5 Vehicles Used By Nepal Army !!!

5 Vehicles Used By Nepal Army !!!

Recently I made a video about, 5 most popular
rifles and guns used by Nepal army, and I thought that was not enough at all. I wonder
what sort of vehicles, are used by Nepal army? So, I did a small research and, found some
interesting vehicles used by N-A. As we know Nepal army, is the armed military land, warfare
force of Nepal, with more than 1 lakh 50 thousand active military personnel, and receives roughly
1 percent, of country’s total GDP. Due to poor defense budget of the nation, Nepal army
is behind in owning, modern arms and ammunition. However, the majority of equipment used by
the Nepalese Army, is imported from other countries. So, in this video we gonna see,
5 popular vehicles used by Nepal army. Now let’s get started.
Number 5. Ferret armored car. The Ferret armored car, also commonly called
the Ferret Scout car, is a British armored fighting vehicle designed, and built for reconnaissance
purposes. The Ferret was produced between, 1952 and 1971, by the UK company, Daimler.
It was widely adopted by regiments, in the British Army and Commonwealth countries, throughout
the period. A total of 4,409 Ferrets were produced between, 1952 and 1971 and, Nepal
army owns 85 of them. There are several variants of Ferret, but no certainty which variant
Nepal army uses, but still we can generalize some of their specifications. Ferret has the
weight of, 3 point 7 tonnes and can accommodate, 2 crew members. As a main armament, it includes
7 point 6-2 by 51 mm NATO graded, general purpose machine gun or, M-1-9-1-9 browning
machine gun. It includes Rolls Royce I-6 petrol engine, which can generate 35 point 1 horse
power and, can attend the max speed of 93 kilometers per hour.
Number 4. W-Z-5-5-1. The W-Z-5-5-1, is a Chinese wheeled armored
personnel carrier, produced by Norinco. Roughly, 900, W-Z-5-5-1 are in service, with the People’s
Liberation Army of China, and Nepal army owns, 175 of these infantry fighting vehicle. This
vehicle weigh, 12 point 5 tonnes and can accommodate, 3 crew members with 9 passengers. It has welded
steel armor and a, 25 mm auto-cannon as a main armament. It also has a 12 point 7 mm
heavy machine gun and, 7 point 6-2 coaxial machine gun as a second armament. This APC
include 8-cylinder turbo charged, air-cooled diesel engine, which can deliver top speed
of 85 kilometers per hour. Number 3. Indian Mine Protected Vehicle.
There is no particular name given to it by N-A, but it is similar to the Casspir, which
is mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle. This vehicle is manufactured in India by,
Ordnance factory and, Nepal army owns 240 of them. We can generalize it’s specification,
based on different similarities. This vehicle weighs approximately, 10 point 8-8 tonnes,
and can accommodate 2 crew members with 12 passengers. It has, 3 by 7 point 62 mm machine
gun as main armament and, 12 firing ports as secondary armament. It contains turbo charged
diesel engine, and can protect the people from, 21 kg of T-N-T blast.
Number 2. G-A-Z Tiger. The G-A-Z Tiger is a Russian 4 by 4, multipurpose,
all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle, manufactured by Russian company, G-A-Z. Primarily used
by, the Russian Federation’s armed forces, it is also used by numerous other countries,
and organizations. Nepal army owns 350 of them. The vehicle was designed to transport
troops, and various equipment quickly on road and off-road. This vehicle weighs, 7 point
9 tonnes and contains, 5 mm and 7 mm stress-relieved armor plates. It has 7 point 6-2 mm P-K-P,
machine gun or 30 mm A-G-S-17 grenade launcher, as main armament. It is equipped with a powerful
diesel, turbocharged, air-cooled engine and five-speed manual transmission, which can
give top speed of, 90 kilometers per hour over rough terrain, and up to 150 km per hour
on the road. Number 1. Mahindra Mine Protected Vehicle.
The Mahindra Mine Protected Vehicle, is an Indian armored personnel carrier, manufactured
by Defense Land Systems India Limited. This vehicle offers protection to its crew, and
passengers against ballistic and, land mine threats. It uses monocoque steel V-hull armor,
which can protect against, 7 point 6-2 by 51 mm NATO, 7 point 6-2 by 39 mm Soviet and,
5 point 5-6 by 45 mm NATO rounds, from a 10 m distance. It also can withstand 21 kg TNT
equivalent explosions, directly under any wheel and, 14 kg of TNT equivalent explosion,
directly under the crew compartment. This MPV does not have any primary armament but,
include some firing ports which can be used, in severe conditions. It has a diesel engine
which can generate, 230 horse power. So, these were some vehicles used by Nepal
army. I hope you liked the video. That’s it for this time. Subscribe if you haven’t and,
don’t forget to like and share the video. Good time.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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