5 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know

5 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about five mechanic secrets that you should know, because even if you’re not
going to fix your own car, knowledge is power and if you know more about your
car, you have less of a chance of getting taken advantage of when your car needs
repairs you get warning lights on in your dash,
let’s say your check engine light comes on, your ABS light is on and your track
light all come on there all three shine and while you’re driving, well in many
modern cars it has to do more with the software and the design of the car than
actual problems, on many cars especially Toyota’s Lexus, if you have a problem and
your check engine light comes on automatically that will turn off the ABS
and traction control systems, it’s a computer safety thing, so you’ll have
these three lights you think, oh all these things are happening in my car but,
in reality the only real problem is the check engine light, so in that case have
it scanned and see what the check engine code is and have that fixed first, I’ve had
more people before they met me spend a whole bunch of money having working
quotation mark done and other mechanics only later they come to me with the same
thing that all those lights are on and it turns out that they got charged
for ABS work, traction control work, that probably wasn’t even done on the car
because there was another problem that the mechanic didn’t fix right so they
all came back on again, so if your check engine light comes on, and the ABS and the
traction control lights are all on at the same time, don’t have a fit, first
find out why the check engine light is on and fix that, that often fixes the
whole thing, now the next has to do with the maintenance required light, as far as
I’m concerned the maintenance required light that is one of the biggest scams
out there, manufactures put them in to scare people to bring the car to the
dealer those stupid lights on most cars will
just come on at certain mileage intervals some cars will come on every
15,000 miles, what you want to do is of course maintain your car correctly
change the oil when you need to, but learn how to turn that maintenance
required light off yourself, because often the only thing the car needs when
the maintenance required light comes on is an oil change, do what yourself or
have it done somewhere, just Google for your own car turning off maintenance
required light and you’ll see there are certain buttons you have to push in a
certain sequence and you can turn it off yourself, don’t freak out and go running
to the dealer and get some gigantic bill for things that you really don’t need to
have done at all and the next mechanics tip is this, on any normal car don’t
waste your money on expensive additives to stick in the engine or the
transmission or the gas tank now of course companies make the stuff
so they want to sell it to you and let’s say you bought a used car and it’s a
real junker and it’s got something leaking or it burns a lot of oil, you can
try some additives to attempt to help it a little bit, but in a normal functioning
car that you take care of it’s a waste of money to buy that stuff, modern
gasoline it’s got plenty of additives especially in the United States by law,
the stuffs going to burn perfectly fine you don’t need to put anything else in
it, it works great the way it comes from the refinery, and the same thing goes for
engine oil, engine oil works really good its well-designed it’s much
better than it was when I was a kid all the chemicals that are added to the
oil to make it last longer, to make it not burn, to make it not pollute and vaporize
they’re in there from the factory, you don’t need to add a bunch of packages
yourself you just need to change the stuff regularly, that’s what you need to
do not put additives in, change your oil when it gets dirty, if your car’s heater
doesn’t work right, maybe it’s lukewarm maybe doesn’t work at all, a lot of times
it’s because of one simple thing and that simple thing is this, if your car is
low on coolant often your heater won’t work right, now this may sound
counterintuitive but it’s true your car’s heater core that the hot water
goes through and then the air blows and puts hot air on you, is inside the dash
most of the time it’s usually the highest part of the cooling system and
as crazy as it sounds, the heater core only works with hot water inside, it doesn’t
work with hot air, so if your cooling system is low on coolant, since the
heater core is the highest part, it gets filled up with air and the liquid goes
back down into the engine, and hot air won’t blow into your car, it has to be full
of hot water that dissipates the heat through the fins and your fan blows the hot air
in your face, so if your here is not working this winter, hey just check your
coolant level it might just be low, I have picked hundreds of cars that way
over the years, now the last mechanic secret has to do with car batteries,
believe it or not car batteries are kind of like eggs, they really have a sell-by
date, now when I was a young mechanic in the 60s, batteries were completely
different, in the back of the gas station we had empty batteries that were vacuum sealed,
when it was time to put one in a customer’s car, we got an ice pick we
broke all the vacuum seals, then we filled the battery with acid and charged
it up with a battery charger, so in those days the batteries had a pretty much
indefinitely off life there was nothing in them, but modern batteries are filled
with acid at the factory, it’s just a new production thing, but once they’re filled with
acid, they start to deteriorate and batteries and cars are made to start
your car, discharge a little then the alternator recharges it, then start
and stop, if you fill them with acid and put them on a shelf and they sit there
for months on end, they start to degrade then they lose a lot of their lifespan, and the worst ones I ever saw were these Delco batteries they were making them
in South Korea, then of course they put them on a ship and they send them to the
United States, well who knows how many months it takes them to get here, I used
to buy some of those batteries and I had hundreds of them go bad for my customers,
way before they should have, some of them only less than a few months or a year
year and a half, so when you’re buying a battery for your car, pretend you’re at
the grocery store, demand to see the date of the battery and try to get one that’s
less than a month old, because they don’t deteriorate that much in one month, but
don’t go to one of those big box stores where they got batteries all piled up in
a giant pyramid and buy one there, who knows how long that thing’s been sitting
at the bottom of the pyramid, always get a fresh battery when you buy one, so now
you know five mechanic secret that’ll keep you from wasting money on your car
needlessly, now I’ve been a mechanic for the last 51 years, but one of the main
reasons I became a mechanic was because I didn’t trust anybody
fix my own car, so even if you’re not going to fix your own car, realize a
little bit of mechanic’s knowledge can go a long way for saving you money, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

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  2. My mothers heater wasn’t working and she spent tons on the bill, just like you said it was just the low coolant.

  3. "Modern gasoline" is absolutely garbage. It is the reason for terrible fuel economy. Ethanol is horrible for engines

  4. He seems like one of those mechanics that knows everything, talking all kinds of mumbo jumbo while using a cheap scanner from a local parts store

  5. Durrrrrrr the maintenance required light only comes on every 15k for a change in oil durrrr durrrrr durrrr. I'm an ASE Certified mechanic, and you sir are so vague it's ridiculous. Please do a better job at "explaining" what's wrong. Oil changes should be done at 3k, 6k, or 10k (diesel synthetic) depnding on the vehicle and oil required/recommended. Please, please be more thorough or at the very least less vague.

  6. I fixed my check engine light by just changing my gas cap. Apparently my last one cracked from weather and ware. Easy fix no mechanics money still in my pocket.

  7. Scotty? I have a 2010 mercury mariner and my check engine light comes on from time to time, it will stay on for a month then turn off for months at a time. Any idea why? And no this mod l doesn’t have a gas cap… stupid design is say.

  8. He’s right. Don’t ever put oil additives (aka thickeners) into your oil reserve. It’s not only stupid but also dangerous.

  9. If all the dash lights are on you have over 110k miles on your vehicle.🤣 The more electronics in a vehicle, the more problems you will have, more sensors and mechanics to foul.

  10. Hi Mr Scotty..I adore you channel…I must say you could have easily been a mechanic oooh I'm meant comedian hahah…love what you do.

  11. One secret is get an electric car. You won’t see a mechanic. That’s why Scotty hates these cars so much. Lol. Need feeding their pockets

  12. For the maintenance required light, it's not a scam! It is a timer! That light comes on when you need an oil change. Most cars that have them have a detailed explanation of what they mean, and how to turn them off right in the car's owner's manual!

    Just read your manual, and you'll know what to do about it.

  13. Question for you for a future video: My husband has a 2002 Mercury Villager Estate that is mis-firing. He's taken it to two different mechanics and they can't find the reason. He's taken it to his friend who works on cars for fun and he can't find out what's wrong. Any ideas? Does it make for a decent video?

  14. "Reason why i became a mechanic is because i didnt trust anyone fixing my car"

  15. Does anyone know how or if I can adjust the time at with my automatic lights come on? They usually come on when the place is too bright.

  16. Scotty said:
    The reason he became a mechanic was mostly because he didn't trust somebody else to work on his car.
    Same thing with me, although I am not a professional mechanic I do 95% of my own work. I see the terrible job done on all my friends cars buy a variety of different mechanics and shops it makes me very sad.😵
    Scotty u provide a very valuable service.👍

  17. I just have to say, why are you so helpful??? The only guy I know who actually talks about the important stuff.

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