5 Reasons to BUY Toyota Innova Crysta | Rishabh Chatterjee

5 Reasons to BUY Toyota Innova Crysta | Rishabh Chatterjee

Hi I’m Rishabh Chatterjee and in this video
I will share 5 reasons to buy the Toyota Innova crystal. But before we start with the reasons of you
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first reason is the looks now this depends on your personal opinion but the car has changed
a lot from it’s previous version and looks a lot better with Sharp lines and has great
road presence. The second reason is this car can seat 7/8
people comfortably and has a luxurious feeling interiors with a lot of features. The third reason is the Toyota after sales
service.The service experience is very good at all Toyota service centres.The professionalism
is across all the service centre from the staff to the mechanics. The fourth reason is the Toyota reliability. Toyota engines are known to last forever. I know people who have driven Innova for more
than 4 lakh+ km and the car still wasn’t giving any problems but they sold it because they
got bored of driving the same car.Toyota engines last forever but provided you do give the
car for servicing at regular intervals. The fifth reason is the resale value. The innova crystal is not a cheap car by any
means but it does have a great resale. On an average a well maintained 3 year old
innova crysta can retain 90% of it’s original value.Plus because of the huge demand for
Innova in the used car market and Toyota cars in general they get sold very easily and fast. These were the 5 reasons why I think you should
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next. Thank you for watching.This is RI SHABH Chatterjee
signing off and I hope to see you soon in my next video.

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  3. 5 reasons not to buy Toyota Innova Crysta
    Not a VFM product at 25L
    Competition is offering more safety features like 6 airbags
    Nearest fully equipped competition is a good 10 L less than Innova
    2.4l engine is not great
    seating is joke for 25L car… pls look at Tata Hexa captain seats…

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