5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Tesla

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Tesla

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about five reasons you should not buy a Tesla electric car, now everybody talks
about electric cars being the future, I remember when I was a kid they talked
about flying cars are gonna be the future, well then that never came about,
but electric cars probably will be a certain percentage of the future, only
how far away in the future, and of course which models are going to succeed
as electric cars, and which are gonna fail, now in my opinion it’s gonna be
many years before electric cars in the United States become normal vehicles
that everyone drives around, but if you do want to get an electric car today,
here’s five reasons why I’d say don’t buy a Tesla, and numero uno that’s price,
these things are really expensive and at least so far, they don’t hold their value
all that much, I met a guy who bought a Tesla put
like thirty five thousand miles on it, and when he went to trade it in the
Tesla dealer offered him 50% of what he paid for that car, he was going to lose
over fifty thousand dollars owning that thing for two years
and here’s where competition is going to come into effect, obviously more and more
companies are gonna start making electric cars, Chevy now has the Chevy
bolt, not the volt, but the bolt it’s made in China
the Chinese have very modern factories, they seem to have pretty good quality
control from what I’ve read, I haven’t seen in here because they’re generally
not allowed to sell these Chinese cars in United States yet, but of course
eventually they will, Nissan has the Nissan Leaf that’s an all-electric car
that’s been out a while, and the new ones are definitely a large improvement over
the other ones, and you’re talking a lot less money than what Tesla’s charging
now if you’re talking about game changing parameters, hey electric cars
right they’re like they’re efficient they don’t pollute, well a lot of the
competitors are making smaller electric cars, so people are gonna go electric hey
let’s face it, you might as well as go small if you want to be efficient but
Tesla’s more of the full-size variety, his cars are expensive, yeah they’re big they
got a lot of room, let’s face the facts in the
United States the average car generally has not that many people were riding
around in the thing, so what’s the point of making these big vehicles to haul all
that weight and all those heavy batteries around, if there’s only one or
two people in the car, you might as well as go small, so unless you have an
endless supply of money and you want luxury,
I advise don’t buy a Tesla electric car buy some other model, and personally I’d
wait even on that until the chips fall where they fall, and you see who makes
the reliable one and the prices will start coming down as they mass produce
them all, and speaking of mass production that’s the number two reason not to buy
a Tesla, they’ve had poor quality control they went from making not all that many
cars, to making tens of thousands of them every month, that changed the whole parameter
for Tesla’s manufacturing facility, they had problems in the
factory, they ended up setting up tents and building the things in a parking lot,
I guess Elon had an idea that it was gonna be like the Terminator, he was
gonna have the robots build the robots and hardly have any people involved, well
our technology hasn’t evolved that far either, so they had so many problems they
ended up doing it in the parking lot with human beings, in those the body part
didn’t fit, there are large gaps on one side, small gaps on other sides,
they had electrical problems with the dash control unit, some of them the doors are
supposed to recognize you, you come in and the door handles flip out because I got
these hidden door handles, and of course that broke too, isn’t that a surprise,
you put these gimmicks on cars that the handles are hidden and then they pop out
when you get close to it, come on now you know right away you know five-year-olds
impressed by you know little technology like that, hey really
my 94 Celica has kind of hidden door handles, they’re flush with
the car and that leads it to the third reason not to buy a Tesla, poor
reliability and expensive repairs of these things, nobody’s going to know how
to fix these Teslas other than at the Tesla dealers right, you know about
car repair, what’s the most expensive place that’s going to charge you the
most to get your car fixed, the dealer of course, heck the last records I found,
Tesla spends more money per car doing warranty work then even mercedes-benz
during the same period, and Mercedes certainly isn’t known for cheap repairs,
even GM spends less money per car on warranty repairs than Tesla does, that says
something, and it certainly seems to say something to the Tesla executives, in
2018 41 high-level executives quit and left the company, and in the last 12
months 58 total high-level executives have quit the company, now that included
a lot of guys who had serious experience in the car business, including the chief
accountant, and hey if the accountant is leaving, hey maybe he knows something
more than even I know about this stuff and there’s not much future for me here,
who knows how long they’re gonna be around, he does the actual figures, and let’s
face it, high executives they get paid a lot of money, if they’re leaving a job
that pays them a lot of money, they’re kind of saying, well I’m not betting with
Tesla on this one, I think I’ll go work somewhere else, because really we live in
highly competitive times, global worldwide economies, you put all your
bank money especially with theirs on the model three that they’re gonna
mass-produce, things can easily go haywire, as an example they recently laid
off a bunch of people, they want to save money so they can make the price of the
Model 3 lower, it was supposed to be like a $35,000 car, but in reality you
couldn’t get them for less than $45,000 well hey if you’re getting rid of people
for a car that’s already having problems in the manufacturing, I don’t see that as
a good thing, now the last reason I’m gonna give not to buy a Tesla, the whole
notion of electric cars in our modern society today, I got a friend in Canada
to begin with, he lives in Canada so it’s really cold,
well what happens there, if you know anything about batteries, they lose a lot
of their power when it gets really cold outside, they can lose 30 to 40% of their
capacity, so he found out that even though he had the thing fully charged at
one of these fancy stations that did it with 240 volts instead of the 120 in the
house, when it got up in the morning he had 40% less mileage on the little
readout than it’s supposed to be when it’s fully charged, because it was so
cold, and he said when he plugged it in to his house at the 120, it was going
to take five days to charge the car, he did it for a few hours and found out it
hardly did anything, because it was so cold outside it was losing so much
percentage of the electricity going in that it was almost useless plugging it
into his house, so he had to drive to one of these 240 volt charging stations, and
he told me when he was there, he got lucky he got there and it took five
hours to fully charge this thing there it was so cold, and there were people
that had other electric cars and they were waiting behind him, and he said they
kind of looked at him and glare at him and one
guy even said, are you almost done, are you almost done, can you imagine if there
were millions of people driving electric cars and they had to wait for, bad enough
to take five hours to charge their car, what if
there’s three guys in front of you, you know, and let’s face it
batteries are heavy, you make a relatively large car like a Tesla,
they’re having little ones they have to have bigger batteries to pull all that
weight, that’s just the law of diminishing returns, to make it go better
you put in a bigger battery, but the bigger battery weighs more, so then it
has to store more electricity to pull itself, and it just turned into a vicious
circle, which who wants to get involved in that, you’re probably better off always
making smaller electric cars not big monster ones, now sure the Tesla’s have
all kinds of power, their fancy one is faster than a Dodge Challenger with a
Hellcat engine in it, I mean they’re screaming because of electric motors
have full torque all the time, as soon as you turn them on they go off, they don’t
need to rev up like a car engine, but to get all that power takes a lot of energy,
and if people are getting an electric car cuz they want efficiency and they want
to have long ranges, you should go for a lighter car, not a heavier car, and when
you combine the heaviness with the high price originally, and then the high price
of repairs that they have a history of already, I don’t think it’s a good idea
to buy a Tesla today I mean there’s always gonna be rich guys out
there, they want the biggest fastest coolest thing you know, you see the
Tesla’s and movies and stuff like that yeah that’s certainly gonna be a market
for the guy, but if you’re talking about a gigantic mass market, I think twice, it
could have been the right idea at the wrong time, implemented in the wrong
fashion, because when it comes to cars it’s not just the idea behind them, it’s
the implementation of that idea, and if it’s implemented wrong, it can easily be a
failure instead of a success, and with all those high-level executives quitting
Tesla, it may be the rats are jumping off the ship before it completely sinks, now
over the years I’ve had customers buy new design cars that ended up failing
and then they were stuck with a car that wasn’t worth that much money and had all
kinds of problems so me I’d stay away from the Tesla, if
you’re into electric cars I’d still wait a few years to see where the chips are
gonna fall, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if people started driving
electric cars around that were made in China after all the Chinese already use over a
hundred million electric scooters, and they add 20 million each year, so there
are obviously serious about mass marketing electric vehicles, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Super video again!
    Scotty, what do you think of the technology where the idea is to make a car that runs on "compressed air"!?
    I believe one company in Europe is already in the early stages of designing and testing.

  3. Scotty Kilmer's videos are both useful and very entertaining. As far as EV's go, yeah, I agree, if it ever happens, it's going to be ways down the road yet, and yeah, EV's are way, way too expensive. The Chevy Bolt's starting cost is a Whopping $44,400 here in Canada. For roughly the same money, I can buy an awesome, quality built and classy Toyota Avalon, and since we don't really drive all that much, the cost of gasoline isn't all that big a consideration. Plus, I'm sure that Toyotas are fuel efficient, and since the nearest AMERICAN gas station is only about 3 miles away from here in our border town, I buy cheaper American gasoline all the time anyway. EV's are pricy, there isn't any infrastructure for them, and the range problems are still an issue. We live in the country and the nearest Walmart is an hour's drive from here, so we put on a lot of highway miles and I really don't need the grey hairs that worrying about my car's range is going to give me.

  4. I hear that the reliability is purely with some earlier model 3s having body panel gaps, other than some of those the car seems very reliable. Besides, they are very safe, with features unmatched by any other car manufacturer in the world, the Super Charger Network, Autopilot, Excellent Range, and I only wish I could buy a lightly used Tesla for 50% off.

  5. Oh Scotty how wrong you are! Tesla’s model 3 and Tesla’s supercharger network have turned this AMERICAN company into a huge success. I can accept that yes repairs take forever and there isn’t much availability. But your information just isn’t accurate and current

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