5 Trials Skills To Use On The Trails | Mountain Bike Skills

5 Trials Skills To Use On The Trails | Mountain Bike Skills

– We’ve done a few videos
on essential trail skills. – But we’ve never actually talked about how you might take them onto the mountain bike tracks you’re riding. So this is our guide on
how to use trail skills on the trails. (electronic music) – The first one is the track stand and this is really good for
getting yourself composed, feet on the pedals before
your drop into the trail. Really helpful if you’ve got clips, so you want to get clipped
in before you set off. The first thing I’ll do is make sure I’m in about the right gear for the trail. So I’m going downhill here, okay a nice hard gear so
I’ve got some resistance against the pedals when I get ready. So I clip my front foot
in, my favourite foot. Get stood up, get the
back foot clipped in. Track standing and I’m ready to go. I also sometimes use the track stand atop of a steep section. Have a look down the trails,
see where I want to go, get my balance, and then ride it. – You’ll quite often come
to a stop on the trail. You might find that there’s
little bit of an overhang that you’re not going to
just roll down and drop off. In that instance, the pedal
wheelie is great for that. Just make sure you’re in a good gear so you get the front wheel
up and it’s not gonna drop. And you can get down and over it safely. Okay so this is one of
my favourite things to do in mountain biking. A little bit of trials but it
comes into trail skills too. This tree right here has
actually fallen over, and to get up and over, you’re gonna have to use
that wheelie to actuate it, and then you’re really gonna aggressively have to throw all that
weight further forward so you can lift the back wheel up, get over it cleanly and then
keep pedalling up the hill. Okay so that log hop was
definitely one extreme of it. But this is really relatable
to almost every style of rider. You get these when you’re climbing up, it’s just a little bit of a bank, you have to do a little wheelie
to get the front up and over and then thrust with the hips
to get the back wheel up. But it’s all about timing too, because you’ve actually
got to keep pedalling, build that momentum so you
can accelerate up the hill and you’re not actually
going to fall backwards, losing your speed and
probably getting off the bike and having to push. (electronic music) – The bunny hop has loads
of uses on the trail like we always talk about
in our skills videos. And one of those is again
up and over obstacles like this dang tree. So if you can try to
clear the whole thing. If the tree’s really tall, you might just be able to
get away with a tyre tap. So same thing, a big bunny hop, but as my wheels touch it, I make sure my weight is back, so I’m heels down, I’ll
drive the bike over, and my wheels’ll just touch that tree. (electronic music) – Okay so a great trick is GSTUs and Endo if you find a corner
that’s a little bit tight or you’re coming to a
little bit out of shape. This, for example right here, if I was coming right on the inside, it’s a really tight turn. With just a slight dab
of that front brake, you bring the back end around and weight in the back and
then sitting up straight so you can get into that next section. (electronic music) – Here I’ve got a really
tight switch back, it’s almost like a trial section itself. And I’m gonna use a couple
different methods here. I’m gonna use a locked front
brake, pick up the back wheel, and use my weight to kick
it out, to get it turned in. And then I’ll use my pedals
to pick up the front wheel and lean into it again
to lift the front wheel, do that wheelie and
get around this corner. So there you go, there’s some trail skills and where to use them on the trail. – Click down there if
you want to watch a video all about five essential
mountain bike skills you should master. – Click over here for some
trial skills with Hans Rey. – And don’t forget to subscribe to GMBN by clicking right in the logo. And there’s only one thing left to do, get the thumb on a bike. You’re pushing me over. (laughs)

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  1. Hey GMBN! Nice video. I learned all of these techniques a couple years back and it's made a big difference in my racing

  2. #ASKGMBN hey guys this summer i am going to ride in morzine-les gets (french alps) and i have a bulls wild flow 1 with 120m front and back do you think i am cable of riding red and blue trails with this bike i have ridden their many times before but the rental bikes are just too heavy what do you think? thanks already

  3. #askgmbn i bought a 26'' dirt jumper every time i go on more agressive ride i always need to fix it any solution?

  4. Hey guys beautifull bikes:) i am new on youtube and i already started with Mtb Videos … But im not the best Right now… I Need some Support and it would be nice if some people leave a sub on my Channel just for Support… I promise u wont do a misstake 🙂 enjoy guys
    P.s: Sry for my english but im from germany so …

  5. The track stand is a good one. I typically practice this every where. That way in the event of truly needing it, then it will be second nature.

  6. I realised Neil is the only person who lands bunny hops front wheel first. I learnt bunny hop from Neil's video so I'm doing it the same way (but not that high:-) What's actually better? Front wheel first or both at the same time? By the way nice new moustache Neil;-)

  7. "Saludos"..!! I'm a mtb beginner..and i'm really learning a lot..!! Thanks..!
    From the Istmus of Panama..blessings.!

  8. Awsome video! Is there a way to use your weight to get through the gnarly rock gardens with big rocks, instead of just dropping over them. specially when you land on steep section with logs and other rocks, where you can't really wheelie the front.

  9. I would add two more skill. First is one leg pedaling. It's very uesfull on steep climbs, or technical flat stuff, when you had to clip in after some stop, to maintain momentum. Second one is to lern yourself riding downhill and technical stuff with your favorit foot other way round. It's hard at the begining but helps a lot when you can swich foot position according to terrain.

  10. I'd say fakie is also useful on the trails! On tight switchbacks or if you missed a turn somewhere where the trail isnt marked well. Atleast thats the case here in Finland where the trails are often just paths in the woods.

  11. if i bunny hop i have no problems getting the front wheel up, but i got no clue how to move my body forward to get the back wheel up since my bodys momentum is going backwards

  12. Finally i can do something that the GMBN boys can do….Trackstand and right hand endo. Just can't seem to do the left very well.

  13. The press to view video icons are not coming up anymore seems onY older videos are showing the click to subscribe is not there also been a month or 2 that they are not up great videos thanks a lot

  14. Please help…I'm trying to deciding between the canyon strive or the commensal meta 4.2. I feel like the strive is too light and will not handle park or large jumps very well. If anyone rides the strive please lmk what u think. Can it handle the bike park? Could I use it as a mini DH rig for the day? Thank you

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