5 Used Trucks You Should Buy

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about the five best pickup trucks to buy today,
the small or mid-sized ones and the full-size ones, I’m not gonna be talking
about the giant monstrosity like the f250s or 250s or higher, I’m
talking about regular pickup trucks that regular people want to buy, they have to
be reliable, they have to have a reasonable price, they have to be easily
repairable, because there’s no point in having a pickup truck that either costs
way too much money, or is extremely hard to repair, or breaks down a lot, now number
five on my list is the Nissan Frontier and I know people gonna say, Oh Scotty
you don’t like Nissan’s, well the frontier is on the list because they’ve made
those things for a long time, now a lot of people they poopoo the frontier
because they said, oh it needs a change they haven’t changed it in years and
years, come on people it’s a pickup truck, it serves a purpose,
now sure in 2017 Nissan sold 74,000 frontiers, you want to compare that to
the Toyota Tacoma, 2017 Toyota sold about 200,000 tacoma’s in the United States,
but even at the base level the Nissan Frontier is six thousand dollars cheaper
than the Toyota Tacoma, and I’ve had customers with the frontiers that were
totally happy with the deal, they paid less and the truck lasted quite some
time without any serious problems, from my experience the Nissan pickup trucks
are better built than their cars, so they don’t have all the problems, especially
if you’re getting a standard transmission truck, hey the weakest thing
of all the nissans are their automatic transmissions, you get a standard
transmission frontier, hey I see those things with three or four hundred thousand
miles on them with basic maintenance done, and it’s a decent midsize pickup
truck, you get a four-cylinder engine or you can get the v6 engines, Nissan has
always made fast engines and for a pickup truck they got a decent ride,
Nissan’s always were pretty good for cornering and riding, it’s not a bad
pickup truck to get if you want to buy one of the cheaper ones
out there, if you’re looking for a midsize pickup truck you’re probably thinking
economy, you know you’re not going for a big giant one you’re going for a midsize
one, and it’s not a bad truck, I pick it as five, now number four in pickup that
you can buy, I pick the Ford Ranger been around a long time,
the new one you can get a 270 horsepower 4-cylinder engine, hooked up to that
great 10 speed automatic transmission and of course being a Ford, the Ranger
can be gotten in a four-wheel drive capability, and I’ve had customers of
those they love them it’s big enough to haul stuff around, but with the
four-wheel drive it’s got a lot more clearance in the factory design, so you
can legitimately take the thing off road you can get the optional Touring package you
can tow 7,500 pounds with that little baby, so you know it can be a serious
mid-sized work truck and I’ve got customers with Rangers, okay some of them
have 350,000 miles or more on them and they’re still running pretty good, and if
you like technology, hey the modern one you can get terrain management settings
for the vehicle, it has a setting for grass, gravel, and snow, and another
setting for mud, ruts, and sand, and let’s face it
ford has been making pickup trucks for a long time
they keep perfecting the pickup truck, so the Rangers not a bad pick in a midsize
pickup truck, now number three on my list is the Toyota Tacoma, those things can
just run forever, the terrorists in the desert drive around in those
things with the machine gun on the back, now many of you who are experts know that
for a few years in the past
they made a problem in the frames and the frames would rot, now toyota has
given lots of people new frames on the vehicles because of that, but that was a
while back they don’t have that problem anymore,
now the tacoma used to be a small pickup my son’s got one that I got for
him, their small little pickups and he loves it, but now really there are
midsize truck they’re a lot bigger than the old ones used to be, now you can get
a whole range of Tacomas my son recently bought a brand new one, because the used
ones are so expensive that he thought, heck if
I’m gonna drive this thing for 30 years, I’ll just buy a new one and not have to think
about anything, the six-cylinder ones cost a whole bunch more than a
four-cylinder one, so if you want a basic one you can get a four-cylinder one, but
if you don’t mind spending the extra money you get the six-cylinder ones, it’s
got a bigger faster engine, can pull a little
bit more, that’s the difference between a tacoma and let’s say the
Nissan Frontier, the frontiers cost a whole bunch less, but if you don’t mind
paying that extra you get a lot better truck with the Tacoma than you do in
the frontier if you’re gonna keep it for decades, I kind of laugh at it myself
because I’ve seen places that rated to the comas as really bad pickup trucks,
which is total nonsense, the things can run forever if you take care of them, now
number two in my list is the Toyota Tundra, now in 2016 Toyota bought back a
Toyota Tundra from a customer, it was the 2007 tundra and they had a million miles
on it with original engine and transmission, the tundra has classic
Toyota reliability to it they can last a really long time, but the reason I have
it number two on my list and number one is this, when they do finally break down,
they have some design flaws that make them super expensive to repair, for
example you got the v8 engine, you got to take the intake manifold all apart
to get to the starter that’s hidden in the back of the engine, it’s a real pain changing
a starter out on one of those, and when their axle bearings
we’re out in the back, they have this crazy axle bearing design that requires
all kinds of special pressing tools to get it in and out, I’ve seen more guys
mess those up where the wheel bearing goes out and then three or four thousand
miles later the wheel bearing goes on again because it
wasn’t pressed incorrectly with the correct equipment, they can be kind of a
bear to repair as they age, and of course they’re not giving them away their very
expensive, but they are well-made pickup trucks, if you’re looking for something that
you can drive a long time, they ride decently you might think about getting
a Toyota Tundra, you can get the v6 in the Tundra it still puts out decent
horsepower it’s got 278 horsepower with a v6, plus
it gets better gas mileage and doesn’t have the maintenance headaches that the
v8 engine have as it ages, now number one on my list
is the Ford f-150, they have been making
pickup trucks for so long, they keep perfecting them as time goes on, now I
get trucks to road tests all the time, and a few years back and I take my wife
for a ride in some of these big pickup trucks, and she said don’t do that again
I hate it these things ride horribly, they bounce
all over the place, I feel like the fillings and my teeth are coming out
well last year I thought, let’s see if things actually have changed, I had a
brand new f-150, I told my wife let’s go for a drive to Galveston Texas, we’ll take
a look at the ocean, so we’re riding down on highway I said, what do you think of
this thing, she said I’m shocked this thing actually rides quite well, over the
years of course they’ve been working on the suspension system, they handle better,
they ride better, you can get one of those
EcoBoost v6 that’s got the turbochargers and the GDI, you can get a
traditional v8 engine, you can get a couple other v6 engines in them, now they
even have a turbo diesel in an f-150 they didn’t used to have that, that’s a new
thing that they recently added, but a lot of guys like the traditional 5 liter v8
engine, and if you’re really into technology, they even have a pro assist
backup, so when you have a trailer that the vehicle can take over when you’re
backing up so you don’t twist everything around backing up with a trailer, and with
the massive use of aluminum, they shed about 700 pounds weight, so for a
big pickup truck course they’re gonna get a little bit better gas mileage,
because their 700 pounds less that they’re pulling around, and really one of
my big things about pickup trucks is, if you want a pickup truck you want one
that is readily and easily repairable and Ford’s have been around a long time there’s
parts are Ford’s everywhere and a lot of guys know how to fix Ford pickup
trucks, you’re gonna be able to get that thing fixed, you’re not gonna be waiting for
parts and waiting for somebody who even knows how to work on the things, so now
you know what I think I got the five best pickup truck cuz there’s a whole
bunch of them out there, and you really need to narrow your focus down, you
need to understand what kind of a truck do you want, are you gonna tow heavy
things, are you not gonna tow things, do you want better gas mileage, or do you
want to buy a truck that cost less initially, or do you want to pay more
and get a higher quality pickup truck, at least now you know how to logically pick
which truck you should buy, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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