5 Things To Expect After Buying Wheels

5 Things To Expect After Buying Wheels

– It’s your boy, Alex. (moans) It’s your daddy. (laughing) (crew laughing) Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Alex from Fitment Industries, and today we are here to
talk to you about something that happens after you
buy after market wheels, because hey, you know I
picked some cool new wheels. I’m feeling pretty fresh. We got IG tags, we got
subscribers, I have ramen, things are good, I am happy. And I realized that when
I picked out these wheels after measuring them 24,000 times and finally getting them in. That there’s a couple
things that even probably took me a little bit by surprise, when it came down to buying
wheels and receiving them, and actually doing all the stuff to get the wheels onto the
car and all of that stuff. So we thought we’d make a video. Five things you expect when
buying aftermarket wheels. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. You can subscribe if you want to so that we can continue
making cool videos. And if you haven’t been subscribing you’re going to want to ’cause
look at all the great stuff that you’re probably just
sort of missing out on. (yelling) And also we’ll start your suspension. Fitmentindustries.com, thanks. If you’re wondering where the
nasally thing is coming from it’s because I was sick last week and now I’m back, I’m feeling pretty good. However, I have destroyed
at least three bottles of NyQuil, DayQuil, a couple Kleenex boxes and probably some other
things that you shouldn’t. So, anyway, here is some five things that you should expect when
buying aftermarket wheels. As soon you get the confirmation email you’re probably on the hype train, you’re super excited,
you’re gonna email us 10 minutes after ordering to ask if we actually got the order. Then you’re gonna check
for tracking the next day and that’s just pretty much how it goes. We see the comments, we see
the messages, we see the DMs. Because now we live in
a world of just instant, instant response, which we love. So, number one, whenever
someone gets a minty fresh (kisses lips) wheels they’re like the most careful person in existence because they don’t want to curb them. But it happens. (loud engine noise) – Oh! Busted your rim! – So whether you’re going
through a drive-thru, or whether you’re going
through to the mall, or you’re trying to be
a cool kid and drive in front of the mall so everybody
sees you before you park. I know that you’ve done it. And you’re gonna see that
you probably gonna end up having to be a little bit more careful. But what it really comes down to is that you’re running a
more aggressive set up, that you’re gonna wanna
be careful in terms of where your wheels stick out. So, if you’re going down in some sort of aspect ratio for a tire size or you’re going with
more of a stretch set up, you’re actually going to
be exposing your wheel to more chances or risk of
you actually damaging them. And the one time you’re
not paying attention is the one time that
you’re going to curb them. Usually what we recommend
is that when you get your first set of wheels, when you get ’em and you get ’em on, to just be more careful
than you ever were before. That includes driving recklessly, that includes Speedy Gonzales, the things that you’re
gonna do on the highway, that pretty much includes everything. A lot of times people don’t take a little bit of a break in period and next thing you know a wheel falls off because they didn’t torque it to spec. Or they curbed the wheel
because they forgot that a 12 wide in the rear actually pokes a little bit on their WRX. And there’s just gonna
be some things that we’d want you to take into consideration ’cause then we’re gonna
get an email saying, “Hey guys, I curbed my wheels “because this one time at band camp, “Fitment Industries told
me that these wheels “were uncurbable and they got curbed.” You can’t, it’s just, it’s
not gonna be a good time. Clair has to deal with
all those emails now, and I just don’t think she
needs to deal with that. Another thing that you’re
probably gonna wanna expect after buying aftermarket wheels, is the wheels that you
saw may not actually end up being the exact wheels
that you get out of the box. For instance, there are different brands that do semi-concave, deep
concave, super deep concave, other words that describe
a super deep concave, and if you didn’t know that
and you purchased wheels, let’s say Four Stars or things like that, they’re gonna be different
than what you thought you were getting. I mean, if you take ’em outta the box and they’re like, as flat as a board, you’re probably gonna be
a little bit disappointed. But maybe you unknowingly
ordered the semi-concave and you thought you were
getting a flat profile in which case you couldn’t
be really that mad. But you have to remember
that offset and width is Paramount Pictures
important if you plan on getting the wheel style the
exact way that you want to. Because wheel and offset is
ultimately going to determine a lot of concavity with your wheel. And what it really comes
down to is that when it goes to those stock
images and things like that, they’re probably gonna show
you the most aggressive set up because that looks the coolest. It looks the most baller. It looks the neatest,
it looks the meanest. Everybody loves that one, that’s the picture that everybody likes. They’re not gonna like the
one of the flat, ya know? You go on out on the Instagram, and I’m telling you, I’m only
showing pictures of the rear because the fronts are a little flat. That’s why you only see the rear. It happens, it’s a thing, okay. What you can expect is
that if you’re looking to see what a wheel’s
actually gonna look like in the width and offset
that you’re choosing, just go look at our gallery at fitmentindustries.com
and see tens of thousands of vehicles that have aftermarket wheels, tires and suspension. You can see exactly what it looks like. So when you finally get
the wheels put on your car and you’re really excited and
you’re taking your pictures, you’re tagging your buddies,
you’re doing the things, and you go to take them
for a first test drive, it’s probably gonna feel a lot different. So don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t necessarily
mean that your ride quality is gonna be like that permanently but a lot of times it’s going to change the ultimate dynamic of the car, especially if you change
your tires as well. A lot of people, after they
buy their first set of wheels, they really don’t understand
what the (beep) going on underneath them because they
don’t know what to expect. Here’s a couple things
that you can expect. If you’re going down in an aspect ratio in terms of your sidewall
or something like that, you’re gonna anticipate
that you’re gonna be able to feel the road more, generally speaking. You’re also going to, depending on the quality of
tire that you’re getting, will also feel more planted. You’ll be able to turn corners faster, you’re going to be able to
behave a little bit quicker, and then it goes the opposite way. If you’re going with the same super tall sidewall profile of like a 225/60, you’re gonna have a ton of just comfort and little road noise and
not a whole lot of issues because you’re going the safe route. And then you put 225/60s on
some seven and a half wides because that’s just what you wanted to do. But when you are changing
out your aftermarket wheels, or when you are changing out your wheels, you’re going to experience
some different stuff and it’s gonna feel a little bit funky. The only time that we would
recommend that you actually start to worry a little bit about it, is if after you get your alignment, after you get all of that stuff adjusted, if you’re going for
the camber and the toe, and all of that stuff
that you’re planning into. You’re going to want to
do all that stuff first before you just determine that the wheels are just behaving a little bit funky with your aftermarket tires. Because I’m gonna tell ya’, if you pick up Toyo Proxes R888Rs and then you were running some
Continental all season things that you got on the car
when you first bought it, and then you’re concerned
about your wet traction, and then you start getting
slippy-slidey on a rainy day, that’s not… (sighs) That’s what the tire, I mean, you gotta know what you’re buying. Which goes into another thing. After you figured, you finally
took the wheel outta the box, or maybe you bought them with tires, and then you take them
out and you’re like, “Holy crap these are semi-concave, I thought they were flat.” And then you go to mount them and they feel a little bit different. But then you start looking
at them in the light and you’re like, “Wow, this
gunmetal is awfully grayish.” Because they named their
finishes nine million colors. Not all finishes or
paint is created equal. Quality is a determining
factor for how a wheel will handle the elements
and how it’s gonna look. So not every aftermarket wheel can handle freezing cold arctic temperatures
to blazing hot stuff. If you’re going to buy, let’s
say, an entry level wheel, and then it starts to fade, or maybe it has issues over time, a lot of times you do have to remember that there are situations, in which case, that’s where certain
companies will cut some costs. So not all paint and not all
clears are created equal. And that’s why a lot of
times those higher-end brands seem to last for so long and you see them in the aftermarket Facebook Marketplace thing forever. Is because of that exact reason. Quality and taking care of your stuff is gonna make it last a long time. But if you’re looking at something with any sort of wheel protruding, or if you’re looking at
any sort of stretching or something like that, you’ll also gonna have
to take into account if you’re going to maintain the wheel you gotta keep an eye on the lip as well. The lip is actually probably
one of the first things to go, especially in terms of damage because you don’t notice it. And when rocks kick up
and things like that, they hit your lip first. So just be careful with
that and take care of it. And last but not least,
if you’re watching this and you’ve already bought your wheels and you’re thinking to yourself, “Gosh, I can’t wait to
get these wheels that have a very flat profile on my big
brake kit Subaru Impreza WRX,” I have news for you. They don’t, probably
aren’t not, going to fit because that’s just how
big brake kits work. So, when you’re going out and you’re buying aftermarket wheels you’re going to want to make sure that if you have a different brake system, sometimes even a different roter system, or you’ve swapped brake
systems into your car, you’re gonna wanna make sure
that the wheels actually clear. Because there’s so many times
where we do all the things, we get the wheels out of the
box, we get them mounted, we go through the test phase, we make sure we get the alignment. We’re like, God, that’s
a little bit more gray than gunmetal than I remember, but I’m gonna clear coat them, because I watched Alex
and he said to do that. And then you’re doing the
whole thing and you go, and all of the sudden
you’ve got a problem. Because as you’re driving, you’re realizing that
there’s something hitting, or there’s a (thumping) noise. And that’s your brake line, or that’s something hitting your wheels. That can be super dangerous, in which case we would recommend
that if you’re trying to keep the wheels that you
end up buying some spacers to space out the wheels from
your actual brake components and all of that sort
of hub assembly stuff. If you’re looking for
a short term solution. Otherwise if you just
wanna be a big baller and you wanna try it all over again and buy a whole another set of
wheels, you can do that too. Things like that also matter even after you buy the wheels. Because if you’re buying the wheels and you plan on doing that in the future, you may find that the
wheels that you bought aren’t going to fit the new Brembos or the new StopTechs to whatever it is that you’re looking to
install in your car. So, try to future-proof your build by planning for what
you actually anticipate you’ll be buying. And a lot of times, I like to say is that if it’s within a
year of you building the car. So if you’re buying
something in this year, to plan out what all of those
products look like together, instead of thinking five years from now, 10 years from now because
probably never gonna get that far. But if you can get a year out, and you say this is the
thing I’m doing this year. And you plan for wheels, tires, suspension and maybe a brake upgrade, make sure that the brake
upgrade is taken into account before you buy aftermarket wheels. So, if you guys have
bought aftermarket wheels and you got a tip drop them
in the comment section below. My name is Alex from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe. Wheels, tires, suspension,
the whole nine yards. Fitmentindustries.com We will see you guys later, peace.

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