6 tips to make your BMW F800GS fit YOU! without spending any money

6 tips to make your BMW F800GS fit YOU! without spending any money

hey guys Albe here, in this video I just want to talk about how you can adjust the BMW f800Gs to make it fit your specific body type. You’re 6’2″ or you’re 5 foot or you have long arms or you got short legs, we’re not all the same, there are a few things you can do to the bike to make it fit you specifically so let’s get into it and let’s see what you can do so you bought yourself a brand new BMW F800GS big dreams you want to cross continents you want to go off-road you want to go to Africa and cross the desert but when you get on top of it you find out that it’s not as comfortable as you thought it would be, now there are a few things you can actually do to the bike without spending any money to make the bike a little bit more comfortable for your body type, starting from the handlebars to the gear lever and if you’re willing to spend a few bucks you can actually adjust the brake pedal and many other things, so let’s talk about the handlebars you can adjust the handlebars little bit forward or back when you move ’em forward they actually raise just slightly, nothing major but still a help and when you move them back they kind of come down just a little bit, now keep in mind that the reservoir needs to be kind of level with the ground, you don’t want the oil inside the reservoir or the brake fluid inside the reservoir to be spilling out, it’s not a good thing. Get your allen key or torx key whichever you need and loosen up the handlebars, now remember one side should be enough for you to be able to move the handlebar so you don’t need to do both sides now as you can see by moving the handlebar forward it raises slightly my hand grips and by moving it back it lowers them a bit is not much but you may be able to actually gain an inch or so if you’re standing up this will be a more comfortable position than this one over here on the other end if you spend most of the time sitting down you might want to have ’em tilted back a bit because they’re closer to you and you don’t need to reach that much so this is one of the things you can do to make your handlebar fit better if you’re willing to spend a few dollars you can also buy bar risers now the bar risers come in different lengths so you can actually decide where you want the bar there are many different styles and some of them allow you actually to raise the bar and tilt it towards you by maintaining the same bar position they just pivot themselves so it’s a good buy so you change the position of the handle bars now one thing you want to do is change the position of your brake and clutch levers by losing up those two bolts over here you can lower it down just a little bit and make it so that it’s more comfortable another thing you can adjust on the on the clutch lever on the brake lever is the reach so I have begins so farther down is not a problem but if you have small hands or if you rather have the clutch or the brake lever closer to you, you can adjust it by twisting this knob over here, what this knob does, it makes it farther or twist it closer now it’s not that much but every little bit helps now if you want more adjustment you can go and buy an aftermarket lever and they’ll give you more adjustability but for the OEM not bad considering that some of the other bikes don’t even come with it let’s move on let’s see what else we can do so you have done those few adjustments up top and you’re more comfortable you’re standing up you’re not overextended or you’re sitting back and you’re not reaching for it but now the bottom part is bothering you on the OEM BMW f800gs you have the street rubber and by pulling it off you uncover the off road pegs, the off road pegs that get a little bit more grip than than the rubber definitely the rubber makes a long drive way more comfortable removing the rubber does two things first of all it lowers the pegs just a bit because you don’t have the bulky bulky rubber on it so now your boot is not sitting up here but is rather sitting down here, second of all it offers you more grip, so now you gained possibly another half inch on the leg side just like anything else there is an array or aftermarket pegs let’s say that with your boots is kind of hard to switch gear as you’re going, you know even if you remove the rubber, still, what can you do to make the lever be more comfortable and easier to reach well there is one simple step you can do by using a quarter inch wrench you can actually undo the gear lever and change position on it so you pull it out if you want it farther up you can just switch it farther up at this point obviously you got to pay attention that doesn’t rub anywhere like in this position it’s actually rubbing so you would have to move it and bend it out of the way a little bit, but if you look at the boot now it’s it’s way better, now when the bike comes from the factory, the position it comes in it’s very street oriented, it’s this one, this is the position the bikes come with now I rather have the lever because in this position even without the rubber its … with a boot with a rigid boot it’s almost impossible to reach it you really got to go fishing so what I deed I removed it and moved it up one click just like with anything you can actually buy an aftermarket gear lever if you do that other than the adjustability I suggest to get one that actually folds so in case of a fall the actual peg over here will fold in and not bend or break, so but let’s move on to the other side and let’s see what we can do with the brake lever if anything so unfortunately when it comes to the brake lever you cannot do much the brake lever is fixed and it doesn’t adjust neither up or down, it’s unfortunate but the aftermarket industry provides quite a choice of whatever you want to do to it just like for the gear lever I suggest if you change it try to find the one that actually folds up let me show you why you can’t adjust this unlike most of the other bikes so let’s take this cover off and let’s see what’s behind the cover, you have the master cylinder over here and that’s about it the reason why you cannot move this lever up is because there is a stop over here and also there is a micro switch so the micro switch if I’m not wrong it should be for the brake lights in the back but because the micro switch is attached to the frame rather than being attached to the master cylinder there is an actual positive stop and prevent the brake lever to go farther back or move it down and not have enough travel to trigger the switch and that’s it but let’s put the cover back on so the choices are endless if you have the budget for it you can change pretty much anything on the bike the seat is too high you can buy a lower seat thus it is too low you can buy a rallye seat that pretty much goes across the suspensions are too tall, you can lower them down the front suspension you can actually adjust it without spending any money so but literally the budget is the limiting factor now if you’re struggling to buy parts here and there just like I am those few tips I gave you my come pretty handy, now for all of you out there go check out my website www.albesadv.com and, if you do have any more tips about, how to set up a BMW f800gs please leave a comment down below so that the other riders that come and watch the video can actually see it and possibly save some money if you guys like the video, obviously like if you guys love the video, subscribe to it and a shout out to all my subscribers, we reached 400 I don’t even know 400 people, so great job let’s stay focused for the next step which will be 500 subscribers, so thank you very much Dirt on and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Hey Albe. Great video. I couldn't help but notice a 2nd rear tire in the background. Looked like for the F800. Did you get a 2nd set of wheels to swap tires out with? Just curious.

  2. Hi Albe. What about to make a video about suspension tune with/out spending money? I just find my suspension too hard at the moment and I'm looking for all ways to make it softer

  3. Thanks Albe good video's. Where did you get your crash bars? Are they Wild at heart brand? or other. What did you pay if you don't mind. Thanks.

  4. I've put mirror extenders on my 800, the OEM mirror gave a lovely view of my shoulders, but not much else! The extenders lift the mirrors up by about 10 mm and outboard by about 25mm, doesn't sound a lot but they work surprisingly well!

  5. Love this because I am looking at this bike as my next bike. Thanks so much. Liked and subbed. I have never been able to ride can BMW on my channel so I will come here for tips. For now =]

  6. Great video, lots of good pointers, do you have a video explaining the riding set ups? Or tips there of?

  7. Hi! very good tips! Thanks! I wonder if you know which low seat is more comfortable Touratech or original? or any suggestions?

  8. Just adjusted my gear lever, that helps a lot, and was very easy, thx for the tip, hope you get around with playing with the 800 some time soon again, must be hard with the bikes you have to make the time, but I do enjoy your 800 vids

  9. The later F800GSs (mine's '17) have a Torx T30 pinch bolt on the shift lever. It has to be removed completely before the lever will slide off the shaft. Thanks for the videos!

  10. Hello ! I also own f800gs with lower seat but find it quite hard which causes butt pain for long ride… I was looking for a seat cushion and saw your bike has something like cushion ha ha.. Can u tell me what brand and where I can buy or if u can recommend better one then please tell me.. Thanks

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