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  1. Thank you for slowing down when speaking and adding sub-titling that actually keeps up with you. It is a great help for us that are a bit "hard of hearing".

  2. You forgot to mention the rip off $10-$12 per day charge for companies to offer free toll and toll fees paid per day. I’m thinking specially of Orlando, where I rent cars frequently. Most of the off airport companies there are near entrances and exits to toll roads where you need exact change in quarters. If you don’t have it and didn’t take the car rental companies rip off toll fee, they will charge your card $38 for each infraction. Plus, my car at home is old enough that I only take liability insurance. So, I’m stuck taking the agency’s $36 per day insurance. Even thou it’s almost 1,300 miles to drive to Orlando, I drive 2/3 of the time to avoid renting a car. Or, I take Uber when I get there.

  3. Hello, Matt. This situation happened to a friend of mine who traveled to Denver: he booked a reservation through Hotwire and the rental car company at DIA airport off-site location refused to honor the Hotwire quote. I have heard in other travel situations that the vendors are not required to honor third party quotes. Comment, please.

  4. For third party insurance on rental cars–If you have an American Express card and sign up for this particular option, they charge $19.95 per rental, not per day (up to 30 days)–great deal and far cheaper than any other option I have found. And, I have used this benefit when I had an accident in a National Rental car–no issues no problems, they covered it.

  5. Good vid, Matt. One additional point, make sure to do a pre-entry, thorough walk-around with the agent, noting on the contract any dings, scrapes, dents, or stains, so you dont get charged for damages you didn't do. ?

  6. Here’s one. I’ve been told by multiple car companies that the rates go down after 12 noon or 1pm on thursday. And i’ve tried this out and it works. Lots of times i rent for a week even if i only need it for 4-5 days. It can save you money as well

  7. Excellent information! I shared this with my son who is in need of a rental this week because his car is in the shop longer than expected. Thank you!

  8. One company that has the best prices is Costco. Yes, you need to be a member but if you rent cars a couple of times a year it pays for itself and then you get the other price benefits as well. If you don't have one near you it can be all done online and most of the things they sell include shipping.

  9. I worked at hertz….

    Lots of people that book with a debit card on a third party site tend to show up and get screwed over because if they can’t pass a credit check they can’t rent a car or have an unexpected deposit.

    The best insurance to get (Atleast with Hertz) is the LDW(loss damage waiver) it covers the car so you don’t have to file on your insurance AND if it’s damaged you don’t have to pay the daily rental charges for it every day it’s in the shop (your insurance won’t cover that).

    Debit cards at the airport they will run a credit check, and hold a deposit on top of your rental amount (you must also have your flight itinerary)

    Sign up for the hertz gold profile, it’s free and you get perks!

  10. This video is 1 year too late for me, had a horrible experience with Easirent. Just don't rent from them, ever, and save yourself the headache on your travel. Nevertheless, I love this video, thanks.

  11. Speaking as an ex enterprise employee(Houston)….

    1. False

    2. True

    3. True-ish. Airports normally have lower rates due to increased taxes. But you have a better selection.

    4. ??‍♂️

    5. Always take the CDW/LDW. Can't control break ins and other damages.

    6. ERAC hardly had coupons. You're better off sliding a tip to the agent for an upgrade. ??‍♂️

    Also, cleaning fees only really applied to if you smoked in the car. We never expected the customer to clean the car lol

  12. Always, always, always… do a pre inspection/walk around the car. Better if you do it with an agent who will give you a pre inspection form . If no agent is available take pictures! Also take a picture of the gas tank and current mileage on the car if it is not full

  13. You do have to be careful because if you book 3rd party you probably won’t get a free upgrade or really great customer service.

  14. Matt, off site rental locations always have car that are about to be put out of the fleet. There is a roll of the dice with these cars. Cars are not usually clean, worn tires, and other issues not suited for long road trips. In my experience, when you have trouble with these cars rental companies are willing to over help with any issues. Also off site locations are sometimes franchise owned. Get to know the people who work there. I am very close to the franchise owner at my local Pep Boys.

  15. Everyone’s situation is different, but we always take the gas fill option because the prices are almost the same where we go and we are usually stressed for time, so that is one less thing to do. Also the company we use (Enterprise) is really good about giving us little perks, so sometimes we don’t even have a charge at all depending on what the gas was when they gave it. They are very flexible and super nice. It doesn’t help when flying to strange cities, but if you rent a lot from a local office like we do, getting to know the staff can definitely save you money!

    One time, they even came and dropped off a new car to us when the car we had died on us in a parking lot an hour after we had left. So I strongly advise getting to know people if you can. Shopping around can save money, but so can being a “regular” with hidden discounts, upgrades and all sorts of things just for getting to know the staff.

  16. Great video. Never ever uner any circumstances should you pre-pay. It doesn't guarantee you will get a vehicle and in today's rental car climate. Waiting up to 5 days for a refund sucks. Especially for those who have only 1 credit card.

  17. Car rental…loyalty goes a long way. Gold member. Preferred member. Loyalty almost allows you to cut the line.

  18. Thanks for mentioning my city West Palm beach,you should have checked out club 10 inside the Hilton when you were in town.

  19. Fox car rental also makes you put down anywhere from $500-$1500 deposit when you get there. This could impact your cash flow if you were not expecting this.

  20. I've literally saved thousands renting through Hertz because I do a lot of 1 way rentals and unlike enterprise where I used to rent, Hertz doesn't charge a drop off fee!! Wish I could have known 6 years earlier

  21. First time coming across this account. But I'd say for a business traveler or a frequent traveler, some of these don't make any sense, but I guess people that randomly need to rent a car one day or only go to Disney once a year can probably follow these tips.

  22. From someone that has worked in numerous car rental companies, Child Seats are not part of our commisions and the prices go from 10€ per day or 2-6€ per day for a Booster. But they are never, absolutely never part of our commisions, mostly because it's an obligatory product that you must have for your child and it's not really a sale.

  23. **Warning** After you fill up your rental car upon return, wash your hands REALLY well. Otherwise TSA will think you are a bomb and hold you for a full pat down.

  24. I always use alamo. I'm a member of their frequent renter program. I think some of these tips are great and will test them out. I also wonder in location location location matters. I'm in Kansas City.

  25. As an avid Business traveler, you nailed the lack of loyalty with Rental car companies! I think they count on people like me who are simply creatures of habit. I am used to knowing exactly where Budget is in each airport and city, know what to expect and settle for it. My fear of using 3rd party websites for rentals is the car wont be in preferred waiting for me which is worth money to me.

  26. I found an extremely low rental on priceline one time from this RightCars rental place. Get there and they wanted $500 deposit plus said I had to use their insurance if my car insurance didn't cover $300,000. If I had car insurance that covered that amount, I probably wouldn't even care about finding a cheap rental. Lol

  27. I am surprised you are not mentioning using your credit card coverage for insurance. Depending on your card you can have excellent coverage from those…

  28. I have a couple credit cards that say they will cover insurance. What do you think about that? Good or not enough?

  29. Hi, do you have any tips if you are under 25 and are looking to rent a car? I've tried to search around but there's always these extortionate young driver fees. Any ideas?Thanks!

  30. If you have a American Express card that's considered 3rd party and it works well. It also covers my 20 year old child

  31. Insurance – some credit cards have a car rental insurance coverage feature too – especially if you pay a yearly fee for your card.

  32. The insurance argument is dumb. You could have been in an accident at home that day in your own car and had to pay that deductable. Why pay extra that same day to avoid the deductable you are already paying for on your own insurance just because you are driving a different car. Think about it? In fact you are still paying for that insurance and you don't want to use it? I don't think you have totally gotten from behind the counter. You may also get some love from some credit cards.

  33. Please read the 3rd party fine lines before you take any protections from a company that isn’t the car rental place. I work at enterprise and they almost never cover the car up to a total loss!!

  34. Hi Matt….do you work for on of the rental car agencies??? I keep reading how horrible the desk counter and maybe manager jobs are horrible…hours….short staff, low salary….would love your perspective…..how horrible can it get and why is pay so low for the front office face of the co?? thanks…..mister…xo

  35. Is there a cancellation fee if you have to cancel through no fault of your own, such as a snowstorm preventing you to travel?

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