500 Cars vs The Mega Ramp w/Tanner Fox | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

500 Cars vs The Mega Ramp w/Tanner Fox | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– We have 500 Hot Wheels,
and we’re gonna be sending them down the mega-ramp
on this giant highway of Hot Wheels track. – [Hosts] Three, two, one, go! – [Announcer] A Hot
Wheels Production, hosted by Andy Riesmeyer
and Tanner Fox. – Welcome back to
Hot Wheels Unlimited, I’m Andy, we’re back here at the mega-ramp
with Tanner Fox. – And today we have
500 Hot Wheels and we’re gonna be
sending them all the way down the mega-ramp. – It’s gonna be so crazy,
they’re gonna crash into each other and
fly all over the place. – Dude, I’m ready, let’s do it. – Let’s do it! (dramatic music) – Okay, here we are at the top. How many pieces of track
are we looking at behind us? – Alright, so this is
actually the biggest Hot Wheels track that
we have ever done. This is over 7,000
feet of track. – That is crazy. It’s like a mile and
a half worth of track. – Exactly, and, little fun fact, it’s actually 160 lanes wide. – Cool, so it’s basically
like three cars per lane for the 500 cars. – Exactly, so what
we’re gonna be doing is the first round
will be 25 cars, then 100, and then 500
cars down the mega-ramp on this giant highway
of Hot Wheels track. – [Andy] It’s gonna be so crazy! – Oh, let’s do it
man, I’m so ready! (upbeat music) – Alright dude, here we go! We’ve got 25 cars, 25 cars. Are you ready for this? – Oh man, we’ve been talking
about it all day long. – [Andy] Here we go.
– [Tanner] Alright, countdown. – [Hosts] Three, two, one, go! (dramatic music) – [Andy] Oh! – [Tanner] Yeah! – [Andy] That is so great! – [Tanner] It’s working! – [Andy] It’s going, whoa!
– [Tanner] Whoa! – [Andy] Come on!
– [Tanner] Yes! – That is so awesome. Alright, let’s get all
of these cars packed up and go back up to
the top and do 100! (dramatic music) Here we go, 100 cars! – Oh, my goodness,
everyone ready? – [Hosts] Three, two, one, go! – [Andy] Come on,
come on, come on! (dramatic music) (cheering) – [Tanner] Down the end, down
the end, the entire track! – [Andy] That is so cool! – Dude, we need to do 500.
– Yeah let’s go! (upbeat music) 500 cars! – [Tanner] Look at this,
dude, this is so crazy. – [Andy] This looks so good. – [Tanner] This is actually
a childhood dream of, I think, everyone. – Alright, you ready for this? – [Hosts] Three, two, one, go! (intense music) – [Andy] Oh, my. (laughs) – [Tanner] Go, go, go!
– [Andy] Look at that! – [Tanner] Yeah, go, go, go! – [Andy] Yeah, c’mon! Yes, oh look at ’em all go! – [Tanner] It’s like a
tsunami of Hot Wheels. – [Andy] Oh, that is so awesome. (cheering) We did it! 500 cars, are you kidding me? – [Tanner] Oh, my gosh,
you made the biggest mess. Look at this. – [Andy] I know, it was great. – They’re literally everywhere. – What do you think
we should do now? – I don’t know, if you guys
had unlimited Hot Wheels track and Hot Wheels cars, what
would you do with it? Registered users
comment down below. – I’m Andy. – I’m Tanner. – We’ll see you next time
on Hot Wheels Unlimited! – Peace! – [Announcer] A Hot
Wheels Production (engine revving) (upbeat rock music)

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  1. I'd build reallife replicas of actual race tracks, such as Donington Park, Brands Hatch and Talladega, and use HW cars as racers!

  2. This is incredibly dumb. And why did they keep saying they all made it down the "entire track" when they clearly didn't. And of those that did, I doubt ANY of them made it down on their WHEELS.

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