6 Standout Small SUVs | Consumer Reports

6 Standout Small SUVs | Consumer Reports

Americans bought more small
SUVs in 2016 than ever before, so many, in fact, that
these taller riding, car-based vehicles have
become the largest segment in the entire US auto market. Let’s take a look at
five key attributes that helped small SUVs
become a hit with consumers and which models are best
at getting the job done. The nature of the SUV design– a tall roof line that extends
back to the tailgate– increases cargo space versus
the restrictions of a trunk in a traditional sedan. And when it comes
to cargo capacity, the Toyota RAV4 is a
standout among small SUVs, measuring 37 cubic feet. The Subaru Forester isn’t far
behind at 35.5 cubic feet. While you sometimes have to duck
to enter sedans and climb up to get into old school
SUVs, that tall roof line and near-perfect step-in
height of small SUVs makes them a cinch
to get in and out of. The Subaru Forester is a
shining example of this, not just among small SUVs,
but for all vehicle types. Low door sills, perfectly
positioned seats, and big door frames mean you don’t have
to worry about conking your head on the roof. And it’s almost effortless to
hop in the rear as the front. When it comes to sipping
fuel, no small SUV does it better than
the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. At 31 miles per gallon overall,
it’s the most fuel efficient, non plug-in SUV Consumer
Reports has ever tested. The Hyundai Tucson Sport
and Subaru Forester are the top
non-hybrid small SUVs, both managing an admirable
26 miles per gallon overall. It wasn’t all that
long ago that SUVs had rough, truck-like rides. But since small SUVs are
based on compact cars, they ride almost as well. The Ford Escape is
a great example. It not only takes
the curves with ease, but gives a supple
and comfortable ride. The Toyota RAV4 and Nissan
Rogue or two other SUVs that we’ve rated
is very good when it comes to ironing
out bumps in the road. Here at Consumer
Reports, we give bonus points in our overall
score to vehicles that come with forward collision
warning and automatic emergency braking, as these
systems have been proven to reduce rear end crashes. There is only one small SUV
with forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking
standard across all trim lines, the 2017 Toyota RAV4. More expensive small luxury
SUVs such as the Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC,
and the Volvo XC60 also come standard with some
of these important safety features. For more on small SUVs, check
out consumerreports.org.

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  1. The reason people aren’t buying PHEV’s is because they are giving them lousy range. Give PHEV’s 100 miles range and the public will buy them like hot cakes

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