500cc Transforming Power Wheels Build Subaru Powered

500cc Transforming Power Wheels Build Subaru Powered

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  1. Make sure to add enough anti-corrosive to your coolant system. If you only use water, it'll galvanically corrode when two or more different metals are in the loop (one will act as a cathode, the other as an anode), which would be extra bad when your coolant line is doubling as frame rail.

  2. Esse 🚘 é 👍,mas se a carroceria fosse alargada ocultando nem q seja metade das wheels vai ficar ainda mais👍.Congratulations !!! 👍

  3. Just a quick idea. You should make that table have adjustable height. Maybe you could use the mechanisms from "ratcheting" jack stands (not the kind with a pin). So you could pull the whole table up higher at once, and take the time to lower it when you need to. You could even weld a bar to each side (connecting two of the jack stand release handles) to make lowering it quicker and easier. That would make a badass welding table. Maybe it wouldn't work as good as I'm thinking, but it's a sick idea on paper! Lol

  4. I love you guys. Editing, music, content… all of it. I gotta know. Why plumbing though? Is it shit related? Because it runs down hill 🤭🤟 keep up the good work!!!

  5. i like how you re doing the motor mount and attaching frame keeping things square brilliant idea you are good after all you are the power wheels, king glad to see you got power sports helping you earned their respect and deserve it congrats and long may you build great video good to see moto mule getting noticed i just love this stuff

  6. I really dig how you guys don't just go by the book. Like the suspension solution, the cage being part of the cooling, that's all stuff they'd never do in other shops, because "you can't do that".
    Keep with that spirit!

  7. I just found your You Tube channel,. you guys are nuts. Those cars and the scooter are great! Here is a new challenge…..Gravity Cars. No power at all. Just good bearings. good suspension, good tires and brakes. And maybe some thought to streamlining. These guys are going downhill at up to 85 mph. Check it out.

  8. Another challenge, Radio Flyer wagons seem to be really catching as low riders, rat rods and parts chasers at rod shows. Time for a 500cc radio flyer? I would advise staying away from stock wagon steering.

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