6 Cars We’re Ashamed To Admit We Once Liked!

6 Cars We’re Ashamed To Admit We Once Liked!

this video here may trigger some people
if you thought my video on cars you should be embarrassed to drive looks
pretty harsh just wait until you hear what I say about these six cars before
the video begins I want to take this moment and thank you all just a few days
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and now let’s begin the video the first car is the PT Cruiser okay so it’s
probably not a big surprise to see this car in the list because it really is one
of the more obvious choices I mean really when these first came out in 2005
people went crazy for them the cool retro throwback styling was something
that really caught all of our attention and offered elements of practicality it
was large enough to be an adequate family car and could haul it a little
bit larger of a cargo than a normal car could in a rare instance you would need
it to the next five years of production would change our minds completely about
the PT Cruiser for various reasons the first is and probably the most
influential reason would be over reliability issues one of the more
notable ones being that the underdeveloped cooler system would fail
and cause head gaskets to pop and here’s the best part though if you got the head
gasket a pop you can be rest assured that other gaskets would start poppin
soon as well it was a gift that kept giving sort of like herpes and it was
just the start of us treating this car like an STD by trying to hide them get
rid of them and forget it ever happened and don’t tell a single soul about it it
had a cheaply made interior so seeing broken handles buttons and ripped seats
and cracks in the dash for common sight it was not a performer at all even with
the introduction of the turbo power model and certainly was not luxurious in
any sort of way hell it was not even good on gas it really only averaged
around 19 miles per gallon the PT was really just an upgrade and cool factor
for soccer mom from a standard minivan and we all started to realize it after a
while we just started seeing it for what it was worth just a cheap but kind of
interesting novelty we even realized that
thing was about as ugly as the Pontiac Aztek but at least astok had a cool
built-in 10 canopy all the PT Cruiser had to offer was hefty repair bills and
came standard from factory with built-in shame the second car is a Jaguar x-type
yeah you had us Jaguar seriously that’s all we needed to hear and we were
onboard who wouldn’t love the idea of driving Iran and one of these ultra
luxurious prestigious wonders of automotive envy they had instant sex
appeal the minute you look at one and the ex type was no exclusion to this by
any means the ex type was Jaguar getting itself into the entry level luxury car
market so it was designed to compete with the 3-series c-class and Audi a4
for most of us this was exciting news because finally we can get ourselves
into a Jaguar but for the wealthy people who owned one already it was going to be
devastating blow to the mystique their cars once held since now everybody can
drive on this was the start to the negative press and usually rich people
scoffing at our lower end cars means nothing except in this case we started
to realize they had a valid point first off Ford had bought Jaguar and
actually built it on a Mondale platform which started to make us look at it more
like a Lincoln Town Car rather than the aston martin we once compared it to in
our minds then we started seeing just how many mechanical issues that average
owner of the next type has to deal with like air leaks around the intake
manifold all paying gasket leaks prop shaft bearing failures and just a whole
host of various electrical issues take all that and mixing some transmission
issues in voila you now have a recipe for a car you wants one and more than
anything and now I want to forget you even liked I could only imagine only one
of these was like chasing the hottest girl in town all your life and then you
finally get to her and her personality stinks third on the list is the Hummer
specifically the h2 and h3 this vehicle was something we had really never seen
before this was the first time we saw a military vehicle get introduced to the
civilian market with the luxury vehicle makeover offering us a new super large
bolte but yet luxurious vehicle we all loved it this was one of the coolest
vehicles you could own at the time and it was introduced in 2003 when the
economy was doing great and gas prices were really low but let’s not forget
that this was the time when Vaughn Dodge trucker hats and been dazzled back
pockets on your jeans were that penny me of cool as well and just like those
fashion trends we look back at the h2 and h3 and cringe hard after the next
few years at felice we started to see the economy
tanked and gas prices skyrocket and we started taking a more objective look at
this gas guzzling douche-mobile started seeing it for what it really was
a joke first off it had these hoops mounted on the frame that were remnants
of the original military version these hoops allowed the Hummer to be strapped
into a cargo plane but under age 2 there were just there for no reason they
didn’t connect to anything and so it couldn’t serve the same purpose and I
guess you can say they were there for looks but they look really damn silly
they had the word Hummer and everywhere on them and even had a big h2 right on
the steering wheel which I always found kind of odd who puts the car model on
the steering wheel rather than a manufacturer badge they also had larger
engines in the Tahoe and the suburban but still managed to be a lot slower
than both it did 0 to 60 and a whopping 10 seconds this thing was loud rattled from all the
plastic junk thrown on it uncomfortable and difficult to see out of we’re just
glad to see them gone now and we can start to forget to ever happen and
better yet the embarrass in fact that we ever liked them the fourth car is a
Mitsubishi Eclipse this car hit the US market by storm in 1990 and as any 90s
kid would tell you we were all infatuated by them it looked like
futuristic race cars that can bend space and time while traveling between
different dimensions as we got to know that Eclipse a bit better however our
visions of them came crashing down to a hard reality to the face
they weren’t interdimensional vehicles they weren’t race cars inhale most of
them weren’t even suited to drive on the left lane of the highway because they
were so awfully underpowered they were all pretty cheaply made and we’re super
flimsy and quickly became labeled as chick cars because like chicks they had
no balls the only real appeal these cars ever had
was their looks and you have to give credit to Mitsubishi for this one
because they fooled a lot of us from the 90s and well into the early 2000s they
also had their fair share of mechanical issues starting with all their 1990 to
1998 models being a recall for lock ups of the transfer cases due to inefficient
lubrication which is ironic because that’s the same issue you’ll hear from
your date when you ask if she wants to go home with you if you pick her up on
one of these even after the recall these cars have always been plagued with
transmission issues especially in the 1999 and 2000 models the real issue with
the Eclipse really came down to a simple factor price versus power the affordable
four-cylinder options never really had the horsepower to make them what we
thought they were and wanted them to be and the six-cylinder options would bump
you up into mustang territory but only in price terms and not in power so why
would you take the Eclipse over this thing I mean that would probably take
the Eclipse but most Americans didn’t which led to the lines demise what’s
funny though is that they brought the clips back but now as a crossover which
I don’t see that doing very well it’s like their Board of Directors got
together and said hey let’s take an already undesirable car and make it less
desirable by making it into an ugly crossover the fifth car is the Toyota
Celica Oh the infamous Toyota Celica most of us were constantly turning our
heads and checking these sexy beasts out constantly the aggressive styling and
beautiful contours made us all take notice and let us know that this thing
is a force to be reckoned with the car looked f ast fast we went from
strangely obsessed to head-over-heels in love after they showed us what she can
do in the Fast and the Furious movies the only issue though was that it was
all a facade she strictly looked fast but was frustratingly underpowered we
all got catfished by her long before tender even became a thing and the worst
part was that you’d be paying roughly seven thousand dollars more for one than
you would for any clips which I mentioned earlier was strictly a
good-looking car but couldn’t tear it up on the road at all to add more insult to
the injury you can also get a mechanically identical Eagle Talon and
be offered a longer warranty than either Mitsubishi or Toyota would give you it
also suffered from some stiff competition from the acura integra which
is widely agreed upon offers up a much more exhilarating car in his way more
fun to drive needless to say once we all caught on to
the Celicas catfishing games we stopped calling her and decided to forget we
were all ever interested in her at all seriously though how embarrassing the
sixth and final car is the Acura TL this was an exciting car to see released it
was going to be a really fun car that had great sporty attributes to it making
a exciting to drive while also having a good host of luxury features making it
comfortable and aesthetically pleasing the best part was that it was an Acura
which is made by Honda so it’d be a great reliable daily driver to all great
stuff had it ended up being true our dreams of luxurious interior would be
shattered as quickly as this thing’s cheap commonly crack dashboard
everything on the interior was flimsy and felt like it would break if you
breathed on it too hard the leather and it wore excessively and would look
terrible far sooner than it should it’s also been reported to have a ridiculous
amount of rattling – but not a big surprise once you know how cheap and
chintzy the interiors then you go oh well it has hands-free calling and even
that comes with a huge disappointment once you realize it didn’t have a caller
ID but hey at least it’s reliable right wrong your hopes of owning a really
reliable vehicle would disappear quicker than the oil from this thing’s engine
and yes for whatever reason this car had an excessive amount of oil consumption
the tears are kilise he’ll however was its transmission they are notoriously
awful and offer up a whole host of issues you can look forward to seeing
even enthusiasts of the TL openly talk about how bad the transmission is
whether it be rough shifting shudder or flat-out transmission failure you’re
going to want to get rid of this thing and punch yourself for liking it enough
to buy one join the rest of us and embarrass
spent forever liking it at all if you enjoyed the video make sure and hit that
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section below once again guys I’ll be making a post on Instagram so you guys
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thanks for watching til next time

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  1. The bottom spec eclipse, i'm fine with admitting was bad. But tbh the gsx and gst hauled ass on the track. It's no match for the stang on the DRAG STRIP, not Laguna Seca.

  2. I've been an ASE Master Tech and car builder for more than two decades. You were dead on with some of your picks and way off with others, but a list such as this is based on subjective criteria…based on opinion.

    The 2nd Gen Eclipse did suffer from a cheaply made interior as well as the 2.0 4cyl(RS and GS models) being underpowered from the factory. The engine was the same 4cyl found in the Neon and Stratus. BUT, with a few in depth engine mods as well as suspension upgrades, the 2nd Gen Eclipse could compete with any tuner car of the time.
    The Celica's only drawback was the price versus performance…you could get better performing cars for the money at the time. But, just like with the previously mentioned 2nd Gen Eclipse, with a few mods and upgrades the Celica could easily be the performance king-of-the-hill on your local tuner car scene at the time. But, unlike the 2nd Gen Eclipse, the Celica was famously dependable and well built.
    I give you an A for effort, a B- for research, a C for specific knowledge, and a F for failure to recognize then state lists such as these are totally subjective. Good try though.

  3. I think for the Eclipse you're talking about the non-turbo version. And you said the only real appeal was their looks? Not the 4G63T engine which could withstand a lot of boost and was easy to modify?

    The REAL issue with the 2nd gen Eclipses was crankwalk. Surprised you didn't mention that at all…

  4. So I agreed with you on the first two: PT Cruiser and Jaguar. I never liked H2s and not an Acura/Honda fan. Now, those last Celicas, as long as they are GT-S, I won’t mind to get my hands off n one of them. Now, let’s discuss the Eclipses (1st and 2nd gens), if they have the 4G63 engines, they can be a real deal, but they also can suck your pants along with your wallet!!

  5. Everything is wrong in this video, from year release to comparison… Eagle Talon and Celica? What they have in common again?

  6. I 💓 low (roof height) coupes. Closest you can get now to AWD Eclipse is $115k Porsche! And not too hard getting 4g63t to same power.
    Never liked PT, Hummer or TL.

  7. You got it wrong on the TL. At least the one I got was pretty sweet: 2007 TL Type-S. Great looking car IMO. Decent performance. No real issues. Just maintenance.

  8. You got it wrong on the TL. At least the one I got was pretty sweet: 2007 TL Type-S. Great looking car IMO. Decent performance. No real issues. Just maintenance.

  9. In – famous….wow, this guy reads at a second grade level, please, get someone else to do the voiceovers, you pause at the wrong parts when you speak, horrible

  10. The 1g and 2g Eclipse are iconic vehicles capable of making extraordinary power. Bone stock/ unmolested 1g and 2g eclipses are extremely sought after. Same goes for any 3g Acura TL Type S especially with a 6MT. Good luck finding one even with over 100k on it for less than 10k to 12k. Yes your avg 3g TL might have some issues with its tranny but the stock 3.2 is very very reliable and the 3.5 in the type s is as well. These 2 vehicles should be no where near this list. C'mon man if your an enthusiast and not someone who can go by an M3, Supra, or something else that will run you over 15k-30k before you even start your build these 2 cars are awesome daily drivers or projects. Get with it man. Horrible reviews. Smh

  11. People liked the Hummer because of its road dominance and presence. People enjoyed the fact that could actually run over almost any vehicle on the road and also withstand a roadside bomb. Not to mention a Zombie ( or crack head) apocalypse.

  12. The Supra was in Fast & Furious not the Celica and the eclipse gsx have more horsepower in a Mustang gt n was 2 sec faster in the 1/4

  13. As asked for in the video, here is some hate. You sound like a failed rapper! Take a breather and slow the f down.

  14. The eclipse is still cool. You just dont know shit about cars. Point proven when you said the celica is the same as an eagle talon… which is also cool.

  15. I Own a GT & GTS Celica – proud owner of both – 1 for the road – 2 For the car meets 🔥 – Celicas & other cars on this list should not be here but just by seen you I can expected nothing less.. 🤭

    But Hey I’m just a viewer right? 🏌️

  16. I've had a 2008 Acura TL for 4 years, got great price. I didn't have great expectations. It is a decent car. The engine power is impressive.

  17. HAHA! AWESOME VIDEO BUT I DISAGREE WITH THE CELICA and the TL .They were awesome and the high end model was cool in both ( tl-s type)…..

  18. The 2nd gen gs and gst were monster machines and the célica is a true tuner car as well you can do many things to it to make it faster smh definitely don’t know if I do or don’t like your page

  19. A bunch of lies on the TL. The 2005-2008 TL is a great car.
    1. TOUCH SCREEN navigation on a large BUILT-IN display integrated into the audio system with no cords hanging down that is not locked out because you're on the interstate.
    2. Sporty looks with a great shape. Todays sedans under 50k have zero sexiness.
    3. Good accerlation and a SOFT touch interior. It's a car you don't want to get out of.
    4. Dedicated audio, navigation and climate control buttons that were not made by a nerd.
    4. An engine that does not shut off when you come to a stop sign.
    5. A shifter that you hold not a stupid set of push buttons you look down at.
    6. The pre 2005 TLs have the older weaker transmission. Never buy the first model year.
    7. I have 300k on the original engine/transmission. Acura Brookfield did all fluid changes.
    8. I have no cracked dash and no interior rattling.

  20. Why does everyone forgot the 95 and below eclipse offered all wheel drive and was one of the most mod able cars around and was kinda the reason the tuner culture started up in the early 2000s thanks to the fast and the furious

  21. Lol, you got my view, and the comments were worth it. If anything ford mustangs need to be on this list, not the 4G63T.

  22. Obviously made by someone who has not got a clue about what makes a car legendary or a flunk. should have spent a allot more time researching.Why would you bother making this video when your obviously not into cars.

  23. AC running DOES decrease mileage. The power to run the compressor comes from the engine. I lost 2 mpg when running the compressor, which increased as soon as I turned off the solenoid on the compressor pully.

  24. My buddy had an 06 TL stick and never had interiors issues cause he would detail it him self every week or 2 and he drove it like a hoonigan and burnt less oil then my 08 civic

  25. "the Toyota Celica in fast and furious" this was in fast and furious for 1 second so what's the point and its not "cellica" its "Celica" the I is pronounced like an E if a real car enthusiast was doing this video they wouldn't put the Celica or the Eclipse in the list and "the PT Cruiser is ugly and it was introduced in 2000" not 2005

  26. He didn't crap on any of my favs growing up.
    Toyota Supra
    Subaru WRX
    BMW 3 series
    Nissan Skyline
    Any of those are still bad ass to this day.

  27. I had a muscle car just out of high school, but I respected my buddy's white modded Eclipse turbo that could beat a lot of ass and looked pretty hot back in the day.

    The Celica was definitely a chick car though. Right up there with the Jetta. A buddy bought one and was pissed he was always getting checked out by dudes looking to peep the hot chick driver. Lol

  28. He doesnt mean to trigger us he only speaks of facts and how unreliable they are now compare to cars today (but I'm not embarrassed that I like most of the cars.)

  29. I don't care what kind of car it is, if it's a mint example, it looks waaaaay cooler than some new sedan today. If I see a mint Geo Metro with original everything it looks cool rolling down the road.

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