5 Rebadged Cars Most People Had No Idea Came From DIFFERENT Manufactures!

5 Rebadged Cars Most People Had No Idea Came From DIFFERENT Manufactures!

So I thought it’d be fun to make a video featuring
cars that aren’t quite as original as some may think. Badge engineering as some people call it,
has been around for sometime now. Essentially it allows car manufacturers to
take an already existing platform, tweak it and make it their own, well kind of. Because some manufactures don’t even try to
make it their own and just slap their badge on it. Of course I expect most car enthusiasts to
already be familiar with the rebadged cars I included in this video but for non car people,
you’re in for a big surprise! First car on the list is the Chevy SS. First things first, this car is here is one
hell of a sleeper. It may just look like an ordinary lifeless
Chevy Malibu when see on the road, but what you get is far from it. It started it’s life a Holden Commodore
and then radged and brought over to the United States as the Chevy SS from 2014 to 2017. The SS is essentially a complete copy and
paste of the Commodore, the only thing really differentiating them is the badging of course. And speaking about badging, I find it very
funny that you can actually go on Chevy’s official website under accessories for the
SS and you can literally purchase Holden Emblems for $250! I gotta say that would be a great way to keep
people guessing here in the US as to what car you’re driving. That said, the performance package you get
with the SS is something only car enthusiasts can really appreciate. It comes equipped with powerful naturally
6.2L LS3 V8 that produces 415HP and 415lb-ft and it sends all that power to the rear wheels. 0-60 is acheived in just 4.5 seconds. And when you think it couldn’t get any better,
well it can. It comes with a traditional 6 speed manual. What’s not to like? Over 400HP, rwd, naturally aspirated, stick
shift, all packaged in a low profile family sedan that nobody expects to be fast. It’s definitely a rare breed especially
in the modern era and it’s a shame they aren’t produced no more. Sadly, it just didn’t sell well, it flew
under the radar and that could be for several reasons. Price point which started at over 40K, no
advertising from Chevy because honestly they really didn’t care about the SS and was
just fulfilling an agreement with GM Australia and because of the industry shift to more
fuel efficient vehicles. Even though you can’t find them new anymore
you can buy them used for much less than when they were first released. Not only will you get a family car with straight
raw performance but you also get handy features for it that can assist with daily driving
like heated and ventilated seats, a heads up display, blind spot monitoring, lane departure
warning, rear park assist and chevy’s awesome magnetic ride control which adjust based on
the surface you’re driving on. And if you want to take it to the track, then
go for it. It’s track ready tuned and comes standard
with brembo brakes on all 4 wheels! 2nd car is the Subaru BRZ. So this one is a bit tricky, as some would
say the BRZ is just a rebadged Toyota GT 86 or Scion FRS, while others will say vise versa. I ultimately decided to classify the BRZ as
the one that did the rebadging since Toyota first came up with the concept and then brought
it over to Subaru in a way to get them to work together on new sports car. Result was probably one of the best joint
collaborations between two auto manufactures. An affordable RWD, front engine sports car
that is not a MX-5. Sure one of its drawbacks heard by many car
guys is the underwhelming lack of power coming from Subabru’s 2.0L Boxer engine. It only manages to produce 205HP and 156lb-ft
of torque. But see what many fail to realize is that,
straight line performance is not what Subaru and Toyota wanted from it, but more so having
an emphasis on handling. And let me tell you from a person that has
personally driven both the FRS and BRZ, these cars are more fun to drive than some of the
more powerful sports out there especially on twisty roads. The main difference between the BRZ, and the
GT 86 is the front end, the suspension tuning and and the emblems. Other than that they are pretty much identical. Same platform, same flat 4 engine and even
and the interior are very alike. And for those that are not aware the BRZ,
GT 86 and FRS all came out as 2013 models, The GT 86 was not sold in the US and it wasn’t
until Toyota decided to close the curtains on the Scion brand that they reintroduced
the triplet as just the 86 in 2017. I figured I’d clarify that since for those
that may find all these models a bit confusing. That said, the BRZ is a pretty sweet car no
matter how bad people talk about it. For the price there is not much more you can
get. If you’re in the market for one I’d recommend
the face lift version from years 2017 and up mainly because you can get it with the
performance package that features specially tuned shocks, brembo brakes and wider aluminum
wheels and tires. I know I was a little unfair to the BRZ in
past on one of my old videos, for it’s lack of performance but for what it’s worth we
are lucky to have such an affodable nimble sports car in today’s market. I mean 0-60 in 6.2 seconds isn’t too slow,
or is it? What do you guys think? 3rd rebadged car is the Dodge Stealth. Manufactured from 1991-1996 the Americans
and the Japanese came together and created this bad boy. Essentially the Stealth was nothing more than
a restyled Mitsubishi 3000GT. You see back in the 90s this was very common
practice for manufacturers to collab and make two similar cars since the industry was so
competitive. Just like the 3000GT the Stealth had multiple
trims to choose from which include the base model that carried a 3L V6 that only produced
164HP to the cream of the crop R/T twin turbo model which featured an awd system, all wheel
steering and performance that was seen as insane at the time. The R/T turbo engine produced 300HP and 307lb-ft
of torque! 0-60 happened in around 5 seconds, and keep
this in mind, this was back in the 90s! That goes to show you how ahead of their time
both the Stealth and 3000GT were! This car definitely fulfilled what Dodge wanted
it to be, a sporty and quick sports car. And just when you thought things couldn’t
get any better, in 1994 the Stealth R/T turbo received a pretty sweet makeover which included
6 speed manual which replaced the 5 speed, upgraded brakes, 18 inch wheels, and 20 horsepower
bump. And yes I’m mainly talking about the R/T
turbo model because in my opinion that was the only one that was really worth buying. Whether iit was in a straight line or around
the track the Stealth did not disappoint. The combination of it’s two mode suspension,
4 wheel steering and 0.33 drag coefficient made this car one of the best performers of
it’s time. Sure the exterior design wasn’t very innovative
mainly due to the partnership between mitsubishi and dodge, i mean it was literally built in
the same factory in Japan as the 3000GT. Either way it was a solid partnership and
the Stealth ended up being a sports coupe that combined the best of what each manufacturer
had to offer. Which one would you prefer? The Dodge Stealth R/T turbo or the Mitsubishi
3000GT VR4? 4ht car on the list is the Chrysler Crossfire. It first made an appearance as a show car
in 2001 before launching in 2004. While it may not seem like it, this car is
more European than one might think. It shares most of it’s design with the Mercedes
Benz SLK. At the time Chrysler was combining forces
with Mercedes from the 1990s to the late 2000s, so something like this was bound to happen. Yikes what a combo, makes me wonder which
team of two would Scotty Kilmer hate more, Chrysler with Fiat or with Mercedes! Compared to some of the others featured in
this video, the Crossfire and SLK are not exactly twins but you can definitely see the
resemblance. The interior mainly from the vents down look
very similar except that the crossfire has a much cheaper finish with this odd silver
coloring to the center console. But at a starting price of 10K dollars less
than the SLK, what do you expect. Both the transmission and the engine the Crossfire
carries is pulled directly from the SLK320. It’s a 3.2L V6 that produces 215HP and 229lb-ft. Not exactly impressive for such a heavy car
but if you wanted more power there was an SRT 6 version available with a supercharger
that increased the power to 330HP. Now that’s more like it. This was definitely a bizarre and interesting
car at the time and surprisingly out sold it’s competitors during the first year. It sold around 36K units which was more than
both the BMW Z4 and Audi TT. I know some may question those two luxury
cars as Chrysler’s competitor, but see the Crossfire has quite of bit of Mercedes in
there, you can pretty much call it a bargain SLK. If you’re interested in one well you can
get it in two flavors with either a fixed roof or a fabric topped convertible. And both come included massive heavy wheels! 5th and final rebadged car on the list is
the Opel GT. And no we are not talking about the iconic
GT that existed from 1968 to 1973. Opel actually decided to do things a little
bit different this time around. They took their well known GT nameplate slapped
it on a Saturn Sky, which was based off the Pontiac Solstice. The only major changes the Opel GT received
involved the badging just like every car featured on this video, the tail lights and grille
trim. Back then many praised that the Opel GT and
Saturn Sky stood out in what was one of the most exciting classes. It’s RWD, has a wide stance, long hood,
has an interesting shape many actually thought was pretty cool and while it didn’t appear
to be fast, it actually kind of was. It comes equipped with a 2.2L 4 cylinder turbo
engine that produces 264HP which helped the GT sprint from 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. Weight distribution is spot on which is expected
from a RWD front engine car. There is something special about this car. I remember in my young teenage years seeing
a Saturn Sky for the first time and thinking it was must have car. I mean I don’t quite feel the same now as
I did before but it’s definitely very unique. Even though the Opel Gt was built in the US
at Wilmington Delaware along with its other siblings, I never got to see one in person
since it wasn’t sold here in the US. But honestly, seeing the Sky and Solstice
was close enough. I’m glad Opel decided to continue the tradition
of the first Opel GT but was it the right way to do it? By rebadging an already existing car? IDK. Either way the reintroduced Opel GT nameplate
did not last very long because by 2010 Saturn and Pontiac pretty much reached the end of
the road as brands which ultimately lead to the end of the Opel GT. I’m curious, how many of the cars on this
list did you already know were rebadged. Let me know in the comment section below. I really do hope you guys enjoyed the video
and if you did make sure to like it, these types of video normally take me around 15-20
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I think you forgot to mention about the new "Toyota Supra" aka rebadged BMW Z4 roadster that has been talked about lately. But I would maybe test drive the new "Supra" but not own it.

  2. The opel gt in the last clip was based on a lotus elise here in the UK don't know if it is the same across the world but looks the same

  3. To start….chevy ss a slepper???…cmmon …..that a pice of shit…..runs good like any new car…once you put miles on it…..start braking parts…like any new car….another words….this car wont be on the road 15 years and if it make it….is a pice of shit….cmmon….gm dont have a decent car in the last 20 years….nothing but garbage….yes…including tge overprice corvette….and evry single suv….early 2000 till 2014….every pick up and big suv including cadillacs…..garbage transmissions…..i guess ford finaly got cough up…..dodge/chrysler….why even go there….another bunch of junks….

  4. Cobalt a cavalier…g6 a grand am…g8 a grand prix….on.and on and on…..gm stand for garbage mash for the last 20 years….

  5. How they put ss in 6 cyl cars???….fuck you….like dodge call the new engines hemi….i challenge see one of those challengers 20 years from now on the road…..ill see them on pull a part for sure…

  6. I got a brand for that chevy ss…..crown vic p71 or marauder….now you can drop the jaw chevy guys….subarus …crap…all of them…ford focus svt for those subarus….even the crappy evo runs better….stealth….is just anotger dodge/chrysler with mitsu engine…..remember dodge colt???…same shit…crossfire…oh my fucking god….chrysler…again….not even know how they call this cars….i call them pyles of junk….not even classics chryslers are any better…..audi is nothing but a gm….bmw and mercedes nothing but pyles of money….and that opel…hahaha….saturn….another gm that went into a shithole….

  7. BRZ/GT86 is an out of the box drift car…. not a drag racer… Also the boxer engine is the same that has been used in the Impreza WRX/STI models for years and have been know to do more than 300+ hp, so a bad engine it is not, just add the turbo (the 2.0L EJ engine is the actual engine used in the WRC back in the day and more reliable than the 2.5L engine seen in USDM Subaru's)…. Also Toyota doesn't make Boxer engines so it's more Subaru than what this dude would want you to think (all models manufactured at the Subaru factory)….

  8. To bad the Commodore is essentially dead, the car still exists but its on a new platform, and has horrible performance compared to the previous generations, and especially to the HSV versions of the car.

  9. Didn't know the Chrysler Merc thing but I'm not fully sold on that being accurate but I do know anything about those brands so 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  10. -Toyota Matrix=Pontiac Vibe
    -Toyota Corolla =Chevy/Geo Prizm
    -Ford Ranger=Mazda B series Truck
    -Izusu Asender=Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Buick Rainer, Oldsmobile Bravada, Saab 9-7x
    -Suzuki Vitara=Chevy/Geo Tracker

  11. If you owned the Dodge version, you would pay less insurance than if you owned the Mitsubishi version. What about that. Of course Mitsubishi looked better but the Dodge was the sleeper version. You're all right. Are you in the northern VA area?

  12. The ss had many many comercials and was pushed everyday on tv and radio.what made it a flop was the sticker price …starting at $47.000 was to dam high

  13. All manufacturers do it all VW models apart from the beetle have a exact Audi copy and the opel vx220 was a identical to the lotus elise. What I do find fascinating is the VW dieselgate scandal that was and still is a big deal in the US a lot of US branded diesel cars use the same engine and engine management software but dont really hear much about that.

  14. To put the stealth RT into persepective it was produced when the C4 vette was…. the vette hit 60 .5 seconds behind the rt. That means at 60… the corvette was looking at tail lights

  15. What about the Mazda ford joint effort the fiat panda that's the renegade jeep, The Isuzu pub Chevrolet s10 there are many others out there search a little deeper

  16. I saw a redesign of the Mazda "RX7" that looks very similar to the Opel GT. Hopefully it does not get found on the designers floor. It only has two rotaries. Each rotary is shaped like a peanut and can act like a three piston engine for each rotary. If a third rotary is added, it would put it into an equivalent of a 9 piston engine. The redesign came with a turbo. What made the Mazda RX7 was it was a college kid's first sports car, it was nimble, yet affordable. A true sports car is a legalized go-cart. Keep your nose between the lines, the fog and the stripped lines. It makes driving a lot more funner. Who cares where you place your hands on the wheels. I smoke all the time and it never bothered me any puffing away flying around corners. Just slow down before you plow into the wall going around corners. You will enjoy it next time going on a road trip. And less scary for your passenger.

  17. Guess you're too young to remember the Lee Ioccoca commercials. The Mitsubishi 3000GT was a rebadged Dodge Stealth. The engine and body were designed by American Engineers but the Mitsu-Badged model outsold the Dodge which was the point of the commercial. People were that prejudiced against American-made cars at that time, even in the U.S.

  18. That was a tough part about the SS. Most parts were sourced from Australia, increasing the price of repairs. Badass car! (Also badged as a caprice in police forces)


  20. I have a SRT6 Crossfire and they are a missile!! Stock 0-60 is 4.8 seconds and they are easily tuned for more power.

  21. The reason the Chevy SS and the Pontiac GTO from 2004-2006 did not sell well is that both of them were BORING to look at. GM will make boring looking cars but get angry at the designers of the Buick Avista. GM is run by idiots. And I also give this a thumbs down for the misleading clickbait thumbnail.

  22. The Stealth had so many electrical gremlins and stuffed full of electrics. Probably best as a 2nd car as opposed to a daily driver

  23. I'm gonna try to guess where they came from just from the first car. No one will really ever know if I cheated or not, but I'm still gonna try. The Chevy in the beginning looks an awful lot like the Pontiac G8……wrong

    The Stealth reminded me a lot of the Mitsubishi 3000 (GT?) well, I got that one. I actually just saw one recently too. It's been a while. Also saw a 3000 GT as well recently. Been a while since I saw one of those too.

    Didn't see that Crossfire comparison.

    The Saturn Skyy reminds me of the Pontiac Solstice. Didn't know about the other car.

  24. Opel rebadged a Saturn and Saturn rebadged an Opel (the Astra). Fair is fair I guess.
    Also putting the Ferrari as the thumbnail was clickbait and you know it.

  25. 8:48 is the wrong Opel GT engine bay, after pointing out the GT of the 70's you then show that engine bay not the rebadged sky/solstice.

  26. How about some mini vans from the ninety's the Mercury villager and the the first Nisan quest and from the 2000's the Dodge caravan and the Honda routan

  27. The Chevy SS might have been a Holden but if your that clueless to call it a rebadging your wrong. Holden is a major stock investor into GM. The reason the SS didn’t last is because why have it when they already have the impala, Malibu, SS, impala are the same car

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