6 Cheap Cars that make you look RICH! – Under 15K!!!

6 Cheap Cars that make you look RICH! – Under 15K!!!

I want to start by saying that there are other videos just like this one, but their list of cheap cars Don’t really seem that cheap so I decided to create my own list six cheap cars that make you look rich under $15,000 hi guys. I’m Cristian This is vehicle virals make sure if you haven’t already to subscribe for weekly automotive content now Let’s begin the first car in this list is the 2005 Mercedes SL 500 this car has every cool factor requirement checked off a powerful v8 engine with 302 horsepower a beautiful exhaust number a Retractable convertible and a rear wheel drive powertrain crazy thing is that until I did some research? I thought this car cost three times the amount what it’s really worth back in 2004 when this car debuted it had a sticker price of 91 thousand dollars And now you can find them anywhere around ten thousand dollars and fourteen thousand dollars Ratings among owners that have this car a relatively high But I would still suggest get an extended warranty If possible unless of course you like to gamble you wouldn’t want to repair a faulty Convertible top for the same price you bought the car Anyways moving on probably my favorite choice on this list is a 2012 Jaguar XF not only Will you look rich, but you’ll feel rich with the amount of power that this Jaguar has it’s loaded with a v8 engine that produces 385 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque don’t think this car will be taking sips of gasoline prepare to stop at the gas stations regularly the XF gives you 16 miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon in the highway Who cares you want to look rich? Don’t you you got to do what you got to do? It’s a bit harder finding the facelifted 2012 XF, but they are out there you can always opt in for the bubblehead like 2011 version and save you a few thousand dollars next car on the list is a 2008 Range Rover What was once in every celebrity’s driver is now cheap enough for most people to own I feel like I needed to include a car With practicality and plenty of room for all your friends and family Not only is it nice for you to look rich But now you can get your entire family and friends to look rich as well You get seventy four cubic feet of cargo and the ability to sit five adults as far as gas mileage You might as well live at the pump. Just kidding. It’s not that bad well It kind of is you get twelve miles per gallon in the city and eighteen miles per gallon in the highway I remind you guys again I recommend you get the extended warranty on any of the cars here on this list especially if purchased with high mileage moving on to the next car the 2004 Chevrolet Corvette There’s just no way I could have left this car out the list you can get one of these bad boys for as low as twelve thousand dollars the 2004 model is the last one of that specific body style Which you gave up in practicality you get back in Performance and style the Corvette has the fastest 0 to 60 time on this list at just 4.5 seconds the exterior looks iconic It doesn’t seem all too dated compared to the newer models when it comes to the interior it isn’t anything to brag about But let’s look at it this way well You’re paying for is the looks in the motor? Have you ever impressed your mom by cleaning the outside of your bed and stuff and everything underneath? Well, yeah, that’s looking rich while not being rich I know it’s a crappy analogy anyways moving on the fifth car on the list is the 2014 Infiniti q50 Definitely has the looks to make you look rich Not only is it the newest car in the list, but it can easily be found for less than $15,000 for those that didn’t know the q50 was previously known as the Infiniti g37 It does carry over much of its performance such as the powerful v6 3.7 liter engine that pushes 320 horse powers and 269 pound feet of torque interesting fact given by Infiniti they say that the front of the car looks like a human face Maybe you guys can see it because I know I can’t many would probably replace this car with a sporty or Nissan 350z But unlike 350z the Infiniti has a luxurious look and feel which the 350z Lacks which can trick others more easily that you’re rich So the last cheap car in the list that will make you look rich is a 2007 Porsche Boxster I mean the Porsche symbol on your car key alone will make you look rich, why? Because it’s Porsche. That’s why This is a sports car that makes a surprisingly good daily driver you get a roomy and a front and rear trunk Thanks to the mid edge and placement in good gas mileage 20 miles per gallon city 29 miles per gallon and the highway and let’s not forget about the convertible drop the top for extra rich points You can also put down and put up the top or driving up to 30 miles per hour No inconvenience tops needed you can get a 2007 Porsche Boxster for just under $15,000 with less than 70,000 miles So now you know Which cheap cars would buy to make you look rich? If you liked the video make sure and hit that like button once again, don’t forget to subscribe for more automotive Overviews just like this one. Anyways guys. Thanks for watching until next time You

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  1. As i continue to experiment with different videos, i continue to learn and grow. Such a good feeling to finally start to gain traction. Thank you all for the continued support! Go watch part 2! https://youtu.be/dpgkQHHVUxY
    And yes yes, I am aware that I incorrectly pronounced "Chevrolet". Lesson learned. Be nice to me people 🙂 Make sure to follow me on social media for updates, links below
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  2. beetle bug makes me feel oh so rich 35 miles per gallon hell to beetle yell the car rides on ground feels like u have low profile the motor in the back for a second you think you got a super sports car yes ladies 🚺 you have plenty room in the trunk for the. in-laws. lay back cruise down the bumpy rd listern to classical music eat a million dollar bar ….. why yes I feel lucky and most importantly I'm rich….. an going to get richer working at McDonald's going bac home to. my palace in tralior park got a pool blue light dollar tree special.. h……ell. to. the y..e. a. h

  3. And all unreliable now since they probably didn't get the proper maintenance from the real rich ppl. .in my Scotty Kilmer voice.

  4. during this days women look for a nice rolex and a nice sunglasses cartier., they know more about cars and they know about bubble subprime .

  5. I agree with everything except the Corvette and the Boxster. The Boxster has and always will be 'The Poor Man's Porsche'.

  6. S550 w221 body stle with the automatic curtains. Also a 750li or audi a8. Half these cars dont scratch over a 100k sticker price… But i agree with the Porsche

  7. Lexus SC400 all day, my friends.

    It's one of the few luxury cars that isn't a money pit. Also, if you want to convert it into a 1,000 hp best, you can, because guess what? It's the 4th gen Supra's mechanical twin.

  8. I actually have the SL 500, 2005, same color, almost identical however I purchased mine in Costa Rica so that car would be worth around 32,000 usd, right now. lol

  9. Good video, but remember cheap yo buy doesn't equal cheap yo maintain. None of these care are cheap to maintain. Maybe cheapest is the Infiniti.

  10. Almost bought one of these( Mercedes)…$18k…low miles! The problem is fixing them! Way too much money! The people that can afford to buy them new($90k) can afford to fix them too.

  11. Very misleading! All this cars are mere money pits……repairing will cost thousands n thousands of 💵.
    Just get a reliable Toyota, Lexus , ford or Lexus.

  12. Ok maybe it’s just me but and excuse my language but the hell is up with the Porsche Boxter I look up the same year and I get results that are 40 to 50 thousand but I’ve been looking on Carfax so do you have advices

  13. I would add an Audi TT one this list too. I used to have a 12 year old TT and that car got looks left and right . I would have people complement it all the time. I was young when I had it (19 yr old) , so that might’ve been it too , I don’t know. Nevertheless, it was a great sports car and a fun drive

  14. I look rich driving my 1981 Mercedes 300D. Faded Yellow paint. Some rust spots. Very minor front end damage. Runs great. I love it. Paid $650.

  15. i just bought a CPO 2017 20k miles Porsche cayenne platinum edition with factory warranty till 2023 for 55k OTD original MSRP 80k+ tax. and i'm planing to drive it for 3 years and trade it in for a new cayenne i been doing this for the last 10 years. got to drive a new model car with warranty and let someone took the first year depreciation of the new car.

  16. To all the Jag haters, owned a 98 Jaguar XK8 convertible. Never had a problem except for front wheel bearings at 100k, replaced them myself with Timken bearings. Convertible top still works, never had a single misfire in the engine or anything.

    UNtil this video I was gonna buy an infinity G37, but might consider the XF!

  17. if it’s cheap it’s too good to be true. Look at reliable vehicles that are practically tanks like the Toyota 4Runner. Even with 300,000 miles on them it’s almost impossible to find them under 4 grand. German cars depreciate the most because of the cost of maintenance. That’s the only factor that stops me from buying one. But do what makes you happy. I’d be hard not to smile every time you step into a Porshe

  18. They're cheap because they've at the age where you will have to spend serious money when things go wrong, and they will, especially with used sports cars such as Porsche.

  19. The R230 SL500 isn't bought to make you look rich, it's bought because it's one of the most elegantly beautiful cars on the road ! Even now in 2019 this car is a stunning example of how sometimes the designers just nail it. Ps the modified SL's shown in this video are not a good example of the SL500's style…. The unmodified original shape of the R230 SL500 is still unrivaled, nothing else on the road quite looks like it, only the insanely priced 1950's SL300 gulwing touches it's beauty.
    The new SL's from 2011'ish are pig ugly hashed up versions of the R230.
    Owning an SL500 is very expensive for obvious reasons, so it's pointless buying one to look rich, it's bought for it's elegant beauty, luxurious interior and highly torqued V8 engine …..So why not buy the Range rover or similar & look like a clone of your neighbor, a drug dealer or a wanna be celeb……or, just just be a boring [email protected] & buy a reliable every day joe car.

  20. Nobody in their right mind is going to sell you their well maintained, mechanically sound, no accidents, pristine body German sport SL vehicle for 14K. If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I just put up for sale on Craigslist. Just remember what your father said, "you get what you pay for".

  21. My Jeep Wrangler….DON'T MAKE ME look rich, but it's PAID FOR BY 🇺🇸U.S. GOVERNMENT. RETIRED U.S. 🇺🇸NAVY👍…OOYAH✌

  22. I just went middle age crazy and bought me a 2019 Mustang Gt., don’t know what that makes me. But this is the most fun I’ve had fully clothed in a long time. 460 Hp./6 speed that flies. Sorry just got off on livin the dream!😎

  23. Most of these cars suck. They are cheap because the ongoing maintenance and their unreliable nature will send you in to bankruptcy faster than a bad shopping habit.

  24. Why people want to look rich ? If a woman is going for your car you should stay away from a woman like that. I drive 2009 toyota. Why ? Because i dont care to advertise my wealth or show off. I have a good selfesteem. I rather save my money to invest and become more richer every year. Problem with people that they buy a house and a car that they pay all their paychecks to instead of buying a house and car that you can pay less as possible to save as much as possible cash profit.

  25. MY NISSAN Versa gets 27 to 28 mpg around town. 25 bucks to fill up all week. I don't look rich I look broke.

  26. The repair cost though for most of these…..that's why they get off loaded before the warranty and you can get these things for one tenth of their original value

  27. I knew a Woman that brought a used Jaguar and called me crying from a shop in three months. I didnt say ( I tried to tell you )

  28. I love the Mercedes, but they will break you in car maintenance. My old boss had a Mercedes-Benz and he had money, while complaining about the car's maintenance.

  29. Cheap car to buy to look rich? I think most of us buy a car because we like the looks of the car and because it is now at a bargain price compared to its brand new sticker price but not necessarily to look rich. Would change it to "Expensive cars that are now under 15k."

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