5 Used Luxury Cars You Should Never Buy

5 Used Luxury Cars You Should Never Buy

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about 5 luxury cars that you should never buy used, now a lot
of people want a luxury car but when they look at the price of new luxury cars their
high a lot of times, so they think, hey I’ll buy a used one and save all that depreciation
when it’s new and get one that’s 3 or 4 years old, but that strategy can backfire if you
buy the wrong type of luxury car, so today I’m going to warn you buy telling you about
5 luxury cars that you should never buy used, if you value your money at all, now the first
luxury car not to buy, is a bmw 7 series, you do not want to buy one of these babies
used, the cost of maintaining them even when new is expensive enough, but when you’re talking
about a used one, especially ones that have electrical problems, and automatic transmission
problems, you can be falling into an endless money pit buying a used bmw 7 series, I’ll
never forget a friend of mine who was a mechanic who bought one from one of his customers,
he said scotty look at this bmw I just bought from one of my customers, and I looked at
him and thought, I thought he was a mechanic he must have a few screws loose in his head,
well I keep things in my head for quite some time, so about a year and a half later, I
met the guy at an auto parts store buying parts for a bmw strangely enough, and I said,
how’s that bmw working out for you, and the guy said, biggest piece of plastic junk I
ever bought, I’m never getting another one of those things, and that was a mechanic so
please don’t buy a bmw 7 series used ever, now the next luxury car not to buy used is
strangely enough a Japanese vehicle, the infiniti i30, now the i30 is based originally on the
maxima, which was a pretty reliable car, until of course when renault took over nissan and
then the quality started going down, but with infinitis they have always been expensive
cars to maintain as they age, they have a really weird supply chain, I had one I was
working on, it need a power steering hose, well I could get it at an auto parts store
because they didn’t make enough of each model and all the hoses are different shapes, so
I had to go out and shell out almost $400 for this hose assembly, where with a toyota
I could of gotten a good aftermarket one for maybe $50, and infiniti and nissan, their
not such a nice company when it comes to sharing information with us aftermarket mechanics,
when you have to reprogram stuff on a nissan or an infiniti, they make it a real runaround
to get that information unlike most of the other manufacturers, so often with the infinitis
it ends up being, you want it fixed, go to the dealer or go to the highway, you know
your stuck with very expensive repairs, and as anybody who listens to me knows, the nissan
the company that makes infinitis, it’s just a fancy version, always has problems with
their automatic transmissions, especially lately, the i30 is no different it has transmission
problems plus they have a lot of electrical problems in them, I had a customer with one
he had one of those keyless remotes, the thing didn’t work, he ended up having to have it
towed to the dealer and it cost him $1,500 to get it so the car would start to get a
new remote system, I mean that’s just crazy, so even though it’s Japanese, stay away from
the infiniti i30 as a used car, now the next used luxury car to stay away from is the cadillac
sts, yeah in my grandfathers day cadillacs were great cars, these days gm quality is
down and the cadillac quality is down just as far if not more than their normal cars,
they put on things like silicone sealed motor mounts so the engine doesn’t vibrate much,
hey their big v8s they don’t vibrate much anyways, but then they put these silicone
filled rubber motor mounts right next to the exhaust sometimes like less than 1/2 inch
away, guess what, the heat of the exhaust melts them and the things break and then sometimes
you got to spend well over $1,000 just changing these mounts because they were poorly made,
and these sts are known for engine problems, transmission problems, braking problems, electrical
problems, they got so many problems don’t make it your problem, stay away from a used
cadillac sts, and they don’t make them anymore anyways,
now the next used luxury car not to buy is the mercedes w220 s class, now really any
mercedes but this one was really bad, s classes in general in the US have the highest plummeting
value anyways, and this w220 was really the worst one that they ever made, now yes their
value plummets like mad so you can pick one up cheap, I had a customer pick one up for
$7,500 but then they find out within a few months, they have to spend well over $8,000
having things repaired on the car and make them scratch their head and wonder, well should
I throw what I just put to buy the car into the car, and have a car that’s probably worth
less than what I paid for it anyways, or should I just say let’s get rid of the thing, well
I had a customer in that bind, I said why don’t you just get rid of it, and he got rid
of it, first he only paid $7,500 and he got lucky and he sold the thing for $4,500 so
he only lost $3,000 and that was a really good lesson learned, originally any s class
mercedes is like that, I’ve had customers that the car when it was new was $120,000
and then they’d buy it when it was like 7-8 years old for $10,000 or less, well the original
owner lost $110,000 there somewhere, so really it’s a good idea to stay away from buying
any used s class mercedes, unless you looking for a lawn ornament that you can just park
there and look at it and polish it, cuz they look pretty cool, new the last and least reliable
used luxury car to ever buy is, and this is no surprise at all, the jaguar x type, now
in the early 2000s ford bought jaguar, who thought of that one I don’t know somebody
made a mistake at ford there, they got rid of him later, their quality was bad enough
in jaguars, and it even got worse I had a customer who made the mistake of buying a
used x type cuz it was really cheap, she paid like $7,000 for the car, and it was a beautiful
looking car, and she kept it for a little over 2 years and it cost so much money, the
things that were fixed, broke again within 2 years, even the replacement parts are garbage
for those things, but at least she told me, you know I always wanted to own a jaguar,
I said it is out of your system now, she said yes I’ll never buy another one, I mean she
had the hood painted twice it kept fading off and after she got it painted the last
time she sold it and she was a pretty good businesswoman, she didn’t even lose any money,
she sold it for what she paid for the thing, because yes people can be like crows, they
like shinny objects, she had that hood painted over at a really good body shop and the car
looked really nice and so she sold it to the next person who thought, oh I can get this
beautiful jaguar at a real discount price, and now today jaguar is owned by tata, that
Indian company that make those cars that really don’t cost all that much money, and if you
follow the news, last week the shows that they lost 3.6 billion dollars, because of
bad sales worldwide, and maybe that’s a good sign for humanity, that humanity is becoming
smarter and not buying these money pit cars that fall apart even though they look good,
and it is kind of funny that tata also owns range rover, so the range rovers and jaguars
are now owned by an Indian company, I guess maybe it’s some kind of colonial revenge that
the British had colonized them and perhaps they want to get their name sake and say that
they own them now, maybe it’s a political move, because losing over $3.6 billion is
not a good business move, so don’t follow tata with their purchase of jaguar and buy
a used one yourself, maybe if you got a few billion to throw away hey why not, so now
you know 5 luxury cars that you should never buy used, now if you really must get a used
luxury car, there’s good ones out there like Lexus, you know their out there, just stay
away from these 5 clunkers, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty loves putting down German cars. I understand this is for the American market so parts for German cars are over priced in the US and I'm from the EU so I can get them cheaper. But German cars are some of the best. Between me and my dad we have had 5 Audi's and only 1 was brand new. We have a 2002 TT, 2007 q7 and a 2010 S4 currently and there brilliant. I only just got rid of my 2007 S3 aswell and I regret it so much. Not saying they didn't have ware and tear issues but over all brilliant cars

  3. He says Mercedes Benz is generally unreliable and proceeds with an example of used one for $7,000. This is probably 15 years old or something with 500K miles on it. I had one for 3.5 years and I put on 200,000 miles without any major issues. I didn't see it less reliable than my other cars. People buy used BMW or MB for couple of thousands of dollars and complain about repairs. Why they do not buy 3 years old with 30k on it?…. I thought so.

  4. There are people who like luxury cars and all of them can’t be 👎🏾 so can you do a video of luxury cars that’s a good deal to buy ? I really love your videos and your opinions I really am interested in the 2016 BMW X6 what u think of those ?

  5. Or, what Luxury manufacturers do now-a-days is include a life time bumper to bumper warranty included in the price. Because of these specific vehicles.

  6. Yep, bought a brand new Jaguar X type many years ago and paid 30k for it. It had 20 miles on it and still had the plastic on the seats when it arrived..I kept it for 3 years, and over that time I spent 26,000.00 in repairs..And sold it for 3500..When I would pull into my mechanic he would always be on the phone smiling and laughing. I think because he had just called his wife and was telling her that I just drove in again with smoke coming out from under the hood and for her to go ahead and book the Hawaiian vacation.

  7. Absolute rubbish. Had plenty of used luxury cars. Never had an issues. Just maintain/service on time, and you'll have no issues.

  8. At the end there you basically lumped all jags together and blamed TATA. The X type is possibly the worst car ever made by jaguar. The rest shouldnt be lumped in with it.

  9. I owned an i30 and I barely had any problems with it this guy is crazy plus most of the parts that do go bad you can fix your self

  10. Hahaha that’s hilarious Scotty
    I got the very same idea about German cars . fking garbage when they reach 10 years blame it to hitler

  11. Vw are very reliable cars you should be able to tell by how heavy the doors are comparing to any Toyota

  12. Nah…Lexus is just like Infinity…You can't buy spare parts at Toyota…You need to go to the Lexus dealer for parts….And the detailing is not up to BMW or Mercedes level. If you go for a BMW or a Mercedes…It's very important that you buy the right car…from a previous owner who had the money to maintain the car.

  13. Tata doesn't interfere with JLRs processes. It just invests money. So you shouldn't be blaming tata or India.

  14. Mannnnnnn you hit that BMW right between the eyes. Had a friend that had 2 a (his & hers). She traded hers in and the payments on a new Cadillac was cheaper than all that BMW’s maintenance. Her husband did the same on a new truck.

  15. This CARs are designed to impress and generally speaking, who have capacity to buy them new, usually don’t hold them long as they still need to keep impress others.

  16. He is spot on, I went bankrupt on a 7series bmw, 750, worse mistake of my life, hope this saves someone, wished I would of watched this 1st

  17. I have a 2013 740Li….bought used 4 years ago. never had a problem. Keep up with maintenance, should be fine.

  18. 700k out of my 93 325i…I did 95% of the maintenance myself… lots of blower motors, wheel hubs, rear wheel bearing and rear axles due to rubber boot failures…. in reality change the oil as required rebuild front end around 275k and manual tranny around then too……. still was my best car ever 700k… and didn't even smoke the day it jumped time and became early on the intake….. I believe weak VANOS and timing chains and sprockets wear caused it to jump time…. wanted a Million miles out of it but was close….

  19. ALL modern cars are NOT designed to get you from A to B…… they're merely designed to fleece you out of as much cash as possible, in the shortest possible time. They are ALL junk.

  20. I have a 2007 TL Type S 6 Speed always took care of it always maintained it properly what do you think of this car

  21. I admit, I was very tempted a few years back to buy a used Jaguar X-type. It's a beautiful car, and the last Jag I can think of to have that classic sculpted hood and leaping cat hood ornament (I like hood ornaments – shut up!). I decided to go a more sensible route instead, and my bank account continues to thank me.

  22. Well, Scotty, the thing is mate, I have a 2006 BMW 325i. firstly it is very reliable and secondly it is very fast so your not right all the time mate

  23. The S and SL Class after the early 2000s are horrible in regards to transmissions and suspension problems, you can put 10k in a year in repair in one of these, only to have something else expensive break. They over engineered those cars with electric motors everywhere., that will fail with a few years on them.

  24. Hey Scotty, I'm thinking of buying a 2015 Audi A6 1.8 TFSI (C7 generation, facelift). What do you think about this car?

  25. Hi Scotty, what do you think of the Infiniti g37 2008-2014, and infiniti q50 and 2016 2014-now. I owned a 2003 Infinit g35 and I had it up to 150,000 miles without a issue. (besides a camshaft sensor) and I owned a g35 2007 now with 120,000 only issues so far is with ac compressor.

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