6 Modern Cars That Don’t Deserve To Be Overlooked!

6 Modern Cars That Don’t Deserve To Be Overlooked!

It’s unfair I tell you, unfair. The 6 cars I’m going to talk about in this
video do not deserve to be overlooked. Since they aren’t selling very well you can
buy them at a bargain price. Which I guess is a good thing and it’s why
I made this video. If you’re new here welcome to the channel
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you do make sure to subscribe for more. For my returning viewers make sure to follow
my Instagram for channel updates, since you know my upload schedule is all over the place. That said, let’s begin. First car is the BMW 228i. It’s pretty easy to dismiss this car as
an excellent luxury sports car as it normally gets overshadowed by the more popular BMW
M cars and M lite cars such as the M235i. But the truth is that the 228i is one of the
best driver’s car around, one that offers everything we liked about old BMW cars. It’s the perfect size to toss around corners,
it offers a 6 speed manual transmission and the power is both strong and manageable allowing
you to really feel like you’re control. It comes equipped with a 2L 4cyl turbo engine
that produces 240HP and 255lb-ft of torque. 0-60mph for the RWD version happens in 4.9
seconds. It may not be the fastest BMW out there but
I’ll tell you this from experience, the driver involvement on the 228i definitely
makes a huge difference. And when it comes to straight line speed,
it feels much faster than what the numbers say. What’s more surprising is that the 228i
serves well as a daily driver thanks to it’s great highway fuel consumption. It manages to get 34mpg Highway which is unreal
for a fun sporty car such as this one. And this why the automotive trend of downsizing
engines is so effective, you can get so much power out of a 4 cylinder engine once you
add a turbocharger to it, while also increasing fuel efficiency. Best part is that you can get a used BMW 228i
for as low as 15K with decent amount of miles on them, making this car one of the biggest
values you can get for a premium 2 door sports car. 2nd overlooked car is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This car is a true underdog in the luxury
vehicle market. For those of you that have a desire to be
unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd, the Giulia helps you achieve just that. This is the car that was supposed to make
a statement once Alfa Romeo decided to start producing cars for the US after not doing
so for about 20 years. Sadly it hasn’t sold too well here in the
US, only selling 36 total units in 2016, just under 9K units in 2017 and a little over 11K
in 2018. One of the main reason it doesn’t sell as
well is because it’s a fairly new re established brand in the US with a sense of mystery when
it comes to reliability and track record. While it’s main competitors like the BMW
3 series and the Mercedes C class have an established following, the Giulia has to work
twice as hard win over buyers. It really shouldn’t have to. It’s exterior design is among one of the
best in it’s class in my opinion, especially when it comes to the front end. Performance wise it comes equipped with a
2L 4cyl turbo engine that produces 280HP and 306lb-ft of torque. 0-60 happens in 5.1 seconds. Combine that power with it’s nearly perfect
50/50 weight distribution and not only do you have a car that screams class but can
also be every fun around twisty roads. In my opinion where it really shines is in
it’s interior. From it’s leather seats with embossed Alfa
Romeo crests in the headrest to it’s awesome layout of the dash, and start stop button
on the steering wheel you definitely feel like you’re in a more expensive car than
what it really cost. Toss in some standard active safety features
like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian recognition
and a lane departure warning system and you got yourself a solid package with the Giulia. You can find a used Giulia for as low as 25K,
which looks identical as the newer model ones. Doing so will save you thousands of dollars
while essentially getting the same vehicle. If you want an premium Italian car without
paying Lamborghini, Ferrari or Maserati money then the Giulia is a fantastic choice. Would you buy one? 3rd car on the list is the Porsche 718 Cayman. It always seemed like the this car has always
had a bad reputation of being a poor man’s Porsche. Sometimes being referred as the waterdown
younger sibling of the 911. I never understood people that said that. The Cayman truly is one of the best cars money
can buy. It has a youthful spirit unlike the BMW Z4
and Mercedes SLK that seem to always be driven by older men. You get two choices, either the hard top or
soft top convertible found in the Porsche Boxster and it comes with a mid engine placement
that just keeps getting better over the years. Not only will the mid engine help the Cayman
when it comes to balance and stability, it’ll also increase cargo room as you’ll be able
to fit two carry on suitcases in the trunk and two more in the front trunk. And similar to the previous two cars mentioned
in this it comes equipped with a 2L 4 cyl turbo engine that produces 300HP and 280lb-ft
and is able to complete a 0-60 run in just 4.7 seconds when equipped with the PDK automatic
transmission. Or you can sacrifice .2 seconds of straight
speed and go for manual transmission. Which I’m sure most of you will. The interior is what you expect from a Porsche,
high quality with attention to detail. In fact there is little to distinguish the
718 cockpit from the pricier 911. I’m honestly confused as to why Porsche’s
entry level sports cars don’t sell that well. The 718 Cayman and the Boxster are among the
most capable machines on the market, offering a hard to match driving experience in a stylish
and quality package. You get near perfect handling, a near perfect
transmission and a strong turbo 4 cylinder that won’t disappoint. Especially when you can get one for as low
as 45K. 4th overlooked car on the list the Infiniti
Q60 Redsport 400. Infiniti’s only new 2 door coupe. This definitely deserves much more attention
than what it gets. Many car enthusiasts know about this car and
for the most part speak very highly about it. But for whatever reason it doesn’t seem
to sell well. In 2018 the Q60 lineup in general sold less
than 10K units in the US. But I’ll tell you this, for those of you
that pass up on this car…You’re missing out. The exterior design alone looks stunning. The Q60 Redsport looks both classy and aggressive. Prepare to get many compliments if you decide
to drive around in this car. And it’s not only looks and no show. It has quite the powerful engine to back up
it’s sporty appearance. It comes equipped with a 3L V6 that produces
400HP and 331lb-ft of torque. 0-60 happens in just 4.5 seconds. Some auto journalists being able to achieve
slightly faster times. You also get some pretty sweet technology
features to fine tune your driving experience to your liking. While I’m not the biggest fan of the new
electronics used in modern cars some of the ones used it he Q60 redsport might be appealing
to some people. A personal mode is available that allows you
to adjust the car’s respective systems, including steering and suspension independent
of each other. Thanks to it’s steer-by-wire technology
you can fine tune the steering feel indefinitely. Get this.. With Steer-by-wire there is no direct connection
between the steering column and the front axle. All movements are electronically controlled! I’m not really sure how I feel about that
as bumps and imperfections on the road are not felt on the steering wheel since there
is no direction connection. Infiniti is pretty convinced that this concept
of steering will be the future. Rides in the Red sport are whisper quiet when
you want them to be thanks to it’s Bose active noise canceling system. Good news for those that are in the market
for a Q60 Redsport, I’ve seen some being sold for as low as 30K which is one hell of
a deal. 5th car on the list is the Ford Flex. Perfect for those that are looking for more
of a practical vehicle, that also happens to be pretty quick. In some ways The Flex is like a Wagon and
at the same time like a crossover and SUV. Consider it a modern Station wagon. Which is probably why this vehicle doesn’t
sell well here in the US. It has the smallest sales numbers in Ford;s
lineup. Americans just never seem to be big fans of
wagons. They see them as not cool. But see the Flex is truly unique in my opinion. It’s funky looks really differentiates itself
from every other car on the road. Definitely the most unique choice featured
in this video for sure. You can buy the Ford Flex with two engine
options. Either the naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 engine
that produces 287HP and 254lb-ft of torque or you can go for the full blown sleeper status
with the 3.5L ecoboost engine that produces 365HP, the same one used in the Ford Taurus
SHO. With the Ecoboost engine You’re able to
complete a 0-60 run in around 6.2 seconds. Which for a vehicle such as this one is very
good. People always expect premium german suvs/crossovers
to be fast but very few people expect a Ford Flex to be as fast as it is. And it’s able to outcorner a number of fast
cars costing much more money. The inside of the Flex is what you expect,
practical enough for long road trips. The cabin fits seven passengers and if needed
you’re able to fold down the seats which gives enough room as decent size pickup truck. The Flex can also tow up to 4500 pounds without
breaking a sweat. Since 2013 Ford has been injecting more performance
and style into it’s family vehicles and the Ford Flex is a perfect example and really
doesn’t deserve to be overlooked. You can find older models for as low as 5K
and newer 2016 models for as low as 12K. 6th and final overlooked car on the list is
the Volvo S60. Volvo’s Sedan bread and butter. This car is easily overlooked mostly because
german sedans dominate the luxury sport segment. But this car here is truly a hidden gem. One of the S60’s standout offerings is it’s
interior comfort. Definitely one of my favorite things about
this car. I’ve sat and drove the newer S60 myself and
saying that the seats are very comfortable is a huge understatement. You really won’t know how comfortable driving
in a Volvo is into you actually sit in one. Safety is also a huge plus fo the S60, I mean
it is Volvo of course. Scoring a perfect 5 star safety rating. I would have to say comfort and safety has
always been Volvo’s specialty. The exterior is modest and has a clean simplistic
design, the headlights getting most of the attention with it’s Thors hammer LED design. The base engine is the T5 2L 4 cyl turbo engine
that produces 250HP, the next level up engine ads a supercharger to the mix which produces
316HP and and the strongest setup is the plugin hybrid option that produces 400HP. With the hybrid engine 0-60 happens in just
4.3 seconds. If you’re looking for a entry level luxury
sedan that combines safety, comfort and a minimalist design, this is definitely a solid
choice. You can find a 2016 model with the base engine
for just under 15K. It’s truly a underrated car. Well that was the video guys. If you enjoyed it or found it helpful make
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on that way you don’t miss my next video. Which other modern car do you think is underrated
and deserves some attention, comment below and let me know. As always thanks for watching. Till next time

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  1. Which of the cars featured in this video do you think is the best? I like the Bimmer (Duh) and the Q60 Red Sport 😎

  2. The Infinity 2-door coupe MUST be related to the Nissan GTR. They are both Nissan 2-door coupes. Same platform or chassis ?

  3. Why can’t they all have Bluetooth ecu’s and have an app in touchscreens to read/reset codes from car for diagnosis?

  4. A y ony that knows a dam thing about cars and have a passion wouldnt over look any of these makes especially or models

  5. Well the BMW 228 looks identical to all other bland BMW products. The Guilia does not have the typical gorgeous styling that Afla Romeo is known for. I consider it a BMW3 series look a like with a different front and back end, nothing inspiring at all for an Alfa. The Flex is an unreliable Ford that I would never consider. The Volvo and the Infinti are super sharp looking and are the only ones worth considering.

  6. No I would never buy an Alfa Romeo. I don’t trust their brand and company at all. We didn’t hear nothing from them for two decades and then all of sudden they came out with a whole string of car’s. Also if the residual value is that bad that it decreased by over half of the original MSRP in less then 3 year’s then that tell’s you a whole lot about that POJ car.

  7. So you're saying a 2012 to 2014 Hyundai genesis sedan 5.0L v8 r spec LUXURY Sedan with 429 hp n 376 ft lbs torque with a 0 to 60 of 4.9s and a price tag under 20k deserves to be overlooked? Damn man that's fucked up… kdm haters… oh yeah btw maintenance cheap as fuhhhh.. literally better value then every car on this video

  8. The Q60 is beautiful and powerful but that steer by wire feature is not safe. Technology glitches and nobody wants their cars steering dependent on a computer chip. If you run the VIN on alot of the newly preowned q60s found online many of them had loss of steering issues listed as reason for trade in.

  9. I love wagons but the flex is no wagon and is ugly as can be. All the wagons in the US are either way expensive or super ugly.

  10. BMW: will brake down and cost a lot to repair
    Guilia: Alfa Romeo doesn't know how to make quality car. Alfa's are a running joke in quality. Beautiful tho.
    Porshes: electrical issues, and expensive yo repair
    Infinity: poor Auto trans. Looks good. Want to replace your trans before getting to 100k a few time.
    Ford. Found on the road dead. Suspension problem. Electrical problems. Trans problem. Cheap plactic. Just avoid the Ford.
    Volvo- screen crashes and goes black. But I agree with you on this one. Beautiful car.

  11. Nissan ( infinities ) are pure fucking garbage , worst scrap metal around so yes it's over looked by most for good reasons , Poor reliability , shit quality overall asain trash . Want a real jdm car buy a evo, fuck sakes

  12. Let's be honest, the only car on the list with any sort of reliability factor is the Porsche. The rest are junk. The special features, good looks, and power output, mean nothing sitting in the shop. The Ford flex, Alfa Romeo, and Infiniti are well known repair hogs with the BMW well on it's way. (Especially if it follows suit with its predecessor) THIS IS PROBABLY THE REASON THESE CARS AREN'T SELLING!! people do their homework nowadays before making a big investment like a car, believe it or not. With the internet in the palm of your hand, these shit companies can't pull one over on the people they used too. Hence the only car brands succeeding RN are the most reliable of the bunch. The rest are slowly going out of business….

  13. Thé infiniti q50 os actually pretty good too they look good and perform great as well can find a 2014 one for not much

  14. Infiniti messed-up the redesign of the Q60S coupe. The prior iteration was both sporty and elegant. The current version looks like a French design: weird with too much going on, too many angles and extraneous lines. Ugly, retrogressive; not progressive. Infiniti bombed on this one.

  15. Please do a video featuring the best and cheapest 911s that money can buy. BTW… I love your reviews!

  16. uhhh no. Those are not decent used milage. Decent is around 25,000 to 31,000. Unless you're only going to own it for 3 years or so when buying it used, then go ahead. Get that 50,000 milage used Beemer.

  17. Infinity doesn’t sell, because Motor Trend rates their electronics CRAP! Including the “Drive by wire”. I have the old G37, and everything after that, has been downhill.

  18. You need to talk about the Infiniti G37! Very underrated car, especially for its price point and performance. I drove the newer Q60 models, not the red sport unfortunately and the quality is still no good compared to the G37s. The Q60s have quality issues like the slow and laggy info system, leather seats getting worn out too quickly, and the unresponsive steering is just a few. The G37 has basically 330 hps while the Q60 has 300 with its base 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo and the red sport has 400 due to some additional tuning. The G37 has a 3.7L V6, the same on the 370Z and it's naturally-aspirated, which means no turbo lag but to be fair the Q60s don't have much turbo lag due to the twin turbos. The G37 V6 has tuning potential with 2k getting you to 400hps but the Q60s already have turbos so they can be tuned with relative ease. Overall the G37 has better quality materials because the seats do not wear out easily and are more reliable than the Q60s due to no turbocharging. They also have a slip differential, unlike the Q60s which helps in the handling department. I love my G37 and would pick it over any Q60 unless the fix the interior quality issues.

  19. Car and Driver and Road and Track proved that the Alfa Romeo is straight up garbage if you actually plan on driving the car more than 200 miles.

  20. Nice list, but if you like to drive your cars to 200k or more without taking out a second mortgage to keep them running, reduce this list to the Ford, maybe the volvo, and less maybe but still maybe the Infiniti

  21. How about the Honda Accord Coupe V6MT? Up close it really does get some attention, as well it surprises some vehicles at red light… 5.5-0-60 with 14.2 through the QT

  22. I heard these pops from outside my house, I heared a rev then suchhh a loud pop, I look outside and it was a Q60. Those things can sound nasty!

  23. Which car in this list has the most affordable part? I want to buy one from copart but worried about repair expenses.

  24. alfa isn't selling much because there is really no marketing here for it, most young Americans don't even know what the fuck it is, but the numbers are climbing.

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