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  1. I'm not saying what happen to the daughter is ok but I went to school with the mother and she bullied thr hell out of me and my friends

  2. The bus driver needs to be brought up on charges. Why didn't she stop that bus and call for back up? She let that little girl be put through that and did nothing?!

  3. Why is this 5 year old sitting near a 12 year old…don't these bus drivers have a seating plan that seats children by age????? Our school system does…

  4. In answer to the question regarding charging the bus driver…my humble opinion…there are anywhere from 20 to 50 kids on a bus…bus drivers are responsible to get your kids from point A to point B in a safe manner. That said..,a teacher in a classroom has about 20-25 students.it would be like asking her to teach the entire class with her back turned on her students. Also, keep in mind a bus driver needs to watch the roads. Another thing to keep in mind…those seats are high backed in a bus and sometimes they just can see what is going on behind them unless something draws her attention to it

  5. Charge both! What if they had seriously injured or killed her?? There was recently a story with a 10 yr old girl at a daycare stomping on an infants head.. killing him. These kids needs to be locked away getting help before we see them destroy more lives!

  6. I would have got on that bus and had my child point out who did it.I would have a hard time not beating that kids ass!That bus would not have went anywhere until the cops got there!Why didn't any of the other kids tell the bus driver!! That is awful!

  7. Hubbard skool is 60% white Where is the video?
    Is there a description of the attacker? Forsyth Ga is 40.3% White
    Stop sending your kids to skoolz- especially to blak skoolz
    White children in blak skoolz are targets look up Author Colin Flaherty

  8. assault and battery.torture to a small child,he choked her told her to stopp breathing,attempted murder.jail for him,a stiff penalty.if nothings done whats he going to be like in a few yrs..hes old enough to torture her like that,hes old enough to do time.

  9. Why the bus driver didn't say nothing or call the police or ambience The bus driver need to get fired from his job because that don't make no sense

  10. I was bullied in school too. Poor baby. Sweet vulnerable kids are looked at at like prey. These wolves need psychiatric evaluation. And where did the other child learn these behaviors. Bullies are usually bullied at home.

  11. What the hell is wrong with this kid and why would they do this I mean like when i was 12 i wasn't that bad ( doesnt mean everyone will be like me tho not to brag if you think I am ) but i definitely think they kid should get chagerd or at least the parents

  12. It is disgusting what the 12 year old boy did to this little five year old girl. This boy should go to Reform school or a Youth detention centre for what he did. Why can't an adult ride in the bus with this little girl so she would not be beaten by some bully.

  13. I’m a 12 year old and I would NEVER do anything like that to anyone! Especially a 5 year old. She didn’t deserve that at all!!

  14. The 12 year old is probably preparing his midget butt before he goes to high school, he’s probably going to defend himself with his special fortnite moves once he goes to big boy school,high school,he thinks he’s tough to beat up a 5 year old girl,he would feel like a child in big school

  15. Seriously! Why has bullying kids while on the school bus become such a huge problem this year even though this year has barely even started!? And haven't kids ever heard of "keeping your hands to yourself"!?

  16. Boys/girls who fight kids under there ages cant fight. People who fight my brother he is 7 are going to get fuck up

  17. So disgusting. That poor little girl! Wtf is wrong with ppl. Get her cousins around the bully's age to track that bully down on the street and take care of business.

  18. The kiddie should be taxied to and from school at the expense of the parents of the 12-year-old who attacked her, for the rest of her school career! Now to the station reporting the matter, You are Station WMAZ. The channel number(13) is NOT part of your call-sign and should not be seen in any way, shape or form created by your station. The number should only appear briefly when superimposed by the receiving TV set's own electronics.

  19. wtf is wrong with people. why would they watch the footage IF THERE WERE BRUSIS ON HER F ING FACE THATS DEMESTIC VIOLANCE

  20. I feel pretty bad for this girl on my bus, she has just moved here and she isn’t as normal as other kids, but just is kinda lonely, she is nice and says hi to the teachers in the hallway

    Everybody on the bus makes fun of her and calls her poor saying they could beat her up, making up rumors about her. But I can’t to anything. Every dumbass is on the opposite side to this girl and it pisses me off so much. She said she feels like she’s broken and feels awful but all they do is keep laughing.
    So if you were on this bus
    FUCK YOU 🖕

  21. My husband and I refuse to send our kids on a school bus. Some of the worst abuse sexual/physical/ and verbal abuse happens during bus rides

  22. I can’t believe any one would do this to a little girl she’s to cute for her face to be all injured up an who ever did this I hope they rot in jail😢😢😢it’s so sad this video change my hold mood😢😢


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