5 Sports Cars That LOST The Least Value

5 Sports Cars That LOST The Least Value

we’ve all daydreamed at least once about
a new sporty car that’s fast and has the looks to back that ass up it may be a
newer version of your e46 m3 or a complete read like a Huracan either way
this dream usually comes with a price of significant depreciation making it less
than ideal but there are a few sports car models that we’re gonna cover in
this video that have high enough demand that their resale value 5 years down the
road is a lot less than say the hundred thousand dollar loss you’ll take when
driving a new Maserati don’t believe me I cover that in five top sports cars
that you’ll lose the most value on so you might want to go check that over
here it sucks a lot for the dude that bought that new and see my goal in this
video is for you to do the complete opposite of what that Maserati owner did
hey yo we’re going to cover five sports cars that depreciated the least amount
over the past five years so here’s the deal this list is sorted by the cars
that you’ll lose the most on first in the last car on this list the fifth one
is an incredible value where you’ll lose less than 20% over a 60 month ownership
period turn aha first on the list is American iron the car that old car guys
buy to fulfill their childhood dreams and middle-aged men having a midlife
crisis buy after their second divorce yeah we are talking about the c7
Corvette now the c7 Vette seemed a lot like the
c6 and c5 before it I mean the same old pushrod v8 up front same transverse leaf
springs out back but now the new balances were optional why because this
Corvette absolutely demolished its competition with its quote unquote
old-school v8 pushing out 460 horses which rips this car from zero to 60 in
just four points you seconds and Chevrolet nailed it with the aesthetics
of this baby and the handling can hold its own against any foe on paper this
one seems like the one that you bring home to meet the parents but there is
one glaring issue exclusivity there were a ton of 7 gen Corvettes made a ton of
6th generation Corvettes made and a ton of 5th gen Corvettes made and they’re
all out there roaming in the wild sea on any given nice day you’ll see a few or a
few hundred but for good reason because they hold their value quite well I mean
check this out aha the good old Chevy Corvette so
a 2014 bass would run you roughly $52,000 now the depreciation hit would
be about forty six point one percent according to the graph on the left which
will cost you roughly twenty three thousand nine hundred and seventy two or
four thousand seven hundred and ninety four dollars per year to drive this
beast next on the list we’re gonna go across the pond and talk about the
Porsche Cayman this is the little brother of the rear engine 911 but the
Cayman punches above its weight in both looks and performance and I might get a
little heat here but for Canyon carving hbd II events or anything tracked
related for that matter I personally feel like the Cayman is actually weight
easier to drive fast and you may be thinking that I’m just a driver and you
may be right but that might be because the Cayman S with the 3.4 liter dry sump
flat six pushing out 325 forces rockets this thing from zero to sixty in just
four point four seconds and losing the tail in the turn isn’t that a moment
like you may have in the booty of a heavy 911 seriously I’ve had to check my
underwear once or thrice in my air-cooled 911 with no nannies oh and if
you want to see pics not in my underwear but actually just Porsches and other
ideal cars go follow me on insta at ideal cars TV and here’s the thing about
the Cayman it’s sharper it’s longer it’s thicker than previous generations all
things that help masculinize it yeah it might be the 911s little brother but I
think the stigma of it being a lesser Porsche is in the past let’s take a look
at the ideal specs MSRP was around $65,000 that you could load these up to
a hundred K plus depreciation as you can see is roughly 41% over the first five
years of ownership which would cost you roughly twenty six thousand six hundred
and fifty dollars or only five thousand three hundred and thirty per year to
enjoy this beautiful mid-june Porsche okay you have to make me one promise
before I introduce the next car on the list you cannot ever ever ever consider
getting it with an automatic yeah we’re talking about the Toyota FRS and you got
to love this car long hood short deck lid in a stub of a trunk lid
is the type of car that doesn’t need a racetrack to make you grin from ear to
ear the 2-litre pushes out 200 horses and will do zero to 60 in 7.1 seconds
the FRS has precise handling with responsive turnin and this car is a ton
of fun when you pitch it to angles you were supposed to learn in geometry but
this instant classic isn’t just a handsome timeless design
oh no it’s also a great value yes the FRS now the MSRP is actually pretty low
in 2014 it was just twenty five thousand two hundred fifty five dollars and the
depreciation was thirty six point seven percent over the first five years which
means it costs nine thousand two hundred and sixty eight dollars to own it or
roughly one thousand eight hundred fifty three dollars
not bad FRS not bad now the runner-up on this list came in coupe sedan and wagon
and all three of them came with a six-speed that was mated to a
supercharged v8 Dearborn you’ve outdone yourself once again with the Cadillac
cts-v let’s not beat around the bush a wagon that can do 0 to 60 in four
seconds flat is an unreal sleeper in my book but
believe it or not it was actually the runner-up in my five modern American
sleepers that you should never race so you might want to go check that out over
here yes Cadillacs just don’t know how to win but that is beside the point
because with 556 horsepower on tap huge six piston Brembo front brakes and coil
springs front and rear this thing will pretty much run with anything in both
the straights and the curves plus you have one of the fastest fiercest grocery
getters out there that ever came out of the big three I mean this is the full
meal deal breakfast you have the coop lunch you have the sedan and dinner you
have the wagon but not only that it also holds value extremely well man that
coupe design is definitely unique do you like it let me know down in the comments
now for the ideal specs on a 2014 cts-v MSRP the lowest of low is sixty-five
thousand eight hundred twenty-five though you can get these loaded and it
would cost the 80 grand or more depreciation was really kind to this car
at thirty four point nine percent over the first five years which would cost
you roughly twenty two thousand nine hundred and seventy two dollars or four
thousand five hundred and ninety four dollars per year to drive this LS
supercharged Cadillac oh boy now this makes me extremely happy no not this
video is almost done and you’re still watching it though that does make me
happy too but the winner winner chicken dinner is
the Porsche 911 Porsche has reinvented the 911 eight times in the seventh
generation 911 also known as the nine ninety one is the sports car that all
other sports cars are measured against but what’s absolutely crazy is the six
horizontally opposed cylinders and ill-advised rear engine location is not
the mainstream pedigree for high-performance sports parts and yet
somehow the Porsche 911 just rises above them all oh boy I’m fanboying right now
but seriously you have four hundred horses on tap that will blitz zero to 60
in 3.5 seconds it’ll have just as much fun running errands as you will taking
the long the engine the transmission in the
chassis is just that good and believe me I don’t recommend buying new
mass-produced cars really ever but use Porsche 911s are in such high demand
that it wouldn’t be the worst thing that you’ve ever done and if you do take
European delivery and take me with you I can fit in a suitcase yep here is the
911 the whena whena so the ideal specs MSRP on a Carrera in 2014 was eighty
four thousand three hundred depreciation was extremely kind to the 911 and it
kind of always has been at only 23 percent over the first five years which
would cost you nineteen thousand three hundred and eighty nine dollars in
depreciation to own that bad bad car which would only cost you three thousand
eight hundred seventy seven dollars per year I know which car would be my ideal
car which one would be yours also if you haven’t checked out the Maserati that
will lose you over a hundred thousand dollars in the first five years of
ownership well now’s your chance so click here or if you want to check out
what YouTube recommends click here also if you haven’t yet please subscribe our
best content isn’t even out yet but either way you can’t lose and as always
keep living that ideal lifestyle

About the Author: Michael Flood


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    Which one on the list would you choose as your Ideal Car?! Or did I miss one? Let us know below!

  2. My son took his Cayman to the track last weekend. Picked it up when I traded my 911 Turbo for the S63. Says he loves it and we must have a Porsche in the family.

  3. Correction, Corvette C7 0-60 mph is 3.7 seconds in the Stingray, not 4.1 seconds. 3.6 seconds in the Corvette Grand Sport.

  4. The best sports cars to buy are the ones that drop the most after 3 years…then you get an awesome car for half the price!

  5. GT-R ?, you did really extensive study.
    After all it is just another Porsche fanboy video dressed up as "5 best of " type.
    Nothing wrong with Porsche.

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    Edit: is the corvette a 5 year period like the rest?

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  8. Did anyone notice the charts dont match what is being said???
    The Corvette depreciation chart 2:24 dollars was way off .The graph reads $80k but the text read $65k .
    The 2014 Porsche Cayman depreciation chart 3:49 is off by $5k for the high and $3k for the low.
    The 2014 Porsche 911 depreciation chart 7:46 was completely incorrect. The dollars read $91k to $98k and the years read Oct '18 to Mar 19'.

  9. The only place any of these cars hold value is America. The paper here in Switzerland is filled with used Porsches. The real cost of ownership is staggering.

  10. No Elise? Expect to pay around 35k$ for a reasonably specced 2005 model that would have cost you 42k$ new…… 16.5% depreciation over 13 years.

  11. It all comes down to reliability and build quality. Nobody wants a used vehicle that will cost a fortune in the shop for maintenance and fixing problems. $300 oil changes and $3000 brake jobs get a bit old to anybody.

  12. I own a BRZ which is the same as the FR-S essentially and I must say that the depreciation is terrible. My friend has an FR-S that he bought new when they released and today has lost $15k with only 55k miles on it💀. They lose value so fast because everyone wants to slam or drift them. The market just doesn't want to pay for these cars and that's why they never sold well😒 I'm gonna hate it if I ever have to sell my car because it won't be worth the hassle 😂

  13. Well…. while these Japanese cars never was as fast as any of the cars in this video, it actually appreciated way more than any of them. AE86, R32 GTR & NSX.

  14. This was a cool video. I am in a Data analysis and dashboard building class and your charts reminded me of what I’m been doing lol. Maybe the next project i do could be this but on a grander scale. But anyway, interesting concept and good video

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    Funny that the BMW M3 didn't make the list 😉
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  16. Yeah bc there are so many non optioned out 991s out there that sticks to your super low depreciation rates…<insert giant eye roll>

  17. The best investments are expensive, 1 mil plus cars that are limited to like 100 cars, in that case you will gain money when they appreciate in value

  18. C6z06 holds its value really well around now. None under $30000 with high mileage. Going rate 40 to 60 still

  19. Ever hear of a lease? Never buy these types of cars. I always lease mine. I enjoy the cars for a couple years then try another one. If driven everything from bmw to mustang and Porsche and everything in between

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  24. Bias!! I know you are not talking about “Trims” within the models, but the BMW 1M Coupe, msrp used to be not less than $46,000 brand new in 2011, and nowadays it can be found between $52,000 to $75,000 online, all depends on the mileage!! Well, this episode also doesn’t talk about those models who has appreciated the most, after time passed. I’ll wait for that episode!!

  25. The 911 is so low because people rarely drive it as a daily drive .. It loses much more than that first me .

  26. Unless you are rich you count depreciation in money terms not % . However, if you are rich you are probably not watching this video anyway. The Toyota wins it by a mile. The purchase price is within the reach of most people and there is the reliability and low cost servicing. Again the Toyota wins hands down. You can also tune the Toyota easily and cheaply.

  27. General Motors is from Detroit not Dearborn that would be ford! Ford does not make caddy I was heartbroken by that mistake you made! You should really edit that

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