5 Worst Cars Only Stupid People Buy

5 Worst Cars Only Stupid People Buy

rev up your engines
today I’m gonna talk about the five biggest money pit cars
out there now by definition a money pit car it’s a car that you throw your money
in the pit just keeps throwing more in it the car is worth less money over
time so it’s how much money they cost how fast they’re valued appreciates how
often they break down and cost money to repair and basically how reliable they
are you take all those together here’s the top five money pits in the United
States that you can still buy or if you’re rich enough you don’t care how
much money you spend but then again most rich people got rich not by spending
money but by making it and saving it so that kind of goes against the whole idea
get rich in the first place and in that respect I’m not talking about any exotic
cars at all Lamborghini Ferrari I’m not talking about any of that stuff because
there are money pits now number five on the list is the audi a4 Quattro an Audi a4
depreciates quickly over the first four years of ownership most of them will
depreciate well over 50% I had a customer buy one once and he got tired
of the car he sold it back to the dealership when it was little over a
year old and guess what he didn’t even get 50% of his original
price after one year of ownership when he sold the back of the dealer
especially in the United States audis are money pits one they’re
relatively expensive cars he’d appreciate quickly they’re extremely
expensive to maintain and they do break down I think customers those things blew
head gaskets automatic transmissions went out air conditioning system stopped
blowing cold and cost a fortune to fix and perhaps the worst thing to do with
one of those it’s about one use I’ve had a handful of customers buy those things
used with 100 something thousand miles in it and they already were money pits
they don’t have to wait for them to become with that mileage there were
money pits already even though they got them cheap they found out that it may
have been cheap to buy but they aren’t cheap to keep bad generally the whole
range of audis are like that they cost money money they’re very expensive
to maintain they have very resale value I’d say stay away from them
really if you value your money but as I’ve always suggested with these money
pit cars if you absolutely have to get one get it out of your system lease one
then you know exactly how much money you’re spending you won’t have to put
any money in repairs and when you’re done you give it back to them because
you’ll lose a lot less money leasing a new one then you would buying one and
then sell it when it’s three or four years old believe me I’ve seen both
sides of it if you really have to get one just lease it and then you’re done
with it when the lease is up now number four on a list of the top five money
pits is the Jaguar XJ know historically Jaguars have always been money pit
machines people are always joked about hey if you buy a Jaguar you gotta know
their kind of drive every day cuz the Jaguars gonna be at the dealer all the
time getting fixed from it breaking down and strangely enough it’s still true
even though the Chinese now own half of Jaguar and it’s called Jaguar Land Rover
they merged the companies originally tata I bought the companies and then
half of it got bought by the Chinese and they’re making stuff in China but here’s
the probably most hilarious thing that I’ve discovered lately they started to
get better sales wasn’t a make in China but then last year their sales plummeted
over 27% in China and they had to cut 4700 jobs on a production plants in
China making them and this is blamed on the poor quality of manufacturing bunch
of owners have been protesting in China at their factory over the poor quality
of the ones that they bought over there so strangely enough the English company
Jaguar known for poor quality for decades they get bought by a Chinese
company and even in China they’re having quality problems well the ones that they
build over there and to my mind is kind of hilarious because when I was young
hey the jaguars were classy looking cars yeah they were money pits they fell apart
even in the 60s but they had a very distinctive look but today hey all these
cars pretty much look the same so it’s not like they stand out like they used to
and what having low quality control even in China
stay away from Jaguars if you value your money, number three is the BMW X series
particularly I’m talking about the x3 as with most German cars especially BMW and
they’re extremely over-engineer they’re very expensive but they break down a lot
and when they do break down a lot the parts cost a small fortune and again
like all these other top five ones their resale value was horrendous so yeah you
can get a used one cheap but by customers that did that but regretted
that decision if they capped it for more than two or three years and I started
throwing a fortune into the thing fixed in its high-tech the parts cost a fortune
you need special equipment to work on them and only certain mechanics will
even delve into heavy duty work on them because it requires so much complex
electronics that they have to buy and learn and so many special tools that
most guys will say I’m not messing on that thing I can make good money working
on normal cars and not drive myself nuts trying to figure out what these crazy
Germans have built and how it broke down you get a Lexus SUV I think probably the
last ten times as long and you’ll spend like maybe one twentieth the amount of
money repairing the thing if you keep it for two three hundred thousand miles
there’s absolutely no reason a sane person would buy one of those things and
as I said resale value the first five years of ownership these things often
depreciate 70% or more in value it’s like a game of hot potato nobody wants
to be stuck with the BMW hot potato when it’s four or five six years old starts
falling apart and with bmws especially the overuse of cheap plastic
parts is insane specially here in Texas where it’s hot I get then when their 5,6,7
8 years old all the plastic parts start breaking you think oh wow
that is no big deal yeah when you find out that a hose for the cooling system
that should have been made out of metal was made out of plastic then it cracked
and leaked and you got to take the top of the engine off in order to replace it
you’re gonna be wondering why don’t I make it out of metal in the first place
well they didn’t because it’s cheaper to make them with plaster and BMW does use
cheap plastic it does crack and break and get brittle much faster than most of
the other cars do so if you’re thinking about buying one of these ultimate
driving machines ultimately think of something else to buy if
you value your money yeah I know some people gonna say hey scotty your hypocrite
you work on these cars touch people money for them and then you say how bad
they are well I’m honest to them too I tell them
they’re terrible cars now I’ve lost a few customers that way but I really don’t
care I like being honest I’m not one of these
guys that only works on BMWs and tells their customers with great cars they are
and say get five six seven eight thousand dollar repair bills they get to
put in their pocket making a profit I’m telling people the truth in the first
place don’t buy what else things if you value your money number two on the list is
the Mercedes s600 realize these things are they almost ultimate in money pits
now realize that these cars started over a hundred thousand dollars and go a lot
higher than that their resale value plummets like a stone probably the worst
percentage resale value of any normal car you could buy I had a customer
buying used at 600 the list price was over one hundred and twenty thousand
dollars they bought the car with 70,000 miles on it and they paid 12 grand for
the car so that tells me that the car lost like more than ninety percent of
its value they are just endless money pizzas they age in terms of both the
resale value how much money it costs to fix them and how often they break down
being a big giant 600 yeah their gas hogs but that isn’t the biggest deal
lots of gas off cars out there it’s that you can’t pay 120 grand for a car you
know when it’s got 70 80 thousand miles it goes for like twelve thousand dollars
that tells who they have problems and yeah they’re the German luxury car yada
yada yada I mean if you don’t mind spending a whole bunch of your money and
then it’s a true money pit because the money you put in the pits already gone
and then you got to keep fixing that yeah you want a luxury money pits a fine
luxury money pit if you like money pits and again whatever you do do not buy a
used one with high mileage on it oh I met a handful accustoming do that and
they’re all like Oh Scotty why does it cost so much to fix I said I warned you
about that you bought it anyways now you’re in a pickle I tell them just eat
it you know I mean if you paid 12 grand per car get rid of it for whatever you
can rather than put eight-ten grand in every so often over
the years sometimes even bigger things happen don’t keep throwing money into
the pit and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for the top money pit car
that you can buy in the United States these days a mid-engined Porsche or I
should say Porsche in this case it’s a cayman s and I picked it as a top
money pit for a lot of reasons not the least of which is their insanely low
resale value now this customer mine at least he was smart he bought it when it
had 30,000 miles on it and he paid less than 40% of the original sticker price
so he saved 60% right off the bat not a small sum when you consider what these
things cost now this project you want is the true sports car it’s got a six-speed
manual transmission they handle quite well they are fun to drive but they are
endless money pits take the suspension system we go inside here it’s all
adjustable you can make it go sport go different ways well guess what it’s
all computer run this one are all worn out they clunk like mad if i wants to
replace all four of them the front struts and the back struts with factory
equipment pirates and labor it would be well over $5,000 yeah five grand to
change the shock absorbers and since the submit engine design great for handling
the engines in here under their hellacious repairs a lot of stuff you
got to drop the engine to work out in the car the guys who work out all the
time they love it thinking all the equipment to drop them and they’re gonna
charge you a small fortune to do it every time some stupid little thing like
the water pump or something that goes out on it if you got to drop the engine
take the exhaust system on you’re gonna be paying through the nose and believe
me you’re not gonna try this stuff in your backyard parked on explorers cost a
fortune they break down like mad as they age now especially do not buy one of
these things that has an automatic transmission they’re garbage they just
barely get out of their own way compared to the standard transmissions and when
they break fixing it is a lot more than the car itself is worth how the
customers gonna buy one of these older use I thought okay well I’ll take it to a
Porsche action before I buy the guy looked at it and said hey if you really
want this thing to run good if you want to spend about $40,000 on the car mind
you this was a car that he could buy for about six seven counts of dollars
certain have a car that’s worth six seven thousand dollars he put forty
grand into it so if you absolutely positively have to have a Porsche like I
said before least one you know exactly how much money you’re throwing away when
it’s done you give it back to them you don’t hav
to pay for repairs and yeah it’s gonna be a reasonable amount of money
but you would spend a lot more money if you actually bought one had to maintain
it and then sold it when you were done for practically nothing compared to what
you paid for it so if you’ve got a choice between buying a Porsche Cayman
and a house on the Cayman Islands I’ve got the house every time so now you know
my five top picks of the biggest money pit cars you can buy in the United
States and why you should run not walk away from these cars before your mind
loses it and you buy one, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Buy a low mileage 996 and you're going to get a screaming deal on a Porsche that's not going to depreciate. Leasing a new 911 will cost more than driving that 996 for a decade. I don't agree with leasing saving money.

  3. Gross generalization regarding the Cayman. You are next to a Cayman S with all the related supercharger potential repair issues. This model also has options that can complicate repairs that do not apply to the base Cayman. You can make most routine repairs to the engine from under the car after watching YouTube instructional videos. Some pre-2009 models had engine bearing issues and the Tiptronic was a bad transmission. The subsequent PDK is a excellent and reliable transmission.Aftermarket parts are available at reasonable prices for most routine repairs/maintenance. The 2009 base Cayman has an excellent and reliable engine and transmission. How many of your customers own one of these? What is your sample size for the Cayman and specify year and model? My vehicle does not belong on any money pit list.However, the headliner drooping like a 56 Buick when in a hot/humid climate pisses me off and Porsche should be embarrassed.

  4. Basically, what Scotty's trying to tell you all, is these German manufacturers are the 'American Democrat Party of automobile makers' – Crooks and endless money pits to the American taxpayer. Stay away from all of the savagery.

  5. I somewhat agree about the Porsche. Yeah, the old ones like that with the tiptronic transmissions are trash. However, when they switched to the PDKs, they set the standard for what am automatic should be. Also, the mid engines are trash, but the rear engines (911 obviously) are THE sports car, and with the exception of the 996 (ironically my favorite) they retain value fairly well compared to the competitors in the same market.

  6. Gonna start training as an Audi mechanic soon. Not looking forward to working on something so complicated and over engineered, but I figure if I can learn on those cars then I'll be able to fix almost anything.

  7. 6 bad cars to buy in the U.S.:
    2 good cars to buy in the U.S.:

  8. I was about to buy an Audi A4 2.0T quattro 09' with 120k miles for 5700. Damit Scotty you crushed my dream. I guess a Civic Si will do.

  9. Look at the 2015 Z28 Camaro. 75,000 dollars plus new and now you can get a low mileage one for less than 40,000 dollars. Over 75,000 dollars and no AC.

  10. Kinda surprised. Would’ve thought, Ford, Chrysler and Range Rover would be on the list making the top 5
    Range Rover

  11. Scotty has close to 3 million subscribers its about time car manufacturers started paying attention to your reviews especially Chrysler and jaguar only God knows how many people have bought Toyotas and Honda coz of your reviews.

  12. You can write a book "Endless Automotive Money Pits". The book will probably be a precursor to a whole series of automotive money pit books.

  13. Spot on. BMW breaks and expensive to fix. Jags are all junk. Porsche is over-rated. Audi not too bad if maintained and the right model. The number one dump is the '01-'05 S600. My family owned a '97 S600 and it was an amazing vehicle (made by Diamler Benz). It was so good we traded it for a brand new '01 S600 (made by Diamler Chrysler). Worst mistake ever. The one we had should've been a lemon ten times over. It had 130K sticker price, leased for 5 years, then bought it after lease which was dumb, spent 50K MINIMUM on repairs over the next 10+ years and I finally convinced my widow mother to SELL it in 2014 and it only had 60K miles!! She only got $1000 for it with low miles, 1 owner, good service history and no accidents. The worst car ever made. It was also slower than our bulky '97 model and the '97 also had bulletproof glass (heavy)!! If you have an '01-'05 S600 one of the best things you can do is sell it ASAP but if not the next best thing is replace the electric/hydrolic shocks/struts with non electric and it will work for generations..no more sagging after sitting. If possible always avoid 2 things when buying a new car if you want one that will last..no electronic suspension and no turbos.

  14. Years ago, I learned the hard way. I bought a brand new, 2012 VW CC. This was the Executive model, with 280 hp turbo V6 and 4 motion AWD and all the bells and whistles. Sticker was over 41k. Great sporty, luxurious car. Put about 14k miles on it.  But a year later circumstances led me to need an SUV. So I went back to the same dealership to trade it in for a Toureag. the highest they were willing to go was 22k!!!. WTF??!!.  I wouldn't do it. Live and learn.

  15. He forgot the Volkswagen Jetta. GARBAGE! Absolute money pit. Poor quality. They mask their cars in a higher quality but really they’re just over engineered cheap crap. I will never ever buy another Volkswagen again!

  16. What about Porsche panamera 2010-2015 around 30-40k miles and Bentley continental flying spur2006-2010, 40-50k miles.

  17. Bought a 987.2 Cayman S a few years ago for $29k, sold it after 18 months for a $33k. They hold their value because they make great track cars.

  18. Scotty…you've never owned, used or fixed an Audi. This is hearsay…quit bashing Audi. If a customer is careless to blow the head gasket, it has nothing to do with the brand.

    Audis are more expensive because of the component quality, engineering mastery and attention to detail that has been put into it. Put anything of value in the hands of a clueless person and they will destroy it. Audis are solidly built cars to every detail. Speaking of comfort, stability, refinement, power and fuel efficiency, torque, innovation, ergonomics, practicality, safety and overall solid build, only a few brands measure up to an Audi.

    However, certain models have had mechanical issues in the past with timing chain tensioner failure and oil burning issues. But components have been updated in recent models from 2013.

    Speaking of reliability…pick any of your acclaimed brands and you'd see how an Audi of the same class will put it to shame in any department.

  19. Hey Scotty, you standing in front of a green screen doing these videos? Sure seems like it, the background changing like you have multiple cameras set up, almost like NASA CGI.

  20. I guess I'm a stupid person. I only buy Volkswagen group cars. Primarily Audi. I'd rather ride a bike than drive anything else.

  21. Scotty, there is nothing pretentious or high-brow about pronouncing Porsche properly. The bastard's name was Porsche, after all, not Porsh. Just like your name is Kilmer, not Kilm.

  22. Porsche's PDK auto transmission is widely considered to be the best dual clutch transmission in the industry. I know you have a lot of experience, Scotty, but sometimes I think you have an irrational hatred for the German brands, especially Porsche sports cars, which consistently receive pretty good reliability ratings. I can see railing on BMW because everyone knows how far they've fallen in recent years, but to constantly be shitting on ALL German cars is kind of ridiculous.

  23. about oil draining, is it good to use OIL eXTRACTOR vaccum vs conventional bottom draining ?? Because the bottom nut is over-tight and might leak if unscrew the next oil change . Tq

  24. Scotty, love your vids, but, you obviously overlook one of the primary purposes of owning a Porsha, and i've owned about 10 of them….Their Chick Magnets, 24/7/365 and if driven and maintained correctly, very easy on maintenance.

  25. Scotty I've been watching your channel for years. I love your videos. I've learned a lot from them. But you have to understand one thing. There are rich people in the world. They don't care if the vehicle they like is an endless money pit or not. They don't care about reliability. And they certainly don't care about the resale value. Basically, how much they spend on the vehicle is not in their mind. Just like most of the things they buy. They aren't necessarily stupid for buying a Mercedes or Porsche. They know how high the maintenance costs of those are. They just don't care. Money isn't an issue for them. If they like a certain car, they'll buy it, If it broke down, they'd just throw it away and buy a new one. But the regular people who buy these cars the really stupid ones.

  26. My Son decided to buy a newer car. Of course he didn't want to listen to my thoughts. Told him not to buy anything exotic because the repair costs compared to a domestic or Toyota/Honda will eat his lunch. And absolutely don't buy a car without at least a 90 day warranty. So what does he buy? A friggin' 2014 VW TDI diesel with 66,000 miles without a warranty. He's owned it now for 1 month and it's been in shop 4 times. The dealer has been nice enough to repair the car for free because the repairs haven't been major. One was a cracked plastic union on the back of the engine going to the heater core. Scotty''s right about the cheap plastic parts used on car engines; especially when coolant is concerned. We're gonna have a major cold front coming in Thursday. He said he tried the heater today and it blows cold air. Sorry; not getting involved!!

  27. Hey Scotty, you missed Toyotas!
    They stealing the smile from your face and every morning after you take a look at them in the garage you're wondering what went wrong with your life. This is what an endless money pit is.

  28. I love you Scotty and yes BMW is a big money pit. They can't even keep up with the times and support basic Android Auto and Apple Carplay (without a fee for Apple) hahahah. BMW Bitchers Whiners and Moaners because they wasted all their money.

  29. Scotty, I once sold a used Merc S600 that was 10 years old & done 6000 miles yes 6 thousand, for $9 grand! We paid $7 grand in Japan. It was perfect at the time of sale but boy I'm sure it cost the customers in the long run.

  30. We bought a mazda cx3 in europe for 21000€, after 2 years and 17000miles we wanted the upgrade because it had front sensors. We lost 4000€ over that mileage and 2 years. The new one had more options and costed 500 less. So we drove 17000 miles and 2 years for 3500€. Now after a years we fell in love with the cx30 xith the skyactive-x motor. We got a good deal on top off a lost off 1500€ on the buyingprice. So i stay with mazda for the moment. I can't lease one for 2000 a year.

  31. Scotty your as crazy as eye am if you want to be real. I just love money and the entitlement program finra provides. If ya need ideas or material well night stalker aka mental thrillness is getting spirit unattended and of the rocker again…political founding fathers got together again and

  32. Ultimate driving THING in whole world EVER = YOUR WALLET.

    For rich businessmen, it's their BANK'S BALANCE.
    *Not their own bank account balance.

    Ask any ThRUMPet, 😂

  33. I’ve been told Jaguars accumulate more vertical mileage from going up and down on the mechanics hoist than mileage on the road.

  34. Porsche Cayman – the car where you have to pull the entire engine and trans to do anything – from changing the plugs to rebuilding the bottom end!

  35. Hey scotty I have a question that hopefully you can give some advice on I got a 2001 honda civic ex and I replaced the master clutch cylinder and the slave cylinder and when I did so I bled the clutch and and lost all clutch pressure if anyone can help would be appreciated

  36. A friend of mine had a jaguar with a 12 cylinder engine. Ended up changing the transmission and put a v8 in it instead cuz of how bad the original was

  37. I noticed the cat in the background lol. I agree with his opinion on "money pits", of course everyone talks different about cars, i really dont have a reason to say anything annoying about him, no ones perfect, and what he says makes alot of sense.

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