 2016 Yamaha R3 really laked in a lot of features. I completely agree with Faisal and Team Motorbeam. But when they will make a similar video on the newer R3, all of the dislikers will like it. Truth always hurt but you all should better be aware of when and where the circumstances meet.


    1) R DNA was missing because it was not as aerodynamic as the present day R3

    2) Mileage used to fall but Yamaha improved it.

    3) Slipper Clutch and Dual Channel ABS was actually missing on the old R3 and they are basic safety features every cautious Indian Rider should have.

    4) Yeah 4 Lakh rupees is really expensive for any middle class person who generally earn 30K to 40K and has to look after the family.

    5) No grabrail is really a terrible fault for any pillion. Should be given.

    Love your Work Faisal, Dhanil, Parth and others of Team Motorbeam. Don't listen to these ****holes. You researched well and you got a subscriber and a liker. Keep UP……..

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