5 Things You Should Never Do in a Manual Transmission Car

5 Things You Should Never Do in a Manual Transmission Car

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to show you 5 things you should never do in a manual transmission car if you
want it to last, now the first thing is,
don’t down shift all the time, from 4th to 3rd to 2nd to 1st like a race car driver,
now race car drivers drive that way for a reason,
they have a limited power band, lets say the power band is 8,000 RPMs,
they always want to keep the engine about 8,000 RPMs,
so if they are slowing down they’ll put it in the next slower gear or the next lower
gear until they get to the maximum power band and then they keep shifting to keep it in
the power band, but if you’re just driving normally you don’t
need to do that, your going to wear out the engine and the
transmission faster, and lets face it, brakes are a lot cheaper
than clutches, of course in an emergency situation,
sure down shift to a lower gear, slam the brakes on,
that will stop the car the fastest, but for normal driving,
down shifting isn’t a smart thing to do if you want things to last,
now the next thing not to do is, don’t drive down the road riding the clutch
with your foot on the clutch the whole time your driving,
have your foot on the clutch, pick it up, and then when your done, put it to the side,
do not drive with your foot on the clutch or you will wear it out,
I had a customer years ago with a standard transmission BMW,
he kept wearing the clutches out and I thought, I wonder why he’s wearing the clutches out
so I said lets go for a ride, so we went for a ride,
so I said to him, why do you have one foot on the clutch, and one foot on the gas all
the time, he said, well the driver instructors told
me to do that, have one foot on the clutch and one foot on the gas,
I said that person is an idiot, don’t listen to him,
do not ride the clutch, now the next thing not to do is, if your parking
on a hill, don’t just shut the car off,
and then put it in gear and walk away, I’ve seen more cars roll down hill because
they either came out of gear, or the engine wasn’t strong enough to hold
it and it just started slowly rolling backwards, what you want to do is have one foot on the
clutch pushed down, one on the brake, then put it in gear, and
pull the emergency brake on, then when you shut the car off, guess what,
it’s not going to roll anywhere, now modern clutches need very little maintenance,
but you don’t want to forget the tiny bit of maintenance that a modern clutch system
needs, now when I was a kid, most clutches were manually
adjustable, like my motorcycle here, you want to have about a quarter inch of play
before it starts to grab, that was just adjusted by turning the star
adjuster, as they wear, they actually got tighter and you would have to loosen them
up a little, it was a very simple thing and if you have
a car like that, you would adjust it every once in a while when it would get too tight,
but most modern vehicles use hydraulic clutches with brake fluid in them,
you don’t need to adjust anything, they adjust themselves,
but the fluid does get dirty over time, so you want to change the fluid and flush
it out every 2,3, or 4 years, it’s no big deal to do, but if you don’t,
dirty fluid inside can ruin the seals, and some of these clutch systems cost a lot
of money to change the master of slave cylinder, for example, some Ford pick up trucks with
standard transmissions, the slave cylinder is built inside the housing,
so you have to pull the transmission off to change the slave cylinder, it can cost you
well over a thousand dollars, so you want to keep the fluid clean and it’s
no big deal flushing it out every 2,3, or 4 years, it’s not that hard to do,
you can just a turkey baster to suck it out and then bleed the bottom part,
now the last thing I’m going to talk about is clutch replacement, realize clutches wear
out and you have to replace them, but when they do wear out, and the clutch
disc gets thin, just don’t replace the clutch disc,
get the whole kit with all the parts, when a clutch disc gets thin it will start
to slip, then you need to change it, but don’t just buy the disc, you have to pull
the transmission off, it’s a big job, get a clutch set that has all the clutch parts
in it, the disc, the plate, throw out bearings, and
this one, it’s even got a nice alignment tool so you can align it and fit it in right,
it’s foolish to pull a transmission of a car and guess that they other parts will last
for a lot longer, change everything then you don’t have to think
about it for a long time, so now you know how to make your manual transmission
car last as long as possible, and serve you many years without having the hassle of rebuilding
that an automatic transmission often needs, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. He said don't down shift but didn't expand further. So we just skip gears like 4th to 2nd? Will this make the transmission last longer?

  3. Not sure why Americans call this an emergency brake. In Europe we call it a handbrake and use it everytime we park. It's dangerous not to, that's what I've been taught at least.

  4. 1. Crash.
    2. Mount the pavement and now down pedestrians.
    3. Go through a red light.
    4. Use it as a getaway car.
    5. Ram raid a jewellery shop.

  5. hang on a minute if you have rear wheel drive that's true but many cars are front wheel drive so much less work to replace the clutch

  6. Is it okay to drive and when you need to come to a stop you put the car out of gear and coast to a red light and just brake when need to?

  7. I have a long running tradition in my youtube watching life…

    Every time i hear scotty say "ring that bell"
    I go and screw my girlfriend..

    As a result of this, my girlfriend gets screwed a LOT..


  8. While we're at it I hate automatic transmission drivers who brake with their left foot. They immediately hit the brake on release of the gas. No pause or coasting just gassing it right up to the stop or turn. Throwing me forward as a passenger. I'm surprised we aren't rear ended. Popping the turn signal on at the last millisecond doesn't improve our chances either.
    Smooth drivers like me use the right foot for both pedals. 😇

  9. " now 1: dont downshift from 4(pop💥🔥) to 3(pop💥🔥) to 2(pop💥🔥) to 1 like a race driver" hahahahah i found that pretty funny best start of the video ever hahaah

  10. Number 6: If you're in 5th gear and about to accelerate don't put the car in R, cuz I tought it was 'Rocket' but is actually Retro…

  11. Pilot bushing check when doing clutch work. Also check crankshaft endplay. It's all Mazda and ford rwd vehicles with that mazda 5 spd.

  12. Why is an American making a video on this when most American cars are automatic. Americans don't know what "stick shift" is or as the rest of the world calls it "manual". Americans are a bit dumb and can only drive Noddy cars with a stop and go pedal. I'm assuming this is made for Europeans but we know all this already…

  13. I've had plenty of cars with a manual transmission, but I've only ever had one that I kept long enough to test the longevity of a clutch. It was a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird that I bought when it was nearly new with 33.5k miles. 7 years later the car was lost in an accident and at the time had more than 310k miles. It died with it's original clutch. Anyone who says that clutches are useless because they are always wearing out; either they don't know what they are talking about, or they don't know how to drive!

  14. At 2:00 you pulled the handbrake up without pushing in the button, that’s gonna wear it down so eventually your car will be rolling away

  15. As Richard Hammond once said "changing gears is a form of self expression". I drive daily on the twisty B roads of Devon so changing gear constantly too match the bends is a joy especially in a playful Fiesta.

  16. From the thumbnail, can I assume that jerking off the stick shift, or stiff shaft in this case, is a definite don't?

  17. The bad thing is, most new and not so new cars have Damper Flywheels, which cost a fortune to replace… more than the clutch kit itself, that's why I went for automatics, most times the Flywheel and the clutch kit would cost more than a second hand automatic transmission in good condition.

  18. People used to give me s*** over floating the gears. I had a 6-speed F-250 5.4. Bought the truck used with 80,000 miles on it sold it when I had 240,000 still had a lot of clutch left in it


  20. only recently remembered how to drive a manual transmission car a week ago

    Youtube: I know you don’t own a manual but here’s a video about manual transmissions

  21. Another tip: when applying the handbrake (not the emergency brake), press and hold the button in before applying it. That way you don't wear down the ratchet inside and so it'll last longer!

  22. Funny, an American trying to teach people the do's and dont's of a manual car when 99% of Americans can barely drive an automatic…

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  24. Sorry mate my car is currently 30 years old and is still on original clutch and gearbox and that’s because i downshift

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