5 Used SUVs You Should Never Buy

5 Used SUVs You Should Never Buy

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about 5 suvs that you should never buy used, because many of
them were bad enough when they were brand new, now suvs are getting more and more popular
because you can hold stuff in them and their very handy and they ride pretty good these
days, the early ones were kind of bumpy but they make them a lot better now,
well some of them are made a lot better, here are 5 suvs that you should never buy used,
now the first suv never to buy used is the bmw x5, you mind as well say bmw money pit,
that’s all those things turn into, they’ve have problems with engine oil leaks, water
leaking into the vehicle, big transmission problems, and problems with their stability
control system that keep them from flipping over because their so boxy, yeah their high
tech there’s no arguing that, but I’ve had customers with them that they got this gyro
sensor that goes bad and it’s a small thing but it costs like $1,500-1,800 for the thing,
their just high priced and it’s not like their high quality, there’s so much plastic used
in those things their always getting leaks, I had one customer with an x5, I told her,
you shouldn’t have bought this thing used their money pits, well after a year of driving
the thing and finally I put on my bmw computer for her latest problem at it was the transmission
was going out, I did a little research and found out that it was going to cost her 4-5
thousand to fix it so she finally got rid of the thing, she traded it in on a used lexus
suv and boy she is happy with that lexus, that was years ago and she’s still driving
the lexus and I hardly ever she her because the things don’t break, just normal oil changes
and brake job stuff on those, and of course bmw is so snobby they didn’t
even call the x5 a suv they called it a sports activity vehicle, well yeah because your going
to spend a lot of activity going to the bmw dealer getting the thing fixed,
now the next suv not to buy is the cadillac escalade, now if you want to impress your
friends and neighbors that your driving a cadillac suv and you don’t care that you get
11 mpg in actual driving, the cadillac escalade might be for you, it’s a show boat and a lot
of that show boating stuff is made out of plastic, and guess what it cracks early and
breaks down, their known for heating and ac problems, you might think oh that’s not that
big of a deal, it’s all computerized and believe me I’ve seen people spend $1,500-2,500 taking
the dashs apart fixing those plastic things, they have problems with the dash and display
system on them, just cheaply made and they’ll just come on and off at will, their poorly
made theirs no doubting that, the have early transmission failures and awd versions they
have differential problems that cost a fortune to fix, it’s a big heavy vehicle but the internals
are not heavy duty enough, they just break down too much from carrying all that weight
around, cadillac has been using that cadillac top of the line image for decades, well it’s
been a long time since that was even close to the truth,
now the next suv not to buy the jeep renegade, the renegade was created after chrysler and
fiat merged, fiat bought chrysler, the renegade is small, it’s under powered and if you tried
to take that jeep renegade off road like one of those big jeeps good luck,
these jeep renegade, their made in Italy, their made is Brasil, and their made in China,
they have nothing to do with the legendary jeep, especially stay away from the 2015 renegade
that was the worst one they ever built, they have engine failures, they have transmission
failures, they have electronic failures, the list goes on and on and on, it’s like the
combination of Italian manufacturing problems, not surprisingly the renegades have a lot
of electronic problems, many Italian cars have electronic weak systems that’s just the
way they go, it also has a problem with blowing head gaskets in the engine, a typical problem
that Italian cars have, you know if you want to get a jeep I’m not that big of a fan of
the newer ones, the old ones were great, but if you are get a regular one, don’t get this
small one, now the fourth suv not to buy used is the
Chevy traverse, I’ve seen engines stop on ones that had 40,000 miles on them, the awd
system has problems and costs thousands of dollars to fix, I mean if a vehicle has engine
and transmission problems, that says stay away, stay far away from this vehicle, I mean
I had a customer with a traverse, it kept flashing up service awd, then it said super
cruise system, well this car didn’t have a super cruise system yet is was saying there
was a problem in a system that it didn’t even have on the vehicle, and the gm dealer couldn’t
figure out what was wrong he just lived with that until he got rid of it, he said it was
the biggest pile of junk he ever had and he’s never going to buy another one, the last suv
never to buy used is the pontiac aztek, it was made famous in Breaking Bad where Brian
drove one around and eventually he took it to a garage, they fixed it all up he came
to pick it up and he looked at it and took his hat out of the back seat, put it on his
head and walked away and gave the car to the mechanic, I had a customer that did a similar
thing with an aztek, the thing had like 55,000 miles on it and the head gasket blew and the
engine stopped, so he had to put another engine in, so he said to heck with that, he had a
used engine put in and then he just sold the thing and got rid of it and said, that’s it
for gm I’m never buying another one of their products, basically the azteks were gm’s version
of trying to copy a toyota matrix and man did they fail big, the azteks actually had
a lot of different problems, but the biggest ones were, the head gaskets of the engines
going, the transmission going out, and having intake manifolds that would go bad and leak
oil and water into the engine, and if you didn’t watch that closely that would lead
to a blown engine too, and even if you caught it right in the beginning you had to take
the whole engine apart and spend like $1,500 to fix something that should have never happened
in the first place, cuz I’m not talking about cars that are 20 or 30 years old, some of
these cars were less than a year old and some of them were 3,4,5 years old, but regardless,
they were poorly made vehicles, they don’t make them anymore obviously, now if you want
to get a pontiac suv, get a pontiac vibe, it’s the same thing as this matrix, the were
made in the same plant, the have the same engine, transmission, wheels and everything,
the only thing different is this sheet metal on the vehicles, so that one you can get because
it’s actually a toyota product really, showing that the expression, what’s in a name
can mean a lot you want to research what’s behind that name, now sure there’s plenty
of good used suvs out there but stay away from these 5 suvs if you don’t want to catch
a sports utility virus, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. bmw x5 35d 380k miles on the clock//// two fuel injectors, 2 nox sensors, 1 egr sensor, 1 map sensor, 1 parking brake controller. that's $2400 in parts in eleven years…$200 bucks a year…10 hours of my labor total or 1/2 an hour per year…..

  3. What is called an SUV today is nothing but a station wagon with no off road capability at all. Or, they are minivans with a weak all wheel drive system. SUVs today are junk, especially GM (Garbage Motors)

  4. What about Dodge Durango 2001 5.9 Suv. Its available for 2200 should I buy it or should I buy toyata Camry 95 220k milage for 1500?

  5. Scotty, what's the most reliable minivan and SUV over 200k miles least required maintenance? I'm looking 2005 and up……. $2k – $7kish range. Now my old 93 BMW 325I got 700k out of it did most of the maintenance myself….. rebuilt frt. end around 300k and tranny around that mileage too… but got 700k…..3 or 4 a/c blowers lots of oil changes

  6. i have heard so much bad stuff about BMW i will never own one everybody says the same thing that they are total junk.

  7. 😂let me stick with my Hyundai Elantra touring 2009 almost 300,000m no engine check yet only oil,allighnment,tire service only😎👌.but stupid air bag seat light for front seat 💺 on and off when I have a passenger.

  8. Not gonna lie I still have good experience with me Chevrolet Travers 2010 I have 100k miles on it and it runs fine

  9. What about a Chevy Tahoe with over 140k miles on the clock? I dont much about chevys and I see one in my area for about 6k

  10. The Caddy should not be on this list. The thing has a good reputation for being reliable. If you had to choose a car to replace it with, I'd say – any Land Rover, Dodge Journey, Nitro, any Volvo SUV. Those are the SUVs that should be on the list. Traverse Escalade and even the Aztec, as ugly as it is, should not be on the list.

  11. BMW X5, my god my dad bought one. We went through an engine. Engine oil sensor didn’t go off and oil dropped out after dealership failed to place the plug in properly. It’s a 2016, dealership told us to F off, and bmw themselves told us to call the dealership, aka F off. They said we can sell you a new engine for 20k. Yea ok

  12. Hey Scotty I'm looking to get a 2004 Volvo SUV do you recommend XC90 T5 or T6, I was told the T5 was superior but I'd rather hear it from you thanks in advance

  13. Jeez Disney need to hire scotty to make the next Pirate of the Caribbean series as a replacement for Johnny Depp

  14. Good review. Will save people heartaches Jeeps are low on the totem pole as far as reliability is concerned. Aside from the free Army use I wouldn’t waste money on any model Jeep.

  15. How to Become an Automotive Engineer ? Hmm # 1 , must be willing to take a proven part that has held up past the life of vehicle and redesign it to fail in hours specified by corporate .

  16. Strangely enough the 4WD Fiat Panda it very popular in Europe. That it's built in a different plant from other Fiats may explain that !

  17. "Sports activity vehichle, yeah cause you're going to spend a lot of ACTIVITY going to get it fixed" LMAOOOOO 😂😂😂😂

  18. We have a caddie thats at 205,000 miles. The biggest problem we’ve had is…a leak in power steering fluid. Other than that the cars been a serious trooper for 12 years.

  19. I had an 04 Escalade that I put over 120k miles on it with trips back and forth to Florida and back to New England. Drove it every weekend to somewhere far away like Niagra Falls, Bar Harbor, Cape Cod, and Toronto. Only problem I ever had with it was the transmission died at 198k. Cost me $700 to buy a used one and another $500 to have it put in. Lasted me another 48k. Finally got rid of it with 235k on it. Traded in for a 2019 Yukon Denali. here's to another 150k+ in the new Denali.

  20. Whoever new to the channel Chrysler are junks, BMW & Volkswagen are Cheap made with plastics, don’t buy any GM products, Honda and Toyota are the best.

  21. It never cease to amaze me how these car companies keep building 100 % crap and then complain that they loose marketing share.
    Then again they never cared about what they are doing anyway.

  22. Narrow minded opinions was a major fan now I dislike his videos a lot personally had x5 and my mother has a Cadillac no problems none 250k and my x5 200k

  23. Phew, I just bought my first ever car from my neighbor, a 2005 Ford Explorer, here in Wisconsin me and my friends always argue about ford vs Chevy, I like ford because quite frankly I like my transmission intact. But I still get mocked and some of my friends call my car a ford exploder. Glad this wasn’t on the list. I love that suv, it uses a lot of gas but hey, it’s powerful, good in the snow and reliable

  24. Good day Scotty Im glad u did not mention the Jeep Patriot i own a2014 since 2016. so far it has an excellent performance only regular maintance. Done on.


  26. I've always been Ford but last year I was in a tight financial bind and bought a Chev Trailblazer…Nice to look at but having bought one GM product……NEVER MORE!

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  28. I'm sorry to say that, but if you don't know the Cadillac purpose then don't talk about it… I own Cadillac escalade for 3 years till now 2009 model, and no problem with it except the service and the shock absorbers, Cadillac escalade is heavy-duty car its not a ( BMW ) or (Mercedes) which you can treat like a candy… give this monster a drink and you will see the capability for the vehicle

  29. Ain’t no way Scotty don’t own a couple money pits, and I mean that literally. Probably got some in his backyard.

  30. Great video Scott you helped me with alot of information with previous cars and fixed them perfectly. Even my wife was under the hood with me with a few of them lol. Great video your amazing and we appreciate your time and energy.

  31. I just wasted 7:35 minutes of my life. Ask how many Escalade owners have 250k plus miles in them. 230k on mine.

  32. HI! SCOTTY! How about SUBARU “SUBIE”? Here is “Johnnie “ Bangkok-Johnnie “ testing SUBARU Forester

  33. We own a 2005 BMW X5 and it is great ! Zero problems. Makes Toyota look like plastic cheap crap. People are afraid to purchased used BMW's. Often the BMW owners keep service records and are in very good shape. These Toys you rave about sellers don't have any service history because hey , it's a Toy it does not need service they run forever.They don't even need oil changes. They don't take fuel , they run on magic beans.

  34. It doesn’t matter the make you buy , what matters is how you drive it
    I have bought to use Escalades and never had those problems he’s talking about

  35. We had a Cadillac Escalade and it had 270k we sold it and still running today. (2002-2006) best era of Escalade

  36. Best real SUVs

    1-Toyota Land Cruiser
    2-Toyota 4-Runner (TRD)
    3-Jeep Wrangler (Rubicon)
    4-Toyota FJ Cruiser
    5-Lexus GX-470 (03-09)

  37. I’m in business for myself selling cars. I agree 100% with this video. I wish more people knew about this channel. As usual great video Scotty!!!

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